How to Setup Kodi IPTV M3U Playlist URL [Easy guide] in 2020

IPTV M3U playlist URL is among the best things that Kodi IPTV offers. A few might not agree with me. You definitely will, and once you read about the IPTV M3U playlist URL in this review and know all the benefits, you will start considering and praising it high.

M3U playlists have brought stormy revolution in the world of viewing television and elevated the experience to the next level. With the arrival of M3U, elimination of satellite TV broadcasting networks and traditional cable has taken place.

In this guide, you’ll learn setting up M3U playlist URL for Kodi, accessing it with simple client settings, free URL playlists, and what not! We will discuss PVR IPTV simple client M3U playlist URL of 2019.

Once you’ve got IPTV M3U playlist URL free, you will be able to access movies in French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and various other languages.

So, let’s begin!

How to Setup Kodi IPTV M3U Playlist URL in 2020

M3U playlist URL

M3U playlist URL

Here, I am going to demonstrate to you how you can set up Kodi PVR IPTV Simple Client for enjoying free streaming of channels. The M3U playlist players’ list by Kodi IPTV is among the best ones available out there for watching live IPTV channels. There is much to know about it.

How to access PVR IPTV Simple Client Settings on Kodi

Instead of going through long steps, let me keep it the simplest way possible. Just keep on clicking the following items one after another the way I have written down.

Add-onsMy Add-ons — PVR Clients — PVR IPTV Simple Client — Configure.

How to add IPTV PVR Plugin M3U Playlist URL on Kodi

For adding various IPTV channels to Kodi, simply input the M3U playlist URL. Follow the steps below:

  • 1. Open general settings. Then click M3U Playlist URL.
  • is the cCloud Atom 2018 M3U playlist URL which you need to enter there. After that, tap OK.
  • For saving Kodi settings, tap OK once again.
  • Return to the PVR IPTV Simple Client. Tap Enable.
  • A dialog will explain you the number of IPTV channels which were added with this particular Kodi M3U playlist URL.

How to get IPTV M3U Playlists in your Kodi’s M3U player?

Kodi can use MP3 URL (M3U) playlist files for online video streaming from any of the IPTV free servers. These playlist files are capable of accessing much more than music and various other audio. Use the correct M3U playlist URL, and these playlists will bring the pleasure of streaming online videos.

If I use any additional addons for demonstrating to you how to enjoy watching live IPTV channels online, then it could be a bit confusing for you. So, for this guide, I have used Kodi as an M3U player for teaching you how to stream your desired movies and TV shows. We will set up the free IPTV M3U Playlist URL in your Kodi through a simple step-wise guide.

How to set up Kodi best M3U playlist URL of 2019 for Free IPTV Channels

If you want to enjoy watching IPTV channels, then Kodi makes a superb M3U player. Now let us access inbuilt Kodi IPTV PVR Plugin Settings through some easy steps.

  1. Open Kodi’s home screen. Then scroll down on the toolbar ( left-side) to the Add-ons item. Tap OK on it.
  2. Once you select Add-ons, you will see another screen showing you numerous tools. There you click My Add-ons.
  3. Further, choose PVR Clients under My add-ons.
  4. After selecting PVR clients, scroll to and tap on PVR IPTV Simple Client.
  5. At the bottom, you’ll see the Configure menu item. Tap that.

How to Add M3U Playlist URL to Your Kodi IPTV PVR Plugin

  1. Go to plugin’s General Settings and tap on M3U Playlist URL.
  2. is the cCloud Atom file 2018 M3U playlist URL which you need to enter here. After that, tap OK.
  3. You are going to return to the previous screen after you have completed the steps mentioned above. Once again you have to save the Kodi settings. So, Tap Ok.
  4. After that, you will automatically get to the PVR IPTV Simple Client window. At the bottom of the window, Enable button is visible, which you need to tap.
  5. A dialog will tell you how many channels were available on the list in the M3U playlist URL’s file which you recently added to Kodi.

How to Setup the M3U Playlist URL on Kodi for accessing Movies, IPTV channels, and TV shows without addons

This is the process which you definitely need to know. Follow the steps:

  1. With tapping your Firestick remote’s back button, return to your Kodi home screen. In the left menu, tap the TV item.
  2. You will be able to see a healthy list of IPTV channels among which you can select any that you want to watch.
  3. Now you are free to choose whichever form that list. Make sure you have hidden your IP address with a VPN.

What do M3U Playlist URL and M3U Playlists stand for

Once you enter the M3U playlist URL, you can enjoy watching IPTV channels for free. It also includes TV shows and movies. Once you’ve set up and activated the M3U player  IPTV free channels plugin, you are free to enjoy numerous online video streamings. The M3U file is nothing but a text file which contains media file URLs. These media files include M4A, MOV, MP3, AVI, and certain others.

The job of Kodi is to read this list of media file URLs and play any of the streaming media file present on the list for the user.

Is there any need of M3U Player?

Firstly, let me clear, there is no need to separately download PVR IPTV Simple Client M3U player. You can simply transform your Kodi Firestick into a superb free IPTV box. The point when you install Kodi, it’s ready to accept IPTV playlists. Kodi IPTV accesses the M3U file directly. It means that there is minimal interruption to your channels by addons.

The URL which I have provided int his guide will make sure that you are able to watch streams uninterrupted even when you aren’t having a speedy internet connection. Isn’t that amazing? Kodi allows you to set up ultimate playlist URLs for accessing content in your preferred language. Unlimited channels, movies, and music are all at your door!

Besides that, using a dependable VPN also makes sure that your viewing experience is smooth. Use the M3U playlist URL from a well-trusted source if you are looking for high results. Firstly, add a fresh M3U playlist URL. After that, reload for live free TV channels. As I stated you earlier, you don’t have to install any sorts of Kodi addons because Kodi has various M3U playlists inbuilt.

Setting Up Kodi IPTV M3U Playlist URL: Benefits

Firstly, you don’t have to shed anything form your pocket. Links and channels are all entirely free. It is so sweet that an amazing app like Kodi works on numerous platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and even FireOS. As a result, a vast portion of the public is able to take advantages of this amazing free app. Developers at the XBMC Foundation create these M3U playlists. It’s a non-profit tech consortium.

cCloud Atom free IPTV server playlist provides you hundreds of IPTV free links as well as channels. If you are still not satisfied, then there are thousands of more IPTV channels free. No matter what is your taste, you will find content regarding everything such as lifestyle, movies, sports, anime, TV shows, adult stuff, religious stuff, and what not!

Besides that, you are also able to enjoy movie channel IPTV M3U playlists (free) bringing you movies in various languages including Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese and furthermore.

You can try out the Playlist Loader Kodi addon if you are looking forward to using more than one M3U playlist and further make the availability of free IPTV URL list channels in every single of them at once. The other benefits are:

  • Playback is passed legitimately to Kodi from the M3U record. There is no possibility that a Kodi addon is some way or another to fault for non-working streams.
  • Kodi M3U players come with inbuilt in Program Guide (EPG) capacities.
  • It is so convenient to change to another M3U playlist and further reload the live TV.

How to take over Live IPTV Channels buffering issue

Before the PVR IPTV Simple Client URLs became publically available, the developers fully tested its efficiency to figure out whether buffering takes place or not. Whatever channel you access from a reputed IPTV M3U playlist URL, it won’t bring any buffering issue in case you are using a fast enough VPN. If you follow my steps, then I can guarantee the consistency of audio and video quality.

Inbuilt EPG for Kodi IPTV Channels

The Kodi PVR plugin for watching desired IPTV server ensures the inclusion of inbuilt electronic program guide (EPG) capabilities. This permits Kodi searches for the most trending Tv shows and movies. EPG is also called programming guides or TV guides. It s a menu-based system which brings Kodi a continuing flow of updated media lists.

Having EPG means you can conveniently access your desired content no matter classic or new. With this feature, you are permitted to backward scroll for finding catch up content. EPG is undoubtedly very beneficial.

Multilingual IPTV Channels

 As I said earlier, you enjoy multilingual support with PVR IPTV Simple Client. Once you have protected your IP by using VPN, M3U playlist URL from any corner of the world will work perfectly for you, without any interruption. Using Kodi, with sucheasey, you are able to access thousands of fo streaming Live action, TV shows, movies, etc. and this is the features loved by a large number of Kodi users.

Type a given M3U playlist URL into your Kodi through the PVR IPTV Simple Client downloading stream plugin’s general settings conveniently and further, start full access to watching your desired stuff! How sweet!

Just input a good enough M3U playlist URL, and there won’t be any sort of language barrier. You can accessthe content of all the major languages of the world. This free IPTV plugin brings you  unlimited entertainment. You can also watch prerecorded programming or live streaming video  as per desire.

The conclusion

Now you know about the M3U playlist URL for PVR IPTV simple client. No IPTV playlist is permanent, remember that. Sometimes, then are down temporarily, while certain go offline permanently. Anti-piracy groups always have a sharp eye on these playlists. When they feel anything suspicious, or have evidence in their hand, they start harasing the developers, which further leads to the shut down of these IPTV playlists.

If you are using a VPN, then you are killing all the risks, and you are fully secure while streaming IPTV lists. Nobody can guarantee which M3U playlist URL is safe, and up to what limit. That’s why I have spent my life suggesting to use VPN! Now, get M3U playlist with TV channels, and enjoy to the fullest.

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