How to factory Reset FireStick With/Without Fire TV Remote in 2020

I will tell you The best way to Factory Reset Firestick in two different situations. One is With Fire TV Remote, while the other is without it.

The extensive and the best-computerized media player alluded to as Firestick, which enables you to peruse and stream any sort of video content effectively.

The procedure of The work of other device pursues a similar one for Firestick; also, you may experience a bit of issue like buffering no memory space, slacking, and so forth.

While this situation, I advise to Reset Firestick back to its natural state and work not surprisingly. If this issue perseveres even, later on, you simply need to Reset Firestick generally the presentation issue will have happened once more.

If you can’t clarify or identify the issue, it is smarter to reset your Firestick to in general every one of the issues effortlessly. Here we have shared all that you have to think about how to reset firestick without a remote, and with it.

Now let’s get deeper into it.

How to factory Reset FireStick in 2020

Factory reset FireStick

Factory reset FireStick

Factory resetting FireStick is a cool method to overcome certain issues, but the drawback is that you will have to transfer all the data to some other device, or just download everything again. I advise you, don’t factory reset your FireStick until there is a legitimate reason behind doing so. Here I will explain to you in what all circumstances you need to do the hassle of factory resetting the FireStick.

Easy steps to reset Fire Stick

Firstly, let me discuss the most straightforward method to reset FireStick. After that, we will discuss factory resetting methods in extreme conditions.

  1. Switch On your Fire TV Stick.
  2. Go to the “Menu” and further, to “Settings.”
  3. Drag down the options to the right to find “System.”
  4. Tap “Reset to Factory Defaults” right at the bottom.
  5. You’ll see a dialogue which will state, “You are about to reset FireStick.” It will also warn that you will lose sign-in information and preferences after that.
  6. Tap the “Reset.”
  7. The complete reset process takes around 1-15 minutes.
  8. You’ll receive a notification reading “Reset successful,” once the whole process is complete.

Amazon FireStick Factory reset without a remote

The case might occur that you want to factory reset your FireStick, and you are not having access to your remote. It might also happen that your remote is not working properly. The issue isn’t big, either. There are three options in total, through which you can factory reset FireStick without remote.

Use a USB mouse:

In case you aren’t having the remote, An Ethernet cable or a USB mouse can help you out. You are easily able to navigate the settings by connecting the USB mouse. Further, you can complete the steps for resetting your FireStick. However, you can’t see the cursor, due to which this process is considered a bit harder.

Fire TV Remote app:

Fire TV Remote app is a wonderful app. It brings you the luxury of a digital remote for helping you in controlling your FireStick. If your Android device is having the version 4.0.3 or above, or your iOS has above iOS 7.0 version, then you can enjoy this Fire TV remote app. Simply download it, and factory reset Fire TV Stick easily.

Many people use this app who already have remotes because remote is a thing which more often disappears, and finding the remote is a true hassle!

Via other third-party apps:

Ad blink 2.04 is among the cool third-party apps which you can use for connecting your FireStick to the USB port of your laptop. Simply plug your FireStick’s power cord to your laptop’s USB port. This process is also a bit complicated, but undoubtedly, it’s a solution.

If you don’t want to carry on any of the three methods which I suggested above, then there is only one method left through which you can reset your FireStick. That is, borrow the compatible remote from your friend or someone whom you know. That was the solution to “how to reset Amazon FireStick without remote,” and it’s most frequently asked question!

Reset Fire Stick without accessing “Settings.”

There are certain situations when you feel the need for factory resetting your FireStick. One major of them is Amazon Fire TV getting freezing. Now, once your screen is frozen, tell me, how can you access settings then? How can you further rest your FireStick? In such a situation, most of the users get into tension. Let me provide a solution.

In that case, squeeze your Fire TV remote’s Back” and “Right” button for 10-15 seconds. Now you will have to enter the Amazon credentials, and after that, follow some on-screen instructions. This is the way your entire system will undergo the factory reset.

Situations in which you should factory reset your FireStick

  1. If all of a sudden the Firestick freezes and even the restarting the gadget doesn’t solve the problem, then you can go with the Firestick gadget factory reset option to defeat this issue.
  2. Your Firestick will just hang on the Amazon software page’s update screen while attempting to update the software or while going through the setup process. The best solution for overcoming this issue is by resetting your Firestick gadget.
  3. If you are encountering any system issues, you will see a blank screen while using Firestick gadget. To dispose of this issue, if you don’t mind, reset your Firestick gadget.
  4. You will get the dark screen after Amazon logo by restarting your gadget. To conquer this issue, by effectively resetting the Firestick gadget.
  5. If you are encountering the streaming issue, then the best solution which I suggest here is to reset your Firestick, which will further bring relief and never let you face the same issue.
  6. In some cases, your Firestick gadget might be stuck in the reboot procedure and restarts a few times and closures the Amazon Firestick to reset on its own. The rebooting procedure can be fixed by resetting the Firestick.

What will happen when you factory reset your Firestick

Many FireStick users don’t know what all will take place after the factory reset of their FireStick, and what will not. Let me clear it here only so that you can make a firm decision whether you need to actually factory reset your FireStick or not.

1.) Re-Enable Updates

Once you factory reset, it will re-empower updates if you’ve stopped them utilizing the “pm disable” technique. This is the reason it is a smart thought likewise to block all updates in your router.

This isn’t that humongous issue if you are running ClockworkMod custom recuperation as a stock update which gets downloaded won’t be installed once you reboot in any case if you have installed ClockworkMod. All things considered, the principal thing you ought to do in the wake of performing a factory reset is to re-disable updates. That would be smart and safe.

2.) Remove Apps and App Data

Playing out a factory reset will erase the majority of your installed applications and the information related to them. This includes both authority applications which you downloaded from Amazon as well as sideloaded applications. A few games will be able to save the proceeding to Amazon’s cloud servers. It means reinstalling those games after you’ve done the factory reset will restore your proceeding.

3.) Force Initial Setup Process

Carrying on a factory reset will cause you to experience the underlying setup process once more. This is imperative to acknowledge because the  Fire TV Stick or Fire TV will attempt to update while the initial setup is going on.

It depends entirely  upon the software version that you are running. Your gadget may refuse to finish the initial setup process without updating. A Fire TV which passed initial setup perfectly with updates blocked will not really do it always.

4.) Disable  ADB

Once you factory reset,  ADB access gets disabled. This is significant as it basically keeps you out of the Fire TV. A portion of the first bricked Fire TVs moved toward becoming bricked as they were factory reset with the updated system documents.

Without ADB, there is no real way to get to those system records. So if you’ve rooted your Fire TV and keep running into troubles, reconsider before choosing the factory reset method. It will disable ADB. Besides that, it will close the best setting you require for overcoming various problems.

What all will not happen…

If someone says that any of the following things happens when you factory reset the FireStick, then better don’t listen to them!

1.) Remove ClockworkMod custom recovery/kernel boot menu

If you do a factory reset, it won’t remove Kernel Boot Menu or ClockworkMod custom recovery.  With it is possible that one (or both) installed, it’s acceptable to complete a factory reset. One can do it from within  ClockworkMod  or the Fire TV settings menu.

2.) Remove Root

Playing out a factory reset won’t remove the root access. If you are rolling on with a stock software version which  you rooted with towelroot, it might appear as though you’ve lost root because thev and towelroot will be gone. However, as a general rule, root access services as the SU double stays in the system similar words stand for any pre-established ROM.

3.) Changing Your Software Version

Playing out a factory reset won’t change the software version at present running on your Fire TV/Fire TV Stick. It doesn’t make a difference what software version your gadget initially accompanied, or what software version is right now installed. It will even now have whatever version is as of now installed after performing the reset.

I am talking about both custom ROMs and stock software. If your Fire TV runs a custom ROM, it won’t return to the stock ROM by the process of factory resetting.

How to Factory Reset Firestick ( with your firestick remote)

You can reset your Firestick gadget utilizing the remote control. You have to press hard and keep both Right & Down buttons for something near to ten seconds of time. Then you will notice a drop-down menu and choose the option “Reset Factory Defaults.” At that point, choose the Reset option and the gadget will naturally be restarted.

In the wake of finishing the restart procedure, you will most likely use your Firestick gadget with no issues. It will be cool if you know that there are as yet a lot more strategies you can pursue the reset or processing plant reset your Firestick gadget.

Cannot buy the content issue: The solution

If you’re facing this issue while purchasing content from Amazon, then, I request you not to worry. Below are a couple of the best solutions to overcome that.

  • Make sure you are having a reliable internet connection to your device. For checking the state of your internet connection, first select Settings, then tap on Network right from the File TV menu.
  • Ensure that the 1-Click payment method is perfectly working. If it is so, then you can buy content easily.

Forgot your PIN?

Are you facing problems regarding PIN for parental controls or we say, viewing restrictions? You should head towards the Prime Video Settings on the Amazon site and there, reset it. The other methods are simply access to the Parental Controls section. You have to enter the 5-digital PIN right under Prime Video Pin and then choose the option  “Reset Your Pin.”

Audio issue: Should I factory reset my FireStick?

Audio issue is something that doesn’t need a factory reset. You can solve it the other way. Audio issues can be very troublesome, especially while you’re into enjoying your favorite stuff. Just try out the following steps, and get rid of this trouble:

 1 Ensure that your TV is not muted. If it is, then you know what to do.
 2 Turn the receiver ON, if the connection between the Fire TV device and A/V receiver is not perfect.
 3 Now, chose Settings > Display & Sound > Audio from your Fire TV’s menu. Make sure that Dolby Digital Plus is OFF already.
 4 If connected Fire TV device to the TV using an HDMI cable, then unplug it and then reconnect it. Possibilities are there that you need a different  HDMI cable for ending the audio issue.

The conclusion

The Amazon Fire TV Stick’sFactory Resetoption is by all accounts the wellspring of a great deal of confusion. Questions repeatedly  arise  on what changes it brings and what doesn’t, and whether changes the versions or not.

A portion of the confusion comes from the options mark since it assuredly does not reset the Fire TV Stick to the state it used to be in the time when it left the factory. Ideally, this post will clear up a portion of the secret behind this option.

Consider resetting only when no other solution works. Resetting takes only a couple of minutes, yet it erases all the information put away in it. Personal inclinations get erased also. You need to start from the earliest beginning point and download every single of the applications you need, which will consume your time and web information also.

However, when the things aren’t under your control, then rather than banging the head in finding every single possible solution, I recommend to just go on with the factory reset option. The process isn’t lengthy.

The conclusion

In that way, it isn’t necessary to factory reset FireStick with computer only. A FireStick factory reset can be done through several other methods.

A malfunctioning TV remote ought not to be a major issue if you have to reset Fire Stick without the remote. The whole procedure turns out to be simple if you have a perfect smartphone with you. Resetting Fire TV without a remote is pretty much challenging, yet you can do it with the correct information.

Resetting FireStick erases all the current information on your FireStick and makes your gadget like a fresher one. At that point, you have to set up your FireStick and further install applications for streaming contents as you wish. Reset your FireStick only when no other way exists. There are numerous different solutions which you can work around to unravel your issues if nothing enables then you to can take a stab at resetting.

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