Discord Screen Share No Audio issue [Quick fix] – [Solved]

Discord is one of the best voice, text, and video chat platform for gamers, developers, and influencers. Suppose, you are a game freak, concentrating on your game. As per the trend, you are using Discord screen share VOIP App, but the audio of the discord screen share app stops working. Now You are in need of a solution. Read this post till the end to find the 100% effective solution for Discord Screen Share No Audio issue occurring among the gamers who use Discord.

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This post is all about the causes of the ‘Discord Screen Share No Audio’ issue, How to share audio on a discord screen share, How to fix the Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Issue, Why Is Discord Screen Share Not Working for your PC, FAQs, and Conclusion.

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Causes for the Discord Screen Share No Audio issue in 2020

Discord Screen Share No Audio issue

Yes, we agree that in the midst of a full-fledged game, this no audio issue is more irksome. It may even leave you behind the winning streak that you are almost to cross. So, you would be wondering what has caused this Discord no audio issue in the first place.

But, one of the most common causes that lead to this problem is the ‘faulty audio driver.’ Other possible causes are an incomplete or improper load of the Discord app. But there are other causes too, which contribute to the Discord No Audio issue.

Let us explore each one of them in detail for you.

1. Audio Feature Problem

As soon as the Discord Screen share was released in the market, it had many bugs related to the audio part. But the makers gradually released an update, which had numerous audio issues solved. So if your device is still lingering on the old Discord version, get the latest update as soon as possible. And with that, you will guarantee your audio feature problem is solved.

2. Bad Audio Driver

Discord Screen Share No Audio issue

Faulty or bad audio drivers are one of the primary reasons for the Discord no audio issue. You will face this issue if you have a faulty ‘Discord Legacy Audio’ driver on your PC. Like any other audio software, Discord also uses the ‘Discord Legacy Audio‘ driver to share audio on the audio driver. The best solution for the faulty or bad audio driver is replacing it with a good and working one. You may also try to ‘TOGGLE ON’ the audio driver, into the audio subsystem option, to troubleshoot the audio problem.

3. Granting the administrative access

Now this one is a no brainer. We get many of our problems solved once the PC runs into the administrative access. The same is to be done in this case too. Moreover, running the Discord app too requires admin access in the first place. So, taking this one simple step can surely fix your Discord screen share audio issue. Additionally, also make sure to check if the sound option is toggled ‘ON’ in the Application window.

4. Application Issues

There is a great possibility that some of your software is not compatible with the ‘Discord Algorithm.’ It is for this reason that compatibility issues occur. So, all you can do in this case is, find a good alternative for the Discord Screen share issue.

5.Discord voices No route error

What is bound to happen if your Discord app does not get the route for the audio? It will give problems right. The best solution to this problem is you can change a few settings of the voice, and then, your problem will be solved.

6. Stream incompatibility

If you are a content creator, especially YouTubers, you would be thinking of streaming the video from YouTube. However, that isn’t a great option. We advise you so because you may encounter ‘Discord stream no audio failure’ or ‘discord stream game not working error,’ much to your dismay. In such scenario, the optimum solution you can do is use other alternative discord streams with no sound errors.

7. Antivirus

Now this one would seem a bit unconventional at first. But the antivirus has much potential to cause significant damage to your Discord files. For the same, if you try to login to Discord via browser chrome, then you will find that the ‘audio’ is missing in the Discord. This phenomenon is called ‘Discord Screen Share No Audio on Chrome.’ To fix this error, you will have to disable the antivirus of your system. And then, hopefully, you will get rid of this error.

After discussing the possible causes for the Discord Screen Share Audio issue, let us head towards the next section. This next section is all about ‘How to share the audio on discord screen share.’

How to share audio on discord screen share?

As mentioned in the introduction section, Discord is a multi-purpose application. You can share video, audio as well as text. You can make the use of the Voice channel to share the audio on the discord App. First of all, enter a voice channel on a server. Once you have been there, you may also choose to share a video or screen. In case you choose the ‘Video’ option, you can switch to showing your screen from within the video call, too, by clicking the screen button.

After that, the Discord app will prompt you to choose which application or screen you want to ‘Go Live.’ You can then start to share your screen with audio. If you want the screen share without audio, click on the microphone button to mute your side. Moreover, you can simultaneously screen share as well as text chat via text channels.

Now, that is phenomenal!

How to fix the Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Issue?

Discord Screen Share No Audio issue

Screen share and audio share are the latest functionalities of the Discord App. They have come with the latest update. So, this feature has some bugs too. And these bugs are the primary reason why the gamers, developers, and influencers face many issues like not picking up voice calls or discord audio problems.

But, we are always here to aid you in order to fix your audio issues with Discord. We have given them below for your reference.

1. Restart your computer

Restarting your PC is a sure shot method to ensure you overcome the problems and issues you are facing. That works for almost most of the issues being faced with the PC. It is also possible that there may be some conflict in the programs running in the background.

So, simply get hold of that power controls and restarts your computer.

2. Update the Discord App

It is a known fact that running old versions of the app may leave you with some issues like this issue of no sound, for example. So, once you update the Discord app, you will be able to solve the ‘Discord Sound and Audio issues.’ We have got the Discord App update steps for you, and you just need to follow them.

a. Open the ‘run’ dialog box with the ‘Ctrl +R’ command.

b. Type the command %localappdata% and then press enter.

c. Double click the discord app and double click the ‘update.exe.’

d. Let the update process be complete and then reload the Discord App.

3. Grant admin access

Previously, no issues were faced in the Discord screen share audio. But due to the resource over-sharing problem, the discord Screen Share audio problem occurs. You may get the admin access following the steps below:-

a. Launch the file explorer by pressing the ‘Windows +E’ key.

b. Navigate to the installation location of the Discord.

c. Right Click on the Discord.exe application and choose the option ‘Run as Administrator.’

d. Press ‘OK’ to save changes.

4. Prefer to minimize/ restore window mode rather than full screen while playing games

When you use the full-screen mode in the games using Discord, the permission conflict and other issues in the Discord App are bound to occur.

Hence, it is advised to keep the discord App screen mode minimized while playing the games.

5. Add Discord Activity

The Discord app detects which activity you are currently performing. After following these many steps, you may surely ensure that your discord App is free from major troubles and runs smoothly.

a. Open the Discord settings

b. When you check the left navigation bar, click on the ‘Games’ option.

c. Move to the game activity tab and add the activity.

d. Turn ‘ÖN’ the toggle in front of the ‘Discord Overlay’ Tab.

6. Update Audio Drivers

Like the Discord app, if the Audio Drivers are also outdated, it may lead to unexpected errors. So, perform the steps below and update the audio drivers.

a. Press’ Windows + R’ to open the Run Dialog box and type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and hit Enter.

b. Expand the Audio inputs and outputs category and right-click on Sound and Hardware.

c. Select the Update driver and restart your PC. This step will fix no sound from discord issues quickly.

7.  Reset voice Settings on Discord

Perform the steps below in order to ‘Reset the voice settings on Discord.’

Open Discord Settings.

a. First of all, select the settings icon on the right corner.

b. Then find out Voice & Video.

c. Choose Reset Voice settings to reset the faulty settings completely.

d. Click Okay to confirm. You will surely fix Discord, not playing sound issues by this step.

8. Check your PC audio settings

It might be possible that the audio settings in your PC may not be proper as per the requirement. So, follow the steps below to configure the ‘Microphone privacy settings’

a. Click ‘Windows + S’ and type ‘Microsoft Privacy settings’

b. Check and make sure that Allow apps to access your microphone” is turned ÓN’. Also, check if the Discord App is allowed access on the microphone.

Exit and try relaunching Discord to see if the issue is resolved or not.

9. Clear Discord Cache/ Roaming Data

Discord uses different Cache Data and temporary data. The use of this data is done after a single call. However, it may be possible that some of the temporary files may be corrupted, which may cause the Discord audio Issue’. So all you have to do is clear this cache data or the roaming data.

Why Is Discord Screen Share Not Working for your PC?

Discord Screen Share No Audio issue

If the Discord app is problematic for your PC, it is not going to work. To make it work, check the following settings.

If the ‘discord mute screen share ‘is toggle ON and if the ‘Discord App’ is not up to date, then the Discord Screen Share App will not work. So, you have to put that toggle OFF simply, and for the update problem, make sure to keep your Discord app updated with the latest version.

There is another scenario in which it may not work. That is, if your Discord App is downloaded from the third party, then you will not be able to screen share your games and video stuff. So make sure that you download the Discord App from its website only. Otherwise, be ready to face such issues frequently.

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1. Is the screen share possible with the discord app?

Yes, screen share is possible with the Discord App.

2. How can you share sound in the discord button?

You cannot share sound in Discord. You would have to opt for a voice call to talk on Discord.

3. How to share audio on Discord Screen Share?

Primarily, you will have to turn off the ‘Screen Share’ and then enable the sound mode from the application window and then click on the ‘Share Now Button’ to share the audio on Discord Screen share.

4. Is an in-built audio option available in Discord?

Screen share does not have an inbuilt audio sharing system. You have to go through voice calls to transfer the sounds.

5. What are the possible reasons for no sound in Discord?

There can be many reasons for no audio. A few of them are old versions, bugs, and faulty drivers.

6. Why am I unable to screen share on Discord?

Two main reasons decide that you cannot screen share on Discord. The first reason is, your app is running on an older version, and the second is your Discord Screen Share option is on mute’.

7. Are all these tips and solutions workable with OSX?

No, you may have to face some problems and not get a solution with OSX.


We have reached the endpoint of this interesting troubleshoot post. The audio feature is a new feature out in the store by the Discord app makers. However, this new feature also accompanies a few bugs and discrepancies with it.

All you can do to get the best from the Discord apps is, follow the above steps carefully, and you will be from the major of the troubles caused by the Discord app.

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