[Solved] Fix ASUS Aura Sync Issue in 2020!

If your PC has an ASUS motherboard, then it has many RGB features. These motherboards are usually having much high end configuration. You can customize the RGB behavior and even let you sync other LED strips attached to it. AURA is the software of ASUS, which is used to control and customize the RGB lights. From the time of release it has earned huge name among lighting software. Since its release, the software is not in the good books of the users as it generates many issues. This post of ours will help you fix ASUS Aura app issues from scratch. So, let’s start this adventurous journey.

What is ‘Aura Sync not working’ issue?

For the ultimate graphics of the PC, the RGB controllers are equally important as graphics card. The ASUS AURA Sync is one of the best software for controlling the RGB peripherals. It is also one of the best lighting software. These peripherals can be Motherboards, RGB RAM, LED strips, RGB fans and any other RGB compatible components of the PC.

If you get any messages or prompts like ‘Aura Sync not working’, ‘aura has stopped working’, ‘aura sync not detecting motherboard’ and ‘Aura sync is unable to sync with RGB components’, then your AURA is certainly facing some issues.

It is RGB related issue different from the ROBLOX gaming error.

We have listed some of them in-depth for you.

-The Asus Aura Sync app is not opening

Sometimes it may happen that you are unable to open the ASUS AURA app. You may try different methods like using admin privileges to open the app. Another way you can use is to open the app using search box. It happens due to improper or incomplete installation of the AURA software.

Sometimes there may be power supply or fluctuation issues, which may lead to the LEDs not glowing. So you have to check on that also.

-ASUS AURA has stopped working

When ASUS has stopped working. the possible reasons for the problem are synchronization problem, Faulty driver, fast startup or wrong installation path.

-Buttons inside the Aura Sync app are not responding

There are some non-working or disabled buttons in the AURA Sync app which are not responding. It is easy to recognize those buttons. They are usually grey in color.

Some of the users shared the experience that when they encountered the ‘Default gateway’ error, in that case, they got unresponsive buttons.

-Aura Sync unable to sync with RGB lighting of different components

You may observe different sync patterns in the lighting. In that case, the problem is of AURA sync unable to sync with the RGB lighting of various components.

-Aura Sync not detecting motherboard

Next possible issue is that of motherboard ASUS. Users find it to be the most annoying problem. This leads to make your PC look like non-RGB PC.

To solve these issues, we have found the Aura app issues causes and the solutions.

What are the causes of Aura app Issue?

-Corrupt Files Installation files

Numerous users have complained of the installation files of the AURA software getting corrupted or not being stable.

-Incorrect Installation Path

If the users fail to keep the path of the installation default, then it may lead to AURA installation issues. So you have to take care of the installation path of the AURA installation

– Other Lightening software Conflict

There are much famous lighting softwares like AGI 32, CalcuLux, DIALux, Radiance and MicroLux. It is known from the experience of many users that the conflict of AURA software occurs with many of the lightening software’s.

-Strip is Plugged in a wrong way

It is possible that the LED strip that you are using may be plugged in an incorrect manner in the manner. This may lead to lose connections with the motherboard. This trait may ultimately cause many problems.

-Incompatible AURA Version

It may be possible that the AURA software version may be incompatible with the hardware or other softwares. it may happen that the current version is currently unavailable.

-Fast Startup of PC

The quick and fast startup in windows is helpful in booting your operating system quickly. However, it is the user experience that the fast startup leads to conflict with the AURA software.

Solutions to the ‘Aura Sync not working’

As we know, AURA gives brilliant RGB features and enhances the PC graphics just like a graphics card. So, let’s unveil the solutions for the Aura not working problem. Here we will also check the settings that are currently not available and change it.

-Disable Fast Startup

Disable Fast Startup

The main aim of the fast start up of the windows is to reduce the boot time of the windows every single time you start your computer. It stores the initial configuration of your system and then it is shutting down. So, when it boots again it quickly fetches the system preserved state and boots up quickly.

You may follow the steps below to disable fast startup:-

  1. Open ‘Windows + R’ and type ‘Control Panel’ in the box and press enter to open the control panel
  2. From the large icons, select the ‘power options’ icon.
  3. Select the ‘choose what the power buttons do’
  4. Next select the option using the administrative privileges named ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’. Click it.
  5. Go to bottom section and uncheck the box which says ‘Turn On fast Startup’. Save and exit.

-Reinstalling ASUS AURA

If first point is not the reason of your AURA issues, then this one may be the reason. And as you all know, fresh restart is one of the best solutions. For following the same, first uninstall the older AUS AURA software. One more thing to note here is, you will need to have administrative privileges in order to uninstall the utility.

After the uninstall process, you have to shut down the computer and unplug all your peripherals for some time say 10 minutes. Post that you can plug all your peripherals and restart the computer. After the PC restarts, you have to go to the ASUS AURA official website.

Now launch the exe file and follow the installation wizard. Post installation, restart your computer and launch AURA. Things should work smooth by now. Moreover, the company has all rights reserved to change their functionalities.

-Checking RGB Headers

The ASUS motherboard in the PC has two headers for the LED’s i.e. the LED strip and the RGB strip. Major users have the exact idea of these strips being used on their rigs. The LEDs get connected to the LED headers and the RGB headers set on the motherboard. However, many users complain that the RGB header was not properly fixed or connected on the motherboard. As a result, the LED strip may not glow due to the loose connection of the RGB strip. Also check for the power options in the system.

Also a mild force is to be exerted to fix the RGB and LED into the headers, else the strips or the header may break.

-Uninstalling other RGB Software

Ever heard of the race condition in the operating system? A race condition by software’s in a system is caused by the unexpected and wrong prediction of the relative timing of the events. You might be wondering, why we are discussing the same at first place. It is a known fact that the RGB software conflicts with other RGB software’s (lighting software), which results in the race condition. The reason is basically, the altered timing or sequence of execution of the software. They may also conflict for shared or external resources.

So, the best solution you can do is the uninstallation of the extra lighting software’s. Perform the steps below for the same:

– Open ‘windows +R’, enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the dialogue and press enter. As the app manager opens, right click on any additional lighting software’s installed on your computer and remove all of them by uninstalling them.

-You may also follow this path Control Panel > Settings>Apps>other RGB software name>uninstall Or, Control Panel > Uninstall a program>the other RGB apps.

Restart the computer and check if the error still persist or not. Make sure that you always get the latest version of the ASUS AURA Sync in your PC.

We hope that, after following all these steps, you will be able to fix ASUS aura problems.

Install ASUS Aura Sync to your system

This section describes how to install AURA sync in your system.

-Unzip or uncompress the file named lighting control

-Redirect to the file and figure out the ‘AXSP’ folder. This folder consist of 6-7 files

-Perform the steps below for all the files

-Right Click on the files

-Select ‘Properties’

-You will see ‘Unblock’ written near the box

-Tick mark that box and Press ‘Ok’

-After performing these steps, it is time to install the ‘setup.exe’ with the recommended settings

-At last, ‘Run the app as administrator’ and now your ASUS AURA Sync installation is ready and all set to run

We would like to add that we have added the basic installation steps as per the wizard. The ASUS AURA company has all rights reserved to change their policies. Make sure you keep in mind the same.

Make sure to  refer this link to get the latest version of the working ASUS AURA software. Following the steps above, you will successfully install AURA in your system.

Steps to use the AURA Sync Software

It is very simple to work on this app. On opening the app, you will be able to see all the RGB components at the top with a different section. Here you can choose the component needed to sync with the motherboard. For the same, you would have to select the RGB component and press the circle button below. After that, when you refresh the app, then you will be able to observe the change.

Make sure to locate the ON/OFF button, using which you can switch the LED ON and OFF. This control is featured at the top right corner. You can use the 12 presets offered by the AURA Sync software. For choosing lighting effects, choose the left panel. The best you have to do is select the preset and press the apply button in order to see its effect. The presets come with the edit feature too with which you can change settings.

Another feature of the AURA sync app are the RGB color meters. You can change the gradient, reverse colors and color cycle cycle orders also. Other famous effects to try for in this software are Rainbow effect and the Smart effect.

All in all, the AURA sync is worth a try.


What exactly is ASUS AURA?

AURA is software from ASUS brand of PCs, which helps in controlling the RGB display and the LEDs of your motherboard. It also customizes the display according to the users customized display preferences.

What are the other RGB software’s like ASUS AURA?

The Other RGB software’s are also known as the lighting software’s. A few examples of the same are AGI 32, CalcuLux, DIALux, Radiance and MicroLux.

Which latest ASUS laptop model incorporates the AURA sync?

The ASUS ROG STRIX laptop series has the AURA sync with it. Some of the models having the same are ASUS ROG STRIX G531G and ASUS ROG STRIX G15 and ASUS ROG STRIX G17.


We have reached the endpoint of this fascinating post, which will work wonders for the entire tech savvy crowd. It is really frustrating to encounter the ASUS AURA app issues and see your RGB features messing up. We hope that the numerous tips and tricks presented to you in this article would help you with the issue and get your PC running smooth again.

Good luck to you for the same.

If you have any idea of other tips, tricks or hacks, mention them in the comment box. We would also love to know, what worked for you.

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