How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account in 2020?

Computers, internet, and the social media have become ubiquitous. One can hardly imagine his or her day without using anyone of them. With the Internet and Social Media becoming an inevitable part of everyone, the chances of cyber attacks and cyberbullying have also increased by manifolds. Twitter is one of the most preferred and popular social media platforms. Twitter has a set of rules which, if broken, lead to the suspension of your account. This post will guide you to delete your suspended Twitter account.

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Causes of Twitter account to get suspended

Before deleting your Twitter account, you should know the reasons for your Twitter account suspension. Twitter consist of set of rules and policies. If these rules and policies are violated, then that particular account may succumb to suspension. Below is the list of reasons for the Twitter accounts to get suspended.

  1. Trace of Spam Tweets in the account
  2. The account security is compromised, and it is under threat or has undergone a cybersecurity violation
  3. Abusive behavior is noticed from your account
  4. Impersonation of another person by the account may surely lead to account suspension

Twitter Rules

The main aim of Twitter and its rule formation is the smooth and safe occurrence of public conversation. These rules and policies ensure that all people can participate securely. The rules of Twitter are mainly based on five pillars.


The safety measures include violations on many grounds like Violence, Terrorism, Violent Extremism, Child sexual exploitation, Abuse, Harassment, Hateful Conduct, Suicide, Self Harm, Sensitive Media, and Adult content Smuggling or illegal materials.


The privacy factor includes posting of other private information without their consent and posting any form of nudity via pictures or videos without that person’s consent.


The authenticity factor includes Platform Manipulation and Spam, civic integrity via manipulation in civic elections, impersonation, sharing of synthetic and manipulated media, and violation of others’ intellectual property, rights, copyrights, and trademark.

Enforcement and Appeals

Enforcement includes the behaviors pertaining to harassment, threats, and use of fear to silence others’ voices. This rule ensures everyone feels safe to voice their opinions, perspectives, and beliefs without fear.

Third-Party advertising in video content

Advertising via the third party using the Twitter platform without their consent will lead you to your account’s suspension. This section covers the basic glimpse of the Twitter rules. However, if you wish to go into the depth of it, then read here.

After getting familiar with the rules, let us get into the depth to delete suspended Twitter Account.

Steps to delete suspended Twitter Account

1. Revoke suspension by yourself

In order to delete the Twitter account, first of all, you have to revoke or roll back the Twitter account. The good news is, you can do it yourself. Once your account is suspended, redirect to that page. Then switch to the login section. Twitter will ask you to furnish your email address or phone number. After the verification of credentials, you will be given a set of instructions to be followed. As you complete the instructions, your suspension will be lifted.

2. ‘Un-lock’ the account

This scenario is another account scenario for your Twitter account. If your account comes under the scanner of intended or mistaken abuse and is reported by someone, then your account may be locked. On the login page, a message will be displayed that ‘your account is locked.‘ You have to redirect to the login section and then follow the unlock instructions carefully. Once you have done that, your Twitter account will be unlocked successfully.

3. Redirect to Appeal

As the name suggests, you have to appeal to Twitter to lift the suspension or unlock of your account. You might resort to using this method when you have tried the above two revoke methods of suspension of account and unlocking the account. If your ‘appeal’ is convincing enough, Twitter will surely pay heed to it, and they will unsuspend or unlock your account in no time.

4. Delete your account

After the unsuspend or unlock procedure, you can proceed with the deletion of your Twitter account.

Steps to Delete Twitter Account

1. Log in to the account

Enter the login credentials of the account, which is up for deletion. You may log in from your Desktop or Laptop. One thing to take care of here is that if you use the mobile for the deletion of your account, you will not be able to do so.

2. Locate the settings option

Go to the ‘settings & privacy’ section of your profile. Next, a drop-down menu will open up, where you will find out the menu option of settings.

3. Get your Tweets Archive

delete suspended Twitter Account

It is always good and suggestable to keep an archive of your tweets for future reference. Here are the steps for the same:

Go to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ page> scroll to the bottom > ‘Request your archive.’

After following these steps, you will have to wait for some time as Twitter prepares the archive file. As soon as your archive file is ready, you will get a link in your email. The archive is a memoir of everything that you shared on Twitter.

Deletion continued..

4. Deactivate the Account

delete suspended Twitter Account

You can easily locate ‘Deactivate the account option’ below the ‘Request your Archive.’ Click on this option for the ‘Deactivation of your account.’

5. Agree to the Terms of Twitter

As you select the ‘Deactivation option,’ a new page will open. This page contains the terms and conditions to delete the account. Read these terms before you delete the account.

6. Confirm your identity by furnishing password

Twitter will prompt you for your password one last time before the ‘deactivating account.’

7. Deletion of account

Deletion is an easy process. However, post the deactivation phase, your information will be there for 30 days before Twitter permanently deletes your account and related information in its servers. Your Twitter account will head the queue for permanent deletion. So, after 30 days, you won’t be able to retrieve your Twitter account.


We have reached the climax of this interesting post. Our team has tried its best to present the exact scenarios and sequences to delete your suspended Twitter account. We really hope that this article has been helpful to you. We always look forward to your queries, comments, feedback, and suggestions. Write them in the comment box below.

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