[Solved] Facing DPC Watchdog Violation error? 8 solutions

What is a DPC Watchdog Violation error? Is it a virus in your system, or is it just a common system error? DPC Watchdog is another BSOD error that occurs in your system due to some faulty Windows system files. Full form of DPC is Deferred Procedure Call.

DPC Watchdog Violation

Sometimes the reason includes malfunctioning softwares or virus-infected applications that are causing faults in your system. You don’t have to panic about it because this error is mostly solved easily. Windows has a bug checker which senses DPC and throws the BSOD for it. 

It would help if you stopped visiting the insecure websites that cause your system to get infected by viruses. This article will get 8 guaranteed solutions to solve the DPC watchdog violation windows 10 error.

What is a watchdog violation windows 10?

This error is a common issue for users of Windows 10. Users panic, thinking that it is a virus, but this is not a virus for your relaxation. It is a common Blue Screen Of Death error message that occurs due to many reasons. Below-given are some reasons for the DPC Watchdog Violation error:

  • Hard disk drive or the Hard drive becomes unreadable.
  • SSD (solid state drive) outdates.
  • Outdated or damaged drivers.
  • BIOS is not updated.
  • Incompatible Software and Hardware.
  • Malware Infection.
  • Disk errors.

So, let us have a look at the Solutions for solving DPC_Watchdog_Violation error.

1: Checking for corrupted system files

As mentioned earlier, corrupted files are one of the main reasons for causing the DPC Watchdog Violation blue screen error. So you need to check for the corrupted or malfunctioning system files in your system. To fix the dpc watchdog issue, follow the below-mentioned steps properly.

Press the Win key from the keyboard and search for the Command Prompt. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator. Now type the CHKDSK C: /F /R command and press the Enter key

DPC Watchdog Violation

DPC Watchdog Violation

C: drive of your windows system is in use, so the process will not start and wait for your response to press Y. The process will begin next time you reboot your system. So press Y and restart your computer, and this solution might help you in solving your error. Hardware incompatibility or hard drive fault are also the main reasons for this error.

2: Fixing system files for solving DPC Watchdog Violation error. 

Sometimes, many users have used this solution to get rid of the watchdog blue screen windows 10. This solution is also one of the easiest ways to solve your error. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the dpc watchdog issue.

Press the Win key from the keyboard and search for the Command Prompt.

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2: Now type the SFC /scannow command and press the Enter key. 

DPC Watchdog Violation

This command will automatically scan for the misfunctioning system files and fix them. It will also show you the list of files that it has fixed. 

3: Try removing all external devices or new hardware from your system.

Sometimes, the windows stop code DPC watchdog violation error is also caused because of hardware conflicts. It occurs when external hardware is faulty and is not able to compete with the internal hardware.

This solution suggests removing all the newly installed external Hard drive, SSDs, printers, scanners, etc. After removing them, restart your computer. After restarting your system, you have to see whether you solved the error or not.

To identify the faulty hardware, connect devices one by one and see which device causes the error of the stop code DPC watchdog violation windows 10. Also try this solution is safe mode.

4: Try updating the SSD firmware of your system for solving the DPC error

Sometimes, the dpc error is also caused by faulty or malfunctioning solid state drive. Nowadays, many people are using SSD in their system for fast and better performance. The following steps will help you to update your drivers which are outdated.

This DPC error is caused because your system might not be compatible with the SSD firmware and you need to update driver. Your system might not support the SSD firmware, and so the windows watchdog is caused. Follow the below-mentioned steps to update the SSD (solid state drive) firmware.

  • Press Win + R and write the msc command in the run box. Click the enter key after entering the command. 
  • It will open the Device Manager window.
  • Expand the Disk drives and note the Model number of your SSD.
  • Now go to your SSD’s manufacturer’s website and search for your firmware’s latest version and install it. All rights reserved to the official website of the SSD. 

DPC Watchdog Violation

These steps might solve the problem of DPC_Watchdog_Violation error.

5: Try removing newly installed software.

Many users have noted that Watchdog violation error occurs after installing a new application or upgrading any application. So, if you notice that this error is occurring after you installed any new software or upgraded any software, then uninstall that software.

Some users have also suggested that they came across this error after they installed two antivirus software. After removing this software, restart your system and check whether the error is removed or not. Having a system restore can help. Always use the safe mode of the Windows.

6: Using BlueScreenView for solving windows 10 DPC watchdog violation.

This solution has also turned useful to many users who are facing the DCP Watchdog Violation error. It is also the easiest way to eradicate the error of fix dpc watchdog violation from the system. Follow the below-mentioned steps to solve the DPC Watchdog Violation error in Windows 10.

When you get the watchdog windows 10 error, automatically, one file named minidump is created. This file is stored at C:\Windows\Minidump location. You can download BlueScreenViewer Software. This software shows you information about the minidump file.

If you don’t want to insert any third-party application, you can follow the solution 7 to get all the error details. 

7: Running an Event Viewer in Windows 10

Event Viewer is an in-built facility that Windows system provides to know about the faulty drivers or softwares, causing the Watchdog violation error. Follow the below-given steps carefully to get an accurate solution to your error. 

Press the Win + X button simultaneously and open the Event Manager option. In that window, click on the Windows Logs option present on the left panel of the window. Expand that option and right-click or click on the System option from the list.

DPC Watchdog Violation

DPC Watchdog Violation

DPC Watchdog Violation

After selecting the System option, the errors caused will be displayed in that window’s middle portion. These errors will mainly show the information about the system files, drivers, etc. 

8: Checking for compatibility of the software in Windows 10 

After performing Solution 7, note down the time of error occurring due to the recently installed softwares. After this, follow the below-given steps to get an accurate solution. You can also go to safe mode of windows.

Press the Windows button and search for the Control Panel option. Click on the Uninstall a program option. Now, look at the software that you have installed recently. Click on that software and look at the version and time. Right-click on the software if you want to uninstall it. 

DPC Watchdog Violation

Now compare the time of the software and the time of error that you noted first. If the time matches, then uninstall that software and try installing the latest software.

An additional tip for solving this violation error in windows 10:

Try changing the standard SATA AHCI controller to fix dpc watchdog violation

To change SATA AHCI controller is an easy task it can also be done in safe mode. You have to follow the below given steps for it.

  • Choose Device Manager window by pressing the Win + X keys together.
  • Or search for the Device Manager option by pressing the Win key from your keyboard.
  • Please select the IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers option.
  • After finding IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers, expand it.
  • Please select the standard SATA AHCI inside it and right-click on it. 
  • A new dropdown menu (list) will be visible. Please select the Properties option from it.
  • 5 different tabs will be available naming General tab, Driver tab, Details tab, Events tab and Resources tab.
  • Now please select the Driver tab and then choose the Drive File details option.
  • Make sure that the iaStorA.sys name is listed as a driver. Then click on the Ok button.

  • Now click on the Update driver option below the Driver details option. 
  • Select the option of Browse my computer for driver software and then select the option of ‘let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.’

  • Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer option will allow you to choose driver from your system.
  • Now select the standard SATA AHCI Controller driver software and click on the Next button. 
  • Make sure you restart your computer before working further.
  • Also, you have to check whether you have solved the error or not.
Windows update can also be one of the solution for solving the fix watchdog error.

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Here I would like to end my piece of information about this issue. I hope that you will find the possible solution for your trouble through my page. We also provide many troubleshooting solutions for many technical errors. You can also look at the article related to ‘Critical Process Died‘ for getting solutions on it.

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