How To Fix Kodi Buffering On Firestick in 2020 [Works]

Numerous Kodi users reported the buffering issue while using some well-known add-ons. Along these lines, in this guide, I am going to help in fixing the Amazon FireStick Kodi buffering issues in an extremely speedy way. There are numerous reasons because of which you are confronting this mistake, and I am posting every one of them one by one.

Any trouble while viewing our preferred film/TV show is continually irritating. Numerous Kodi users reported that they are getting the buffering issue on Kodi all around much of the time. In this guide, we will realize, how to fix Kodi buffering issue on firestick gadget.

The solution is transitory because this buffering issue isn’t reliant on single sources.

To start with, we’ll see why Kodi buffering on FireStick happens. Afterward, I’ll instruct you the well-ordered procedure for fixing it.

Read this guide fully if you want to enjoy your TV shows/films without any interruptions caused by Kodi FireStick buffering.

How To Fix Kodi Buffering On Firestick

Kodi Buffering On Firestick

Kodi Buffering On Firestick

When you place yourself in front of the TV for playing streaming link yet, it continues Buffering… Buffering…and more Buffering. This is the most irritating thing that I, at any point saw. Yet, one question may strike in your mind, for what reason is my Kodi buffering? Let’s know!

Why does Kodi buffering issue take place?

There are a handful of reasons that may cause Kodi buffering issue on your gadget. The most common reason for that is; the internet connection. You may not be using a fast internet connection which brings Kodi buffering issue all around much of the time.

Now, if you are having a fast internet connection, still facing Kodi buffering issue, there are a few additional reasons behind this. Some I have mentioned beneath.

  • Slower internet connection (This is the most common reason).
  • Your current IP location.
  • Your Kodi cache size.
  • The hardware of your device (This is the rarest reason among the four).
  • Limited transmission capacity from your streaming source.

So as to fix this buffering issue on Kodi, you must be guaranteed of everything; here you will find out pretty much the majority of the above reason along with fixes. If how to stop buffering on Kodi FireStick is your question, then in the next 5 mins, you’ll have your answer! So, better you read each cause keenly, as it will help you later on in overcoming the problem.

Slower Internet Connection:

Many times it happens that people keep on detecting other issues, while the basic problem is their internet speed. If Kodi keeps buffering on FireStick happens on a regular basis with you, then the evil behind it is a slow internet connection.

A more slow web connection is an extremely continuous reason for Kodi buffering issue. It very well may be fixed by updating the Wifi plan. Numerous individuals asking that what is the base web speed required for Kodi? There is no sure figure to address this question because Kodi gives different quality video streaming links.

Just for an example, if you watch 4K HD quality recordings, then you should require strong web connectivity when contrasted with 720p and 1080p HD recordings to watch it without buffering. Along these lines, its everything up to you and your prerequisite, simply go to for checking your present internet connection speed.

So as to fix the Kodi buffering issue, you have to contact Internet Service Provider (ISP) and overhaul your setup to the higher speed. If you are eager to watch HD 720p recordings, then you need 5Mbps web speed, and for 4K HD quality you should require at any rate 25Mbps net connection speed. Higher the net speed, more clearly, you are going to watch movies and television programs.

Your present IP Location:

Your present IP location is another big reason behind inviting Kodi support issue while you are playing recordings. Different locations are prohibited for streaming copyrighted recordings, and it also brings legal risks. VPNs encode your web movement and reroute it through a server in a zone that you select. Streaming sources from Kodi additional things may not be approved by your ISP.

A reliable VPN advantage achieves an option that is other than covering your personality in the internet world. Besides that, it covers your information with the help of subtle elements from your ISP. In direct words, if, despite everything that you are using a VPN, your ISP will never again have the ability to see what kind of information you are using. They would simply have the ability to choose the proportion of information being used.

It has been complained by many clients worldwide that throttling is affecting those the most who stream recordings, offer substantial documents over the net and download from downpours.

Tragically, various VPNs don’t meet most of the necessities Kodi clients will search for so pick purposely. Spilling needs a great deal of transfer speed almost every time. So a strong, rapid, and secure VPN provider is necessary.

Thus, change your gadget IP location to some other nation. For that, you can install a reliable VPN for firestick. I, baingan expert, advice you to get express VPN. It’s the quickest and FireStick supportable VPN among all those which I have tried till the date.

Your Kodi Cache size:

Another consistent reason for Kodi buffering is; your present store size. The cache is nothing but the auxiliary memory in the system that brings speed to your computation if you saw while playing YouTube recordings, a blank area expanding forward.

This is joining your gadget with the YouTube server and stores a bit of data in the cache memory. As you request new information, it rapidly being served from that assistant memory and won’t crash into the buffering issue.

Thus, Kodi reserve is likewise continuously asked information from different video streaming servers to store it in their assistant memory. If you haven’t yet completed the setup of your cache size appropriately, then you will confront Kodi buffering issue. For increasing your cache size, keep on following:

  • Above all else, launch Ares wizard on the Kodi gadget. After that, go to changes.
  • After completely loading of Ares Wizard completely takes place on your device, you’ll see Tweaks option right in your navigation bar.
  • Presently, hower over Advanced Settings Wizard of Ares Addon for changing some store settings.
  • Choose Next and further, pick Generate Settings.
  • As per your RAM size, Kodi will distribute Video Cache Size. The base need for store size for Kodi is considered 60MB. Yet you can allot the max cache size according to your RAM size. After doing that, don’t forget to tap on “Apply these settings.”

Now, you’ve broadened your video store size. Presently, if you have a quick net connection, then Kodi will store the recordings in this supporter memory and fix the Kodi buffering issue. Once you carry out these changes, don’t neglect to close down Kodi and restart again to apply changes appropriately.

HQ scaler Adjustment

Very fewer people know about this fix, and also you will get pretty less info about this one. This is so because it is not the best solution. However, it definitely can relieve you from Kodi buffering issue. It solves problems like frame dropping and video faltering.

Frame dropping and video faltering are pretty often the problems with Kodi. The scaling of low-quality video streams to the higher quality is what Kodi does. We call it video scaling.

For changing your HQ scaling, do the following:

  • On the upper left of the Kodi screen, tap “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Player Settings.”
  • At the rigging images’ base, make sure that you have set the settings to Expert.
  • On the right side, you’ll see “Processing.” Under that, “Enable HQ scalers for scaling above“ is what you have to look for. It is 20% by default. Now, you can further decrease it for dealing with the scaling issue. Firstly, decrease it by 10% and then check whether that’s working well with stammering and frame dropping or not. If things aren’t getting better, decrease it to 0%.

Video scaling clearly means betterment in video quality. Now suppose you want to watch 720p (or even lower quality) video streams in higher quality, the better don’t lower the HQ scalar settings. It is by default set to 20% because it is the most suitable rate.

On the settings screen, under the HQ scalers option, you’ll find “Hardware Acceleration,” which you can turn off if you desire. Turning it On/Off highly affects your frame rate. If you are using more advanced devices, then I don’t think you will ever have to choose HQ scaler Adjustment method for overcoming the problem of Kodi buffering. It isn’t the best Kodi buffering fix, but it has helped out for a lot.

fixing Kodi buffering issue on version 17.6 Krypton

Now let’s solve buffering issues with Kodi on FireStick with the older 17.6 Krypton version.

  1. To deal with Kodi FireStick buffering, begin by opening your Kodi Device.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources. Do this by Addons —Settings —Enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Now return to Home Screen.
  4. Tap Settings Button.
  5. Tap on the File Manager 
  6. Now choose Add Source and then type the URL exactly—
  7. Type Ares click OK on the box below.
  8. Return to Home Screen
  9. Tap Addons then.
  10. Choose the Addon Browser button.
  11. Now, open the Install from zip file.
  12. Tap the file which is named Ares
  13. Tap
  14. Wait until the notification message arrives.
  15. Hit Install from Repository button.
  16. Choose the Ares Project and Open Program Addons.
  17. Tap on Ares Wizard.
  18. Choose the TWEAKS folder right on the top.
  19. Choose Advanced Settings Wizard and further tap NEXT.
  20. Free available RAM on your system will be visible now.
  21. Choose GENERATE
  22. Set the Video Cache Size 50% of the available free memory. Don’t fall into any other settings at that time.
  23. Tap Apply Settings and Restart Kodi.
  24. Bingo! You have overcome the buffering issues with Kodi on FireStick.

The Conclusion

As a standard Kodi user, you ought to consistently be prepared for confronting Buffering issues during the online stream. However, you shouldn’t stress increasingly over this. Buffering issues are legitimately connected with streaming.

However, with the assistance of these simple buffering fixes for Kodi, one can appreciate the bufferless stream for quite a while. After long research, we have recorded these snappy solutions for Kodi buffering, which will be similarly supportive for both newbies and experienced users.

Specialists likewise suggest the use of a best Kodi VPN for limiting or ending up these buffering issues. A VPN likewise encourages you in verifying your protection also. These solutions will support you if not, and still you have a FireStick with buffering Kodi, at that point we suggest the factory reset of your media center.

So, that was all we had under FireStick buffering issue in 2019. We are sure that you are going to elevate your viewing experience now with the help of the tips which we provided up there.

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