[Solved] Discord installation failed? in 2020 #5 Ways How to FIX

Discord installation failed is a common error. This error is one of Discord users’ common problems, and there can be many reasons for this error. We and can solve some errors while some reasons may be unknown. I will try to solve your issue in this article.

Discord is a software that is mostly used by gamers, influencers, and developers. This software is also used for business purposes. It is a freeware, instant messaging, and VoIP application designed for connecting people over the internet.

Discord mainly runs in Windows, Linux, web browsers, iOS, macOS, etc. As per the report of July 2019, there are a total of 250 million users of this software. In this article, you will see 5 unique solutions to unlock the Discord error. This piece of information will see different scenarios of why this error occurs.

Why this error occurs?

There are several reasons for this error. Sometimes, it occurs due to faulty discord files, malfunctioning system files, task management errors, etc. The solution for this error includes reinstalling the discord software, cleaning the Discord’s data files, repairing files of Discord, etc. 

1: Ending all process of Discord to solve discord installation has failed error

This solution is considered as the easiest way to solve the discord installation has failed error. It is a common error that is mostly faced by all the Discord users having Windows Operating System. Follow the below-given steps to complete the solution. 

Press the Windows button and search for the Task Manager option. You can open the task manager by clicking CTRL + ALT + DEL and by right-clicking on the taskbar. Look for the Discord running processes. Right-click on the process and click on the End task option. After this, restart Discord software and look if the error of installation failed Discord is solved or not.

2: Reinstalling Discord

This solution is one of the most productive solutions for the fix discord failed error. Removing the partially or improperly installed Discord from your system and installing the latest version again. Follow the steps mentioned below for getting an accurate solution.

Press the Windows button from the keyboard and search for the Control Panel. Open the Control Panel option and then search for Uninstalling a program. This option is mainly shown below the Programs option. 

In some varieties of the Windows Operating System, the Uninstall option is available under the Apps option.

Now open the Uninstall option and search for the Discord software. Right-click on that option and select the uninstall option, and it will remove the software from the system. 

3: Reinstalling Discord for solving can’t download Discord.

This solution is to be followed after SOLUTION 2 is completed. You have to follow the below-given steps accurately to perform the proper installation of the Discord application.

After uninstalling the system’s software, you can again download it’s an executable file or the setup file from its official website. Before installing the software, ensure that the Discord’s residual files are removed completely from your device.  For removing those files, follow the steps given below. It will surely help you in eradicating the error. 

Press the Win + R keys and open the Run Box. Now type the %appdata% command in the box and press the Enter Key. This step will open up a window. This window contains different folders of different applications present on your system.

Find for the Discord folder. Right-click on that folder and delete it. In the same way, open the Run box and type the %localappdata% command and press Enter. It will also open the Local application data window. Check whether there is a Discord folder in it. If it is present, then delete it by right-clicking on it and selecting the delete option.

After this step, go to the setup file that you have downloaded from Discord’s website and reinstall it. After you install the software, please open it and check whether it shows the same error of Discord installation failed.

4: Delete the recent updates. 

Sometimes automatic updates that are happening in your system may be causing faults for existing applications. Updates in drivers and other softwares are sometimes the main reason for causing installation has failed Discord error. Follow the ways given below to fix discord error in windows 10. This solution might help you if the above steps have not solved your error. 

Press the Windows button form the keyboard and search for the Update option in the search bar. Open the Check for Updates option and look for the option of View Update History. Open this option and click on the Uninstall Updates option.

It will delete all of the recent updates. You have to follow the termination process and check whether you have resolved the error or not.

5: Update your Windows for solving discord setup failed.

This solution is the final solution for solving the error. If all the steps mentioned above fail to solve your error, then try this solution. 

Updating your Windows will sometime help you get rid of different faults of the previous version of the Windows. The new version will eradicate the bugs of the previous version that were causing faults for other applications. Follow the below-mentioned steps for an accurate solution.

Press the Windows button from the keyboard and then search for the Updates option. Then click on the Check for Updates and open it. It will open a new window which will show updates that are available of Windows. If the OS update is available, click on the Download Button and wait for the complete process. After you normalize your system, open the Discord, and check whether you resolved the error or not.

Additional Tip for solving the error of 'how do I fix discord not downloading.'

If all of the ways mentioned above fail in solving your error of Discord update failed, then try creating a new user login account in the Discord application. This tip has helped many users to solve their problem related to installation errors of Discord.

Wrapping up:

Here I would like to end my piece of information about the Discord installation failed issue. I hope that you will find the possible solution for your trouble through my page. We also provide many troubleshooting solutions for many technical errors. You can also look at the article related to ‘Discord update failed‘ for getting solutions on it.

If I get more solutions to solving this error, I will surely post it on my page. Please stay tuned with our website to find the technical hacks about different topics. We promise to deliver the most accurate information to you. Happy reading.

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