[Solved] Critical process died? 10 ways How to Fix

Critical process died is a common error of Windows 10. When the system suddenly ends any running process due to malware functioning in the system’s back end. This blue screen issue is also known as BSOD, i.e., Blue Screen Of Death. It is mainly caused by software bugs, bad drivers in device, bad memory, overheating, etc.

Sometimes, BSOD reasons also include absent or corrupted system files, corrupted system, faulty sectors, virus attacks, etc. BSODs are also known as STOP errors or STOP codes. They were a part of the Windows Operating system since 1993, when Windows NT 3.1 was released. The Critical process died critical BSOD error died critical process blue screen issue mostly occurs when there is some fatal bug in the corrupt system.

WIndows 10

There are more than 500 known BSODs (blue screen of death), which includes the error code 0x000000EF; this error refers to Windows 10 error Critical process died. When any critical component of Windows 10 OS detects any unauthorized modification to its data, it immediately starts taking action causing the process BSOD error died.

In most of the case, buggy device drivers and set of drivers are found the main reason behind this error. For example, audio card drivers are wicked and full of bugs, and the same thing applies to certain printers and wireless expansions cards.

If you are troubled with these BSODs, or the stop code Critical process died stop, don’t worry. In this article, you will get brings eight unique solutions for fix the Critical process BSOD error died issue. So, let’s start with the solutions.

Solution 1: Running the System File Checker to fix Critical process died stop error

The system file checker tool is one of the inbuilt tools that is provided with Windows 10. It is a well-known service that many users use to solve the malfunctioning parts of the system. This process is also used to cure a wide type of Windows-based ailments by repairing the corrupted or incorrectly modified system files. It is also used to remove windows errors.

If we have a look at this solution, it is not always useful. But, certain people have a habit of performing this solution for cleaning and checking their system files are working or not. However, this solution is considered as a critical troubleshooting step in the 0*000000EF error code.

To run this command, we have to 1 run the Command Prompt as an admin. The easiest way to open a the prompt to search cmd in the search area beside the start, and then select Run as administrator. Once the command panel is opened, type the sfc /scannow command and press enter button. Type sfc scannow command is used to scan the system. Run sfc command.

Critical process died

The process might take some time. After the process is terminated, you will see a list of problems and steps that the scan command took to eradicate them. Remember one thing that you have to restart your computer or windows system before continuing your work.

This step also helps in preventing the Bad System Config Info error, as well as the fix the Critical process died BSOD windows 10 blue screen error.

Solution 2: Running an antivirus scan to fix Critical process died BSOD error

The Blue screen of deaths system process died can sometimes be caused by malware in your system. This malware or virus can alter the system files and processes and make them unusable. To prevent this, use a third-party antivirus scan in your system.

An antivirus scan makes the list of malfunctioning processes and makes your system cause the ‘windows critical system process died’ error. This antivirus scan will make a deep run through your system and solve the infected system files.

Solution 3: Running the Hardware And Device Troubleshooting Tool

This solution is considered as the easiest way to try troubleshooting the error of the Critical process BSOD error died issue. Windows also offer many in-built troubleshooting tools like the Windows 10 update fix tool, fix Windows update troubleshooter, etc.

One of the tools that Windows 10 provide is specially made for hardware and device malfunctioning issues. To run this tool, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

Open the Start menu and search for the Settings. Open Settings and search for Update and Security and open it. After that, please search for the Troubleshoot option and click on it. After that, please scroll down and search for Hardware and Devices and click on it.

Critical process died

Then click on Run the troubleshooter. This process will start running the scan of the full system. This process will spend a few minutes, and you have to wait patiently for completing the process.

After the process is terminated, you will see a list of problems and steps that the scan command took to eradicate them. Remember one thing that you have to restart your computer before continuing your work.

Solution 4: Running the Deployment Imaging and Servicing Management Tool

If the above solutions did not help solve the error, then you can move forward and look at this solution. Many users have found this solution helpful in preventing the Critical and process died issue. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully for solving your issue. Restore point is also used to restore the system.

The Deployment Imaging and Servicing Management Tool is available in three switches: Scanhealth, Checkhealth, and Restorehealth. You have to use the last one, i.e., Restorehealth. For using this tool, we have to use the DSIM command. Run DISM online cleanup image checkhealth is a command used to solve this error.

To run this command, we have to run the Command Prompt as an admin. The easiest way to open a the prompt to search cmd in the search area beside the start, and then select Run as administrator. You can also open type cmd right-click on it. Type the command DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth and hit Enter key.

Critical process died

This process normally takes between 10 to 20 minutes to complete the scan. It is also noted that the progress bar pauses at 20 percent. So, no need to worry about that. It will complete the process by itself. After the process is terminated, you have to restart your computer before continuing your work.

Other ways to write it, image checkhealth/dism online, scanhealth dism online cleanup, cleanup image scanhealth dism, cleanup image checkhealth dism, online cleanup image scanhealth, image scanhealth dism online, checkhealth dism/online cleanup, etc. (4 run)

Solution 5: Updating Drivers for solving critical_process_died issue

Bad drivers can be the most common reason for causing the BSODs in your system. If the solutions mentioned above didn’t help solve the ‘windows 10 critical and process died no safe mode’ issue, use the below-given solution. Safe mode system allows you to run the softwares in safe mode. Update your drivers to solve this error.

First, you have to check that none of your system drivers are out of date and require an update. For this process, first, open the Start menu and search for the Device Manager. It is also found by pressing the Win + X key simultaneously.

Now go through the list of devices and see any yellow exclamation mark alongside any name. If you find any yellow exclamation mark, then right-click on that device and select Update Driver Software. By right-click on any driver the below given list will open.

Critical process died

This process will update the outdated driver that might be causing malfunctioning in your system files. It might help you in solving the ‘critical_process_died windows 10’ error. All rights reserved by the official website of nextrewire.

Solution 6: Performing a Clean Boot for preventing critical process died windows 10 won’t boot

Clean Boot means a startup mode that uses a minimum number of drivers, processors, and programs. Once your system starts running, you can start to load the missing processes. Below mentioned steps will help in the Clean Boot of your system. Follow them carefully.

  • Open the Windows Search bar from the bottom.
  • Search for the System Configuration option and hit Enter.
  • Click on the Services option.
  • Uncheck the checkbox present next to Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Click on the Disable All option.
  • Then select the Startup option.
  • Click on the Open Task Manager option.
  • A new window will pop-up and click on the Startup option again.
  • Disable all the options on that list.
  • Restart your windows system.

Critical process died

Solution 7: Uninstall Recent Windows Updates for stop code critical process died issue

If you have just started receiving this error, then the windows you have updated recently maybe responsible for it. Thanks to Windows that it is easy to delete the recent update and hope that your issue resolves.

To uninstall the latest update of windows, open Settings from the Start menu of your system. Please search for the Update and Security option and click on it. After that, click on Windows Update and open it. Then click on Update History and then Uninstall Updates.

Critical process died

Click on the update you want to remove and right-click on it and click on the Uninstall option on the top of the window.

Solution 8: Scanning for malware files.

If the steps mentioned above are not useful in removing the error, then try this solution. In this solution, you need to install third-party softwares in your system.

You can use these softwares named hitman PRO, Kaspersky security, Avira security, etc. It will surely help wind up your trouble related to the Critical and process died. It would help if you avoided going through insecure websites.

Critical process died

This step might keep you safe from virus attacks and other malware disturbing your system.

Solution 9: Checking disk for errors

Hard drive malfunctioning can be the main cause of this error. Check your hard drive with this solution. Sometimes you only need to run the following command in the Prompt, which will help solve your problem. Follow the below-given steps.

Start Command Prompt as Administrator. After that, type the chkdsk C: /f command and press Enter key. Replace C with the name of the hard drive partition.

critical windows 10

Solution 10: The final step includes Reinstalling or Restoring your Windows

Use this step only if the solutions mentioned above doesn’t work. If this solution also fails to solve your error, you have some serious problems with your system’s hardware. Do follow the steps mentioned below for reinstalling or restoring the windows. System restore can be easily done by many softwares available online or just by taking your data from your system and restore it in another system.

Make sure you have backed up your data and system restore is performed before resetting your pc.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search for Update and Security.
  • Then search for the Recovery option.
  • There you will see a Reset this PC option
  • Click on the Get Started button further click on the Keep My Data option. 

Additional tip:

If any of the ways mentioned above didn’t work then, try this tip. It might surely help in solving the critical process died error. This tip can be called disabling startup processes and running a clean boot in your system. This solution can also be done in safe mode. Follow the ways mentioned below to complete the process.

Press the Win + R key, and the Run box will appear (2 run). Type msconfig command in the Run box and click on the OK button. A new system configuration window will appear. Select the General tab available and look for the Diagnostic startup. As soon as you select the above option, it will automatically disable all unnecessary drivers and processes.

died critical process

process died critical

Press the OK button and restart your system. After restarting the system, press Win + R again and type services.msc and press the OK button. It will open the local services window. Find the services that are disabled. Right-click on it and click on the Start option.

process died critical

Continue the process until the services get into running mode. If any service is causing trouble, then troubleshoot that service and try to restart it again. Troubleshooting that service will solve the malfunctioning and make it proper to run again. You can also try to update security measures of your system like antivirus. These steps are used to solve the error in windows 10 as well as windows 7 but mainly for windows 10.

Wrapping up:

Here I would like to end my piece of information about the Critical and process died issue. I hope that you will find the possible solution for your trouble through my page. We also provide many troubleshooting solutions for many technical errors. You can also have a look at the article related to ‘Discord update failed’ for getting solutions on it.

If I get more solutions to solving this error, I will surely post it on my page. Please stay tuned with our website to find the technical hacks about different topics. We promise to deliver the most accurate information to you. Happy reading.

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