How to Fix Fortnite Keeps Reinstalling issue in 2020?

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games. It was released in 2017. This game is highly popular in the Gaming arena because of its various components like gaming skills, thrill, strategic planning, free availability, and indulgence in the game with ultimate reflex. Around 70% of the players have surely played Fortnite at least once in their lifetime. While playing Fortnite, the Fortnite may keep re-installing. Hence read this post till the end to fix the Fortnite Keeps Reinstalling issue.

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Causes of the Fortnite Reinstalling issues

Fortnite Keeps Reinstalling

Let us explore the causes of Fortnite Re-installing issues.

Problematic Epic Game Launcher

The Epic Game Launcher is a storefront for games. These games can be availed via the web and built into Epic Games Launcher application. Sometimes, the Epic Game Launcher is not able to find or locate the Fortnite folder. Thus, a problematic Epic Game Launcher can cause Fortnite re-installation issues.

Repeated installation and uninstallation

This reason is a no brainer. The repeated installation and uninstallation lead to the change of the root folder installation path of the Fortnite directory. This trait leads to the Fortnite Re-installation issues.

Permission issues in Epic Game Launcher

Sometimes, some scenarios exist, which may lead to permission issues for the Fortnite folder in the Epic Game Launcher. This event may also lead to the Fortnite re-installation issues.

Steps to Repair Fortnite Reinstalling issue

Fortnite Keeps Reinstalling

In order to solve the Fortnite re-installing issues, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate the Disk: Redirect to the disk where you have installed the Fortnite game. The by-default path for the Fortnite game is C: >>Program Files>>Epic Games>> Fortnite
  2. Rename the folder: After you have located the folder, you have to relocate the folder from old ‘Fortnite’ to ‘FortniteNew’ or something else.
  3. Start the Epic Launcher : After renaming the Fortnite folder, you will have to open the Epic Game Launcher. The Launcher will instruct you to install the game.
  4. Default installation path: While the installation process, if the installation path is different from the default folder path, you will have to change the Default’s installation path. One thing to note here is, the default path of the Fortnite game usually ends with the word ‘Fortnite.’ After ensuring that, click on the install button and let the installation wizard run.
  5. Close the Launcher and Navigate through the default installation path. You can figure out two folders, namely ‘FortniteNew’ and ‘Fortnite’ in the Epic Game folder.
  6. Now, the user needs to delete the ‘Recently Created Fortnite Folder.’
  7. Rename the old ‘FortniteX’ folder back to Fortnite.
  8. Restart the game. Re-try to launch the game.

One more thing recommended is you should disable your anti-virus and switch off your Firewall during installation and re-installation to avoid blockage and conflicts. If you have NTFS (NT File system), that will reduce the probability of these errors to occur. If the installation in the System drive is not successful, then you can always try installation in other drives. After performing all the steps above, many users have solved the Fortnite re-installing problem.

Reasons for Fortnite to be popular

As we mentioned earlier, the Fortnite game is much popular among the players. The popularity is such that at least 70% of the player have played Fortnite at least once. The concept of this game is such that in the Fortnite arena, you will be 1 in 100 other players who are ready to give you tough combat in the battleground. This multiplayer virtual game gives you the ultimate pedestal to demonstrate your gaming skills, planning, strategy, and indulgence in-game with the best of your reflex.

In this game, the player is dropped in a random arena. The players will have to figure their way out by any means. In order to continue their game and maintain their spot, the player needs to be really sharp in the combat skill. The last survivor at the combat wins this game.

Apart from normal players, Fortnite is also a hot favorite game of many famous celebrities like Drake, PewDiePie, and Jacksepticeye. Another feature that makes Fortnite popular is, this game is available for download and play free of cost. Lastly, Fortnite game has been the recipient of many prestigious awards like Game Awards, golden Joystick awards, and 2020 kid’s choice awards. All these interesting features and factors make Fortnite game one of the players favorite and popular amongst the youngsters.

Cross-Platform Compatibility of Fortnite

Cross-Platform compatibility is the devices ability or software applications to work with more than one software platform, hardware platform, or Operating System. This feature holds much importance in having the large grip of the marketplace.

There are a plethora of platforms that Fortnite game is compatible with. Some of them to name are Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Classic Mac OS.

What more can one ask for? You can play a thrilling gaming session with your friends.

Conclusion: Fortnite Keeps Reinstalling

At first glance, you may find this fantastic game violent, but that is not exactly the case at all. Fortnite is the least violent from all the thrill and combat games. This trait makes it more preferable for kids as per the parent’s and elder’s point of view. Additionally, this game has impeccable graphics and visuals of the game also set it apart from the usual combat games. So this game can rightly be considered as the perfect combination of combat with less violence.

In this post, we have tried the best to cover the introduction, causes of the Fortnite issues, Steps to repair the Fortnite, Cross compatibility of Fortnite, and Fortnite’s popularity.  We wish that the post would provide you the value of a great deal and solve your Fortnite issue. Your queries, comments, feedback, and suggestions motivate us and inspire us to do better. You can post them in the comment section given below.

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