Amazon FireStick Remote Not Working: [SOLVED] in 2020

Amazon FireStick remote not working is probably the biggest concern with this awesome device. No need to baffle if your FireStick remote stopped working!

We are here to help!

FireStick is like a boon, and the number of users of FireStick is increasing day by day at an insane rate! Every single device has some drawbacks, and bring some issues also. So is the Amazon FireStick.

The FireStick remote comes with certain advanced features such as Alexa voice support.

As you might be knowing, before thinking about the solution, finding the cause of the issue is very important. So, in this article, we’ve focused equally on the causes of Amazon FireStick not working problem and provided the best solutions. We’ve also taught how to pair FireStick remote perfectly. Besides that, you’ll know how to program FireStick remote.

Sometimes, mainstream solutions don’t work. So, we’ve provided several solutions, and who knows what works for whom?

Amazon FireStick Remote Not Working

Amazon FireStick Remote

Amazon FireStick Remote

The remotes that Amazon media streaming gadgets, Fire TV Stick Fire TV use are a great deal different from any of the different gadgets in your family unit. Also, since you haven’t had enough experience with these remotes, it is justifiable if you don’t know the solutions if it isn’t working. Sometimes you reset FireStick remote, and it still doesn’t work. In such a case, there is a great deal of things you can do. Let me explain one by one.

There are numerous reasons why your FireStick remote might not work. There is no real way to find what caused a specific issue with the remote at some random time. Rather, there are a lot of the remote-related problems that can be leading to the issue. At whatever point you come across any trouble with your remote, you need to study these issues to know and resolve the issue.

The remote of the Fire Stick with Alexa voice search feature is, really very bad regards to battery consumption. Subsequently, the main thing you should do is to change the batteries. Used batteries may cause issues with the remote is the common most issue with your Fire Stick. Likewise, clean the battery compartment before you insert the fresh batteries appropriately, for ensuring there is no battery spillage covering the wires.

Basically, open the battery compartment, then remove the batteries, and ensure there is no battery spillage. If there is such spillage, simply clean the compartment as well as wires with a piece of dry cloth. At that point, appropriately reinsert the batteries.

Pair FireStick Remote issue: The most common reason

Some problems with the Fire Stick and it’s remote can unpair your remote with your device. You won’t for sure utilize your remote if it isn’t properly paired with the Fire Stick.

In this way, if your FireStick remote has unpaired from the device, you definitely have to pair it. Basically, Turn on Fire Stick. Further, press and hold the Home button on the Fire TV remote for something near to 10 seconds close to your device.

Release the button and now check if your remote has properly paired or not. If it hasn’t, attempt once more, now and again it can take a few attempts. That’s the answer for how to sync FireStick remote.

For using the Amazon Fire Stick remote, you need to perfectly pair it with your Fire Stick. The remote won’t work until it is properly connected, or we say, paired to your device. Regardless of whether you have purchased another substitution remote, you surely need to pair it with your device.

Instructions to pair your Amazon FireStick Remote with your device

Here’s the way you can ensure pairing FireStick remote with the device.

  1. Turn on Fire Stick firstly.
  2. Hold your remote near the Fire Stick.
  3. Now, press & hold the Home button on the remote near to 10 seconds.
  4. Finally, Release the Home button.

Verify whether the remote works, if it doesn’t, attempt once more. It can take up to a few trials for matching the remote with Fire Stick. Distance: The Amazon Fire Stick remote uses Bluetooth, rather than infrared. In this way, while you can point your remote in any direction, you should be inside 30 feet of the gadget to do as such. Not to mention, regularly, the genuine range is even lower than the one promoted.

The basic Causes of your FireStick remote not working issue

Keep the following points well-set in your mind, and you’ll never feel the need to ask, “what’s wrong with my FireStick remote, and why isn’t it working?”


Let’s start right from the purchase. FireStick remote won’t work if it isn’t compatible. If you aren’t using your remote that accompanied the gadget, there is a plausibility that the gadget isn’t good. If you have bought a swap remote for your Fire Stick gadget yet it doesn’t work, ensure the new remote is good with your gadget.

There are a few generations of the Fire media streaming gadgets, not every one of them works reciprocally. If you have purchased the incompatible remote, you can just use the Fire TV Phone App. The application enables you to utilize your Smartphone as a substitution.

If it’s anything but a battery, distance, pairing or obstruction issue, the only different conceivable outcomes are either a harmed remote or an incompatible one. If you have as of late purchased a remote for your Fire Stick, verify whether the remote is perfect.

Further, if the remote is perfect yet does not work, at that point, it must be damaged internally or externally. It can either be water harm or other internal components’ faults. You can’t do anything except buying another remote. You can likewise download the Amazon Fire TV application, and further use your Smartphone as your remote for now.


This comes and shocks you. However, despite the fact that the Amazon Fire Stick remote uses Bluetooth, you ought to stay away from items stopping the remote’s immediate viewable pathway to the gadget. Obstructions can radically lessen the Bluetooth range.


If you have a ton of Bluetooth gadgets around, it can bring troubles with your Fire Stick remote. Different things that may interfere with Bluetooth connections can likewise invite issues like functioning failure for your FireStick remote.

How to pair the Bluetooth keyboard with the FireStick

1. Switch On the Bluetooth option while using a Bluetooth remote.

2. Go to Settings and Tap on “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.”

3. Tap Other Bluetooth devices and then tap Add Bluetooth devices.

4. The Fire TV will now start scanning for your compatible remote.

5. Once it finds, choose the remote, and you are free to use it.

Amazon Fire TV Stick remote not working: The conclusion

Some different issues include harm, obstruction, and distance. If the remote isn’t operating efficiently, it could be on the grounds that the remote is harmed, or that the remote is excessively far away to transmit the instructions. If not that, then something might obstruct the viewable pathway between the Fire Stick and remote. The same issues and solutions come up when you say that your Amazon Fire TV remote not working.

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