How to Play Music through Mic in 2020! [Simple Steps]

The latest fad, which is gaining momentum among the gamers, is the inclusion of music while playing games online. Earlier, playing music was limited to the speakers and stereo mix system at home. But, now things have changed. The majority of gamers use the Mic to play music and audio. This audio and music are used to communicate with the players or to irritate them. There is no need for any pro gamers’ tips to implement it. So let’s start this tutorial on ‘How to play Music through Mic.’

While playing the game on the Origin platform, if you encounter issues, then here are various solutions to it.

How to Play Music through Mic in Windows 10 and talk

Windows 10 is one of the most common and most used Operating System. This section presents the ways in which you can play Music through Mic and communicate in windows 10. There are numerous apps in windows 10 that will help you playing Music through Mic. Some examples of the apps are VoiceMeeter, Morphvox, Soundpad, Clownfish, Rust Down board, etc.

You would have witnessed many gamers and tubers using funny music and roasts amidst their games and videos. You can also use various interaction and collaboration apps like Skype, Vrchat or Spotify in the game. Now comes the answer to the question, ‘How to play music through Mic windows 10?’

You would need to follow this path:

Control Panel> Hardware & Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Recording and enabling Stereo Mix> Set it to the ‘default Mic ’.

As you finish this step, you can use any of the software’s mentioned in the list above.

How to Play Music through Mic in Discord

Discord familiarity is not unknown. It is a heaven app for all the gamers looking for surreal chats, audio, video, and texts. To add cheery to the cake is playing music directly from Youtube. Now you can do this within a span of a short time. Discord would already be installed in your system. Next, you have to do is Rhythm, FredBot, and MedalBot. These software’s have the bots that play audio and music according to the instructions via some written commands. For example, using the MedalBot plug-in, type the following command,

m!play Song Name

This command will play a song via MedalBot. For stopping

this song, type the following commands,


Thus, using various bots as plug-ins, you can figure out how to play sounds through Discord.

Step by Step process to play Music over Mic

This section describes the step by step process if you want to play Music over Mic. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

1. First of all, download a voice application like Clownfish, VoiceMeeter, Morphvox, Soundpad, and Rust Soundboard.

2.Next, connect your Microphone (Mic) to this path Control Panel> Hardware & Sound> Manage Audio Devices > Recording > Enable Stereo Mix> Setting it to the default Mic.

3.Include the songs or audio that you want to play in these soundboard apps.

Now, play your music via Mic.

Different software’s to play Music over Mic

Are you also fascinated by the gamers who use different sound and audio effects during their games? Stay rest assured as we will help you have them. We present a list of software apps that will tutor you on how to play audio through Mic.

Clownfish Voice changer

Do not mix Clownfish voice changer with a variety of fish. It is a fantastic voice application used to mix audios. You can integrate interesting background music to your oh-so-normal calls and make them exciting. Clownfish offer a plethora of effects. Some of them are Alien, Robotic, Clone, Male Pitch, Atari, Mutation, Silence, Female Pitch, Baby Pitch, Robot, Radio, Custom Pitch ,and much more.

The numerous features of the clownfish app include:-

-Top-notch audio control

-Playlist feature

– Many media formats supported

-Sound Player with in-build sounds and management

-VST(Virtual Studio Technology) plug-in support.

-Multiple Operating systems supported by Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

-Does audio mix up for many chat apps like Skype, steam, hangouts, ooVoo, Viber, Ekiga, Jitsi, Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak, and Ventrilo.

You can download the Clownfish audio mixer from this link. Also, the company has all rights reserved for this app.

VoiceMeeter plus Soundmeter

As the name suggests, you can use this app for multiple purposes like the audio mix, measuring voice as well as Soundmeter. You can rightly call it as a ‘Universal Virtual Audio Device’ to connect everything.

The features of this wonderful app include:

-Compatible with numerous interactive apps like Skype or Google Voice

-Used as Mic for communication with team members while playing the game

-Virtual mixer dealing with a different type of audio sources and audio points

-Recording for an interview or podcast

-Overall management of sound resources on the computer.

Go through these steps to get VoiceMeeter in your system

  1. Download VoiceMeeter and Soundboard
  2. Open Task Manager > Open the startup tab > Enable these two apps
  3. Enable VoiceMeeter output and input.
  4. Set input of VoiceMeeter as the output of Soundboard
  5. Ensure that the game is using VoiceMeeter out as its input device

And then you are good to go.

Get this awesome app from here.


It is another worth trying alternative to playing audio through Mic. It has dual i.e. free as well as paid versions. But, as per many reviews, the paid version has more features compared to the free versions. So you should prefer the paid version.

The main features of Morphvox include voice exchange, audio mixing, text to speech, compatible with many operating systems like Mac and hotkeys.

With the help of voice exchange, you can change your voice and try various mimic effects, which would be great fun. You can also combine voice exchange with hotkeys, which makes the user interface of Morphvox easier.

Get Morphvox here.


The fourth app on our hit list is Soundpad. Soundpad is also a communication and audio mix app with some extra features.

The extra features that make Soundpad special are:-

-Special hotkeys for different functionalities. These hotkeys are immensely handy and helpful in performing the functionalities quickly. You can access hotkeys even in the full-screen gaming mode.

-You can also get control of other controls like blocking your Mic while talking to others, curating your own playlist, playing sounds on your speaker and phone. A simple hotkey combination of ‘CTRL +ENTER’ can help you find and access your favorite songs.

-Another noteworthy feature of this app is recording sound, which is not available in the apps mentioned above.

To download Soundpad, click here.

Rust Soundboard

We have preserved the best for the last. If you are a fan of cringy sound effects, then you will surely like Rust Soundboard. This sound effect is the first preference for many You tubers and content creators. The famous cringy sounds preferred by gamers and users are metal screw sounds, squeaky sounds, spring-loaded metal door sounds, and many other cringy effect sounds.

You can get Rust Soundboard from here.

Other methods to play Music over Mic

Apart from the main apps and ways mentioned in the previous section, this section describes the way to play audio that will describe playing Music through Mic.

Using VAC (Virtual Audio Cable)

Just imagine a scenario where Physical Audio Cable is not available. Do you still want to play music through Microphone? Do you want to know how? There exists a virtual audio cable. Yes, You can set the input and output of the cable as per your preference. Before discussing it, we should have an idea of what a Virtual Microphone is. A virtual Microphone is a simple audio driver that comes with input and output, similar to the physical microphone.

Virtual Audio Cable is also an audio driver that acts as a physical audio cable on similar grounds. It also has input and output connections. This VAC is connected to some audio sources. Then the audio signals go in and then go out into some other program like any Voice over app or game.

You can download Virtual Cable from here.

Stereo Mix

This feature is an in-built feature of every audio driver’s installation package, supporting the audio playback. It is also known as ‘Rec. Playback’.

Do the steps below to make it work in your system

-Click on Recording Device

-Right-click it and in the ‘Recording’ tab, tick ‘Show Disabled Devices’

-Find and enable stereo mix (or. Record Playback)

-Make sure to mark it the default device

Stream Spotify Through Mic

Spotify is another fascinating option to play music through Mic. Go through these steps to enable Spotify streaming.

1) Go to your PC settings> App volume and device preferences

2) Set Spotify’s Output to VoiceMeeter Input

3) Leave A2 as it is

4) Click on 1st HARDWARE INPUT in VoiceMeeter and select your very own microphone.

5) Make sure to Set VoiceMeeter Output as its Input Device and then start playing music via Spotify

How to Play Music through Mic

How to test the sound played through Mic?

Just connecting the Microphone and various apps to your PC is not enough. You need to check the sound if it is working as expected or not if you want to play music. You can do so in two ways. Firstly, you can use the ‘Audacity’ app. Secondly, you can also test the Mic in Discord. Apart from the other two apps, many users have also successfully tested the sound in the ‘Teamspeak’ app. You also let us know if they worked for you? However, if you know any other apps apart from these three apps, let us know in the comment box.

If you are facing Screen share audio not working in Discord, click here.


Can you play music through Mic without Physical Mic?

Yes, you can play music through Mic even without physical Mic via Virtual Mic and Virtual Audio Cable.

Are the speaker and microphone the same? Justify.

No speaker and microphone are different. Speaker is mainly used for sound output, i.e., to play the sound, whereas the microphone is used for sound input, i.e., to capture the sound.

Can the speaker and Microphone’s functionality be interchanged?

Yes, you can change the functionality of the speaker and Microphone with small settings and changes.

Are these virtual audio mixing arrangements great?

Well, suppose you are a professional gamer. In that case, it will be slightly disappointing to say that these virtual systems are just an alternative, and they can never replace the music mixers’ actual physical mechanisms.


This post is an introduction to the speedy evolutions that technology is making. In olden times music was limited to their Walkman, radio, and music players. Now, it has expanded its scope and reachability to apps and integration with PCs and gaming systems. Some of you may feel that the steps are a bit lengthy or cumbersome, but once you are done, you can enjoy playing music through the Mic. Many users have successfully tried the ‘How to play Music through Mic ‘methods mentioned above. We hope that you, too, will successfully in your attempts.

We like to hear from you and welcome your queries, comments, and suggestions. You may scribe them in the comment box below.

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