How to Install Discord on PS4 in 2020? [Simple Steps]

The Discord platform has gained huge popularity in the gaming arena. It is famous because of the fantastic audio, video, image, and text communication between users. A few of them to list are XBOX and PS4. So, you have invested in your Play Station PS4 and are all set to start your gaming session with your friends. Now, you would need an interaction platform to chat, interact, and share audio, video, and text with your friends and gamers. What can be best that using Discord platform. At this juncture, this post on ‘How to install Discord on PS4 in 2020’ will help you get Discord on your PS4 console.

So, let’s start this journey.

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First of all, we have listed the list of hardware or equipments that would be needed to install Discord on your PS4.

Equipment list for Discord setup for PS4

This section covers the list of equipments needed to install Discord on PS4.

  • A headset – A40 TR is headset with an optical cable and supports USB connection.
  • A Mixamp or Mixamp Pro TR for switching audio between your PS4 and Desktop.
  • Cables – 3.5mm Aux Splitter, 3.5mm to 3.5mm with Volume, 3.5mm Male to Male

There will emerge a need to install Discord on your Desktop (optional).

How to get the Discord platform on PS4 Console?

Discord’s communication platform’s popularity is not unknown. Many Discord users insist on the official Support of the Discord to develop the PS4 version of the app. So, you would not wait for the same. But, there is another way, which we will implement for getting Discord on PS4.

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Follow the steps below to get Discord on PS4.

  1. Open a Discord Account on your system, PC, Mobile, or Laptop from your gaming console PS4, open the Browser.
  2. In that Web Browser, search for ‘Discord.’
  3. Once you find it, click on OK and fill up the account and password information.
  4. Using the Sign-up credentials, log into your Discord account.

And now, you are ready to go with the Discord on your PS4.

How to use Discord on PS4?

This section describes the whole setup of the PS4, Discord, and other devices.

Perform the steps below to use Discord on PS4:-

-Get an audio switching device like the one we have mentioned in the ‘Equipment needed section,’ e.g., Mixamp Pro TR.

-Connect the optical cables for link between your Mixamp Pro TR and PS4 for switching the audio between your PS4 and PC

– Follow this path PS4 Settings> Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings and make sure to alter the POP Primary Output Port to DO Digital Output (Optical).

-Plug the end of your USB cable into your base station and use the other end to connect to the PC. Also, take care that your base station is in the PC mode. If it is not in the PC mode, then it will not work.

– Open the Discord on your PC. Next, change the input device in the voice settings to your Mixamp.

-Connect the mentioned 3.5mm audio jack and run it from your PC speaker.

-Get back to the voice settings in Discord and modify the output device to your PC speakers.

How to join PS4 party on a PC?

PS4 party feature is yet another interesting feature of the Play station. So, if you do not have an idea of what exactly a PS4 party is, we give a brief explanation of it.

PS4 party is basically a chat feature that is available to voice chat with friends and other players on the PS4 PlayStation. The plus point of this feature is, it can be used simultaneously to share your screen while playing the game or using another app.

Go through the steps below to join the PS4 party on PC

  1. Download the software named PS4 Remote Play on your PC.
  2. Login to your PSN account on this software.
  3. Turn On your PS4.
  4. Connect to the Party chat option on the PC.
  5. Click the remote play software in the background and it will run.

You have to select the headphone symbol [party], from the function screen so that you can view the list of parties you can join. Also, you can also customize the quick menu to [customize] to include the [party] shortcut to quick screen.

After these steps, you are ready to Join the PS4 party and share your gaming sessions with your friends.


-How can Discord and PS4 be connected?

Discord and PS4 can be connected by logging into your Discord Account from the Browser.

-Can a web browser from your PS4 log into Discord?

Logging into Discord from PlayStation’s default browser shouldn’t be an issue, but once you open a game or another app, you’ll lose audio, so it’s not really an ideal solution.

-Is there any PS4 account for Discord?

No, there is not any PS4 for Discord as of now.

-Can you link your PS4 account to Discord?

You cannot link that directly or officially. Though, PC and XBOX avail the same.

-Can you download the Discord on your PS4?

No, you can’t download Discord on PS4. However, you can link your account through PS4.

How to Install Discord on PS4: Conclusion

Discord is not a part of PS4, but these two entities will be integrated sooner or later. Some of you may feel that the steps are a bit lengthy or cumbersome, but once you are done, you can enjoy many benefits of connecting and installing Discord on PS4.

Many users have successfully installed Discord on their PS4 using the methods mentioned above. We hope that you, too, will successfully install Discord on PS4.

We like to hear from you and welcome your queries, comments, and suggestions. You may scribe them in the comment box below.

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