How To Install Open Subtitles Addons on Kodi in 2020

At a first look, Kodi is only a free, straightforward, open-source media player. Kodi is equipped for playing the greater part of the formats you can toss at it, which makes it extremely dependable. Open Subtitles are very important to enhance the viewing experience.

Besides, what makes it truly engaging for users around the globe is the plenty of add-ons and builds which all you can install over the base version. Incidentally, those are free. Kodi has long crossed the PC outskirts and is currently accessible on everything from Android to Fire TV Stick.

With the support of the correct builds, you can use Kodi for streaming TV shows, movies, and various multimedia. Besides that, some add-ons will enable you to watch live TV, tune in to the radio and even enjoy games.

Given how incredible Kodi is, it should not shock anyone that its equipped for showing subtitles for the media content. As you can anticipate from an open-source venture, there are a few different ways of adding subtitles on Kodi.

How To Install Open Subtitles Addons on Kodi

How to get subtitles on Kodi?

Pursue the guide beneath for knowing how to download these subtitles add-ons and configure them on Kodi. As a bonus, we likewise added a guide on empowering programmed captions for specific languages. Now I want you to add subtitles to Kodi with us!

The steps mentioned below are organized in a functional manner. To maintain enough distance from any confusion, if it’s not too much trouble follow them all together.

How about we start installing Kodi opensubtitles.

1. Complete the free registration at on Kodi. You aren’t supposed to pay anything.

2. Tap the Settings icon that appears similar to a gear.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Tap on settings

3. Tap Add-ons.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Tap Add-ons.

4. Tap Install from repository.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Install from Repository

5. Now hit Kodi Add-on repository.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Kodi Add-on repository

6. Further, Tap Subtitles.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Tap Subtitles

7. Tap

Install open Subtitles Addons

8. Now you have to hit Install.

Install open Subtitles Addons


9. Focus on the top-right corner of your screen, and there you’ll see the message popping-up. Once the installation of opensubs is complete, move further.

Install open Subtitles Addons message

10. Tap Open item once again.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Tap Open

11. Tap Configure.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Click Configure

12. Enter username & password (the same credentials which you enetered while registering for the free account.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Enter username and password

13. Tap player.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Click Player

14. Go to Language on left. Further, change the subtitle language as per desire on right.

Install open Subtitles Addons

change your preferred subtitle language

15. tap Default TV show service.

Install open Subtitles Addons

Click Default TV show service

16. Tap


17. Tap Default movie service.

Click Default movie service

18. Tap


19. Now play your desired Movie/Tv show for which you want subtitles. On the remote, tap Ok buttonfor opening playback bar.

Play your movie or TV show

20. tap the subtitle icon (your screen’s bottom-right corner).

Click the subtitle icon

21. Tap Download subtitle.

Click Download subtitle

22. tap subtitle file having a good rating.

Click a subtitle file

23. You are now able to see the subtitles on TV shows/movies.

Subtitles may show in movies & tv shows

24. Chances are there that the subtitles don’t match with the on-screen voice. If it’s so, then return to the Subtitle icon.

go back into Subtitle icon.

25. Now you have to download a fresh subtitle which you can later on try.  Subtitle offset to syncing subtitles if you are not successful with that.

First download a new Subtitle file

You’ve successfully completed the process of installing open subtitles on Kodi. Now, as you’ve got the best subtitles for Kodi, the experience is going to be high!

Kodi subtitles automatic download setup

If you use captions a great deal and are worn out on constantly setting them up each time you watch any film, you can add another application that will consequently open these subtitles download menu each and every time you begin a film. That way, the only further advance you should take is to pick a specific caption set.

To do this, click add-ons, then to download, then tap services, and finally Autosub. Install the autosub in a simple manner as you do with various other addons.

Subtitles tracking issue: The solution

Regardless of whether you select a caption set with a high rating, it’s as yet conceivable to keep running crosswise over sets whose following is off. If this occurs, select “subtitles” while you are playing the movie. At that, point tap on “subtitle offset.”

You will see control on the screen which you can use for changing the planning of the subtitles, so they pair perfectly with the audio. That much easy it was!

How To Install Open Subtitles Addons on Kodi: The conclusion

Now you know how to add subtitles to Kodi. Now I will tell my experience. When I understood you can setup Kodi subtitles for the movies, regardless of whether they initially had no subtitles on Kodi, and that, to get subtitles to show, it doesn’t make a difference if you have media on a home server, or if you stream through addons.

For example, Genesis Kodi Addon or Icefilms Plugin for Kodi. I was astonished because of this reality, yet additionally because these subtitles are totally configurable exactly as you would prefer. You can modify their shading, size, position on the screen, delay.

Besides that, you can provide them stereoscopic depth. You can also have them show in any language. So if your local language isn’t English, or you are adapting some other language and further using movies as a supportive method to do it, the subtitles bring one more degree of customization and satisfaction to your Kodi experience that you shouldn’t miss.

I used the method to enjoy Exodus subtitles, and further, did much more. I wish you also gain the same experience that I did.

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