How to fix a corrupted Minecraft world? 5 Easy solutions

What is a corrupted Minecraft world? This error is one of the disturbing and serious errors that occur when your Minecraft world is no longer playable, and you have to restart your game in a different world until you fix this error. This error is common but is very disturbing. You can see the error will look like the image given below.

corrupted Minecraft world

In this article, you will see what corrupted Minecraft world error is, how to solve it, and what the causes of this error are. Read this article carefully to get an answer to all your queries related to the corrupted Minecraft world. Let us begin the piece of information about the corrupt Minecraft world.

What is the cause of Minecraft’s world corruption?

Minecraft’s corruption world is caused because of an error caused during the time of saving a world. This error could take place if there were an electricity breach or network fault during the time of saving the world. You have to take care that none of the factors mentioned above happen during the process of saving the world. If any of the cause occurs, then try saving the world all over again.

Normal solutions to try before any other solution:

Try restarting your Minecraft interface. Many times users noted that by restarting their device and Minecraft game. You can try this solution, and if this did not help, then you can try other solutions. Read the further solutions carefully if this solution was not helpful.

If the above solution did not help, then try to shift your Minecraft world to a different slot. This solution might help you to solve the error of corrupted Minecraft world. If this solution also did not help you to solve the error, then try another solution mentioned in the article. Please read the article carefully to get accurate solutions.

Solution for corrupted Minecraft world in PlayStation (PS)

If any of the solutions given above did not help, then try this solution. This solution is for PS gamers. Follow the given steps carefully to get an easy way to solve the error of corrupted Minecraft world. 

– Navigate to Settings in PlayStation.

– Scroll down to the option of Application Saved Data Management and select it. 

– Then, select the option of Saved Data in Online Storage if you are having a PlayStation Plus device.

– Now go to the option of Download to System storage and look for the option of Minecraft.

– The screen that will appear will show all the saves that you have kept. On that screen, search for the world that is corrupted.

– Download it again and restore it. This solution will help you to solve the error, and you can play again in that world.

Try creating a new world in Minecraft

If the solution given above did not work, then try this solution. It will surely resolve the error of the corrupted Minecraft world. Read the given steps carefully to get an accurate solution for your query.

– Press the Win + R keys, and it will open a Run box. 

– Copy this line of command and paste it in the Run box: %appdata%.minecraftsaves

– Hit the Enter key, and it will open the Minecraft Saves folder.

– Search for the world that is corrupted and make a backup folder of that world. For example, if the corrupted world’s name is AWorld, then name the backup folder as AWorlCopy.

– Now, make a new World named Blank in Minecraft and then again go to the Minecraft -> Saves. Please copy the below mentioned files from the Blank world folder and paste it AWorldCopy: level.dat, level.dat_old, session.lock, and level.dat_mcr (not present in all cases.)

– Now, restart your Minecraft and try to load the AWorldCopy.

Additional tip:

If any of the above mentioned solutions did not help in solving the error of how to fix a corrupted Minecraft world, then you can fix this error with the help of the Region Fixer project. This project is available on the GitHub. You have to go to this link and download the zip file of the Minecraft region fixer and extract the files. Further steps will be mentioned in that region fixer file. Click on the source code (zip) option, and a zip folder will be downloaded to your device.

corrupted Minecraft world

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