[Solved] How to make banners in Minecraft? Easy solutions

How to make banners in Minecraft is one of the most common questions that Minecraft gamers ask. In this article, you will get the required information about Minecraft banners. It is advisable for you to read the whole article to get an accurate solution for your query.

Minecraft banners are one of the important decorative items in Inventory that you possess. The banners are mostly used as a flag or to decorate any shield. You will require six pieces of wool and one stick to banner crafting. The Banner will be of the same color as of the wool. 

How to make Minecraft banners

How to make banner in Minecraft?

In this article, you will get an easy and simple solution for making a banner. You will have to gather the following ingredients to make Banner in Minecraft:

– 6 pieces of wool of the color of Banner you want to prepare

– 1 stick

Place the ingredients mentioned above in the crafting menu in a proper pattern. The pattern is as below:



3rd Row: Empty, STICK, empty

Now, if you have placed these things as per the pattern, then you will get the Banner in the next box present beside the crafting box. You have to move Banner from there and place it into the inventory box present below the crafting table.

How to make Minecraft banner

Congratulations! You have made your Banner, and you can use it whenever you want and you can make decorative shields, decorate other things in Minecraft using the Banner. You will need 6 Wool and one stick per Banner. If you want different colored banners, then gather different colors of wool.

How to obtain Banner?

Illager named banners can be obtained by killing Illager patrols. You can also gather the banners from Woodland Mansion, End Cities, Pillager Outposts, and Savannah villages. Obtaining a banner is easy in Java edition.

You can also buy a banner. How? Here is the answer. First, you have to find an expert cartographer villager. He might sell you banners in three emeralds. Here is the image of a cartographer villager.

How to make Minecraft banner

How to break banners?

Banners can be broken easily, even without any tool. But, if you use an axe to break a banner, then the task becomes super easy in all edition including the java edition.

How to get a White banner?

There are two ways to obtain a white banner. One way is to craft it using six white wool types and one stick in the crafting table. Another way is to add any colored banner in the second row, first box, and Bleach in the second row, 2nd box. This step will help you to create a white banner if you do not have white wool.

How to make patterns in banners or banner patterns?

There are multiple banner patterns available in Minecraft banners. You have to combine different objects with the Banner in the crafting table. There are mainly 6 patterns or more in banners. Below given is the list of objects that combine with banners and make different banner pattern on the banners:

Brick block + Banner = Brickwork pattern

Brick block + Banner + dye = colorful Brickwork pattern

Dye + Vine + Banner = Fancy Border

Creeper head + Banner + Dye (optional) = Creeper face

Wither head + Banner = Skull and crossbones

Oxeye daisy + Banner = Flower

Enchanted golden apple + Banner = Mojang logo

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