25 Best Torrent Sites Of 2020 – [The List is just Amazing!]

There is much that you want to watch, but unfortunately directly unavailable on the internet. So, what you do in such a situation? You can take the support of torrent sites! If you want to download certain movies, videos, games, etc. without paying anything, the Torrent sites prove to be the best.

Don’t you think that accessing such viewing can be illegal? Well, are torrents legal? Which torrent sites shall one trust?

There are certain such questions regarding torrent in most of the people’s mind. After a lot of testing, we’ve formed a list for you, so that you know which all torrent sites will enhance your viewing experience. You can also avoid scams gaining knowledge from this review.

We will give you suggestions to keep you safe from any legal troubles as well.

We researched regarding through which sites are most of the people are enjoying their favorite content and which all torrents are hot favorites out there.

Let’s go in details now!


25 Best Torrent Sites Of 2020

Before moving further towards the top torrent sites, let me mention that we don’t support or advise anyone to get involved in illegal sharing. Sharing P2P File is entirely illegal because of copyright issue. Uploading of sharing such files can get you dragged behind bars, or a money penalty can also be slapped on your face. So, better be safe and be responsible.

1.) The Pirate Bay ( https://thepiratebay.org/ ) – Best overall torrent site

The Pirate Bay was founded by Swedish think tank Pyratbyran in the year 2003. Since October 2004, this site has been run as an individual organization. This site allows you to search for magnet links. In this site, you can see content categorized as “Applications, “Audio,” “Video,” ” Porn,” “games,” and “others.” You just need your email to register for free. If you’re a registered user, then you can upload your own torrents as well as comment on torrents.

They have developed such a user-friendly interface with the going time, and now, it is the ace of the torrent market. For the commercial policy violator, this torrent charges 5,000 Euros and in addition to that, violation and bandwidth costs. This site is reputed for dodging various shutdowns as well as blocks from the govt.

Furthermore, if you are a trusted or a VIP user, then you have the right to differentiate between scams and legitimate links. The navigation is a breeze on this site, and hence, it stands the tallest among all top torrenting sites out there.

2.) TorLock ( https://www.torlock.com/ ) – Best torrent site for anime and e-books

TorLock is up with a humongous database of verified torrents. Mostly, you’re going to get books, anime, and music on this site. There are around five million verified torrents that this site claims to have. Most importantly, if you find a fake torrent link, then this site pays you. TorLock is such highly praised torrent site as the material that you find here, is pretty hard to find on any other torrent.

If you are puzzled with your choice, then can choose among the most popular torrent downloads, as it features a top 100 list for that. Besides that, it’s among very few torrent sites, which still carry a .com TLD. The interface is very good, and so is the navigation. Talking about the looks, TorLock isn’t the best among the torrents that you would have come across regarding looks.

Most importantly, it sticks on to the genuine torrents. It’s the best torrent regarding viewing high-quality anime episodes. 4.4 MB per second is the average downloading speed here.

3.) YTS ( https://yts.am/ ) – Best torrent site for classic movies

The YTS is among the most popular torrent websites available. The layout of this site is so impressive, and you get a large variety of titles. Now, if you’re a movie enthusiast, then YTS is the perfect destination for you as it stands the tallest among the leading movie torrent sites.

Most importantly, it’s so easy on your bandwidth, and due to this advantage, lots of users praise it. This site is strictly for movies, and if you’re searching for music, books, TV shows, etc., then there are other torrents for you.

The average download speed on YTS is 3.2 MB per second. It has shifted to a new domain, that has a lower Alexa rank. This site has no bonds with the original YTS/YIFY group (that shut off a few years back). You, as a user, comfortably make content requests as well as give feedback to the site’s operators. For that, you need a user account.

The Bio-protocol works in a highly efficient and effective manner because of its huge user database. The search filter is very efficient, and the sorting options are decent. Reading the description of the torrents is tough in many best torrent websites out there, but not with YTS.

4.) Rarbg ( https://1337x.to/ ) – Best torrent site for new content

The RARBG successfully stands among the most dominating torrenting sites present. This torrent site strictly does its job. The rank decreased a bit in the Alexa rank, but that hasn’t affected much. However, it doesn’t look so modern, but most importantly, this torrent won’t disappoint you at all. This site features a separate web page for featuring trailers of various movies and shows.

You sometimes do get ideas from those trailers for sure. Rarbg also provides a Top 10 torrents lists of certain categories, letting you know what others are downloading. It strictly focuses on quality torrents. You enjoy separate blog section for going through entertainment industry-related news.

If you are living in nations like Bulgaria, Portugal, Denmark, and the UK, then you need to depend upon VPN for accessing Rarbg. Rarbg exists since 2008, and since a long time, it has an active user community. As a result, they receive a lot of feedback and comments. The average download speed on Rarbg is impressive 6.1 MBPS.

5.) TorrentDownloads ( https://www.torrentdownloads.me/ ) – Best best for obscure torrents

The establishment of TorrentDownloads took place in the year 2007, and now it’s among the top torrents sites. Most importantly, it’s banned only in the United KingdomMovies, Music, Books, TV Shows, Games, Software are the popular content formats available on TorrentDownloads, and it has over 16,121,000 of torrents. The interface is straightforward but most importantly, highly detailed.

This torrent site is preferred over most of the others because the user gets such humongous range for downloading torrents. You’re also able to rate and comment on the torrent files, which decreases the number of fake files present on the site. You can find an advanced search option in the search bar of this site, which allows you to narrow down the search results ( regarding provider, status, category, etc.).

Access to details is another appreciable thing here. You can know the size of the file, uploader’s name, link’s health, number of seeds, and much more. So, you’re able to catch a fake one pretty quickly.

6.) 1337x ( https://1337x.to/ ) – Best torrent search options

1337X proves to be a decent torrent for you if you’re looking for games, music, and TV shows. You’ve got some excellent browsing features such as new episodes, libraries, and Oscar nominations. Many time it happens on 1337X that you are looking for a thing, but you come across something else, which you like even more than what actually you were looking for!

A massive reword took place with this site a little time back for eliminating a few serious security risks, and the layout was also improved. 4.2 MBPS is the downloading speed on 1337X. The interface is excellent. The visual appearance is also appealing. You’ll find a neat and clean aligning of the content. It also shows you a top 100 torrent list for various categories.

It’s very comfortable to search out older torrents also. Most importantly, it has a solid range across movies, games, and TV shows. Also, it’s very easy to access the security features, and that’s why 1337X is among the best TV torrents site.

7.) Zooqle ( https://zooqle.com/ ) – Best torrent site for game lovers

Zooqle provides you an enormous range of a total of 37,000+ movies and 600+ TV shows, so, most of the time, you come across your choice very quickly. However, Zooqle isn’t the oldest torrent sites around. Still, it has touched high success in pretty less time. It has more than 3.5 million torrents. You can access audio, games, video, and software torrents. The fan base of Zooqle is very active.

A major reason behind that is its easy to use interface. With this growth speed, it is expected that Zooqle won’t take much reaching the top 3 best torrents of the world. 3.2 MBPS is the downloading speed on Zooqle. The design is so noteworthy in which the video files are perfectly organized by resolution. It orders TV show episodes chronologically.

Visit the site, and you’ll surely find some ‘hard to find’ content over Zooqle. It supports instant downloads, and you know what, it isn’t banned in any of the countries till now. Zooqle is also a decent destination for books.

8.) 10. Nyaa.si ( https://nyaa.si/ )

Moving downwards in the list of the best torrenting websites, we are discussing Nyaa.si on the 8th spot. Nyaa torrent shut down in 2017. That created an occasion for Nyaa.si to bloom, and in this much less time, it has given such a healthy competition to the most dominating torrent download sites. This site is perfect for you if you prefer anime videos and audios. It’s among the largest public dedicated torrent indexes.

You’ve got easy access to everything on this site. If you are a Chinese speaker, then also this is the site for you, as no other torrent site supports the Chinese language this well. Now, talking about the looks and layout, South-east Asians love it a lot, while it didn’t attract Western public that highly.

The interface is worth praising. By early 2019, the domain of Nyaa.si was ranking around the 500th. in terms of most popular sites on the net. Nyaa’s website surprise (without any official statement) closing was definitely a shock, but it’s successor “Nyaa.si” has done exceptionally well, and you definitely need to pay a visit.

9.) LimeTorrents.info ( https://www.limetorrents.info/ ) – Best plan B torrent site

LimeTorrents.info is an ultimate destination for downloading movies, TV shows, music, games, etc. which is hard to find on other torrents. For accessing this website, you don’t need to sign up for an account. It ranks second among the alternatives for YTS and ranks first for downloading Dutch TV shows. It’s also a reputed site for movie downloading.

You can download several ‘hard to find’ games on this torrent, and besides that, very less torrents can stand in-front of LimeTorrents in terms of user-friendliness. That means if you have trouble in finding what you are looking for, then do visit https://www.limetorrents.info/ because high chances are there, that you’ll get exactly what you want.

This site hosts a list of internal lists which allows you to look at the torrent’s date, size, health meter, and seeds. The only negative is the unavailability of older torrents. As a result, many users look at it as a backup torrent site.

10.) Torrentz2 ( https://torrentz2.eu/ ) – Best torrent site for music

Here comes another newly established Torrent site  (in 2006 when Torrentz wrapped up) which achieved a high reputation, and developed a vast fan base in unbelievable time. It is not banned in any country yet. It combines results from various other search engines for providing one of the largest databases for torrents. Torrentz2 has over 61 million torrents, and the biggest category in this torrent is ‘Movies.’

1.9 MBPS is the average downloading speed of Torrentz2. Just notice its design, and you’ll find that it organizes orders TV show episodes chronologically and video files by resolution. Its torrents are almost always active, and you find a lot of rare content here. It hosts a straightforward and easily usable interface.

Besides that, you can still find some of the features of the original Torrentz site. It has onion address for evading blocking, and besides that, mirror sites are also available. If you’re looking for a highly reliable tracker, then do visit Torrentz2, and you’ll be satisfied.

11.) Torrents.Me ( https://torrents.me/ )

This site hosts a humongous database of torrents which can easily be downloaded through this sites highly comfortable user interface. It’s a meta-search engine which can link torrent files, as well as magnet links, form various other torrent sites.

Even if you want to access the details of a given torrent link whether you say uploader name, size of the file, upload date, distributor, number of seeds, and the link’s health, then also it’s possible.

Hence, authenticating torrents isn’t tough on Torrents.Me. It’s a very suitable all-in-1 site. It also shows you the trending downloads and categories for selection of the content that you want to download. If you’re a data geek, then you’re surely going to love Torrents.Me.

It enables you to browse very easily and opts for a different approach. It simultaneously searches in 600+ torrent sites. Regarding the design, it’s among the most attractive torrents in the market. One can easily download torrents of various types here, and as a result, I highly recommend you to visit Torrents.Me.

12.) Torrent Galaxy ( https://torrentgalaxy.org/ ) – Best torrent site for TV shows

Sometimes you feel baffled when you are thoroughly finding for a thing, and you go across so many torrents. Still, you don’t find your desired result. Visiting Torrent Galaxy cuts-off your hassle as finding the desired stuff is too easy on this torrent site. You experience a user-friendly interface on Torrenty Galaxy, and as a result, such a large number of users it has earned.

It has a large variety of categories among which you can choose to download including movies, songs, applications, anime, books, games, movies, sports shows, documentaries, television shows, and much more. This site’s operators are so ambitious. This site is just a year old or so. ExtraTorrent members and staffers brought the ides of this torrent site.

Torrent Galaxy also believes in experimenting with various features. Like other torrent sites, this site also came under the dark clouds of controversies in their early time only. ETTV accused Galaxy Torrent for taking some of its releases. Still, it’s a very safe and reliable site.

13.) Torrent9 ( https://wvw.torrent9.uno/ )

You enjoy such a humongous range of authenticated torrents on Torrent9. However some may squeal that they found a few fake files, but that’s a normal case with any torrent site out there, including the best ones. The thing that matters is how well does the site work in eliminating those fake files, and talking about Torrent9, they are really quick at it.

If you come across a site torrent link, that you want to find out whether it is real or fake, then you can easily do it by studying the detailed description which is provided with the links. You can access much of “tough to find” content from categories such as games, music, movies, shows, television shows, and software. You can find 60,000+ torrent links here.

Many of these torrents you won’t find in any other torrent sites. The downloading speed is another thing that everybody loves about Torrent9. The front page is so neat and clean, and it’s so convenient to navigate. Undoubtedly Torrent9 is highly reliable and worth paying a visit.

14.) Seedpeer.Me ( https://www.seedpeer.me/ )

It’s a former Meganova search engine for a variety of torrent files, Speedpeer.me can be counted among the leading online platform for searching music, movies, and TV shows. The launching took place in 2005, while it was renamed in 2007. If you register online, you can enjoy several benefits, such as access to the full library. Seedpeer is available in 7 languages!

The system will automatically display the website of the region’s language after detecting your location. For changing the language, just tap on the flag icon present on the top right page’s position. Furthermore, you can select the desired language option there. In the year 2006, Seedpeer was targeted by MediaDefender ( highly reputed anti-piracy group ) for uploading fake torrent sites.

There is a lot of good about this torrent site. You find 8 main categories on this site and 600 subcategories! It isn’t just well organized, but user-friendly also. The torrent data is very well structured. The database size is massive, which creates high chances for the user to find the desired thing.

15.) ETTV Torrents ( https://www.ettv.tv/home/ )

Talking about the television episodes, ETTV torrents is among the most amazing torrent sites, and a lot of users prefer ETTV over other torrent sites due to this common reason. Finding desired television shows and downloading them is a breeze on ETTV torrent. Other stuff that you can find on this torrent includes software, audio, movies, and books.

Not just that, you can access a large range of shows in a variety of language. The easy to use interface also plays a vital role in appealing a large number of users and give a healthy competition to other torrent sites. Most importantly, due to a healthy search engine and a high number of available torrents, the user doesn’t have to spend much time finding the required stuff.

If you’ve got a list of desired shows/books/audio, etc. then visit ETTV torrents, and without wasting much time, fulfill your viewing and downloading desires. Yeah, it’s popcorn time!

16.) Torrentfunk ( http://www.torrentfunk.com/ )

Torrentfunk hosts a user reviews section that is among the most advanced ones out there. Finding the suitable torrents and pointing out the fake ones is pretty easy on Torrentfunk as the verification status allows filtering through unreal links. The verification status indicator is another impressive feature of Torrentfunk. You, as a user, can read as well as post comments on the links.

Due to that, eliminating fake links is done in a rapid manner on this site. This site features a humongous torrents’ database from all across the internet. If you want to find out whether the link is real or not, then you can see the number of seeds, uploading time, uploader’s name, and link’s health. The downloading speed isn’t the best, but it isn’t slow enough to complain.

If you don’t want to involve yourself in the hassle of going through a number of torrent sites for finding the desired stuff, then Torrentfunk is a one-visit solution for you. You’ll find music, movies, software, games, etc. everything here only. There are hardly chances that you visit Torrentfunk and don’t find your desired thing.

17.) KATCR.CO ( https://katcr.co/ )

On Katcr.co, you are going to find a full ocean of torrents for downloading movies, music, television, games, and furthermore. The uploading rate of this site is increasing at such rapid growth. Hence, the rapid growth and success of this torrent is predicted by the experts. However, you might come across several mirrors of this site, but as usual, no mirror can be better than the official site.

You find a single search bar and a list of categories to choose from. This site was taken down by the US authorities. This site was developed after the original KAT site was shut down after law enforcement. If you’ve used the original KAT site, then you’ll find that there are a lot of similarities in this site and the original one.

It has a huge number of torrent files as well as magnet links for a variety of movies torrent, music, games, software, and TV shows. If the best torrent sites are banned in your nation, then you can definitely rely upon sites like KATCR.Co and you won’t be dissatisfied.

18.) BTDigg ( https://btdig.com/ )

BTDigg is the first among the BitTorrent DHT search engines out there. It depends upon BitTorrent’s DHT for searching new files instead of depending upon any torrent files. The simple retro interface of this site allows you full-text search over all active torrents through the web interface. Due to this simple interface and easy access to the desired content, BTDigg is receiving high appreciation from the users.

BTDigg’s web search supports inquires in a variety of European and Asian languages. This started kicked-off in the year 2011. Most importantly, there aren’t any torrents involved and no stored content. If you visit BTGigg for the first time, you might feel a little different, as on it’s homepage, you just see a search box.

In June 2016, it went offline and returned in the same year at a dot-com domain, and then went offline again. No worries, now it’s online, and trending high. It also provides API for 3rd party apps. This site doesn’t guarantee it’s content as it neither analyze nor stores content.

19.)  Monova ( https://monova.org/ )

The only discomfort with this torrent site is that you’ll come across a lot of advertisements. Let me add on, none of these advertisements are malicious. Keeping that aside, if you believe in fast and reliable torrent download, then Monova is a sweet spot. You are free to register on Monova and also upload your own torrent files.

A well-organized torrent site is loved by everyone as that saves times and effort of the user. Monova is such site only. This site displays a healthy range of categories for letting you select and find faster. This site is so mobile-friendly. It has a prominent search tool, and most importantly, an abundance of torrents.

The types of content you can find on Monova include Movies, TV shows, adult content, pictures, ebooks, games, and software. It’s such a suitable site for those who like minimalism in their interface.

You’re able to search a torrent by simply pasting its hash sting right into the text box, and it’s rear to find such a feature. If you’re willing to overlook the advertisement obstacle, then you’re going to love Monova. It is very suitable for quickly finding movie torrents.

20.) Toorgle ( http://www.toorgle.com/ )

Toorgle is among the most visited torrent search engines out there. It indexes the online platforms for you where the downloading of your desired file is available. Toorgle doesn’t host any torrent files, it simply provides you reputed and dependable sites’ list from where one can receive the magnet link, or directly download the torrent file.

Performing search on Toorgle is very convenient and so is finding the required links. It offers up to 450+ torrent sites that a search engine uses for bringing you the relevant links with 55 million+ torrent files in the index. Toogle.com is not much different from the familiar Google search engine. Just click on the search box of this site, type whatever you’re trying to find and press enter.

Right above the search results, you might also find adds sometimes, but Toorgle keeps these sorts of adds separated from your search results, and you can also see a label “Ad” there. When you visit, the web server of this site automatically recognizes your username, as well as email, if possible.

21.) Torrents Group ( https://torrentsgroup.com/ )

The Torrent Group is worth USD 2.8 billion. This torrent site was established in the year 2016, and since then, it’s developing at an unbelievable rate. Finding the details of a give torrent link is easy on Torrent groups as you’ve access to view distributor, number of seeds, size of the file, uploader name, upload date, and the link’s health. That much info is enough to point out whether the torrent link is real or not.

You’re able to browse through a variety of categories of the available torrents. The simple user interface of the site has blended with a good downloading speed for attracting a huge number of users. It has been involved in hosting more than 225,000 torrents. 3.6 MBPS is the downloading speed here. This non-blocked site is very reliable.

The torrent group is definitely not the best one out there, but if the leading torrenting sites aren’t allowed to operate in your region, then you can trust Torrents group.

22.) SUMOTorrent ( http://www.sumotorrent.sx/ )

SumoTorrent is a very successful fast downloading torrent site. It provides you the best options, and due to that, the number of users of SumoTorrent is increasing rapidly. Now, if you have a whole list of desired downloads, then you should visit SumoTorrent a firstly you’ll find most of that stuff here only, and secondly, you’ll save much time. 7 million torrents are available here.

You can easily and safely download from here, as it contains only legit material. It’s launching took place in 2007, and it’s among very few torrent sites that reached over a million visitors within a month. Navigating the site is too easy, and you come across separate categories for each torrent. It has numerous torrent links in multiple languages, making it easier to use for the people worldwide.

Movies, audio, software, video, television series, and much more. You can find it here. You can very well study the status of the link and verify whether it’s fully real or not. Due to multiple advantages, SumoTorrent is rocking globally.

23.) 7tor ( http://7tor.org/ )

It’s a little name, but this site is among the most suited ones in today’s date. It looks like a Russian torrenting website, but as per the research of the experts, Pakistan is the region from where most of the user traffic is coming. It’s pretty surprising to see a torrenting sit running so smoothly even after least maintenance because of the lack of money.

If you like this site as a user, then you’re free to donate funds for further maintenance of the site. This site is living due to a vast number of active uploaders. Now, the torrent adding is still happening in this site, you can find obscure titles here. The database of this site is also huge. This site offers you a huge variety of downloads, especially you find some decent music here.

Besides that, it’s the best torrenting site if you want to download Russian movies. You get all files with perfectly detailed information which is gathered from various sources. Here, you can easily filter in terms of format, size, audio, and video quality. However, no one can confidently say how long will 7tor survive, but as it’s such a decent torrenting site, we can hope for the best.

24.) YourBittorrent ( https://yourbittorrent.com/ )

It’s an old side discovered in the year 2003, but in between times, it got hits from a lot of controversies. This company was an outcome of the collaborations of two partners. One wanted to expand it, while the other wanted to simply shut it down. The original site was shut-down without any official explanation.

Later on, in 2009, YourBittorrent bloomed, which was similar to the original site. You can see the torrent’s date (when it was added to this website) on YourBittorrent,

This site is facing a ban in Portugal and the UK. No matter you haven’t been on torrent sites ever, still finding stuff on this site won’t overwhelm you even a bit. This is because of the plain and simple user interface. You can find over a million torrent links, and in the upcoming time, that number is estimated to multiply!

This site provides you access to rare Games, Music, Movies, TV Series, Software, Anime, Ebooks. It supports instant downloads. Average downloading is probably the only drawback with YourBittorrent. If you believe in reliability and fast operation, then you definitely need to visit YourBittorrent.

25.) SkyTorrents ( https://www.skytorrents.to/ )

By accessing Sky Torrents, you can find almost any torrent game available. The best way to get the desired content as quickly as possible is through Peer-to-peer networks.  Skytorrents is such a very user-friendly service which enables finding desired files in just a few seconds. The search engine of Skytorrents is so easy to use.

If you’re using Skytorrents, then there is no need of registering on popular torrent trackers for finding the interest for your content. The tracker is included in Skytorrents database. You can also sort out the results on the basis of file size, adding date and the number of seeders. Using Skytorrents isn’t just safe, but is joyous also, because of impressive downloading speed and good layout.

It features such a massive database, and you won’t get troubled with any kind of advertisements. 21, 841, 003 is the total of torrents that Sky Torrents features in the index. With such a massive database and quick search capabilities, Skytorrents is such a suitable torrent sit for you.

Torrent sites: All that you need to know

We’ve finished the discussion of the best and most reliable sites for comfortable torrent downloading, and now we’ll discuss what are these torrent sites all about, how they work, how to use them, how can you easily download torrents, how safe are these, and so on.

Safety precautions regarding usage of torrents

Before explaining anything else, I would prefer recommending you to stay safe while using torrents, as safety always matters more than entertainment. I highly recommend you never to use any of the torrent sites for downloading illegal stuff. Most of the sites host copyright-free stuff but several are there, about which one can’t guarantee. Downloading copyright-free stuff will never drag you into any legal trouble.

You can use VPN if you want privacy regarding your torrenting, uploading, browsing, or streaming. I am suggesting you VPN as it’s the just the safest option, but also worldwide most preferred one. Some big reasons are:

  • ISP throttling is prevented, which increases overall downloading speed.
  • Bypass Government and ISP surveillance.
  • It protects your online identification.

Using VPN solves a lot of issues as well, and many people prefer it for downloading stuff that’s illegal in their region or nation. You can unblock geo-blocked sites as well as certain apps. Now the VPN scene is also very confusing.

So many VPN are present, and all seem to do the same job, that is hiding your identity and providing you access of surveillance bypassed stuff. I ask you, can you trust any VPN for torrenting? Definitely not!

So, as per my suggestions, ExpressVPN is the best one to trust in this case. I have myself used it for torrenting. One big reason behind this is that it’s torrent-friendly. If you are using ExpressVPN, then you’ll surpass all sorts of downloading restrictions.

Now, even after you download it and aren’t satisfied with this VPN, then you enjoy a 30-day money return guarantee. So, there are no worries.

Downloading ExpressVPN is such a simple process. If you’re unfamiliar, then let me elaborate a bit.

  1. Click HERE for getting the ExpressVPN subscription.
  2. Then download and install it successfully on your device.
  3. Now connect to the VPN server by clicking the power icon, and you have successfully secured you connection.

Consequences of torrenting without a VPN

Many times you’ll see a disclaimer recommending you to use VPN when you are going to download stuff from most of the torrent sites. The healthy reason behind is to ensure your safety. There are various torrents which are illegal. If you carelessly download copyright content, then you might be slapped with enormously heavy fines you can face arrests and jail is undoubtedly a huge possibility.

If you’re living in any country, where the government doesn’t oppose the usage of torrents, then also you aren’t fully comfortable. Some issues will still be there. The most common issue can be intentional throttling of bandwidth by your ISP when heavy data usage is detected. There also you have to use a VPN.

Then downloading won’t seem less than a curse to you, as the speed will go snail slow. It will take a whole life to download your favorite TV program and desired movie.

Operation of Torrent sites

The work of Torrents isn’t that tough to understand. Torrents work on the grounds of transferring files from a client to the other. uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc. are the torrent clients that support transferring files from various senders, and furthermore, downloading them. Millions and millions of files can be accessed through these torrent sites.

The main work of these torrent files is holding the downloadable files’ info. On most of the torrent sites, you are able to see the torrent related info such as torrent’s date, uploader’s name, size, health meter, number of seeds, etc. This saves the users from falling with the fake torrents. Torrent files are downloaded/transferred as tiny data chunks.

Before the main downloading starts, all files have to pass the verification process. No files can escape it. After that verification and filtration, the actual downloading begins.

Pointing out fake torrents

The success of such a torrent site is almost impossible, who doesn’t help the user in determining whether the torrent is fake or real. If too much fake torrents gather in the site, no one will feel secure enough to be on that site. You, as a user, can support the site in pointing out the fake torrents, and some sites also pay for the same. Pointing out a fake torrent isn’t difficult for the users.

While finding healthy torrents on a given site, you’re supposed to check the link’s seeder/leecher ratio. If the torrent is real, then the ratio of seeder to leecher will be large. I recommend you not to download the ‘most recent‘ uploads. This is, most of the times, a trap.

Now suppose a new movie or songs are releases, which are initially not accessible by the public. There are many who do feel curious and taking advantage of the curiosity, the uploader leads the users on the wrong path. So, be smart.

If you are new into torrenting, then let me give you a basic tip. If a file is with WMV or VMA extension, then never download it, because as a general sure, they are fake. You can also avoid scams by checking the status of ZIP, TAR, and RAR files. That’s the simplest precaution.

Searching and downloading torrents

Google is a basic method for searching and downloading torrents. Go to the search bar, type whatever you want to find out and download, and then add “torrent” as the keyword. Then let Google do its job. Choose whichever link that you find will fulfill your desire.

After you find the content, use a torrent client (bit’s better to choose among the torrent clients that I mentioned up there) for downloading.

If you are using a good VPN, then you can overcome this issue with ease. Besides Express VPN, I would recommend you NordVPN, CyberGhost, PrivateVPN, and Surfshark.

25 Best Torrent Sites Of 2020: The conclusion

Talking truly, finding a cent perfect torrent site is simply not possible. Possibilities are there that you won’t find your desired content on the best site, while a regular torrent site fulfills your requirement.

All torrent sites that we mentioned were highly reliable. However, some torrent sites can be called the best for downloading the content of a particular category, as they carry a bigger number of torrents relate to that category.

Here, I would suggest you sites that are the best for specific reasons.

Talking about the best overall site, then it’s The Pirate Bay. If you’re looking for the new content, then must visit RARBG. 1337x provides the best torrent search option. If you prefer anime and e-books, then I recommend TorLock to you. Torrentz2 is the best destination for music lovers.

The best chances of accessing your desired classic movies are on YTS. Torrent Galaxy proved to be the best torrent site for TV shows. For game lover out there, I recommend Zooqle. TorrentDownloads is the best for obscure torrents. Now, if the best torrent sites aren’t accessible at your place, then LimeTorrents proves to be the best plan B torrent site.

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