How to fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen in 2020?

Discord screen share is a well-known feature. It gives the users a facility to interact with users on your Discord chat server to interact with your screen. However, sometimes something unexpected may occur, and Discord displays a black screen when you are using Discord. There are several causes and its solutions which we have curated and brought it for you in this post on ‘How to fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen issue.

If you are getting a Discord Screen share audio issue, click here to fix them.

All about Discord Screen Share

With the latest fad of Discord, all are going bonkers over using the Discord Screen Share feature with their gaming friends. Do you too want to know how to screen share on Discord? Don’t worry as we are here for your aid.

Voice chat is a common phenomenon in Discord, and many people are unaware of the options. So let us put these forth for you. Ten people can go live at a time and interact while playing the game. For this to work, you have to make sure that the audio and video settings are proper in your PC.

Camera or Video Settings

This feature is the first, foremost, and most important step towards your Discord Screen share among your gamer friends. Here the sequence of steps below to enable and make the Discord Screen share running on your system.

  1. Go to the settings page of your PC
  2. Click the cog icon to the right of your username
  3. After going to the ‘App Settings,’ select ‘Voice and Video‘ from the left pane
  4. Then, redirect to the ‘Video Settings’ and select your video camera
  5. On the right part, you will see the option ‘Test Video.’ Give it a trial to make sure everything is turning out smoothly for you.

Following these options will surely enable your Discord screen share option.

More to discord Screen share

Add Friends in Discord

As you start playing on the this gaming platform, you would surely love to add some gamer friends and have an interaction with them while playing games. After you are done adding the friends on the friend list, you can do your Discord Video Call.

Here is the sequence of steps to add friends on Discord and perform a group video call.

  1. Find the Discord icon at the top left part of your main screen
  2. Redirect to the ‘homepage.’
  3. At this juncture, find your friend via his username or drift to their username.
  4. There you will explore the option of Video Call
  5. Click on your friend’s username; you can now DM them
  6. Now, exactly above the DM window, you can figure out the Video call icon and start your much-awaited Video Call.

Other Features of Discord Screenshare & Video call

  • Expansion of the down arrow

If you wish to operate on the larger screen, then this option will work for you. You will have to expand the down arrow key at the top left corner of the screen and see your screen becoming bigger.

  • Swap from Video to Screenshare mode

As you start your video call on Discord, you will get two options in the form of icons. One icon is for Video call while another icon is for Screenshare. Spotting the Video call button is easy. And the screen sharing icon comes with the symbol of a monitor. This button’s primary feature is that you can swap the button to and fro between the main monitor screen.

Isn’t that wonderful?

More features..

  • Leave the call button.

If you want to hang the call in between, there is a provision for leaving the call midway. Such a facility in Discord is known by the name of ‘Leave the call button.’ Just make sure not to accidentally click this button if you do not wish to disconnect the call.

  • Toggle Settings

There will surely arise a need to mute or unmute your call. You can certainly do that with the ‘Toggle Settings’ option. You can find that option on the right-hand side of the ‘Leave the call Button.’

  • Toggle Full-Screen

As the name suggests, the Toggle Fullscreen is used to give you a full-screen video experience using the Discord screen sharing. In case, at any stage, you wish to return to the old screen, simply press the ‘ESC’ key to resume.

  • Video Marqueeing

The meaning of Marqueeing means to focus on one particular part. In the sync with the meaning, Video Marqueeing focuses on a specific user while in a group video call.  You can implement so by clicking on the user’s avatar or profile and pull their video into focus while keeping the other users at bay.

  • Sound sharing while using the Screen Share

Not only video, but screen sharing also gives the facility of sharing the audio with the players and added friends.  You can enable the sound option whenever you wish to share in the screen sharing mode.

You can do so by toggle the ON feature in the ‘Application window.’

With this, we are done with the important features of the discord Screen sharing video call and let us proceed to our next section, which describes the causes of the Discord Black Screen issue.

Causes of Discord Black Screen issue

This section describes numerous causes of the Discord Screen Share Black Screen issue.

-Insufficient Permissions

If you are using a resource or a system in the network, there may be a contrast in permissions. It can be possible that one app is running with admin privilege while another is not. This clash and contrast often cause this issue. They are also referred to as insufficient permissions.

-Graphics Driver Updates

If an old version of Graphics Driver is running on your system or has some issues, you may come across this Discord Screen Share Black Screen issue.

-Full-Screen Mode

The full-screen mode is a common cause. If you are in a Full-Screen Mode, the Discord Screen Sharing issue may not work. Thus you would have to opt for the windowed or restores screen or borderless mode.

-Using the latest technologies

‘Using Latest Technologies’ is an option that comes under Voice and Video settings. If this setting is enabled, then it could be the root cause of this problem.

Solutions to Discord Black Screen issue

1: Run with Admin permissions

As mentioned in our causes section, this issue is triggered due to privileges conflict. Suppose one player is playing games with admin privilege while the other does not have it. So, the fix should be, either both should get the same admin privilege, or neither of them should have any of the privileges. Do the steps below to get the admin permission.

Windows Key> Startup Menu> Type ‘Discord‘ in the search bar. > Right-click the ‘Discord app‘> Select the ‘Run as Administrator ‘ option.

Do this fix with the Discord app of both the gamers and users willing to use the Discord Screen Sharing option.

2: Disable the ‘Using Latest technologies’

There are a plethora of setting options in Discord. If you are using the latest technologies and this option, you will likely get this problem of Discord Black Screen. Now, you would be wondering what has caused this error in the first place. Maybe they are using some error-prone API with Discord. So, the best you can do is disabling that option.

Open Discord app> Click on the ‘Settings‘ icon at the bottom right > Go to the ‘Voice and Video’ section from the left side list> Redirect to the Video Diagnostics> Disable/ Turn Off the ‘Use Our Latest technology to capture your screen.’

And you are good to go. Check if this fix solves the issue.

3: Switch to Widowed mode

If the solutions above have not worked for you, do not be disheartened, we have one more fix for you. We already discussed in the causes of the Discord Black Screen section that operating the full-screen mode, the Discord screen sharing will not work.

4: Update Graphics Driver

One of the commonly occurring problems is the updations of the Driver. The faulty and outdated graphics driver. So the obvious fix is updating the drivers and sees if the problem is still there. You perform the updation of the drivers by going to Search bar> ‘Device Management‘> Find ‘Graphics Driver’ under Display Adapters> right click it> click on ‘Update Drivers.‘ You can also choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’

Install the Driver and relaunch the Discord app.

5: Update Discord


Discord occasionally releases regular updates to fix the errors. It is also possible that a recent update may be flawed. Follow the steps below:

-Go to ‘Windows +R’> write ‘%localappdata %’> OK> Double-click Discord > Double click ‘update.exe’> Recheck Discord and check if the issue gets a fix

6. Change Hardware acceleration

On running an application, it uses the standard CPU on your system. When heavy tasks are being run, you would need a healthy ‘Change Hardware Acceleration.’ This feature will improve your hardware performance to a great extent.

Go to Discord> Right click settings icon> Appearance > check if the Hardware Acceleration is enabled or disabled> Turn On or enable the ‘Change Hardware Acceleration’ > Click ‘okay’ on the prompt ‘Change Hardware Acceleration.’

7. Turn off unnecessary programs

If you are doing multi-tasking and using this platform, you may face the Discord Black screen share issue. One of the apps that are running may be stopping the normal functioning of the platform.

Right click Task pan> Go to Task-Manager> Check CPU and Memory Usage> Check the program using most resources> Right Click End task that program.

Restart it to see that the issue is taken care of.

8.Clean Discord Cache Folder

Unwanted files, temporary files, and improper account settings may also lead to this Discord Screen share issue. Firstly perform Roaming data.

Exit Discord> Windows +R> Type %AppData% > Ok> Find Discord> Right Click ‘Discord’> Delete >Relaunch Discord to test the issue.

Many users have tried this method, and it has worked for many. You, too, try this and let us know.

9.Reinstall Discord

It is said that fresh perspectives always work. It may also happen that the previously installed version may be incomplete or problematic. So, the fresh perspective for the problem of the Black screen would be to perform uninstallation and reinstall it all over again.

Go to ‘Çontrol Panel’> > Programs> Find ‘Discord’> Right click and select Uninstall > Download the setup or install Discord again from the pre-downloaded ‘Discord’ version.

10. Update the GPU

As we all know, GPU is known as Graphics Processing Unit as a co-processor to speed up CPUs for complex and scientific calculations.

-Restart the PC> Open the discord app and star the Screen Share > Inspect the GPU of your PC > The automatic switch of the GPU may be causing the problem> Update the GPU to the latest version

11. Restart the computer

This fix is a no brainer. It is the first most obvious fix to click your mind when you face any technical issue. When you share the screen, it implies that you are running another app. It is possible that one app may crash or conflict with another app. Other unexpected scenarios are also possible.

So, restarting the computer comes as a quick resort.

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Relaunch the app


What issues can be caused by Discord Screen share?

The discord screen share can cause problems like Black screen, audio issues, and uneven text color issues can occur.

Can you call and screen share in Discord simultaneously?

Yes, you can video call and screen share in Discord at the same time.

What is GPU?

GPU is Graphical Processing Unit which does all the complex calculations and controls the graphics of a PC.


Discord is a must-have app for gamers for their communication and interaction. Sharing screen is almost mandatory and fun at the same time for all the passionate gamers. In such a scenario, getting the ‘Discord Screen Share Black Screen’ can be much irritating. Nevertheless, we have got best-consolidated fix for you. We wish that some of these work for you and surely take you out of this issue.

We are pleased to hear from you. Leave your suggestions, queries, and feedback in the comment section. Also, share your troubleshooting experiences as to what fix exactly clicked and worked for you.

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