How to make potions in Minecraft? Easy solutions

The question How to make potions in Minecraft, and what is a potion? This question is one of the common questions among players of Minecraft. Especially the players who are new and have just started to play this game. Many players are looking for a solution to this question. In this article, you will get a proper, easy, and step-wise solution for how to brew Minecraft potions. Please read the complete article to get an accurate fix for your query.

What is a potion?

You can think of a potion as a boon for you in the Minecraft game. Potion increases your strength, restores health, etc. It can also be harmful to your enemies, depending upon the ingredients in it. The process of making a potion is called brewing in Minecraft. Now in the later article, you will see a step-wise description of how to make Minecraft potions. Please read it carefully.

How to make potions and ingredients required for brewing?

To make a potion in Minecraft, you will need a brewing stand first. Potions cannot be made on the crafting table. Ingredients to make a potion and are hard to find and craft. But, you do not have to worry about that. In this article, you will get an easy and step-wise description of how to reach the final step of making a potion.

First, you have to craft a brewing stand. You will get the perfect steps of how to make a brewing stand in Minecraft in this link. After you have made this brewing stand, please place it in Inventory and then place it on the game’s ground.

Secondly, you will require blaze powder and 1 to 3 glass bottles. You can craft glass bottles using the crafting table. You will require 3 glasses to make one glass bottle. Place the glass in the following pattern in the crafting table: In the first row, empty, empty, empty. In the second row, glass, empty, glass, and in the third row, empty, glass, and empty. If you have placed glasses correctly, then you will get 3 water bottle in the next box. 

How to make Minecraft potion?

Move it to Inventory and use it when you have to place it in the brewing stand at the time of making a potion. You can get blaze powder by killing the blaze mob violently. Blaze powder is also necessary for brewing potions. Blaze rod is also obtained by killing blaze  mobs.

In the third step

Fill the water bottle with water. You have to right-click on the water while holding the bottle. This step will help you to fill the bottle with water. After this step, you can begin brewing.

In the fourth step, you have to visit the Nether forest to gather the basic ingredient like Nether wart and soul sand. You have to take your weapons, especially the enchanted ones. You have to kill enemies there and gather these elements and come back to the survival world or to the normal world of your game.

In the fifth step, you have to place 1 to 3 bottles in the brewing stand, one blaze powder, and Nether wart, as shown in the picture given below. When the brewing process is completed, then you will get an awkward potion.


Once you have successfully made an awkward potion, you will easily make different potions by adding the additional ingredients from different places. Some potions are useful to you and increase your strength. At the same time, some negative potions are used to harm enemies.

List of different ingredients:


The base is an important element to make a potion. Different bases make different potions. In the list given below, you will get to know that which base is used to make which potion.

Base Potion
Nether wart Awkward potion
Redstone dust (Redstone dust is used in many potions) Mundane potion
Glowstone Dust Thick potion
Fermented spider eye Weakness potion (Night vision affected negatively)

Magma creame and Awkward potion can be combined to make a potion of fire resistance. Fire resistance potion is an important potion that will save you from fire.

Other ingredients:

These ingredients will tell you the effect of the potion that you want to make.

Name Effect
Blaze powder Strength
Fermented spider eye Taking away or decreasing strengths (to be used on enemies)
Ghast Tear Regenerating
Golden Carrot Night vision
Glistering Melon Healing
Magma cream fire resisting strength
Pufferfish (main component for water breathing awkward potion) Water breathing
Rabbit foot Leaping
Sugar Swiftness
Spider’s eye Poison (Night vision affected negatively)
Phantom Membrane Slow falling

Potion of Swiftness is used to slow down the process. Potion of Swiftness slow down the effect also.

Different Converters:

They decide the ratio, time, strength, etc., of the potions. You can use only one converter at a time.

Converter Task
Redstone Extends Length of the Effect
Fermented Spider Eye Inverts the effect (negative)
Glowstone Dust Extends Strength
Dragon’s Breath Lingering
Gunpowder Splash potion (Splash potion to throw at someone)

Splash potion of poison is used to throw at your enemies. Potion of poison harms the enemy and you should take care while using it.

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