How to fix a bow in Minecraft? [Step by Step guide]

Minecraft is highly popular in the gaming arena. The players can create their own blocks and gaming levels. Minecraft also has many weapons and tools. From all these weapons, the bow is highly important. The main purpose of the bow is used to hunt the animals and fight with the enemies. When you play Minecraft, the bow is susceptible to breaking. This trait may leave you irritated and in a tight spot. So, go through this article till the end to find out ‘How to fix a bow in Minecraft?’

Bows in Minecraft are categorized into two. First is an Ordinary bow, while second is an enchanted bow. It has broken items in which are fixed using different mechanisms. These mechanisms are the Anvil and Crafting table.

In Minecraft, fixing the items like weapons, armor, and the tool can be repaired by placing the broken items in the tool called  Crafting table. In order to repair a bow at a difficult level, an Anvil is used. Let us describe the various repair and fix mechanisms in Minecraft to fix a bow.

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Fix a Minecraft bow using Anvil

An anvil is a multi-purpose tool in Minecraft. The Anvil can fix various items (bow in this context), merge items, and fix the enchanted equipment. To fix a bow using Anvil, you will have to learn the skills to craft an anvil. You can fix the Anvil with 4 iron ingots and three iron blocks by arranging them in a 3 X 3 grid. Here are the steps to craft an anvil:

  • Open a crafting table of 3 x 3 Grid
  • Arrange the 4 Iron ingots and 3 iron blocks in the pattern as shown in figure
  • This arrangement will craft your Anvil. Next, we will proceed to fix the Minecraft bow with an Anvil.

First of all, open an Anvil from your inventory. After that, place the bow you want to fix in the first slot and the unit of material used to make a bow in the second slot. Next, the Anvil will fix the bow for you. Also, it will fix the bow without stripping its enhancements.

Moreover, for multiple enchanted bows in your inventory box, you can combine them using an anvil. Following that will cost you some of your Experience Points known as XP in the Minecraft jargon. XP is collected by different activities like mining, defeating mobs and players, breeding, fishing, and completing advancements.

Additionally, combining a bow will result in more power and durability than the previous ones. Next combination, which leads to a potent bow in Minecraft, is the ordinary bow’s merger with the enchanted bow. This merger combination will also result in a more durable enchanted bow.

Other than fixing the bow, you can also rename the items. The primary weapons of Minecraft are Swords, Bows, Tridents, and Crossbows. If you have decided a fixed name in your mind for these weapons, you can easily do so in Minecraft. Perform the steps to rename the weapons in Minecraft.

  • Put your item on the left
  • Type the new name in the box
  • Enchantment and experience cost will be displayed
  • Proceed further with the repair if you are okay with the enchantment and experience cost

Fix a Minecraft bow using Crafting table

Fix a bow in Minecraft

Remove the normal regular bows from the inventory to the crafting table. The Minecraft crafting table makes the bow stronger and durable. And it is a simple process. However, one more thing to note here is, Crafting Tables work great for fixing ordinary or regular bows. In case you fix the enchanted bows with the crafting table, it will reduce the enchanted bow’s power and durability.

Fix a bow in Minecraft

One more point to note here is, you will have to keep the Anvil in the inventory during the crafting of the Enchant equipment; otherwise, your enchantment will not preserve.


After the thorough discussion of various bows and their repair and fix mechanisms, we can conclude that anvils are great for the fixing of enchanted bows, whereas crafting tables are great for the fixing of the regular bows. We wish that this post is valuable for you, and now you can easily repair the bow of different types. We admire your feedback, queries, suggestions, and comments. You can put them in the comment box below.

Till then, Happy Mine crafting and fixing the bows!

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