60+ Best KODI Addons in 2020 – These Addons actually works!

Kodi Addons is high in fashion nowadays, and when we’re talking about Kodi Addons, huge confusion rises up about which all are reliable. We’re here to discuss the best Kodi addons that bring you the best experience.

We’ll discuss the Best addons for kodi in this comprehensive guide. In simple words, Kodi addons can be called Kodi apps.

We’ve done vast research and found the best addons for Fire TV Cube, FireStick, Fire Stick 4K, Windows & Mac computers Android Mobiles & Tablets, etc.

Some of the recommended addons (I repeat, only some) might not work that smoothly if you’ve upgraded from Kodi Krypton 17.6 to Kodi Leia 18.3, but I insist that you’ll conveniently watch all your favorite stuff.

Since the update has come, we are deeply experimenting with these addons, and tracking the ups and downs of trends of these addons.

So, we’re providing you the best of the best list, which you won’t find in any other guide or review!

Let’s launch the guide!


Best KODI Addons Reviews in 2020

Best Kodi Addons

I hope that you have already installed Kodi on your device. Do you really think only installing Kodi is going to do anything regarding your entertainment? No, it won’t! Kodi won’t do anything until you’ve downloaded the most suitable addons on it.

There are certain third-party Kodi Addons, which government took down and several aren’t working also. Whichever addon we are going to suggest, are fully functional.

So, let’s reap the max benefit of Kodi now by installing the following addons. Load your Kodi with addons which I’m suggesting here, and you’ll thank me later.

Best Kodi Addons for TV Shows & Movies

Best Kodi Addons for TV Shows & Movies

Undoubtedly Exodus Redux is the king in this department (according to the majority of experts), but i want you to take a gander at other addons as well in our list of the best Kodi addons for movies.

1. Exodus Redux:

Talking about the Kodi movie addons, Exodus Redux is the best. This is the highest trending addon nowadays, and since its entry in the market in October 2018, it developed so fast, and it didn’t take much for it to sit at the top in its department. There are many reasons to tell.

Exodus Redux keeps on updating and every time comes up with interesting new features. The developer Lambda creates it. You come across special categories for TV and movies that include the latest releases, extra-ordinary genres and besides that, much more.

Also if you aren’t comfortable with English streams, then you have Spanish, French, Greek, etc. streams as well. In your Kodi library, you’re able to save your personal favorite media titles for quickly accessing them when you need. It also supports Trakt, which is a decent third-party tracking and library tool.

It also supports various account-based services such as Real-Debrid, Premiumize, etc. Exodus is old, but Exodus Redux is new as well as fast. However, the layout is pretty much similar. The best thing is almost zero buffering. You get Full HD playback options here.

2. Seren

Seren is an addon, that’s continuously going through the processes of development, and the way it works is absolutely wow! Among a huge flood of new Kodi addons, Seren marks its presence, and it is not just popular, but it has better interface and functionality than most of the other TV shows and Movies addons out there.

You’re supposed to configure it with either Real Debrid or Premiumize. Real Debrid stands as the first choice here (My personal opinion). It offers superb playback by using premium links. You don’t just get abundant HD streaming options, but also they are pretty quick to play. It might go free of cost in the future.

Most of the users of Seren have only good things to say about it. It works superbly for both Kodi 18 Leia and 17.6 Krypton. It’s really fast with its scraping and menus. It will automatically generate a playlist for you of the shows which you select by default.

3. The Magic Dragon

The Magic dragon is among the Kodi video addons and if you want never ending viewing experience, then do install The Magic Dragon. A good bundle of effective scrapers powers it, and it brings you the best streams available. The Magic Dragon covers a huge variety like movies, shows, kids’ stuff, documentaries, sport related videos.

Hence, this addon is good for all. You can download it from from the Diamond Build Repo. The addon icon is also very attractive. It’s the rebrand of The Pyramid which is taken over by a new developer. You find various interesting sections in The Magic Dragon. You can find this addon in the Supremacy Repository or the Maverick TV.

It is said that the Magic Dragon is involved in streaming some illegal stuff also, and has been in trouble in the past. Well, we didn’t come across such thing when we studied deeply about this addon. However, it depends upon the user how he/she uses or misuses. The addon is wonderful itself.

4. Odin

If you want to enjoy a huge library of your demanded content, then Odin is something that you need to download. Nowadays, it is going on pretty high in the market and beating its predecessors.

Keeping movies and TV shows aside (you get a huge variety of them here), you also enjoy some special documentaries, and if you talk about the specialty of Odin, then our experts say, “Classic stuff.” It’s located in Golden Gun Repository. Earlier it used to locate in Hell-hound repository.

It’s very suitable for sports as well, but we can’t consider it the best one in that department. The speed is also good. Odin is no less than a mega offering to you, with which, you are able to explore much. Odin is something you must try.


Regarding TV shows and movies, GAIA is pretty high in demand. Well-organized content and simple and attractive layout are the best things that attract a lot of users. It always provides you a healthy variety of streams from numerous servers.

In between, it went off for a while, but it bounced back really well, and after that, it has brought several improvements. As a result, it’s better than many of its competitors. Our experts found it the best addons if you are interested in viewing documentaries. GAIA works on everything, including Android TV Boxes, Android Mobiles, Amazon FireStick, Windows, Mac, etc.

It’s compatible with third-party services such as Trakt.tv and Real-Debrid. In fact, it works best with Real-Debrid. It won’t work without Real-Debrid. Downloading and installation of GAIA is so easy.

6. Venom

Here, one more new Addon makes an entry, that has made a cool image in the eyes of users since it entered the market. You’ve such humongous choice of TV shows and movies that at some point of time you’ll get confused regarding what to watch, and what not to.

Venom is undoubtedly a decent option to try if you are a mainstream movies lover, while the only drawback is that it won’t provide you anything fancy like a few other Movies and TV shows addons do. Lambda scrapers is what it uses, and the developers behind this addon are very ambitious.

It’s exceptionally popular on Reddit. It receives updates frequently, and it’s decent to use. Earlier, the menu loading took a bit of while, but now, it doesn’t. Even the images quality has improved. It features a Multi-source Exodus fork & menu style.

7. Tempest

This addon features aired episodes and the latest movies. Why to go to the cinema, when you can access fresh releases in such a decent quality and so quickly. One decent thing about Tempest is that it will take you across some superb old content, that any other addon is not able to. This addon is maintained very well and getting popular with time.

If you want to fetch the max out of it, then use it with Real Debrid. It is also a supporter of Trakt integration. It has a solid huge library, and once you install tempest, I don’t think that you will look further to download any other TV shows and Movie related addon. Tempest efficiently works with both Kodi 18 Leia as well as 17.6 Krypton.

It works exceptionally well with 4K options and various other high-quality links. It’s a fork of Covenant and hosts pretty much similar layout. So, download tempest and elevate your viewing experience. Installation isn’t a hassle either.

8. I am Ego

That’s a stylish name, and so is the addon itself. It’s perfect for TV shows and movies watching. Besides focusing on those two categories, you enjoy special documentaries as well. There is no “well-known” movie or TV show that you won’t find on I am Ego addon.

1080p Is the max resolution quality. You also come across abundant 720 and SD links. Most of the movie lovers like fresh releases and this addon brings those fresh releases really fast to you. Guardian made this addon and placed it inside Goldengun repository currently.

It provides you a dozen categories. It supports Real Debrid service. The current version of I am Ego is working exceptionally well. It fetches certain decent links. We watched Avenger: Endgame using this addon, and the experience was sweet! Must try this, I am Ego!

9. ReleaseBB

Do you want to enjoy some decent viewing with family or friends without spending high, then do install ReleaseBB. You need to sign in with the premium hoster for enjoying all of its video content. Mr. Entertainment released this addon a few years back.

You can use streaming services such as All Debrid and Real Debrid with this one. It isn’t involved in getting free streams. It’s an expert in fetching out premium links. Let me tell you, in contrast to unpaid Kodi addons, the streaming experience is much better with premium links.

ReleaseBB provides you better audio and clearer audio. With the new updates, we found certain betterments. The search function is not better, and so is with the menus. Besides that, it provided new artwork, new recommendation section, new icon, new cache function, and now you can see the version on the main menu.

10. Nemesis AIO

Nemesis AIO is an addon that won’t take much in serving you your desired content. It’s a perfect addon if you want overall viewing experience. Documentaries,  Videos, Anime, Webcam, Gaming, Cartoons, etc. is what you can enjoy with Nemesis AIO besides the mainstream movies and TV shows of course.

The performance level of this addon is going superb, and if things don’t change, then it can be among counted top addons out there. Nemzzy is behind the creation of Nemesis AIO. Most importantly, you get content for everyone in your home. You can find tons of content on Nemesis AIO that you might not find elsewhere.

In June 23rd, v2.0.5 version of this addon came up, and since then, the number of users has significantly increased. You can’t use this addon without using the pin system. There is nothing to reject in Nemesis AIO.

11. Nole Cinema

Till now we were discussing multi-purpose addons which provided you streaming of movies, TV shows, sports, anime, etc. but now our first single-click addon makes an entry. As the name indicates, it’s specially for monies only. In this particular category, you enjoy everything beginning from ultra-vintage movies to the freshest releases.

Nole Cinema is a paradise for movie lovers. If you’ve got Nole Cinema on your Kodi, then, believe me, you won’t know how your night spent so fast! Once yo upair it with Real Debrid, and it will provide you option for streaming 4K. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, if you are looking for streaming other stuff than movies, then sorry, you can’t depend only on Nole Cinema. You’ll have to install some other streaming add-ons also. Till movies, nothing serves you better than Nole Cinema. Movie lovers, hurry up!

12. Death From Above

Death From Above gives you the right of Real Debrid integration. Hence, you get access to Full HD streaming. You can install Death FromAbove directly from a zip file. It doesn’t offer you anything of its own.

This one is a bundle of all of the addons from Falcom, which is a decent developers’ team. So, you get a humongous library consisting of a large variety of viewing content. Talking about the addons bundle, certain might not function, but still, there is much to enjoy. This addon has a simple layout. It isn’t a part of any repository.

The installation takes a bit of extra time (because it’s a collection of addons). A large range of movies, documentaries, shows, etc. is what you can enjoy through Death From Above, and you find much rear content also. Install Death from Above, and there is no need to download various addons individually.

13. MTB’s Greased Lightning

The auto-play of MTB’s Greased Lightning is so pleasing. If you’re looking to find a stream and play it, you’ll be able to do it on this addon much faster than most of the other addons. Not just the speed, but the library of content is also humongous. Besides your most loved shows and movies, it has much to offer you.

Watching documentaries is such an amazing experience with MTB’s Greased Lightning addon. This addon will enable you Trakt and Real Debrid sign in for lifting your viewing experience high up. Due to its huge collections, there are hardly any chances that you don’t get desired content (until your choice is too fancy).

It comes with a variety of sections. It uses several scrapers which rapidly find the best working links and ensure fast autoplay. The content library is huge. The interface is fantastic, and so are the looks. you’ll have to install the diamond wizard Repo and then install this addon from the Repo. It’s worth your attention.

14. The Kratos Reborn

If you are an old Kodi player, then you might be knowing about The Kratos. After all, it was so popular. Now, Kratos Reborn can be called a revived version of that addon. The old one went offline, opening the gates for this new and better addon.

It uses OpenScrapers, which is best at its job. You can expect a lot from The Kratos Reborn, and it won’t dissatisfy you. It’s a multi-source Kodi addon, pretty much like our previously discussed GAIA, Seren, and Exodus. It with full Trakt support and it’s a part of Uk1 repo. The menu of this addon provides you eleven sections.

In this new version, KAT TV scrapper is taken out because it was double scraping. new Kratos artwork is also added and you enjoy new TMDB & Trakt API keys. If you try out The Kratos Reborn, believe me, It’ll be very interesting!

15. Redemption

The revival of Cellar Door TV Repo opened the doors for re-entry of redemption. This addon is very versatile, and if you have a device with less specs, then also you can run Redemption pretty smoothly. Redemption proves to be doubled excellent if you pair it with real Debrid.

If you ask me about the best thing about Redemption, then it’s the speed. This addon is a part of popular Cellar Door TV Repo that exposes you to a large ocean of movies. If you have Redemption, then you have options for enjoying freshest releases, Horror mix up, 4K movies, and besides that, your kid will also be entertained.

The playback of your chosen movies/shows is very quick. I won’t say that redemption is the best addon out there, but it’s also true that It is giving a healthy competition to Yoda, magic Dragon, Exodus Redux, and other such leading addons. Redemption is a truly worth recommendation.

16. Yoda

Supremacy repo shut-down, and after that, Yoda was born. The library consisting of a huge number of TV series and movies has been passed on to this new addon. Yoda hasn’t officially revived, but one can download it by alternative Kodil Repository. Now, if you are familiar with Supremacy or Supremacy sports, then you already have an idea regarding the quality expectation.

Some consider it not that reliable option for streaming content, as there is suspense on its further survival. On the other hand, a big number of users find this addon pretty interesting and are pleased with whatever it provides. As a result, many experts prefer recommending Yoda. It’s based on Exodus/Covenant.

On the main menu, it offers 11 options, including Yoda Updates, Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Documentaries, Networks, Tools, and search. From the latest update that took place on May 7th, 2019, you got a new icon, new API key, and besides that, Torrent scrapers are added, and a few of them are fixed.

17. Genesis

Well, the Genesis scene has confused a lot of people out there. We recently told about a few bounce backs of addons, and also the reborns of the older ones which went offline. Now better pay attention here! Genesis was performing superbly, but it was taken down.

It opened the doors for Genesis Reborn which worked perfect for a short period, and this one also closed down. Then it was the time for Genesis to return, and it returned with its real name! Presently, it is performing exceptionally well. It utilizes the latest scraping technology for bringing you the best streaming links.

The humongous library makes sure that you don’t have to install several addons for finding your desired stuff, and you get almost everything form one addon only. Not just the old users of Genesis users will enjoy it, but also it’s a thing to enjoy for the new users.

18. Riddler Stream

Riddler Stream is interesting enough to be explored and enjoyable enough to be added to this list. It has vast streaming options for you, including TV shows, MC Jams Music, and most importantly, movies! The kids’ section is also there, not that’s not fully developed yet. You’ll see “Working Progress” written in front of this section.

You know what, if offers high-resolution playback up to 4K. For that, you need to use Real Debrid. This addon is pretty new, with with the time, more Kodi users are installing it. It utilizes an open scraper for fulling in a variety of HD quality links. It works on Kodi 18.3 Leia as well as the other versions also.

Especially, movie watching experience is great on Riddle Stream. The interface is what most of you are going to like, and so is the speed. You can get Riddle Stream from Mancave repository. Also, many experts suggets it as the alternative of the leading addons, which means it’s worth your attention.

19. A Pirate’s Life for Me

Have you heard about Torrent-caching? In this method, the addon searches all over the web for finding torrent links and makes a proper list of them for playback. A Pirate’s Life for Me is that sort of addon only. If you’ve got this particular addon on your Kodi, then you’ll be amazed after getting familiar with the size of its library.

This one is a premium addon. You could find some good free streaming options. Besides that, you get an IPTV section also, but I’m not sure that it will satisfy you. You can elevate your viewing experience to the next level then use A Pirate’s Life for Me with  Premiumize or Real Debrid. It is located in the Diamond Wizard Repo.

You find various good sections for finding the most suitable links for your setup. The Direct Links section is present, which you can play with 1-click. You don’t need a Real Debrid account for that. Don’t stop yourself from gaining high streaming experience with this addon.

20. Yify Movies HD

Yify is undoubtedly a huge name in the world of addons. Fifty Movies HD is a seriously decent creation of Yify. Yify is among the biggest sources of movies. Use a P2P client, and download unlimited movies from a variety of torrent sites. It’s among the biggest sources of free movies. It’s a new entry, and a fast developing one.

It streams only via premium hoster services (such as Premiumize and Real Debrid). We are hoping that it adds free links in the upcoming time. However, with premium links, the experience is so high in contrast to without them. Recently, a crackdown took place on torrent sites, making it so hard for the Kodi users to download files.

Pair it with Real Debrid, and you’ll tell me thanks for suggesting this addon to you. It efficiently works on all models of Kodi. Most importantly, it will find the best blue-ray movie rips for you, and that’s the best thing about Yify Movies HD. The repo name is Stream Army. I advise you, just get it blindly, it’s awesome!

21. Exodus V8

Exodus’s journey can be compared to an army commander of old movies, who once won many battles, but in his old days, goes entirely helpless and suffers. Yes, Exodus once used to be the most popular Kodi addon, which was a favorite of many users. Exodus was running very fine, and then it was shut down. Now it’s back, but just living somehow on its past name and fame.

The things are no longer similar. However, it does feature a large content library, but a few experts say that it isn’t dependable. Talking about the present time, Exodus is just doing fine, and there are still many who prefer it. However, at the same time, there is suspense upon how long will it survive.

We didn’t focus much upon that while making The best Kodi addons list. We focussed on the current performance, and the speed, options, interface, and the quantity and quality of content that Exodus is providing is worth appreciation. So, yes, I do recommend Exodus. Download it from Kodi Bae repository and try it out.

22. Voodoo

The extras that you get with Voodoo is kids videos, Live TV, Adult, Anime, etc. while it highly focuses on the main categories, which are TV shows and Movies. In both of those departments, Voodoo is highly satisfying the users. Some say that the live TV section streams a bit slow a few times.

It features easy to use categories for you. You can call Voodoo an all-in-one addon. It utilizes Open scrapers for pulling in links. It has sections for Trakt and Real Debrid. You can get Voodoo form Golden Gun Repository.

The user can sign in with his Real Debrid account. With Voodoo, you enjoy numerous high-quality links. Navigation is a bit slow in contrast to the most popular movie and TV serial addons out there, but still keeping the high experience in mind, I advise that you should give Voodoo a chance to delight you.

23. CoolTvSeries

CoolTvSeries brings you the experience of viewing such a large variety of TV shows from various corners of the world. It’s entirely clutter-free. CoolTvseries is among the easiest addons to use, and the interface is also superb. One-click video playback is among the most lovable things here.

Binge-watchers are the happiest group regarding this addon. Not just Alphabetically, but you’ve got other ways of content surfing such as Popular, New episodes, Category, and New shows. My own family is very deep into TV serials, so I chose this addon for my home, and the experience is high!

If you miss any of the older TV series, then there are the biggest changes that you find that series on this addon. Even if your genre selection is too fancy than also CoolTvSeries won’t let you feel low. You’ve got a lot of features, and due to an abundance of everything and easy of usage, I highly recommend CoolTvSeries.

24. Movie Theater Butter

This addon comes with a couple of variants, out of which, one offers one-click play. As a result, you don’t have to search through numerous links for finding an authentic and efficient one. The incursion was a popular addon, and after it’s shut down, Movie Theater Butter was born. It’s a decent one for watching high-quality movies.

However, it might also happen that the one-click system proves to be unable to provide the best streams. Never a big issues, I repeat, it comes in two variants. The one-click auto-play allows you viewing 720P max. It works on Kodi 18.3 Leia as well as Kodi 17.6 Krypton.

If the negatives mentioned above trouble you, then better you install the non-auto-play variant, that you get from diamond Wizard Repository. The Link-select version will stream up to 4K for you. The drawback with the Link-select version is that it’s a bit slower than the Auto-play version.

25. DeathStar

You’ll be amazed to read after Deathstar. You hardly come across this sort of addon. It is actually a bundle of 35 different Kodi addons. Yes, you read the number right, 35! So, there is no hassle of following steps for installing different types of addons. Just install Deathstar, and that’s it.

You’ll hardly feel the lack of entertainment ever. Ten well-known Kodi developers made a team to make Deathstar. These are all active, and as several developers are taking responsibility for the maintenance, you always experience high-level performance.

Earlier, you got this addon from the uKodi1 repository, but later on, it went offline. Now, Ezzer Macs repository is the place from where you can download Deathstar, and the process is short. I enjoyed much of documentaries and live IPTV on this addon.

Movies, TV shows, Kids’ contents, everything is there! By installing this one addon, are get the whole library of addons! Isn’t that amazing? A total of 19 categories it offers you, which are more than enough, and some categories are rare, that you hardly find on other addons.

26. T2K 1 Click Movie Addon

This one is a one-click addon, as the name itself is suggesting you. You’ve got your desires movies already streaming. For that, all you require to do is, choose the desired movie, and pick any of the prepicked streaming links present in the list. This addon has a superb layout.

Speed is the best thing about T2K 1 Click Movie Addon. You can navigate through the movies’ list like a breeze, and it rapidly pops up the links, and with the same instant, it plays desired videos. The only negative about this addon is that is doesn’t have some famous movie titles, which almost all other movie addons have. It’s a bit weird!

You can find certain good movies from T2K 1 Click Movie, and undoubtedly, it brings delight. It is available from T2K Repo. In this addons, you have only and only one category to select, that is free. If you are a Real Debrid user, then you have another premium category also. I wish you try out T2K 1 Click Movie Addon.

27. Scrubs

This one is an Exodus fork, and I recently told you about Exodus. A large percentage of users prefer Scrubs as it’s better than its predecessors on certain ground. Exodus is somehow surviving, but Scrubs is doing exceptionally well. That layout with categories such as Movies, My TV Shows, TV Shows, My Movies, New Movies is the same.

Scrub provides you certain betterment and enhancements. The link fetching speed of Scrubs is appreciable. However, you’ll find lesser 1080p and HD streams in contrast to 720p and SD. If you’re ready to sign in with the Real Debrid account, then you won’t have to hang around a lot finding suitable stuff to watch.

This one is available from JewRepo. It is suitable for Kodi 18.3 / 18.2 Leia and 17.6 Krypton. If are always excited about fresh movie releases, and freshly-aired episodes, then Scrubs is something you definitely need to have. Use Real-Debrid account, and make the experience better.

28. UK Turk playlist

The number of downloads of UK Turk playlist addon is increasing day by day. Besides the main categories on which we are concentrating, it provides you Live TV, comedy, Documentaries, CCTV, Turkish Movies, etc. UK Turk is the spot from where you can download UK Turk playlist addon.

Once you download it, and this addon will never let you down, whether you talk about categories, speed, viewing quality, and dependability. This addon works pretty smoothly. It undoubtedly deserves a special place in the world of TV shows and Movies addons.

Installing UK Turk Playlists Kodi addon isn’t overwhelming at all. Especially after it’s a recent major update, UK Turk playlist is trending high, and has left several predecessors behind. I liked the layout also. Not just the Turks, but people from all across the globe love this addon.

29. The Ork

The Ork is an addon, which earlier I wasn’t adding, but one of my team’s expert suggested me that it’s a decent one, and he himself uses it. It’s superb with premium hosting and also without them. There are vast categories to enjoy, and you can easily pick preferred content from any of these.

The streaming of Live TV is impressive. Many addons offer live TV, but very few of them provide such smooth streaming as the Ork does. This addon frequently comes with new updates, which means that the developing team behind this addon want to bring innovation, also the best experience.

The Ork provides you the best experience of viewing live Sports also. I have seen that many of the addons concentrate more on Movies, TV shows, etc., and the kids’ section remains behind. That’s not the case with The Ork. I would recommend it to you, but even more to your kids.

30. Loki

This one is a very suitable on-demand video add-on having a massive library of TV shows and movies. Not just that, if you are not that interested with those two categories, then don’t worry, you get Documentaries, Fitness, Sports, Kids, Music, Karaoke, WWE, UFC support as well.

But if you ask me what’s Loki addon best in, then I would saw Movies! If you love spending hours watching episodes, then Loki is worth downloading for you. Music is the third best category of this addon. In the present time, it has seven categories in total, and we’re expecting more in the upcoming time.

One Click Movies includes a vast list of movie collection that has been played since you select the movie with one click. Inside TV shows category, you find several sub-categories such as Genres, Web Channels, Popular TV Shows, Airing Today, US Networks. So, you’ve got much to enjoy with Loki.

31. Bearded Bandit

Bearded bandit primarily focuses on TV shows and Movies, and actually does an excellent job. However, the TV and Sports channel are not able to satisfy everyone out there, but there are certain positives about this addon. Besides the main offerings, Boxsets section is the thing that I liked the most.

It’s a very suitable multipurpose addon which can fetch boredom out of you. Right now, some options might not work, but no need to baffle, there is much to enjoy. It has a tremendous collection of Movies and TV shows. Every now and then you notice new adding in this addon.

You definitely need to give this addon a chance to entertain you. It brings you high-quality links through its scrapers. It hasn’t been long since the launching of Bearded bandit. The process of installing Bearded Bandit is no longer than the process that you follow for installing most of the other addons. So, why not to have it?

32. Nymeria

You can get Nymeria from EzzerMacs Repo. Nymeria is a known name, but regarding Kodi Built. Some of you might not be familiar with Nymeria addon. It takes high care that you experience wonderful streaming always without any interruptions, and parallel to that, it is very kid supportive. Some say it consumes time while pulling the streams.

Now I ask, what’s the benefit of the Kodi addon that fetches streams at a decent speed, but are far away from what you desire to watch? So, don’t you think it’s better to wait for a while if you are surely going to get your desired content? The best thing I liked in Nymeria addon was the section of vintage stuff.

Yes, there is a special section which has numerous 80s movies, and lots of users appreciate it. It’s cent percent compatible with Kodi 18 Leia. With all the benefits that Nymeria provides, I find it worth a trial.

33. Corona

If you’ve got Corona, then you’ll be able to quickly navigate any of the content as per desire. You’re able to stream a large number of episodes and movies. Reliability is always a huge plus point with Corona. It’s available from Sandman Media repository.

Stuff is updated on this addon on a regular basis. Now, as the content keeps on updating, you always find something new for yourself. It has decent scrapers for pulling quality links for you. Undoubtedly, Corona is a highly reliable one. It’s suitable for all the three versions of Kodi.

The simplicity of Corana attracts a lot of users. It provides you sections for TV shows, movies, Genres-Top 100, IMDB Top List, Movies, My movies, My TV shows, Tools and Search. Obtaining IMDB options is something that you don’t generally get from most of the addons.

Best Live TV Kodi Addons

Best Live TV Kodi Addons

Now, the addons which I am going to recommend here will work on all sorts of Kodi supportive devices like Android mobiles/tablets, PC, FireStick, Android TV, etc. In this category, we’ve concentrated upon the addon’s live TV performance, and least interruption possible. Here come the best Kodi TV addons for you!

1. Selfless

If you prefer watching live TV over any other streaming, then Selfless is the best addon that you can install. The library of life TV channels of Selfless is humongous. You can enjoy 24×7 live shows, sports, etc. The movies collection is also cool. It also has several premium satellite channels for you, which you can watch for free.

You can install Selfless addon from Bookmark Repository that’s a part of the Bliss TV source. My own experience of Selfless made me say that hardly any other live TV addon would have pleased me more than this one. This addon is going to work best for you when you install SportsDeveil along with Selfless.

You don’t just get the TV channels to form the US and UK, but also form several other parts of the world. 5000+ movies is what it offers you. Guess what, you’ve got separate sections for WWE and football. Selfless isn’t the best one for live TV but has much more to offer you.

2. cCloud TV

Install cCloud TV addon on your Kodi, and you are going to get a high experience of numerous live programs along with a huge range of TC channels from the UK and USA. On the home screen of cCloud Tv, you find 5 lists of USA and UK free live TV channels. It has such an impressive Sports channels category also.

It has much live TV content associated with TV shows, Movies, Music, News, Sports, Lifestyle, etc. If you are not that comfortable with English, then you have a “Non-English/International” section through which you can streams channels from across the globe.

However a few streams on Furious Streams aren’t working always for you, but still, the number of playable streams that cCloud TV addon provides you is higher than most of the other live TV addons. You can spend some minutes in installing Brettus Builds repository where Furious Streams is hosted.

3. Resistance

Now here comes the Spanish flavor. There is much to enjoy with Resistance if you go deeper into this addon. Spending earlier time with this addon will give you a feel as if it’s just a Spanish addon, but it’s actually not. There is a large variety of channels for English speakers!

Besides developing this addon, the developers also formed a special repository eponymous, so you can install this addon from Resistance repository only. This one is a lightweight addon having numerous working channels and streams. Resistance is an addon that won’t let you down.

However, all experts will neither find this addon among the best TV streaming addons, nor they will add it to any “Desire-list,” but I added this addon to my list after fully knowing what all this addon is capable of providing. According to me and my expert team, Resistance is cool enough to earn a spot on this list.

4. Chronos

There are many lovers of Chronos out there, and I ask, why not? The trend isn’t just high, but it is very consistent also, due to which the experts count Chronos as a dependable option. SkyDarks source is from where you can get this addon.

If Live Sports has been your priority since long, then you definitely need to install this addon, as you’ve got a separate category known as ” Live Sports.” It means that if there is some rare sport that you like to watch, but it isn’t shown on your TV, or is very tough to find it’s live stream anywhere, then Chronos proves to be your biggest friend.

Besides live action, you also enjoy much of on-demand content here on this addon. The Movies, Shows, and Cartoon library of Chronos is also worth appreciation. So, why to skip this addon? Why not try it out?

5. TV Tuga Milhano

Now, TV Tuga Milhano is an addon which concentrates more on the Portuguese TV channels. Now, most of the people don’t count this addon as a hotshot when it comes to live TV, but the main reason behind adding this addon to this list is my own experience. It hasn’t been long since I got familiar with this addon, but my short experience was too sweet.

It provides you a special “World TV section” through which you’ll get a suitable channel for yourself regardless of which corner of the world you belong to. You can install this addon conveniently from a zip file in a direct manner. Yes, there’s no need to go through any repository.

If you want to install it on Kodi, then it needs SportsDevil, Plexus, and F4mTester. No matter it’s more Portuguese, but it also has much English language TV channels for you. It has over a hundred channels for you. Undoubted TV Tuga Milhano is worth being in your favorite addons list.

6. Amerikano Tuga

For adding an addon to my list, I don’t concentrate much upon whether the addon is popular or not. Possibilities are there that you also don’t know about Amerikano Tuga. So, what do you want in your live TV addon? A wide variety of channels from various languages, no complexity, ease in finding the favorite stuff, nice interface, etc., right?

Now I ask, if Amerikano Tuga is providing with all of those benefits, then why not to add this addon here? Amerikano Tuga is a solid lightweight addon, which keeps you away from hassles when you’re watching live TV channels.

On the home screen, you’ll find a variety of categories having links to numerous channels. You find classifications such as Kids TV, Shows, Movies, etc. but mostly it has country-wise categories.  VIP Secret Repository is the exact spot from where Amerikano Tuga addon’s installation is possible.

7. IPTV Bonanza

This one appears as a Bonanza of live TV content. The channels library is huge, and once you are on this addon, you feel as if every channel is present that you like to watch. This is so because there are hundreds of live TV channels, most importantly, from all around the globe.

Channel listing is the only thing due to which you will hardly find any expert putting this addon anywhere on top of his list. The haphazard listing of the channels makes it difficult for anyone to find the desired channel. It would have been much better if there were any categories or so.

The channels are categorized according to the country name. I say, even if it were alphabetically, then also lots of people would have appreciated it for sure. If you keep this convenience aside, then there is nothing with IPTV Bonanza that’s worth complaining.

8. Ultra IPTV 

The Ultra IPTV is pretty much like IPTV Bonanza in certain ways. There also you get a wide collection, and here also. The matter of inconvenince is also the same. Ultra IPTV is also poor at organizing its channels in the right manner. If you try to find out your desired channel, it surely consumes time and effort.

This is, so neither the channels are organized as per language/alphabetically, nor as per genre. However, once you find yourself in the habit of using this addon, you’ll know what’s the right way to find out the favorite channel. Once you know the tactics of “finding out,” you’ll be able to enjoy several shows, movies, news, sports, this, and that!

Most importantly, everything is free for you. No matter you belong to USA, UK, India, Spain, France, or anywhere else, you will surely find the content of your language on Ultra IPTV. It’s a lightweight addon, and it can serve you as a superb alternative for the best Live TV Kodi Addons.

9. SportsDevil

Hey, are you thinking that this Kodi addon is just about sports? Well, you are entirely wrong then! It’s true that SportsDevil is dedicated more to sports, but there is much to explore here. One the main screen, you find two separate sections. These are Live Sports and Sports TV. The Live TV section is superb.

Further, you find the World TV category in it, through which you can view live TV channels from the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc. You can install this one from Kodi repository if you’re looking for the latest version. Otherwise, you can get SportsDevil from all popular repositories including Maverick, Supremacy, etc.

A lot of Kodi users who are familiar with SportsDevil have full satisfaction with what all this wonderful addon provides. Regarding sports, it covers almost every single popular sport, and you won’t miss out anything. The list of the alternatives to this addon is also big, but I would have preferred this one only.

10. Kodi Solutions IPTV

You will have to pay for this one, but I don’t think that the number of dollars can trouble anybody out there! You tell, if you are able to access over 4000 live TV channels after spending just five dollars a month, then is this a deal to let go? Definitely not! Talking about Music channels, Moveis, Shows, Kids‘, or any other channel, you find everything here!

At this much low cost, you hardly get so many lifestyle channels from any other addon. Here are abundant channels form the USA. Besides that, you get channels from South America, Middle East, Portugal, Mexico, India, UK, etc. It also has an Android app, with the help of which you can use its services on Android mobiles and FireStick.

No matter what you like to watch live, Kodi Solutions IPTV provides you interruption-free luxury. Does it lack anything due to which one may hesitate calling it an overall complete TV package? However, the “Video on Demand” section is inactive currently, still I highly recommend Kodi Solutions IPTV.

Best Multipurpose Kodi Addons

Best Multipurpose Kodi Addons

Best Multipurpose Kodi Addons

Till now, we were focusing more the addons which further focused on Movies and TV shows, while some of them provided side categories as well. Now it’s the time to discuss the addons, which don’t concentrate up on a particular category, and provide you a decent over all experience.

Downloading the addons which I will recommend down there are going to serve you everything in one single place. So, there won’t be the hassle of downloading separate addons for separate categories.

Regarding TV shows and Movies, you’ve got a wide range of addons, which provide you the experience that you expect and desire. Talking truly, there are pretty addons contrast to that, which can be called reliable multipurpose addons. So, this list is going to be short than our previous category, but you’ll surely get the addon that you are looking for in our list.

1. Limitless

It does the job exactly what its name suggests. Movies, documentaries, kids, shows, live TV, sports, music, etc are the most common varieties of content one tries to find on Kodi. limitless, being a single addon, provides you all of that! If you prefer on-demand content like me, then you are going to highly appreciate Limitless.

You enjoy a healthy variety of cable TV channels when they’re broadcasted. Not just you, but even your kids have much to enjoy such as comedy, cartoons, this, and that!  Overall, the TV section is going to thrill you. If you’re a sports lover, then also Limitless is a sweet addon for you.

A healthy set of scrappers support this addon for fetching high quality free links. It also fetches premium links. Even if you are a continuous watcher, then also Limitless won’t let boredom climb over you.

2. Deceit

Deceit comes with certain incredible options among which you can choose. This is also the one for on-demand content lovers. in this addon, you enjoy a special category for everything including Anime, Toons, Podcasts, Listers, UK Radio, Live TV, 24×7 streams, etc. It’s exceptionally difficult to find an addon that provides you such a wide choice of IPTV.

For making a few live TV sections to work, you might require certain supportive addons which deceit will help you to install. If you want to lift up the number as well as quality of the streams, then you need to do Rear Debrid sign in. If you ask me about deceit’s best feature, then I would say it’s Live TV.

You can download it from One nation Repo. It hosts abundant fresh content, due to which it is able to maintain its trend. The enormous database of Deceit stores much stuff for you. not just the categories, but the sub-category arrangement is also awesome.

3. 7 of 9

in the current time, numerous addons are trying to beat 7 of 9 in the competition in its category, but are unable to. You can find some rare classic movies here, and this pleased me the most. There is enough content for you kids as well.

You enjoy over thirty streaming categories, and don’t you think that’s more than enough? Most of the categories out of these are almost every time available for streaming. It consists of over 30 streaming categories, after once I came to know about the versatility and functioning of 7 of 9, I didn’t hesitate to add this addon in my list at all.

There are several addon which provide huge range of categories, but many of them aren’t online for streaming. I ask, what is the benefit then? This isn’t the case with 7 of 9 fortunately. You are also able to quickly pick the best sub-genres from the home screen.

4. All Eyez on Me

Yes, the name says it correct! This addon surely attracts attention. It once got shut down, but it started breathing once again recently. It has made a great comeback. It’s a one-stop destination for those who like viewing everything and not a particular category. The collection of Shows and Movies is vast.

If you are watching with your family, then hardly any of your family members will get bored, as it has much to offer to every single family member. If you are deep into documentaries, then also All Eyez on Me is something you’ll highly love.

The best thing with this addon is that it provides you some rear content, such as DIY, Keep Fit, etc. which most of the other addons don’t look upon. You get All Eyez on Me from an independent repository. So, why not to try this one?

5. Fladnag

Fladnag is a bundle of half a dozen of addons. Now, as these many addons are included, you’re getting a larger variety of content in contrast to many other addons. According to the experts, this addon is worth consideration in the best 10 working Kodi addons for watching shows/movies currently!

Fladnag Cartoons, Faldnag Collections, Fladnag Kids Boxsets, Fladnag Sports, Faldnag Movies, and Fladnag TV Shows are the addons that you find here. You can install Fladnag from T2K repository.

It provides you streams related to Pair, TMDB, IMDB Action, Adventure, Crime, Comedy, Trending, Popular, Crime, Animation, family, Fantasy, Documentary, Mystery, Music, History, Science Fiction, TV Movies, Horror, Western, war, TV movies, and Thriller. Now I guess, nothing is left behind.

Best Kodi Addons for Sports

Best Kodi Addons for Sports

Best Kodi Addons for Sports

SportsDevils is considered the best sports addon by numerous experts. We added that addon in the category of best multipurpose Kodi addons due to its overall offerings. Now we will read about some other Sports addons, which always keep you connected to the world of sports.

I am sure that with any of the following sports addons, you won’t miss any live action whether you talk about Football, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Athletics, or anything else! All you need is , Kodi on firestick, addons (that I’m recommending here), and a good internet connection! So, here comes the list!

1. Sportova

If you’re looking for an alternative to SportsDevil, then Sportova is a suitable one for you. It similar covers a large range of sports including Football, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, etc. Sportova has vast sports categories and channels, but the collection and reliability aren’t as much as SportsDevil. It looks as if this addon got its inspiration form SportsDevil only.

However, you might come across some non-functional streams, but you can let it go, as there is a large number of working streams available. Sportova is looked upon by some experts as the upcoming King of the sports addons, as the performance of SportsDevil is significantly decreasing nowadays, and if goes on like that only, then those experts can be true also.

Sportova seems a very promising one due to its consistency (if you are ready to ignore a few non-working streams). Hardly any user would say that Sportova is an inconvenient addon. It also lines up the forthcoming live streams much before of their broadcasting. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is a highly popular one. It fulfills your sports viewing desires in the best way possible. Fox Spots Go is an official offering by Fox and is available from the official Kodi Add-on Repository. If you want to install this one, Fox Sports channel subscription is necessary. It is a decent sports addon for Americans as it streams all popular US-based sports channels.

I call this addon a powerful kid (a kid because it’s new in the market). There are certain addons which show you live sports streaming, but during bigger events such as tournaments and world cups, they show their back. Fox Sports Go, on the other hand, streams everything. It’s also looked upon as an excellent alternative to the Exodus addon.

Before you look for installing it, let me tell you, Go Kodi Addon is available in the USA only. No need to hesitate if you are living outside the USA. You can use an American VPN server and enjoy flawless streaming.

3. Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi addon basically concentrates upon wrestling and combat sports. If you aren’t the one who’s going to spend the whole life over watching sports and prefer watching only a given range of sports, then Modus Operandi is for you. However you won’t find a humongous variety of sports here, but the categories that it covers, covers in high quality.

In its department, Modus Operandi is probably the best. If you’ve Rear Debrid account, then I say, better you sign in for an even better experience. If you find some streams not working, then you can take the support of VPN, they’ll surely work then. Keeping combat sports aside, you also enjoy Basketball, Baseball, Football, Racing, and a few other sports.

The specialty of this addon is that it fetches a bunch of high-quality links. We watched a couple of soccer matches after installing Modus Operandi, and the experience was great! So, I would recommend this addon instead of those who fetch tons of bad links.

4. Rising Tides

Rising Tides is a big name, and most of the Kodi users are familiar with it, as this addon performs as per expectations. If you have Rising Tides, then you’ll be able to view various popular sports channels such as BT Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, etc. and several others are also there.

The media library of Rising Tides addon is supreme. There are certain addons which have similarly huge libraries but are poor at content organization and categorization. Fortunately, Rising Tides doesn’t stand in that list. Mulla Fabz Repository is the right place to download Rising Tides. You can conveniently play highlights as well as live streaming of sports channels.

The percentage of offline streams is very small, due to which experts look upon Rising Tides as a reliable addon. Also, the installing of the Rising Tides doesn’t take more than just a few minutes. So, you must give it a shot.

Best Kodi Addons for kids

Best Kodi Addons for kids

Best Kodi Addons for kids

Many addons claim that they host everything, but in most of them, kids’ entertainment is a department, on which less emphasis is laid. So, keeping everything aside, now we are pointing out the best addons for your kids. This category consisted of a large number of addons, and for making the selection easy, we included little kids in our experiments, and the experience was so sweet!

1. ToonMania2

This is the most loved Kodi addon by the kids, and the reason behind it is the extra wide range of toons and anime that this addon streams. If your kid is getting bored in the vacations, and you are unable to take him/her out because of workload, then you can escape by your kid’s scolding, then download something like ToonMania2. Your kid will be miles away from boredom.

All categories are so perfectly sorted (alphabetically) that your kid will never face frustration while finding his/her favourite stuff. ON the main screen, you find categories such as cartoon, anime, animated movies, new dubbed anime, etc. The layout is also very attractive. It has been added to the well-known HellHounds Repository.

2. Kids Tube

If you’ve got toddlers and very young kids at your home, then you can hear their laughs and keep them cheerful always, then install something like Kids Tube. The biggest problem you face with toddlers is that you always need to pay attention towards them for making sure they aren’t creating a mess or hurting themselves.

If you’ve got Kids Tube addon, then your toddler will be sitting at a place, watching his/her favorite stuff. Just imagine, you’ll have time to finish other works rather than always keeping an eye on your little one. One-click playback in ensured with most of the categories of this addon. The navigation is exceptionally quick.

Not just entertainment, but your kid will also gain knowledge and start learning fast in the early days. My teammate’s kid learned three-four nursery rhymes with the help of Kids Tube. So, I highly advise you to install this addon.

3. ToonTopia

ToonTopis has such a wide variety of content for your kid, that hardly any other kids addon would provide. Your kid, regardless of age, will find a lot of interesting stuff, and what to tell you about the interface of this wonderful addon. This addon is capable of keeping your kids entertained for several hours.

The categories include more categories than most of the competitors. Navigation is among the biggest factors behind ToonTopis’s success. Keeping regular content on one side, there’s much to watch with ToonTopia. As you’ve got an abundance of features and options, finding the desired stuff is very easy here.

This addon is available from JewRepo Repository. Here, the section includes Kids TV shows, Kids Movies, Kids Live TV, and Cartoon/Anime. ToonTopia isn’t a “let go” addon because of its huge content library and user convenience.

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music

Music is available everywhere today! There are so many Android apps available, which provide you decent music experience. So, why are we talking about carrying on a lengthier process for getting special addons for music?

Well, here is the question of rare music! There is much that a special music addon can provide you, which a normal Android app can’t. Selecting the best Kodi addons for music was also a difficult job, and it ate a lot of days for us. Finally, the list of the addons is here, which will provide you vast libraries and numerous options regarding music!

1. SoundCloud

A large variety of music options and a large range of audio options is what normally what you want in your music addon, right? SoundCloud provides much more besides those two conveniences. It’s a decent online audio distributor platform that allows the users to upload, promote, record, and share your own stuff (self-created music).

You’re able to track all your music which you listen on SoundCloud. If require the SoundCloud sign-in for its services if you want to enjoy all of its fantastic features. There are several genres which are hard to access. You can find such stuff here. Even several music directors use this addon, as this addon does the job of a creativity enhancer indirectly.

This addon also helps you in discovering new songs. Regarding flexibility and creativity, SoundCloud is the best music addon to install. Browsing music is very easy on SoundCloud, and I highly recommend it.

2. Beatz

Beatz is a decent and highly trending music addon. The best thing about Beatz is that it contains Music Radio most of the leading countries. You can find several top lists here, and the top artists-related library of Beats is really humongous. You find several subsections in this addon. Containing a variety of songs, music videos, and other contents.

If you want to find the stuff of a given artist, then also it’s pretty easy on Beatz. This addon pulls all the info from the last FM, and it further manages and filters that info for providing you the best possible music content. Installing Beatz on Kodi isn’t a hassle at all.

The interface of Beatz is too straightforward, and everyone likes music addon, that brings the desired stuff quickly. Due to its huge music catalog and high user-convenience, Beatz addon is something I advise to all music lovers.

3. ThunderStruck

Hey, are you the one who prefers country music or classic rock from the late 70s and 80s, then ThunderStruck is the right addon for you. Besides the classic stuff, it has much to offer you. This addon is such a decent on in recommending music. This addon is trending high and maintaining its graph.

It is a sort of addon, which I am not sure that everybody would like, but many are going to consider it the best addon for music out there. Now, which part of the listeners are going to be unsatisfied with it? Well, the answer is, those who prefer looking for a specific artist. The reason is that this isn’t an addon with a huge library.

The selection of the artists is somewhat short. Now, if that is its weak point, then there are certain specialties as well. So, with a pretty simple interface, and the wide range of classical music makes ThunderStruck worth a trial.

4. YouTube Music

As the name states, this addon is directly based on YouTube. It fetches all the content directly from YouTube. This causes a huge difference between this addon and other music addons. While you might also come across low-quality content on other addons, YouTube Music hosts only very high-quality videos. It’s very fast at its job.

YouTube Music is a very reliable option. If you love the currently trending songs, then YouTube is the best addon for you. If you’ve got this one, you’ll always stay updated about the current hits. Besides that, I consider the YouTube app the best one for pop music. The installation process is pretty simple.

However, YouTube isn‘t suitable only for those who prefer old classic content more than anything else. It’s also the best addon for watching music videos according to several experts.

5. MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams is an amazing addon, and a highly popular one also. You are very conveniently able to operate MP3 streams, and the interface is pretty simple (which everybody loves). This addon will provide all listening luxuries that you expect from it. Both music and video quality are excellent, and you won’t be able to complain about anything in these two departments.

If you’re using MP3 streams, you’ll be able to download the music content to your device’s storage memory. The catalog size is genuinely humongous, and you’ve got wide options regarding favorite artists. Searching the desired content on MP3 Streams is very convenient. This addon has much for those also, who love classical music.

The negative part says that you’ll come across some incomplete songs, which might annoy a few. Now, if you’re ready to forgive MP3 Streams for that, then this addon is an excellent choice. So, just install MP3 Streams addon for enjoying all popular music, and rear genres also.

6. Jango

Jango is counted among the latest music addons because it is capable of hosting a large variety of music. It is among very few addons which introduced social media to stations, and Jango is among the most popular music addons out there. Hardly it will happen that you try to find something on Jango, and you don’t find it.

You can easily filter your search through mentioning a few specific artists. You’re able to search your favorite songs from a list of top hundred. You’re also free to search for any songs you like from various genres. It provides you next level convenience as Jango hosts a mobile app also.

Just sign-in with Jango site and you’ll find that all the details such as the preferred songs, and watching history will be synchronized with Jango. If you love hip-hop music, then Jango addon is made for you only. So, Jango addon is surely a suitable one.

7. JukeBox Hero

You can find this super duper music addon from Super repository. If you’ve got JukeBox Hero on Kodi, then you’ll be able to play endless high music, and that way, you’ll lose yourself to some another world. It brings all popular music to you. This addon has a massive database, which never lets the listener feel bored.

Here, you find ten main categories, including UK Charts Playlist, US Charts Playlists, Popular Vevo Playlists, etc. The interface is pretty straightforward. So, you don’t have to invest much time finding stuff. The search feature of this addon works perfectly and rapidly. Operating this addon is simple.

When a music addon is providing you quantity and quantity both, then what else are you looking for? Give JukeBox Hero a try for sure, as I know you’ll like it.

8. Music Box

The Music Box addon helps you in streaming numerous types of videos with the support of Kodi, media player. If you like to listen to certain artists, then also Music Box proves to be a suitable addon for you. This is made possible by the large music collection of this addon. You’ll see certain Billboard lists in a few popular playlists in this addon.

Another good thing about the Music Box addon is that its interface is very impressive, and the installation process is simple. First, ensure a registration on the official Music Box website, and then you can use its features free of cost. No matter it isn’t on top of our list, but surely Music Box provides better music experience than most of the music addons available today.

9. House Mixes

If you want to access a huge collection of music of various sorts, then here comes the House Mixes addon for you. From the site housemizes.com, you’re able to access this humongous collection of music as well as various services. Registration in housemixes.com is compulsory for you if you want to use this addon for entering a sweet world of music.

In this addon, you are able to easily find whichever song you think is suitable as per your mood. You can install House Mixes addon form the Metal Kettles repository, about which, many people don’t know. This addon also has some amazing mixes of music. Besides that, there are huge varieties of latest as well as featured tracks.

This addon provides you categories such as trending, latest, current popular mixes, etc. It’s the best addon for you if you love house music. I highly enjoyed the drum, Bass, and Jungle DJ sets. The site has about half a million users, and I wish you also join it!

10. Rave Player

Nobody would like a music addon which doesn’t host a well-organized playlist. The quantity of content doesn’t matter the most. Content organizing and convenience matter equally as the content quantity. The playlist collection on Rave Player addon is divided into a variety of sections that include rave tape, oldskool pirate radio sets, podcasts mixtapes, etc.

The podcast section of Rave Player addon allows the user to enjoy watching videos and listening to audio content simultaneously. Bangin rave Tuns is another impressive section, and a lot of users find it great. In this section, you’re able to use a variety of popular DJ sets for amusement.

Talking about the other playlist sections now, which I loved the most, they are jungle and drum n bass and hardcore. Not just me, but a lot of users appreciate the interface of Rave Player. This user-friendly addon is surely worth installing!

The Verdict

So, those were the top kodi addons avilable! Consistency has always been a big issue when we talk about Kodi addons. No one can predict which addon will shut down and on which date. The main grounds on which we formed the lists were the current performance, percentage of bad links, public opinion, past and current reputation, and most importantly, self-experimentation.

Just a few of them were Kodi 17.6 addon, and I’m sure that in upcoming time, they’ll be available in the higher version of Kodi as well.

We added Kodi addons, which seem promising and pleased the users. I wish that you got suitable Kodi addons from this list, which is formed after interesting several months of research done by my expert team. So, get a suitable VPN, and start installing for further enjoyment!

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