How to delete backup files in windows 10/7? 7 Solutions

The subject of how to delete backup files in windows 10 is a common issue that everyone is looking for solutions. Backup files are the files that are normally taking much space in your system. 

If there are more backup files un-deleted, it may cause your system’s slow performance. So, it is advisable to remove these system files regularly. It will help in getting free space in your backup disk and also maintain the performance of your system.

Deleting the backups is not going to harm your system so that you can perform that task. If you face backup disk space issues or memory issues in your hard drive, you can clear up some unwanted applications and system files.

This article will find 7 unique solutions for solving your error about Windows 10 backup delete. 

Should I delete old windows system restore points?

System restore points means the files that are used for restoring the windows 10 operating system. ‘Should you delete old windows restore point’ is a question that has arisen many times. The answer to this question is, Yes.

If you face a shortage of memory space or in your hard drive, you should delete the old files. Here are some things that you can clean from your system whenever you are running in a shortage of space. But, there should be at least one restorable latest system image backups.

  • Manage Windows backup disk space used by Disk Cleanup.
  • Empty your Recycle Bin regularly. 
  • Delete the temporary files from your hard drive.
  • Turn on Storage Sense.
  • Uninstall the unused applications when you run out of space.
  • Delete the files or folders that are of no use.
  • Disk space is saved because of deleting old backups from file history.
  • Clear system restore points to manage space used from file history.

These steps will help you to clean enough backup drive space from your system and make its performance better. Now let us look at the Solutions to manage Windows backup disk.

Solution 1: Deleting previous windows 10 restore points.

Many users have said that this solution has helped them clean up the old system restore points and get their system’s speedy performance. It is advisable to clean old system image backup restore points, as they occupy backup disk space in your hard drive and consecutively degrades your system’s performance.

Open the Control Panel. Then search for the System and Security option. You can also press the Win + R and type systempropertiesprotection command to open the System protection tab directly.

deleting backup files from windows


delete backup from windows

delete backup from windows



Now click on the System option and open it. Please search for the System Protection option in the left panel and click on it. It will open a new dialog box. Select the System Protection Tab and go to the Configure button at the bottom.

Click on that button and press the Delete button at the bottom. This way, you can delete old the restore points of your system image backups or the Windows 10 backup. This solution is useful because it will never allow the backup disk to be full. Back up disk performance is maintained because of this step. Make sure to restart your system.

How to delete backup files in windows 10

Solution 2: Try deleting Windows File History for delete windows backup

Windows File History is an in-built functionality that is provided in Windows 10. Because of the Windows File History feature, copies of some files are automatically saved at certain locations in your system in the form of system image backup. As time passes, these files grow in number, and simultaneously, they take away backup disk space.

Due to the huge number of automatically saved files, the performance of other software decreases. So, it is necessary to remove these files from your system image backup regularly. You can also delete a specific backup version using the option of clean up versions. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Click on the Win key on your keyboard and search for the Settings option. After opening it, please search for the Update and Security option and then the Backup option. If you are not using Automatic File Backup, then enable it and go to More options.

delete backup files from windows 10/7

Now go to the Backup options and change Back Up My Files to Every Hour and Keep my Backups to Delete Backups every Month. ‘Stop using drive‘ option is used to disable the functionality of Windows File History completely. File History function helps the user to save the previous backups. But file history function’s big drawback is it uses a lot of memory. Make sure to restart your system.

There is one option available backup and restore. This option will help you backup and restore Windows 7 in your system. It is available under the Update and security option in system settings menu. Restore Windows 7 is the option that you have to click for backup and restore windows old version.

Solution 3: Removing backup files using command

The command prompt method is used when you want to delete old files immediately and simultaneously. By inserting one command in the command prompt, you can delete all previous backup and restore free up the backup drive space. You can also use stop using drive option of file history function to stop storing backups.

Follow the below-given steps to get an accurate solution for ‘how to delete backup files in Windows 10.

Press the Win key from your keyboard and search for the Command Prompt. Select Command Prompt and click on the Run as administrator option. Now type fhmanagew.exe -cleanup 0 command. This command will remove all the backup other than the latest file. 

You can replace 0 (zero) by the number of days we want to prevent backup files from removing. This solution helps you in removing the Windows backup files and clean up some storage of your disk. All rights reserved by you, whether you want to clean old backups or not.

Solution 4: Try deleting Windows.old folder for delete backup files from windows

After a major Windows 10 Update, clearing backup disk space is a normal task that all of you should perform to clean your system’s disk space. Windows also remove it automatically after a month of the backup. If you want to eradicate the backup files before a month, follow the below-mentioned steps to get an accurate solution.

Click the Win + R and open the Run Box. Type the cleanmgr command in the Run and press the Enter key. It will open a disk cleanup window. After that, press the Cleanup system image files option, and it will make clear system options available. 

See that the Previous Windows Installation is checked in the Files to delete a tab. To make additional space, you can also select the files that are not useful and then click on the Ok button. This process will remove the Windows.old file.

Solution 5: Cleaning up the disk space.

This solution is also useful in cleaning up the disk  space of your disk. Many users also report that this solution helps remove the old backup files and make space free from the disk. Follow the below-mentioned steps for getting an accurate solution.

Open the My Computer or This Computer icon. Right-click on the Local Disk C Drive and click on the Properties option. This step will open a new window. There will be one option of Disk Cleanup. By clicking on this option, Windows will automatically remove the backup files that are of no use and other files that were stored automatically and are not used.

This solution will help in cleaning your system’s memory space and improving the performance of your system. Make sure to clean the previous windows versions after new windows installation. New windows installation requires space and it is necessary to clear windows backup disk space.

Solution 6: Deleting the temporary files from your system.

To solve insufficient memory, many users regularly delete the temporary files created in their system. This solution is done by following the below-mentioned advanced settings steps.

Press the Win + R and open the Run Box. Type the %temp% command in that box and press Enter. These steps will open the window of Temporary Files. Press Ctrl + A and select all files press delete. Most of the time, it will not cause any error and free of the disk’s space. If you want to delete specific files, then right-click on it and select delete

Solution 7: How to delete backup files in windows 7 for solving the app backup files delete issue

Select the start and go to the control panel. Choose the System and Security heading, click the Back Up your Computer Link. Click on the Change Settings link and then click on the View Backups option.

Now, look for the old and big-sized backups, select them and click on the Delete option. These steps will help you to delete the backup from windows 7.

These were some advanced settings solutions provided to solve the error of cleaning windows
backup issue.

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