How to Install Kodi On FireStick: EASIEST METHOD EVER in 2020

Install Kodi on FireStick? Is it Possible? Would I be able? Calm down a bit! You will find every single solution here in this post.

How about we begin with some introduction. What is Kodi and why individuals need to install Kodi on FireStick and in various Android TVs streaming boxes? Additionally, look at the absolute best Android TV Box for Kodi if FireStick isn’t your decision.

Kodi is a sea of amusement where you can discover pretty much every film, anime, sports, TV Shows, TV Channels, and so forth. If you have a gadget with Kodi, at that point, you don’t require anything for your entertainment purposes.

Kodi has a humongous collection of entertainment media, and most importantly, it is entirely flexible. The Kodi’s designers modified the Kodi for various platforms like Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, Rasberry Pi. Numerous individuals are hopping up with the question— How to jailbreak a FireStick?

At that point, I asked, what’s the need? However, you can tap on the link to find your answers. We’ve narrated a separate review for that!

Presently your answer, FireStick is Android-based streaming gadget, and you can pretty easily install Kodi on FireStick /FireTV.

How to Install Kodi On FireStick

If you are here that implies you definitely think about Kodi and its further superpowers. You are here for knowing How to Install Kodi on FireStick. Well at first, Kodi was accessible on FireStick yet because of lawful issues, Kodi is never again accessible on the FireStick application store. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t install Kodi on FireStick.

There are certain methods out there which encourages you to install Kodi on FireStick. Most importantly, the strategy that we will apply is simple and speedy. You don’t require ES File Explorer, Apps2Fire sort of applications on PC/Android for installing Kodi on FireStick.

That implies you can undoubtedly get Kodi on FireStick without the use of a PC or smartphone. Truly, you can install Kodi on FireStick via PC yet that is a tiring and lengthy process. We will talk about the basic and most straightforward method for installing Kodi on FireStick.

The strategy we will examine here is a simple, straightforward, and snappy technique for getting Kodi for FireStick. You can pursue precisely the same technique for installing Kodi on Amazon FireTV also. The whole process won’t consume more than a few minutes, and it is truly a basic procedure. I would recommend you perform all the steps along with me.

Install Kodi on Firestick via Downloader

  1. On your FireStick’s Home Screen, go to Settings —Device — Developer Options.
  2. Presently, you need to turn on Apps from Unknown Source and ADB Debugging. Of course, “Applications from Unknown Source” is by default off and you simply need to turn it On. Likewise, press Yes when you see the popup.
  3. Presently return to home and reach App Store. You need to download an application known as “Downloader” by AFTVnews. Search for the application in your FireStick /FireTV’s home screen and then install it on your Firestick /FireTV.
  4. Subsequent to installing the Downloader application on FireStick, Open it. Now the requirement is to enter the URL that would make you reach Kodi application’s downloading page. On the firestick downloader application, rightly enter the URL This URL will give you a chance to download the app of Kodi on FireStick.
  5. The URL I have given is Kodi 18.3, which is a steady version. In the wake of downloading the Kodi, you would see the normal Android UI of installing the given application. That isn’t new to any of us. Simply install the Kodi on your Amazon FireStick.
  6. After you have completed the process till now, your Kodi FireStick is entirely ready to use. Now, open the Kodi on your FireStick and start streaming your preferred stuff.

Above URL not Working?

The URL I have given above is working completely fine till now but suppose if you discover any mistake while downloading the Kodi from that particular link, you can download the Kodi from the Kodi’s main site straightforwardly. To do that:

  1. Go to Downloader application which you installed previously. Presently, on the left side, you’ll see a Browser option. Open that and then go to Kodi’s official site which is
  2. Presently, go to the download page and then select the Android under Choose Your Weapon. Further, download the latest version. Subsequent to downloading it, install and Play.

There is another technique which is fundamentally the same as the one we just discussed. If you’ve got ES Explorer already installed on your FireStick or above technique did not work perfectly for you, you can attempt this one too.

Install Kodi on FireStick /FireTV via ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a well-known application for Android users. It’s none other than the ES File Explorer application that given you a chance to get to the directories as well as the folder’s path of your device no matter it is tablet Smartphone or Amazon FireStick. You can install Kodi on FireStick via ES File Explorer Download Manager. Pursue the means:

  1. Go to your Fire TV, pick Settings then System. Lastly, tap Developer Options.
  2. Turn on Allow applications from unknown sources.
  3. In the Amazon Fire Stick’s main, tap on the Search box.
  4. You’ll see a box there. Type ES Explorer there.
  5. Now pick the ES Explorer application icon to download and install it.
  6. Start the ES Explorer application.

That how we do it! You have effectively finished the initial step to get Kodi on FireStick Presently you should put Kodi on FireStick via the ES Explorer application which you recently downloaded and installed. This is what exactly you need to do to get Kodi for FireStick.

These are the two most favored strategies to install Kodi on your FireStick conveniently. Aside from them, there is one more technique to install Kodi on FireStick. You can install Kodi on your FireStick via PC. Here is the exact thing that you have to do to install Kodi on FireStick via PC/Laptop.

Install Kodi on FireStick via PC

Before installing Kodi on FireStick /FireTV via this technique, ensure your PC and FireStick are properly connected to the very same system.

So we should start

  1. Above all else, go to FireStick Settings. Then to Device and Developer Options.
  2. Now, turn on both the options which are Apps from Unknown Source and ADB Debugging.
  3. Presently, return to FireStick home. Further, search for the application—File Commander by Mobisystem Inc. After the application is found, hit install and open it.
  4. Now, on the main start, it will request the permission to gain admittance to media records in your FireStick. Allow it to do that.
  5. Presently, on the left side of the application’s home screen, you’ll see an option—PC File Transfer.
  6. Subsequent to opening the file transfer option, the Start Service option will appear. Tap on that.
  7. An IP Address and Port number will appear which you have to go into your PC/Laptop’s Web Browser.
  8. Enter that definite IP Address on PC’s browser. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, or some other internet browser.
  9. In the wake of heading off to that IP Address, you will see File Commander interface demonstrating you your FireStick’s storage directory.
  10. Presently, go to and then download Kodi V18.3 for Android.
  11. After downloading the Kodi apk document, open the file commander or folder where you desire to copy the apk document. Pick Download envelope.
  12. Presently dragging and dropping the apk file into Download Folder needs to be performed. You’ll see Uploading Status. Once it completes, return to FireStick and Stop the Service.
  13. Presently, with the help of File Commander application or ES File Explorer on your FireStick, go to Download Folder, and here you will see the copied Kodi apk.
  14. Simply tap the document and finally, install Kodi on FireStick.


That is the manner by which you can install Kodi on FireStick via PC/laptop. Undoubtedly, it’s a time-consuming process, as you need to perform a total of 14 steps!

First attempt to install Kodi on FireStick via first 2 techniques, if you discover any issue installing Kodi on FireStick through those two methods, at that point give a shot to the third strategy that is installing Kodi on FireStick utilizing PC/Laptop.

Kodi on FireStick is an extraordinary experience, and I trust it helped you in installing Kodi on FireStick /Fire Tv. Simply add some incredible Kodi add-ons and have a great time.

Kodi on FireStick /FireTV

Along these lines, that was the method through which you can get Kodi FireStick and FireTV Kodi at a similar spot. All the simplest methods are clarified above, and you can use any of them to get Kodi firestick. If you have any questions in your mind upon How to use Kodi on the FireStick, then my buddy, you don’t have to stress over that. It is the same Kodi that you are utilizing on your phone or PC. You can simply install Exodus on Kodi and have a great time.

Many users are encountering an issue with Exodus addon as the makers have closed down the Exodus addon and there won’t be any further updates of this addon. If Exodus stopped working, you could install Covenant on Kodi, which is a great option for your contrast to Exodus.

You can likewise install Kodi builds which will give all so much fantastic Kodi add-ons in just a single installation. I want you to try the best Kodi builds for your FireStick and for different gadgets.

Kodi FireStick Combo: The positives and negatives

Kodi on FireStick is an incredible combination. That is to say, and you can appreciate all the extraordinary amusement at a similar spot with your family on the greater screen and that also for nothing (FireStick isn’t free). However, with regards to genuine amusement experience, you will never get genuine and clean excitement.

Kodi is a streaming application that streams recordings from unknown sources which can go down one day or another. Besides, there is a great deal of glitches related to Kodi. Now and again application crashes, low-quality video, stream not accessible, sound or captions unsynced, and so forth.

FireStick is to be sure an incredible streaming stick. FireStick has Android-based OS, and it enables you to install the absolute most noteworthy services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and so on which really are a genuine and clean wellspring of stimulation. You will get the best stimulation experience for these services.

How to Install Kodi On FireStick: The conslusion

Kodi FireStick combination can work for a specific timeframe. In addition, streaming copyrighted content through obscure sources likewise prompts lawful encroachments. That is the reason VPN is required to stream recordings on Kodi on FireStick.

If you are enjoying Kodi on FireStick or on some other gadget, it is constantly proposed to use VPN. ExpressVPN is preferred by many experts across the globe. You can use ExpressVPN to verify your web connection. There are other VPN services which one can use ExpressVPN yet is the thing that I will suggest.

Along these lines, Kodi on FireStick isn’t awful, yet that doesn’t mean it is great. For genuine stimulation, it is constantly recommended to choose Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, or to other such services. If you are great with normal amusement, go for Kodi FireStick team. That all relies upon your decision. Further, We’ve got Best Kodi builds, and best Kodi apps for you.

Once you have installed Kodi, there are chances that a fresh version of Kodi is released. Updating is always beneficial, as you get extra features and more convenience. If you are using Kodi Krypton, then I recommend you to Update you Kodi to version 18.3.

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