13 Best Apps to Watch Movies together with Friends

It is likely said that distance hardly matters where hearts are connected. It is amazing to share your favorite movies and shows with your friends, and you all enjoy them together. In sync with the same, we would like to share with you the list of best apps to watch movies together with your long-distance friends. So, let’s begin this beautiful journey.

List of Apps to Watch Movies together

1 Plug DJ
2 Syncplay
3 Watch2gether
4 Gaze
5 Kast(Rabbit)
6 Netflix Party
7 Sync Video
8 MyCircle TV
9 Plex VR
10 Cytube
11 TwoSeven
12 Zoom
13 Scener

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1: PlayDJ

USP : virtual club experience online with friends

PlayDJ is a boon for all the party and DJ lovers. It is rightly called the official home of DJ Streaming. The USP of PlayDJ is a virtual club experience. Additionally, you can also share the beautiful DJ tracks along with your friends online who are away from you. You can also stream via its ‘Live DJ’ feature. You can join a live DJ as a DJ player or by becoming a member. There is also a facility to create a playlist of your favorite DJ songs. Your group of your friends and connections can like, comment, and vote on those songs on the list.

You have to take care of if your friends vote down the songs from your list, then that song will be removed from your list. The GUI and interface of PlayDJ are wonderful. Its large screen adds to its brilliance, and you will enjoy the best with your long-distance friends online.

2. Syncplay

USP: Rewind and Pause Feature for watching movies together

Syncplay is another preferred app to watch movies together with long-distance friends. All you need to have a movie on a hard disk and get ready to share it with friends together online. The special feature of this app, which makes it special and unique from other apps, can rewind and pause the movie. Additionally, Syncplay is hugely compatible with all the video players available. You can add videos from different players like VLC player, Media Player Classic, KM Player, and many other video players. So, start it and get going.

3. Watch2gether

USP: Simple and Easy GUI for watching movies together

As the name suggests, watch2gether app to watch movies together with your friend’s long-distance online. The USP of watch2gether from other apps is its usage is quite simple and straightforward. There isn’t any need to go through the hassles of sign up and the lengthy registration process. SO free yourself from submitting your contact, email, and other details and use this fantastic app.

4. Gaze

USP: Video chat rooms online with friends

The Gaze app is well known with the headline of ‘Forget distance –Feel Close.’ In the olden days, internet text chat rooms were much popular. However, Gaze manifests the concept of video chat rooms. If you like to share Youtube videos, then nothing better than this app. You have to create a room called a video sharing room and then send the particular video link to your friend, which you want to be shared. Thus, though far, you both together can enjoy the musical tracks.

However, there is a small limitation in this app. The video-sharing room is just limited to two friends only. Thus if you a couple, it can be idle for you, whereas if you have a bunch of friends, then this app may not be the most preferable for you. Additionally, this app can also be used to sync the files. One thing to take care of here is that both parties must have the file on their respective PCs to view it. But there are other sources too for sharing the data, hence do not think much and enjoy your favorite videos and music with the Gaze app.

5. Kast (Rabbit)

USP: Privacy Control to watch videos

Wouldn’t it be great if your data like images and files are shared without compromising much on your privacy? Kast, previously known as Rabbit, has this noteworthy feature. Kast helps you share your documents, files, games, Youtube videos, images, and Netflix videos, keeping your privacy intact. You can also share every iota of your daily life with your connections.

The procedure to use Kast is simple to watch videos. Redirect to its website . For hosting a watch party, please invite your friends to the session and submit them to your URL in the room. When the users are in the room, they must talk in real-time via SMS or video. Additionally, multiple users can take control over it using a single mouse click.

6. Netflix Party

USP: Only single PC needs app installation to watch video

Netflix Party is yet another watch party hosting app. Now, it is known as Teleparty. Netflix Party synchronizes your video playback and adds the group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO. Netflix Party is a very famous app and has about 10 million active users.

You can use it as a Netflix browser extension for the Chrome browser. It allows the users to sync with Netflix video playback, which can be watched on multiple screens simultaneously. A single Pc installation is enough to host a watch party with your friends. Follow these steps to function your Netflix Party fully: Keep your PC ready > Download the extension> Redirect it to Netflix> Start your favorite video or movie

Once the video is loaded, pause it and click on the red-colored NP button, which you can easily locate on the right side of the browser window. This action will generate a link, and next, you can share this link and invite your friends in your room to watch your favorite movies together.

The USP of the Netflix party app is, you need a single Pc to download the app. Not all people involved need to download the app. Non-subscribers of Netflix can also join the room. Nut one thing that all have to take care of is, Netflix Party is a browser extension, and you would have to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

7. Sync Video

USP: Includes security feature to watch video

When you wish to watch recordings with your companions by keeping up security, one thing that would fulfill your quest is Sync video. It is ideal for you. You can easily watch recordings online with your companions. For the same, all that you have to do is create a nickname. After enrollment of your nickname, you will get your own room.

You can welcome your companions and watch recordings on the web. Vimeo and YouTube recordings can be added and spared to playlists and can be seen by your companions in the virtual “room” whenever. You can likewise make new rooms or other nicknames whenever you wish to do so. Also, you can welcome companions to your “room” as you wish by clicking “welcome” in the upper right corner of the page. If you wish, you can make your “room” public. However, the majority of the users don’t pick this alternative for video synchronization.

8. MycircleTV

USP: Includes security feature to watch video

MycircleTV gives you a unique feature of free voice chat when you are watching videos online. This free voice chat feature is much preferred and appreciated by the users. Another noteworthy thing about MycircleTV is, there are many avenues for sharing this platform with your friends. Some of them are mainly Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email.

Additionally, one good thing about MycircleTV is, the registration step is not compulsory in this app. However, if you choose to register yourself with MycircleTV, then you will get a custom user-space, user profile, and 5GB storage space on the cloud. Another noteworthy feature of this app is, it supports multiple formats like h264, AVC or

9. Plex VR

USP: Surreal combination of Video sharing along with VR (Virtual Reality)

Plex VR has VR (Virtual Reality) attached postfix to it. This app has ‘video synchronization’ at an excellent level. Plex VR has the concept of virtual spaces, and it lets you experience the VR, i.e., the Virtual Reality concept in Video streaming and sharing. You can use these spaces to share videos, chat with friends, watch movies, and access multimedia libraries.

As mentioned, the plus point here is the video synchronization. Hence, all users can watch them simultaneously. There is also a facility for changing the screen size and position accordingly. Moreover, you can use and share the virtual penthouse among your friends, where you can through the automotive cinema. It also offers an adorable double-style avatar that represents them uniquely in the room. All-in-all, it is a great amalgamation of Virtual Reality meeting Video Sharing.

10. Cytube

USP: Offers lightest version among all the apps to watch video

Cytube can appear like a homonym of Youtube to you. It is also a famous app to share videos and movies with your friends and loved ones. The USP that makes Cytube different from other users is a very light app and occupies less space in the storage drive. Thus, if you are looking for a much lighter app that can work well as an add-on with a browser, then Cytube is one of the best live stream apps which you can have.

11. TwoSeven

USP: Best combination of Video sharing and provision of OTT(Over-the-Top) media services like Netflix, HBO etc.

TwoSeven is on another level compared to other apps. It shares the videos and the OTT platform content like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO. The subscription of this app comes with a combo deal. You can avail of the premium version of TwoSeven between $5 and $20 along with Disney Plus and Hulu Subscription. The prices were even lowered for the subscription to as low as $3 during the Covid 19 lockdown. Another noteworthy point about the app is that it saves your friends and connection lists to add some friends the next time you want to share a video in a live stream or watch videos online.

12. Zoom

USP: Most preferred app for video conferences and screens share

Zoom has earned a lot of name and fame, especially for its conference facilities in the lockdown period. However, Zoom is not only limited to that. It also extends the video and screen sharing facilities. You can share not only videos but also each event that is happening on your screen and watch videos online.

You can do trial and error with numerous sound options of any videos you watch together with your friends. Additionally, you can also leave your webcam in the visible mode, which may allow you to see your friends while you are watching the videos. The screen share of zoom works great for scenarios where simultaneous reactions are captured, like those in the reaction videos or horror movies. Overall, Zoom is a fantastic pick for your screen sharing.

13. Scener

USP : Virtual Remote Control

Scener is one of the best Apps to see Movies online together with friends along with Netflix streaming. Another plus point of the Scener app is that it includes a live chat function to add ten people simultaneously. You can easily avail its chrome extension, and the user interface is also much friendly. The process of adding your friends or connections is quite simple. You simply have to type your friends’ names who are on the platform using the ‘Add Friend’ button.

Another trait that makes Scener different from other apps is the Virtual Remote Control. This Virtual Remote control can be passed between the friends sharing the stream session. This remote control comes with stream control options like pause, play, and rewind of the TV Show or video. Therefore, Scener is also a good option for the steaming of apps.


We have reached the endpoint of this exciting and interesting journey about the best apps to see movies with your long-distance friends. The Nextrewire team has tried to cover the best apps that are a huge hit among numerous users, and all of them love to use these apps again and again. We await your queries, comments, and suggestions eagerly. You can scribe them in the comment box below. Moreover, you can also share your experiences related to which apps are your favorite. You can also suggest other apps to the list other than these.

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