3 Fixes for downloading Beats Audio driver in Windows 10

What is Beats Audio Driver or beats audio software? Beats audio driver is an HP audio driver needed in Windows 10 to get a perfect audio output from the computer Device you are using. If your device drivers are out of date, you need to update it, or if you have not downloaded it, then download Beats Audio Driver, you have to download it. In this piece of information, you will get to know the steps of how to update, reinstall, or download this audio driver in your system.

It is one of the best quality audio drivers with clear sound that is provided by the HP company. This audio driver is an enhanced audio controller where audio is enhanced and controlled and controlled bass is obtained. This driver is mostly compatible with your HP device, having Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 operating system. Let us continue with this information. Please read it carefully to get the solution for your query related to download Beats Audio Driver or beats audio software.

Which devices use HP Beats Audio Driver? 

As many users have noted that beats audio driver is best in giving the best sound quality with clear audio to their devices. Due to this feature, many users are attracted to the HP devices that support and are compatible with the Beats audio driver. Below given are some devices that support the Beats Audio driver:

  •  HP ENVY 15, HP ENVY 23
  • HP ENVY M4, etc.

When these devices have an error with the audio drivers, it is necessary to update and install this audio driver’s latest version. It will help you solve the error occurring in your device due to outdated or faulty audio drivers. Let us begin with the solutions to get an easy and quick solution for solving the error. It is also available with HP Pavilion devices.

Solution 1: Downloading the Beats Audio driver from the Device Manager

This solution is considered the most basic solution to fix the faulty or outdated audio drivers’ error. Many users have seen that uninstalling, reinstalling, or updating the Device Manager’s audio drivers is an easy way to solve the error. Follow the ways mentioned below to get an accurate solution related to the Beats audio driver.

Press the Windows button and click search for the Device Manager option, and hit Enter once you find it. You can also open the Device Manager menu by pressing the Windows + X keys together, and a panel will open. Please search for the Device Manager and open it. Find the Audio driver option in that and expand it and find the Beats audio driver, or the name may be Realtek audio drivers. There may be high definition audio driver IDT. Try to update them also. IDT High definition audio drivers also helps in providing good quality sound.

Right-click on that driver, and you will find an option of Update the driver. Please click on it, and a new dialog box will appear on your screen. From that dialog box, click on the option of ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’ After following these steps, wait for the process to get completed. Make sure to restart your computer before you continue your work. Check if the error is solved or not.

Beats Audio driver Windows 10

Solution 2: Downloading the HP Beats Audio driver manually and setting it up on your device

If you are not used to the solution mentioned above or cannot solve the error with the above solution, you need to try this solution. It will help you to solve the issue of Beats audio. Many users have performed this solution and have solved their queries. Follow the ways mentioned below and get an accurate solution for downloading the Beats audio driver from the official HP website and setting it up on your device.

Open your search engine and go to the official website of HP. You will find a box on this website asking you to enter your HP device’s serial number. You have to press CTRL + ALT + S, an HP dialog box displaying the serial number of your device will appear. Copy that serial number and add it into the dialog box on the website, and HP will automatically detect the error in your system. 

Beats Audio driver

It will then give you the link to download the audio driver and download it from there. After the process of downloading is completed, restart your system and check whether the error is solved or not. If the error is not solved still, then try the solution mentioned below.

Solution 3: Uninstall and reinstall it from the Device Manager itself

If any of the predicaments mentioned above did not work, then try this solution. It might surely help you to solve the error of the Beats audio driver. Many users have tried this solution and also solved their errors. Follow the ways mentioned below to perform an accurate solution for solving the error.

Open the Device Manager and navigate to the audio driver option. Expand that and find the Realtek audio driver, and right-click on that. Select the Uninstall option, and a new confirmation box will appear. In that box, click on the Uninstall button and let the process of un-installation complete. Then again, visit HP’s official website and download the latest version of the HP Beats Audio drivers.

Beats Audio driver

If still the error is not solved, then try updating your Windows 10. Windows 10 Operating System is a system that needs timely upgradation to stay away from different errors.

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