How to solve GLFW error 65542 in Minecraft? 2 guaranteed solutions

How to solve the Minecraft GLFW error 65542 is one of the common questions that every Minecraft gamer is facing. It is easy to solve this issue if you know the proper method to solve it. This fault is also referred to as the Minecraft launcher failure issue. You will face this issue mainly because of outdated drivers in your system. 

Minecraft GLFW error 65542 mainly occurs in the JAVA Desktop Edition. In this article, you will see all the important information related to this error. Read this article carefully and get an accurate solution for fixing the Minecraft launcher failure error.

glfw error 65542

Reason for the GLFW error 65542:

The main reason that is causing the GFWL error is outdated or faulty device drivers appear to support OpenGL. This error mainly happens in the Desktop Edition of Minecraft. Your computer might not have the drivers that are required to play the Minecraft game smoothly. It might be the main reason why you are facing this error.

Your device drivers should be updated so that they start supporting OpenGL. Now, what is OpenGL? You will find the solution in our article. Please read it further, and you will get solutions for all your queries related to GLFW error.

What is OpenGL?

OpenGL is the abbreviation of Open Graphics Library. It is a cross-language, cross-platform programming language used to render 2D and 3D graphics in a game. It is normally used to interact with the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU.) The main use of this Library is that it will make the game run smoother and faster. 

If your Computer drivers are not supporting OpenGL, then it will definitely fail to launch the Minecraft launcher and will cause Minecraft to launch the game failed error. Follow the steps mentioned further to get proper guidance on how to update drivers in your computer and how to solve Minecraft GLFW error 65542.

Solution 1: Update the Video drivers in your computer

This solution is the basic and simplest solution you must try to solve the error. In this solution, you have to follow the steps mentioned below, and it will definitely help you solve the error. Please have a look at it, and you will get an accurate solution to your question.

In Window devices, press the Win + X keys and open the Device Manager. There you will find the option of Display Adapters. Expand it, and you will find the option of your Graphics card. Right-click on it and click the option of update driver. Wait for the process to get completed. This process will make your drivers appear to support OpenGL. Make sure to restart your computer before starting the game again.

glfw error 65542

Solution 2: Get OpenGL manually

Sometimes, it is that users mistakenly delete the OpenGL.dll file from their system. So, the main cause of the error is that the OpenGL file is missing. This situation causes the error again. If you have removed this file, then here are the steps to install it again. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully to get an accurate solution:

Open this link, and there you will find different OpenDL.dll file versions according to the Minecraft version that you are using. Select the correct version and click the Download button next to the name of the .dll file. A zip file will download. Once the process is over, extract the file with WinZip or any other application. Once the extraction is done, right-click on the OpenDL.dll (64 or 32 bit depending on your OS) file and select Cut or Copy.

glfw error 65542

Now, paste the file in the below given location:


Save the changes and restart your computer. Also, check whether the error is solved or not.

Additional Tip:

If you are using DisplayLink Driver, then you should try uninstalling it from the control panel. After that, restart your computer before continuing your work.

Wrapping up the content:

I would like to end this article about How to solve a Minecraft GLFW error 65542. I hope you have received accurate information regarding your query. We also provide many troubleshooting solutions for many technical errors. You can also look at the article related to ‘How to create stonecutter in Minecraft‘ for getting solutions to it.

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