[Solved] How to make a lead in Minecraft? [2 easy fixes]

How to make a lead in Minecraft is a common question that arises when a player needs to use the Lead. Lead can be obtained in three different ways that you will see later in this article. In this article, you will see the details of materials required to make a lead, uses of Lead, where it is found, etc. Let us see some important information related to the Lead tool in Minecraft.

How to make a lead in Minecraft

Uses of Lead in Minecraft

Many players like grabbing animals in the game of Minecraft. Acquiring animals like cats, horses, dogs, and foxes is something that most gamers will love to do. These animals are used as your traveling or riding partners. To keep them with you safely, you will need a Lead. 

So, basically, a lead is a Minecraft tool that ties up the animals to keep them safe from running away. Lead can elongate a maximum of up to 10 blocks. It is a reusable tool. You have to collect it from the ground after using it, and it can be reused again whenever needed. If animals are not tied with the Lead, they are able to roam. The main thing is that it is not easy to make or find a lead. You can craft a lead as well as get it from the game. The steps are given in the further article. Please read it carefully to get accurate information about how to craft lead Minecraft.

Steps to create a lead in Minecraft

Lead is used to bind animals. Use of Lead mainly includes binding fences so that animals cannot run away. And it is also used to tie them up from saving them from running away. It is a helpful tool. You have to follow the ways mentioned below to craft a Minecraft lead.

1: Requirements to craft a lead:

If you are willing to craft a lead, then you will require the following materials to craft lead:

– One slimeball.

– Four strings.

Slimeball is present when you murder the slime mob. Slimes are present underground below the 40th layer. It is also present in baby pandas when they sneeze. Wandering traders also sell slimes. You can also get nine slimeballs from putting one slime block into a crafting block.

Strings are obtained from killing spiders. You can find spiders at any time in Minecraft. Strings are present in the spawner chests.

2: Crafting a box pattern:

Open the crafting box in Minecraft Windows or other edition of Minecraft that you are using and place the above elements in the pattern as mentioned below:

1st Row: string element, string element, empty space

2nd Row: string element, slimeball

3rd Row: empty space, empty space, string element

How to make a lead in Minecraft

3: Move the Lead to Inventory 

If materials is in a proper pattern, it will notify you that your Lead is ready and will be seen in the box next to the crafting 3×3 square. You have to pick up the Lead from there and place it in the inventory place below the 3×3 square. Congratulations! You have successfully created a lead in Minecraft. Now you can use it whenever you need to use it. This method will help you to make two leads at a time.

Below given is the list of controls that you have to perform in different editions to use Lead:

Edition Control
Java Edition (Desktop Edition) Right click on the animal
PE Pocket Edition Move pointer to the animal and click the Leash button
PS3 and PS4 Press the L2
Xbox 360 and Xbox One Press the LT button
Nintendo Press ZL
Wii U Press ZL
Windows 10 Right click on the animal
Education Edition Right click on the animal


Another way to get a lead or How to make a lead in Minecraft:

If you are not able to craft a lead, then you can get the Lead from the chests of Woodland Mansion. Woodland Mansion are present in the Dark Forest and Dark Forest Hills biomes. 

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