How to Find Someone’s real name on Snapchat?

Being present on Social Media is inevitable these days. With the rampant spread and compulsion to join social media, there also exist some burning questions in real life. These questions are related to the original identity of the account holders. Snapchat is a popular name among the Social Media Platforms. If you have been interacting with Someone with a Snapchat username, you would be curious to know the real name and identity behind that Snapchat profile in real life. So read this post till the end to figure out, ‘How to find someone’s real name on Snapchat?’ in real life.

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Snapchat basic features

Before is begin the details of finding the real name, let us familiarize you with basic Snapchat features.

  • Filter
  • Lenses
  • Snap Map
  • Text chats
  • Geofilter
  • Story Broadcast
  • Audio and Video call
  • Self-Destructive Snap

Steps to find Someone’s real name on Snapchat

Snapchat is the millennial youngster’s favorite social media platform. The main point here is that finding out Someone’s real name depends a lot on the user’s preferences. You can perform the following steps and know if the person has added his or her real name:

  • Open the friend list on the Snapchat app.
  • Find the account you want to know the name of
  • Right next to the username, you will see a gear icon.
  • Click on this gear icon.
  • If the user has not added their real name, then even the servers do not know about the same.

Many users have successfully found out the usernames using the steps above, only if the user has mentioned it.

Add Someone already to your Contact List

If you want to add Someone as a connection which is already in your contact, then go through the steps below:

  • From your device, open the Snapchat app.
  • Click on the avatar in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  • After that, select ‘Add Friend.’
  • Click on ‘Add from Contact’ and select the contact that uses Snapchat.
  • To add them as your friend, click on add+ besides their name. If your contact does not use Snapchat, they will get an immediate app installation and joining request.

Add Someone who has already added you as a friend

Open the Snapchat app on the phone.

Choose your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

Scroll down and then click ‘add friends.’ Here you will find the ‘added me’ option.

To add a connection back, click on ‘add’ next to their name, and that person is added to your friend list.

One more thing to note is, the required fields are marked by asterisk.

Add Someone by scanning their Snapcode

Find Someone's real name on Snapchat

This way is a new and innovative way introduced by Snapchat. In order to add a friend using Snapcode, follow the steps below:

Find Someone's real name on Snapchat

  • If you have a Snapcode of a user whom you found online, take a snap of it.
  • Redirect to the profile section of your account and click the top left corner of your camera screen
  • Scroll down and ‘Add Friends’
  • Click on the top right corner with ‘find Friends’ and spot the ‘Snapchat’ icon.
  • Press that icon and choose the snap of the Snapcode that you have taken
  • The Snapchat account of that user will appear.

One more thing to note is, the required fields are marked by asterisk.

Tracing of Snapchat Account

Tracing a Snapchat account means spying on the Snapchat account. Let us brainstorm on why it is needed in the first place. If you have a vulnerable teenager and need to take care of their whereabouts and safety, tracing the account comes into rescue. Snapchat spy by Snoopza is one of the most preferred apps to spy the Snapchat account. It can trace the activities, location, and browsing history of the users. Thus, if you wish to save your dear ones from the negative consequences of social media, this app is the best for you.

Find Someone on Snapchat

This scenario applies when you have the name of the connection available with you. Follow these simple and easy to follow steps below:

  • From your device, open the Snapchat app and locate your avatar
  • Slide down a little, and you will be able to locate the ‘Add Friends’ option.
  • After that, you can click on the ‘Find Friends’ option.
  • Type the name of your friend and click on the search button
  • After that, you will get the result. You may also have to allow the access of your contacts to the Snapchat app in order to pull some details if needed to match the name with your contact list.

Spot fake Snapchat account

There are four unique ways to find out the fake Snapchat account:

Snapchat username lookup

The username lookup method is one of the best methods to lookup and enquire about Someone’s identity. Many cases of cyberbullying and violations of cybersecurity from various email address have been reported in the current times. Hence to control such incidents, advanced search engines are available that give in-depth details like the name, contact number, and address of a person.

Application of the same username on other sites

The probability of the same person to use similar credentials like username is much high. If on searching the username, you get the message of ‘Page not Found’ or ‘this profile is not publicly available right now,’ it means that this person has blocked you.

Recognition of the account with their photo

The users post their best profile pictures on social media. So, from this trait, you can get the queue that you can perform an image search in the Google Image, TinEye, or other reverse search engines. Once that photo gets located on google search engine, you can right-click the image and view the results later.

Get Direction from Google

If you know the username of the Snapchat user, type the following username inside quotes (e.g., “digitalninja”) with respective email address. Doing this action will show you the exact result. Google will eliminate other search engines, which are not exactly what you want by adding the parameters.


After all the discussions about how to find Someone’s real name on Snapchat, we have concluded that more power lies in the user’s hands handling the account. If the user has not set the preferences to reveal their names publicly, you cannot do anything much about it. We are highly elated to receive your comments, queries and suggestions. Keep posting them in the comment box below. If you know of any other hacks to find the real name on snapchat, leave a reply in the comment section. We would love to hear your experiences of which thing worked for you. So, share them with us.

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