[Easy Cheesy Steps] How to Install KODI 17.6 on Amazon Fire TV & FireStick

I’ve brought you the fastest guide to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV and FireStick. Most importantly, following all the steps will consume only a couple of minutes.

Just install Kodi on your Firestick or Fire TV  and enjoy watching free TV shows, free movies sports, PPV, and what not!

With the pace of time, new methods are discovered for easier and better use of technology, and we’ve brought the latest and the fastest method, which will multiply your pleasure of viewing.

You won’t find Kodi on Amazon App Store, so side-load is needed to get it on your device. The same method is adopted to jailbreak a Fire Tv or Firestick. It lets you get third-party streaming apps for enjoying desired streams.

Now, how to install kodi 17.6 on FireStick or Fire TV?

Let me suggest you certain hassle-less methods of installing Kodi on Amazon Fire TV and FireStick.

keep reading!

How to Install KODI on Amazon Fire TV & FireStick

Before moving forward, let me explain that we never promote or encourage streaming of copyrighted content. If you use Kodi for any illegal streaming, then you are yourself responsible for your action.

Follow the step-wise guide properly to download Kodi with the help of Downloader App. You can use this app installer for installing a huge number of apps to your fire device, including Kodi.

1.) Go to settings.


2.) Tap My Fire TV.

My Fire TV.

3.) Tap Developer options.

Developer options.

4.) You’ll see “Apps from unknown sources” option there. Turn it ON.

Apps from unknown sources

5.) Now you have to come back to the home screen of Firestick / Fire TV. ON top-left side, you’ll find the search icon. Then type in “Downloader” and tap it in the below list.


6.) You’ll find an Orange Downloader icon. tap on it.

Downloader icon

7.) For start the downloading process, tap OK and let the Downloader install.

Downloader installation

8.) For launching the Downloader, tap “Open.”

launching the Downloader

9.) If your Fire TV model is a new one, then you’ll see a “click allowoption.

Click Allow

10.) On the welcome window, you’ll see a yellow bar indicating “OK“. Tap it.

welcome window

11.) Now, pick up your remote, click the OK button and type in troypoint.com/kodistable in the address after opening the keyboard. Type troypoint.com/k17 if you’re installing Kodi 17.6. Once the typing is done, press the GO button for starting the download.

starting the download.

12.) Kodi setup page will appear. Click install there.

Kodi setup page

13.) Installing will start, and once it finishes, press “Done.”

Kodi app installed

14.) Now you’re free to discard the Kodi 18.3 installation file by hitting “delete” and this will free some space on your Fire TV cube, Fire TV, or Firestick.

discarding the Kodi 18.3 installation

15.) Hit “deletebutton again.

delete again

16.) Now go to your Firestick / Fire TV / Fire TV Cube’s home screen. You’ll see the Apps & Channels category and a circle button with an arrow indicating towards right. Hit that “See All” button.

Tap See All

17.) Right at the bottom of the screen, you will have to highlight Kodi shortcut. Now click the options button on your Fire TV/ Fire TV Stick remote and tap move.

tap move.

18.) Tap the Ok button no your remote once you have moved Kodi shortcut to the list’s front side. By clicking OK button, you’ll be able to place the Kodi Shortcut to the desired position. Now you’ve got it perfectly positioned on your Firestick / Fire TV / Fire TV Cube’ home screen. Now we are pretty close!

Kodi shortcut positioning

19.) Now, for launching Kodi, you will have to tap “continuebutton. On top of that button, you will see info mentioning that Kodi requires access of the files and media on your device to function.

launching Kodi

20.)  Tap allow when Kodi will ask you the access of photos, media, and files present on your device

Tap allow

21.) Now you will see Kodi preparing for the first run. Be patient till the loading completes.

Kodi Loading

22.) Now, after a lot of clicks, you’ve got Kodi 18.3 Leia home screen on Fire TV/Firestick/TV Cube.

Kodi 18.3 on your screen

If you want Kodi to perform well, then do look for 3rd party add-ons if you want to enjoy movies, live sports, TV shows, channels, etc.  In the further guide, I will not just suggest you the best Kodi addons, but also how to easily install them. Keep following!

Other Best Ways on Installing Kodi on Fire TV, Fire Stick, and Fire TV Cube

We discussed the best method, now it’s the time to explain other suitable methods for doing the same.

ES File Explorer

If you are an Android user, then you surely know about ES File Explorer. It’s the best file manager for Android. If you want to install and manage apps, then trust File manager.

Why should I prefer ES File Explorer over other similar apps?

ES File Explorer is so popular due to many reasons. Downloader is the most known function that this app provides, but besides that, there is much to enjoy. The cleaner Tool is a lovely thing. Many time it happens that your device’s memory is full and you have to clear some space.

Then you take a gander at all your apps and find that all of them are important, and you can’t delete anything from them. So, in such a situation, the Cleaner Tool provides you help. It makes space for you by removing Obsolete APK’s, advertisement junk, etc.

Most importantly, you don’t have to complete vast processes for cleaning space if you have ESFile Explorer. Just tap the “Cleanerbutton present at the upper right-hand corner and then choose “Clean now. “

Storage analyzer is another thing that you’ll love. It also cleans space for you. It shows the available space on your device. The benefit is that you get familiar with what actually is consuming more space in your device. Further, you can edit/permanently remove the app. If you are storing your content on your streaming device, then you should have ES File Explorer for managing stuff.

Now take a gander at the following steps for installing ES File Explorer.

1.) Firstly, you’ll have to go to “Apps from unknown sources” that you’ll find withing Fire TV settings and turn it ON.

Apps from Unknown Sources

2.) Now, after coming back to your home screen, type on search barES File Explorer,” and then select it once you find it there.

Select ES File Explorer

3.) Tap”Download

Tap download

4.) You’ll see a circle “open” button there. tap it.


5.) A “Welcome to ES File Explorer” message will appear. It will ask for the storage permission. Here, you need to tap “Agree.”

Tap agree

6.) on the left side, a Menu will appear. Go to “Tools” and tap it.


7.) Further, tap on “Download Manager.”

Download Manager

8.) After tapping there, four options will appear on the right side, out of which, you need to tap “New.”

Tap New

9.) Now a download option will appear, asking you the “Path” and “Name.” In front of both, you’ll see lines for filling, and on the line of “Path,” you have to fill https://troypoint.com/kodistable and tap “next.” Make sure you are entering the exact URL that I mentioned here.

Fill the Path

Tap next

10.) You’ve to select a name for this path. Tap “Next” after entering “Kodi” there on the line.

Enter Kodi

11.) Now you have filled both the entries. Hit the download button and wait the the downloading is completed.

Download Now

downloading is Progressing

12.) You will notice that the download is successful. Now Tap “Open File.”

Click Open File

13.) Tap “Install.”

Tap install

14.) For the last time, hit “Install.”


15.) Now complete the process by hitting “Done.”

Hitting the final done

Now you have successfully installed Kodi on your Fire TV Device. Everything was convenient, but if you’re looking for further convenience by doing the location arrangement of this app at the desired place on your screen, then also the process is pretty simple. I’m ready to help further!

Use AppStarter to Download Kodi on Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV

If you want to update Kodi, then AppStarter proves to be such a supportive tool! It helps in installing and managing apps. Suppose a new version of Kodi has arrived, and you aren’t willing to go through the whole installation process, and looking a shortcut, then use Appstarter for installing Kodi. Follow the steps to know the procedure:

1.) Firstly, go to Settings and turn On Apps from Unknown Sources.

turn On Apps from Unknown Sources

2.) Visit app store, install Downloader app, and open it. Now, for installing AppStarter, go to the Downloader URL box and type https://troypoint.com/as.

install AppStarter

3.) Hit “install” and then “Done.”

Click Install

Click Done

4.) You’ll see a “file download successfully” notice over there. Now hit delete.

file download successfully

5.) It will ask you to delete/cancel. Hit Delete once again.

Hit Delete

6.) Now, launch AppStarter. On your scree’s left side, you’ll see “Check for update” Install button. Hit that install button.

Check for update install

7.) Be patient till the downloading finishes.

Downloading in progreess

8.) Now, hit the “Install” and then “Done.”

Click Install

Click Done

9.) Now Kodi install is complete.. The developers of Kodi are excellent at updating this app! So, follow the steps above and use Appstarter, and come to know how convenient it is in comparison to carrying on the whole process of installation whenever a new update is available.

How To Add Fire TV App To Your Home Screen

Firstly, the process is simple. The process of arrangement of apps as per desire is something that you do need to know with the new interface of Fire TV Stick and Fire TV.  After you have the first look of your Fire TV home screen, you’ll find that your apps aren’t listed at one place. That doesn’t please, does it?

Everybody would like to have their favorite apps on the front side of their screen. That brings convenience. there is a category – ” Your apps and games.” Finding all of your favorite stuff under that is such a pleasure. Besides that, a “Recent” heading is there.

Many of you would like to get the solution of several apps present under that heading. Most importantly, removing those apps from there isn’t a hassle.

Let me show you how simple it is! Keep following.

  • Hold down your remote’s home button until you see a new screen.
  • Tap on “Apps” icon.
  • A New screen will show you all the apps on your Fire TV / Fire TV Stick.
  • Highlight all the apps which you desire to move.
  • After highlighting the app, click your remote’s “option” button (a button that indicates 3 horizontal lines on top of each other).
  • Now you’re free to move the chosen apps o the list’s beginning and place it at the desired place with the help of arrows present on the remote of your Fire TV / Fire TV Stick.
  • Now, if you prefer moving an app from under the “Recent” category on the front page, of the screen, just highlight the desired app (which you want to move from there), hit the “options” button and finally hit “remove from recent.” It was as simple!

Why should I install Kodi On Fire TV /Fire TV Stick?

You’ve got a Firestick with Kodi now, right? Well, what’s the main reason for installing Kodi on Fire Stick/ Fire TV? Undoubtedly you get endless streaming of high-quality videos, movies, TC shows, this, that on Amazon Fire TV/ Fire TV Stick, but Fire TV/FireStick Kodi provides you endless addons to multiply your viewing pleasure.

Most importantly, you don’t have to pay for Kodi addons. How cool is that! So, get Kodi for FireStick/ Fire TV, and enjoy high!

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