How To Jailbreak FireStick in August 2020 – step by step Complete Guide

By the end of this guide, you will have complete knowledge on How to jailbreak FireStick and along with that how to install the popular streaming applications for free TV shows, movies, sports, Live TV, and lot more.

Make a note, this jailbreak method of 2020, which is demonstrated here, also works well on the FireStick 4K, FireTV Cube, and Fire TV. Before jumping directly onto the topic “How to Jailbreak FireSrick” let’s have a look through the basics!

Basics of Jailbreaking FireStick

Nowadays, Amazon FireStick has unarguably taken the position of most popular streaming device. A low-cost feature-rich yet simple device is capable of converting any regular HDMI compatible TV into a smart TV. 

With the help of FireStick, you can stream a range of content from online entertainment services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and many TV Networks. But not to forget all these entertainment channels comes with subscription fees in order to watch their content. 

And, these subscription fees aren’t cheap; they are capable enough of burning a big hole in your pocket.

This is the reason why we jailbreak FireStick. Now the main question, you may ask, what is Jailbreaking FireStick? It is nothing but a process of removing the imposed restrictions and to get you free access to the thousands of your favorite shows, movies, sports, live TV channels, and more. 

Technically, we are not really jailbreaking the FireStick just because we are not installing modified firmware. However, this is how modern cord-cutters hunt for this topic, so this is how we ended up with the title for this post. 

While jailbreaking most electronics as such tablets or phones, at that time, we are supposed to install modified firmware. You can consider firmware as the operating system for the device. Fortunately, we are not supposed to do that with the FireStick!

After we have jailbroken the Fire TV stick, we can sideload apps onto the device that we usually can’t get without subscription fees.

And, yes, don’t worry! Jailbreaking a Fire TV Stick is totally legal. You have purchased the device so you own it, and are free to install anything you like. However, if you are streaming pirated content on it than that would be illegal.

(Disclaimer: Here, we do not support or promote streaming copyrighted content.)

How To Jailbreak FireStick

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to successfully jailbreak your FireStick in no time. Let’s get started!!

Step 1: Setting Up the Fire TV Stick for Jailbreaking

First of all, you need to change some settings on Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube to get started with the process of jailbreaking. These are basic setting which needs to get tweaked to get started. Just make one thing clear in mind, by following these steps, you are NOT manipulating any core files of the operating system or infiltrating any system settings

Now, you might be getting worried about how difficult these tasks might be? But, there’s nothing to worry about these hacks are way more simple than you think. Also, you won’t need any computer, all you need is good internet connectivity, your Fire TV Stick and it’s remote.

1. Open the Settings menu from the menu bar on the top right corner of the FireStick home-screen with the help of your remote.

2. Now select and open My Fire TV or Device if Fire TV Stick is with an older version.



3. On the next screen, open Developer Options.



4. Now turn ON or enable Apps from Unknown Sources.



5. When prompted, hit the Turn on button.



6. Now, go back to the Settings option by pressing the back button on the remote once.

After then go for Preferences.



7. Select and click Privacy Settings.



8. Turn OFF the Device Usage Data and, along with that, also disable Collect App Usage Data.



9. Once again, go back to the Preferences option (by pressing the back button one time from the remote.)

And then, click the Data Monitoring option.



10. Turn OFF Data Monitoring.


Once successfully completing all these steps, now your FireStick is prepared for the jailbreak process. Let’s get to the next segment.

Step 2: Install Downloader on FireStick

Step 2nd involves the installation of the Downloader, which is a damn convenient sideloading tool for Amazon FireStick and even for other Android devices. Also, this free app can easily be downloaded from the Amazon App Store within a fraction of minutes.

If you have a jailbroken FireStick, then Downloader is a must-have tool. Moreover, it will open gates for us to download and install various apps that are not available within the Amazon App Store. And the best part is, Downloader can be effortlessly downloaded from the Amazon App Store.

1. Go to the home screen of Amazon Fire TV Stick and, with the help of remote, select the icon with lens symbol, which is a Search option in the top-right corner.



2. Now using the on-screen keypad search for Downloader. When Downloader is in the search results, click on it.



3. Click the Downloader app on the next screen and Download it.



4. Next, click Open to begin the Downloader app.



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Step 3: Jailbreak FireStick

By installing Kodi in your Fire TV Stick, you would accomplish the last step to jailbreaking. Kodi is a media application that opens the gate to the massive world of free entertainment. Not only Kodi, there are many more apps that would provide you the same, but Kodi being the most popular among them is widely used. As being said, it allows you to watch your favorite Shows, Movies, Sports, TV Channels, also content for Kids, and much more. 

With Kodi installed, you can stream anything you wish. All you gonna need is the right Kodi Addons and Builds.

We are going to jailbreak the Fire TV Stick with Kodi using the Downloader application, which you have just downloaded from the Amazon Store. Here, follow these steps:

1. Open the Downloader. Click textbox where it says http://


2. When the window is displayed, enter this  URL and click GO


3. Now, wait for the Downloader application to complete the downloading for the Kodi 18 Leia APK


4. When the file is downloaded click Install


5. Then, wait for the Kodi APK to install


6. Once App is installed, it will be followed by the notification that will confirm the Kodi installation on your Amazon FireStick.

With this, your Amazon FireStick is now jailbroken.

To run Kodi, click Open. And, if you want to open later, then click Done. You can open Kodi later from the “Your Apps & Channels list.”


7. For the first time, Kodi will take a minute or two to open. That’s normal! Check this out; this is how the Kodi home-screen looks like.


Wondering, what to do next? For now, Kodi is a clean slate with nothing to play. 

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How to Jailbreak FireStick With ES File Explorer method

You need not required to follow these steps if your Firestick is already jailbroken with the technique mentioned above. Use the ES File Explorer method to jailbreak FireStick only if the Downloader app is unavailable in your region. Also, note that free sideloading is no longer available with ES File Explorer. You will require a paid subscription which costs around $9.99 per month. Moreover, the app offers a 7-day free trial.

Follow these simple steps to jailbreak your Firestick with ES File Explorer method:

  1. Go to Settings from there click on My Fire TV
  2. Open Developer Options
  3. After then Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
  4. Now go back to the Settings page
  5. Open Preferences then go for Privacy Settings
  6. Disable both Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data
  7. Once this is done, go to the home screen of your Fire Stick
  8. From the top-left corner select the Search tool
  9. Now with the help of your FireStick or Fire TV or Fire TV Cube Remote Type ES File Explorer 
  10. Then Click ES File Explorer when it shows up in the search results
  11. Once it appears in the result click Download and wait while it is being downloaded and installed
  12. To run the ES File Explorer app Click Open 
  13. Select and click the Downloader icon on the right side of the ES File Explorer
  14. At the bottom Click +New 
  15. Enter URL in the Path field. And, in the Name field enter the name
  16. Click Download Now
  17. Whenever the Kodi APK file is completely downloaded, click Open file
  18. And on the next prompt click Install 
  19. On the next window scroll down to the bottom right and click again Install
  20. At last, soon, you will see the App installed notification.

 And with that, finally! You will have a jailbroken Firestick now onwards.

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