Best Kodi Repositories Of 2020 [ # Awesome list]

Welcome to the comprehensive and a point by point review on best Kodi repositories in 2019. Add-ons enable you to stream content on your screen while on the other hand, a Kodi repository is much the same as a case where several add-ons found.

It implies that subsequent to installing a repository, you will almost certainly get to the majority of the accessible add-ons from that specific repo. A repository is the best in true words if it contains a rundown of working addons.

Here, beneath in this review, through which you will discover a rundown of best working repositories at present accessible for the Kodi box. We have additionally mentioned the entranceway for every repository so it will be simple for you if you are happy to install any from the rundown.

By utilizing any repo from this rundown, pick different video add-ons for unending entertainment. You will likewise have boundless access to quality add-ons.

Best Kodi Repositories Of 2020 Reviews

Beneath given is the rundown of Best Working Kodi Repositories in 2019. Experience the rundown and install any that clicks your brain. If you figure you don’t approach your ideal addon after the installation of any repo from this rundown, don’t freeze. Simply attempt another. The vast majority of the repositories may have some content that is never again accessible.

Read about the following repos, and you’ll forget closed (or currently down)repos such as Dr. Blamo, Looking Glass Repo and Kodi Smash repo!

1.) Supremacy Repository

Best Kodi repositories

Supremacy Repository

The Supremacy Repository is counted as the best Kodi repository which Kodi darlings could get. Having a group of dynamic designers, making it surprisingly better with high-end features. It’s so easy to install the sweet Supremacy repository on Kodi.

From the earliest starting point, Supremacy Kodi repo is among the best repositories. What’s more, presently it even holds the absolute best Kodi Addons which are difficult to stand up to. These add-ons and the dynamic engineers are the reason behind the fame of this repository, which is improving and going to hold a large portion of the top add-ons in the coming future.

There has been confusion going among the Kodi users, and individuals are in uncertainty whether the Supremacy repository is gone or is as yet working. We might want to educate the users that, Supremacy Repo for Kodi isn’t Down, I repeat, it isn’t down. It is yet working in 2019 with the updated URL from similar designers.

2.) Kodi Bae Repository

Best Kodi repositories

Kodi Bae Repository

The Kodi Bae Repo is the popular repository which holds some exceptionally prominent Kodi addons, including  Exodus, PrimeWire, 9Anime, cCloud TV, Ultimate IPTV, SportsDevil, and others. A portion of these addons was already part of the old Fusion as well as Colossus repos. At the point when these popular old repos were closed down, Kodi Bae turned into a well-known spot to discover these addons.

Enthusiasts of Exodus, PrimeWire, cCloud TV, and so on a case that these addons give access to a gigantic list of free movies and TV. In any case, while this may appear to be extraordinary from the outset, there are a few issues with Kodi Bae repo addons. Notwithstanding, it’s common with the repos, and luckily, there is no major issue.

The majority of the addons given by Kodi Bae contain links to informal video streams. Truth be told. Generally, most of the links lead to such content. If you are searching for lawful streams of your preferred shows and movies, you will discover next to no of what you’re searching for in Kodi Bae repo. Use a VPN and kill this issue.

In addition, a portion of the addons are never again being developed, and their makers have taken retirement. For instance, Exodus was created by a few different coders throughout the years, yet was discontinued after the old Fusion repository was brought down. Keeping that aside, there is a long rundown of cool addons which you can install from this repo.

3.) Kodil Repository

Best Kodi repositories

Kodil Repository

The Kodil Repository has some record-breaking most loved addons. The counter-piracy shake-down recently broke numerous repositories as well as TV addons. Yet the Kodil repository stays strong. From the record-breaking most loved film/television show TV addon Exodus to the best games Kodi add-on SportsDevil, Kodil incorporates about everything individuals prefer to enjoy in top-level Kodi TV addons.

In between the Kodi third-party scene has demonstrated an enormous measure of unpredictability over this previous year, we present to you one among the most resolute groups out there. The Kodil (or you say KodIsrael) repo includes numerous highly sought known TV addons, yet stands tall remaining steadfast.

You will undoubtedly locate a few fascinating Kodi add-ons among the many Kodi addons that Kodil offers to its users.  Kodil has as of late shot up in its prominence because of a few reasons. One reason is the vanishing of numerous other well-known and presumed Kodi repositories. Kodil originates from a group of engineer which is situated in Israel. That is the reason it is called Kodil.

To be reasonable for this repository, Kodil hosts a reasonable number of working addons. If, by some coincidence, you don’t think a lot about this repository at that point rest guaranteed that it is an extremely old repository. That implies the engineers behind this repository have a great deal of experience.

4.) Diamond Wizard Repository

Best Kodi repositories

Diamond Wizard Repository

The Diamond Wizard repo from very famous Team Diamond is a genuinely amazing Kodi repository that is effectively kept up. Group Diamond is only that, a collaboration with numerous engineers setting their best work into this extraordinary Kodi repository. You’ll discover numerous extraordinary Kodi addons included inside the Team Diamond Wizard repo. Just, for example, Golden Age, Redemption, Movie Theater Butter, Best British Comedy, and 7of9.

Installing Team Diamond Repo requires similar steps a large portion of the best working Kodi repositories do. Kodi repositories will, in general, vanish every day, except Team Diamond Wizard repository is up presently and working extraordinarily.

There is news coming up stating that this repo might close down soon. We’ll put a notification over this page if we find the Team Diamond Wizard repository never again working.

If you discover Diamond Wizard repo is down or not working, return after a bit. Most Kodi repository servers get rebooted once in some time with practically no excess. It’s exceptionally straightforward how the Diamond Wizard repo is rapidly ascending as a most loved star among Kodi users.

5.) TVAddons Repository

Best Kodi repositories

TVAddons Repository

In the wake of being assaulted by officials on the grounds of hosting pilfered content, repo was disconnected for some time. Yet it has come back with a blast now. Presently, all the addons which are included in the repository are legitimate and safe to use. However, that doesn’t mean it has lost its appeal. There are many engaging and should have addons if you are a television buff.

Additionally, in this repository, you can install any addon that is found on GitHub with the Git Browser that comes packaged with the Kodi repo. TVAddons Fusion Repository has once again turned into a center for various third-party Kodi add-ons. The vanishing of TVAddons didn’t keep going long, and soon enough, it has risen once again as a repository that you can depend.

Official TVAddons Fusion Repo has made a surprising rebound in the wake of being closed down for nearly 3 months. It is not many of those repositories that have shown strong flexibility against law authorization, fought strongly, and challenged all chances to engage Kodi users once more.

TVAddons Fusion Repository servers numerous extraordinary advantages for Kodi users. For one, it has made it much simpler for everyone in installing Kodi add-ons. Why would anyone experience extra-lengthy installation processes for add-ons when you can install it with only one add-on? Or example Indigo is a good example here.

Another extraordinary facility that TVAddon brings to Kodi people group is its incredible maintenance tool. People having Github usernames on Kodi are undoubtedly very beneficial, as they are free to download some ultimately supreme addons!

6.) Official Kodi Repository

Best Kodi repositories

Official Kodi Repository

The Official Kodi Repo is a repo facilitated by the Kodi group. It’s a spot where they store addons to download unreservedly. I accept that all addons in the official repo are legitimate and they don’t post addons that stream copyright movies and so on. A Kodi repo is an online folder structure which you can connect to with your media focus and browse or download additional applications and documents.

This repo is maybe the coolest Kodi addons download zone.  By and large, all Kodi repositories pursue the equivalent addons download folder structure making it very easy to discover the download you are searching for. A Kodi repo isn’t only for addons. You will regularly discover supportive tools, skins, and other incredible applications.

To locate the Official Kodi Repo explore down to Addons on the left-hand side of the Kodi menu. However, don’t tap it. You will see on the screen’s right-hand side an icon which says Install from repository.

7.) Zero Tolerance Repository

Best Kodi repositories

Zero Tolerance Repository

The Zero Tolerance Repository is a team ZT repo which is as of now a working Kodi repository that highlights well known third party Kodi addons. Iron Man is a cool example here, and there are many more.  It is notable that numerous Kodi addons and repos have been closing down or quietly vanishing recently, which has made it difficult to monitor the best working services.

The Zero Tolerance Build is among the most prevalent accessible to Kodi users. With Zero Tolerance Build, the user can appreciate the majority of the best Kodi add-ons with one straightforward installation.  Zero Tolerance Build offers various choices for builds, including a light version that works consummately on Fire TV or Amazon’s FireStick.

The Zero Tolerance repo comes with a nice collection of TV addons, and an exceptionally different one. Inside, you’ll discover movies, music, TV shows, beauty tips, sports, and much more. Zero Tolerance appears to have a touch of everything for every single viewer. That’s amazing!

8.) Super repo

Best Kodi repositories

Super repo

Kodi users who need to get the most value for their money and need to spare time and install a few Kodi add-ons with at least issue then they will likely need to go with the option meant for installing a bigger Kodi repository.

One of those huge Kodi repositories is SuperRepo. This is likely the greatest Kodi repository in the Kodi people group today. If you install Kodi repository SuperRepo at this moment, you will most likely get more than one thousands authentic Kodi add-ons.

All packaged together in a flawless and basic bundle as SuperRepo. SuperRepo serves Kodi users by sparing them a great deal of time. With SuperRepo, Kodi users don’t need to go out and trouble themselves searching for their preferred add-ons. Consider that for a minute. Never again do you need to go through hours on which Kodi addon is the best for your preferred content.

At that point, you don’t need to invest a vast measure of time fulfilling every one of the conditions that accompany the absolute best Kodi add-ons in the market today. With a major repos like SuperRepo, one can simply forget each one of those issues. SuperRepo has climbed up a level in its significance over the most recent few months.

Because other enormous repositories, for example, TVAddons and Indigo, have vanished from the scene. For Kodi users who discover it too difficult even to consider searching for their most loved Kodi addons, there is definitely not a superior option than SuperRepo right now. The facts confirm that SuperRepo is most likely your best option with regards to installing a lot of Kodi addons in a speedy way.

9.) KodiNerds


The KodiNerds repo is an informal Kodi repo which enables clients to introduce third-party addons. Not at all like numerous different repos, KodiNerds mostly contains plugins which are both safe as well as legitimate to utilize. While huge numbers of the addons are German, there is a great deal of them that conciliate to the worldwide XBMX crowd also.

Installing KodiNerds repo on your Android, FireStick, PC, Mac, or some other gadget you may have introduced Kodi on is pretty easy. Given that numerous addons in the KodiNerds repo are planned to be utilized in Germany, they probably won’t work for you on the off chance that you attempt to utilize them in USA, UK, Australia, or somewhere else abroad. This is because of geo-limitations.

To sidestep these territorial confinements and watch live and on-request content on any Kodi module you need anyplace you will have to surely hide your location taking the support of VPN. When Kodi addons are coming in for a great deal of terrible press, the KodiNerds Repository is a sheltered and secure spot to download addons from.

This is on the grounds that it has bent over backward to guarantee that all the addons accessible in the KodiNerds Repository are legitimate and safe to download. The procedure for downloading and installing the KodiNerds Repository is a genuinely direct one. Kodi clients should simply download the zip file for this reop and afterward install all the content onto Kodi.

10. Lazy Kodi

Lazy Kodi

Kodi is super-fun. However, it might likewise get a touch of exhaustion. Having various repositories for adding different arrangements of add-ons is a problem itself, and at times, you may likewise find that your most loved repo has been brought down because of obscure reasons. That is actually where Lazy Kodi repo becomes possibly the most important factor. This Kodi repository does not have any document, rather; it has the other repository links.

It fills in as a source that has a wide assortment of repositories accessible to install, regardless of whether the source isn’t accessible any longer. Since Lazy Kodi doesn’t claim any add-ons and has outside documents; rather, the chances of the repo shutting down are moderately meager. The absolute most well-known repositories that Lazy Kodi hosts are Illuminati Repo, TVAddons Repo, Supremacy Repo, Kodi Bae, and Maverick TV.

Currently, it has a total of 54 repositories and besides that, 7 Wizards. You can install every one of those documents from this repo. This decreases the time which we take to search for the definite URL of the repo and furthermore keeps away from numerous manual blunders which we make while entering the repo URL.

In contrast to different Repositories, the lethargic repo will never close down because it just has the builds and repositories link alone. It is additionally good with different stages like Firesticks, Roku, and other varieties of Android TV Boxes.

11. One nation Repo

One nation Repo

The One Nation Portal has turned into a known name among the Kodi users. This source has an OK line up of Kodi builds including Blue Magic, Cobalt, Nebula, DoomzDay, Slamious. The sky is the limit from there. You can install this particular Portal wizard from the famous One Nation repository and further access these Kodi builds.

On the add-on front, One Nation Repo doesn’t generally sparkle. It has Deceit, which is effectively one of the best multipurpose addons I have seen. Trickery has a major collection of shows, movies, live TV, sports streams and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Other than Deceit, there isn’t a great deal to look over. This repo additionally has YouTube and SportsDevil. Yet these addons are the piece of pretty much every repository nowadays.

There aren’t a ton of Program add-ons too besides One Nation Portal wizard. This repo comes with the OneNation SpeedTest if you are keen on keeping a sharp eye on your web speed.

One Nation isn’t the greatest repo out there – yet it’s unquestionably one of the most profitable ones. This is the place you’ll discover all that you have to begin with Kodi and transform it into a streaming machine. Addons, for example, Adult Swim, LiveStreams, YouTube, and Cartoon Network are among the noticeable ones, right now.

What is the purpose of Kodi Repositories

Regardless of what Kodi version you use or on what gadget, repositories always stay in the middle of your capacity to get to the best Kodi addons as well as best Kodi builds. It doesn’t make a single piece of difference if you are using a Firestick, Fire TV, or I say, any other Android gadget, Mac, Windows, or a Raspberry Pi.

Running LibreELEC. Repos make sure that your video streams are working. It makes Kodi far less problematic when you don’t have to check each Kodi TV addon for updates manually. The best Kodi addons get successive updates to keep their rundown of streaming sources live and fresh. You don’t have any desire to check for addon updates each time you begin Kodi up to watch something, isn’t that right?

The best Kodi repositories likewise track conditions for the TV addons they have. This guarantees TV Addon conditions stay up to date. This is frequently more significant than having an updated video addon. Further, video addons will continue to work for whatever length of time that they can discover streams.

Numerous addon designers build little repositories to house their individual activities. Repositories of this type frequently only house a solitary Kodi TV addon and its dependencies. You won’t discover these repos on our list. If you further need instances of some incredible TV addons partook along these lines, at that point check the Best Kodi Addons article.


You’ll additionally come across a few repositories only house builds, that can rapidly track your Kodi setup for clean streaming media Nirvana. Besides that, you can discover progressively about these in our article on the best Kodi builds. In our rundown of best Kodi repositories, we’ve attempted to only mark repos with dynamic and talented developers.

Note that the vast majority of the best Kodi repos are having only one maintainer, respectively. These people give services to active Kodi developer groups, however.

The greater part of our Kodi articles includes installing addons of one sort or another. These articles, for the most part, begin with explanations of how to download and install the addon’s home repo. Once you’ve installed some Kodi repos, you will only require the repo source URL or other location information.

We generally attempt to put this information right off the bat in the articles. This can spare a great deal of time if you definitely realize how to install from zip files & repos in Kodi.

How to Install Repository on Kodi

If you have ever been into installing Kodi addons earlier, you definitely have installed repos too. There is pretty less number of addons which you can install directly from a zip file. Probably, all the addons are installed through repos. That means you can’t get the addon until you install the repository.

I am providing the general instructions for installing a Kodi repository. Kodil repository is what I am taking as an example here. The process is no different for all repositories. Now read keenly the steps that I’ve mentioned.

1.) Open the Kodi app and then access the Settings menu via the cog symbol.

Access the Settings menu

2.) Go to System.

Go to System

3. On the Next window, choose Add-ons and further, switch ON the Unknown Sources option.

switch ON the Unknown Sources option

4.) Tap Yes for giving your consent for keeping Unknown Sources switched ON.

Tap Yes

5.) Return Settings window and then click File manager.

click File manager

6.) Tap Add source.

Tap Add source

7.) Further tap <None> on the window which follows.

tap None

8.) Type the URL – and tap OK. I have followed this path for Kodil repo. In case you are installing other repos, insert the right URL of that particular repo.

Type the URL

9.) Now name the source for further identification. The name can be as per your desire. Here, I am naming it Kodil for memory.

name the source

10.) Return to the Settings menu for tapping Add-ons.

click Add-ons

11.) Tap Install from zip file.

Tap Install from zip file

12.) I hope you remember the source name that you previously entered. I remember mine was Kodil. Find that source and click.

Find that source and click

13.) Tap the file.

Tap the repository

14.) Add-on installed a message will show up. Once you see it, that’s the sign of relief1 the repo installation is complete.

the repo installation is complete

15.) Tap Install from repository and then the name of the repository.

16.) Finally, tap Add-on category for installing the addon that you prefer.

Tap Install from repository

How are addons and builds different?

Well, you read the words “addons” and “builds” several times. You know about the repos, as the whole reviews were about them, while some of you might be confused about what’s the difference between and addon and build.

Presently let us see what’s the difference and what is better? You have just installed Kodi, and afterward, you are looking forward to getting someone content, right? Your most common options are to either install an individual add-on to coordinate your needs that is simple yet can be tedious.

The best option is to install a build. Presently you can envision another PC or other device, point that how they come preconfigured with games, applications, and software prepared to use quickly? Links and customization are officially present, right? That is particularly what a custom Kodi build is. It’s a preconfigured one and prepared to go version of Kodi.

Presently let us see the principle difference between the Kodi addons and Kodi builds on underneath in a short manner. In the Kodi addons, you need to discover and install the individual addons, and it will be a tiring and disturbing procedure. In the Kodi, Build all is preconfigured. Thus, you no compelling reason to install the individual addons.

Inside one build, you can discover such a significant number of well-known addons, and you can straightforwardly use the addons and recoveries the time.

Read our Best Kodi Builds reviews for exploring the best ones out there.

What about not working repositories?

Pretty much like addons, repositories have a very unpredictable life. They live, gain high fame, and overnight, get closed. A few of them don’t even provide reasons, leaving millions of users soar-hearted. Some highly popular repos which recently gave off are Dr. Blamo repository, Ares, Smash repo Kodi, Noobs and Nerds, Jesus box Repo, dandy media, Mucky Duck, Colossus, etc.

Most of these closed repositories don’t show any ray of light that whether they’ll come back or not. Even if they come back, then exactly when? Yes, I do agree that come repos made a booming come back, but I repeat, only some!

In certain other best Kodi repositories reviews, you’ll see that certain of these repos are included. I didn’t do that. What is the benefit of discussing about repos which neither exist, nor are going to bring any benefits? So, my advice is, it’s better to try out any repo from our review, as most of them are popular and excellent rather than waiting for the older ones to bounce back.

Safety measures with installing Kodi Repositories

Guys, if I use straight words, then whole Kodi scene is risky. Laws regarding copyrighted content can give you a hit form any direction at any time, and sometimes, this hit can be very hard1 Whatever you do on Kodi, isn’t hidden to the agencies at all! I ask you why to take the unusual risk. How much time does it take to get a VPN?

Most of the dependable VPNs ask for a subscription. These subscriptions aren’t that costly. I advise if you are spending a bit of money for your own safety, then it must not pain you. Besides that, some free VPNs are also present. However, as one can expect, those aren’t that dependable and brings many advertisements.

The choice is all yours. I am not endorsing any of the VPN services here, but if you ask me what I use and trust, then it is Express VPN. There are certain others also. I repeat, don’t use repos, addons builds, etc. on Kodi with your open IP. Just get VPN, hide it, and be safe!

Best Kodi Repositories Of 2019 Reviews: The Conclusion

So with that, we end our rundown of best Kodi repository you should look at in 2019. As it generally occurs, the default features of any gadget or item have certain limitations. To defeat that, we host to use third-get-together services. Correspondingly, with outsider repositories, there is so much that you can do on Kodi.

You should likewise know about the security changes that accompany it. So experience the rundown and use these repositories to discover which one is most appropriate for you. To locate the best Kodi addons, you initially need to locate the best repositories.

This article has demonstrated that there are a lot of excellent repos that offer authority wellsprings of content. This discredits Kodi is a poor stage for streaming and features the potential that it has for streaming services later on.

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