How Can You Install EXODUS for Kodi in 2020: The simplest Guide

If you are a Kodi user, then there are pretty less chances that you don’t know about Exodus addon.

I know every single reader of mine isn’t an experienced one in the Kodi scene. So, I have brought the simplest and easiest guide for you regarding the installation of Exodus on Kodi 18.3/18.2 and Kodi 17.6.

I have provided screenshots after every single step so that the learning becomes a breeze for you. Exodus is an excellent third-party addon which brings you streaming of  Anime, Documentary, movies, TV Shows, and Sports.

Now, if you’ve any of the Kodi versions that I mentioned above, then wait no more, and carry on the authentic and hassle-free steps with me.

Now, let’s know how to install Exodus on Kodi 17.6 and 18.3!

How Can You Install Exodus on Kodi in 2020

For getting Exodus for Kodi, irst of all, I want you to turn ON the “Unknown sourcesoption on your Kodi. Turning it ON will let you download and install not just Exodus, but any other addon. If you don’t know how to do that, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Kodi Leia:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Then to the System, and tap on Addons.
  • Go to “Unknown sources” and turn it ON.

Kodi Krypton:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Then to the System Settings, and tap on Addons.
  • Go to “Unknown sources” and turn it ON.

How to add exodus to Kodi isn’t going to be mystery any longer for you. Now you can turn on VPN, Run your Kodi app, and start following the steps with me.

1.) On your Kodi home screen, at the top-left corner, tap on the “Settings” icon.

Tap on the Settings.

2.) Furthermore, tap on the “File Manager” and moving down the list, you’l see “Add source.” Tap it.

Add Source

3.) Remove “none” from there and enter URL

Enter URL

4.) Now return to your Kodi home screen and on the top-left corner of the left-sidebar, tap “Add-ons.” After that, tap “Package Installer.”

Click Add-ons

5.) Tap on the “Install from Zip File” and then tap “transform.”

Install from Zip File

6.) Now you have to install Kodi Bae repository which is the latest Exodus Repository, and for that, tap “Repos.”

install Kodi Bae repository

7.) Furthermore, tap

tap repository kodibae zip

8.) Now you will see a notification (Kodi Bae Repository Add-on installed) popping out from the top-right of the display. It requires some time. After you get that notification, move further.

you will see a notification

9.) Tap “Install from Repository” and then choose “Kodi Bae Repository

Tap Install from Repository

You might face Indigo dependency error when you’re installing Exodus 8.0. Now, to get rid of that issue, we’re installing TVAddons repository. So, keep on following the further steps (These are bonus steps which you won’t find in all guides).

10.) Tap on “Add-on repository.”

Tap on Add-on repository

11.) Now tap on “TVADDONS.CO Add-on Repository.”

<style=”text-align: justify;”></>

12.) Don’t hesitate in tapping “install.”

install it

13.) Now, for opening “Video Add-ons” folder, you have to return to Kodi Bae Repository.

Open Video Add-ons

14.) Now, the Kodi addons list will appear out which, you have to tap “Exodus.”

Tap Exodus

15.) For completing the process of installing Exodus on Kodi, tap “install.”

Tap Install

Now, if you’re using Exodus on Kodi 18 Leia, then a prompt will appear on the screen notifying “the following additional add-ons will be installed.” you can move further after clicking on OK. After that, you’ll have to wait a few moments till the downloading completes, and also the installation.

Then you’ll get the success notification. That means you’re successful in installing Exodus addon on Kodi.

How to Update Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon

Now you’ve installed Exodus, but now the question is, how to update exodus 8.0 Kodi addon?

On the Kodi’s homepage, look at the left sidebar menu and tap “Add-ons” there. Right-click Exodus after tapping on the “Video Add-ons.” Now, if you’re using a touch device, then long press Exodus and FireStick users can press the “Menubutton of your Stick’s remote. After that, tap “information.”


Now, the Exodus Addon information page will appear, where you need to tap “update.”


Till this guide is written, 8.0.0 is the latest version. If further version comes, then you can follow the process, and you’ll be able to install the latest update from there. Are you asking how to install exodus on FireStick? Well, those steps work out for you to install exodus on FireStick as well.

Exodus: Everything that you need to know

Exodus is a superb addon no doubt. Keep in mind, no addons work perfectly throughout, and the same thing is with Exodus. You already know how to install exodus on kodi 17.6 krypton but some errors might occur. So, why not to deeply know about the causes and solutions, so that frustration doesn’t hit you?

How can you use Exodus Kodi addon?

Most importantly, no more steps now. Using exodus Kodi addon is very simple. If you followed all the steps wisely for installing Exodus on Kodi (no matter on Windows, Mac, or FireStick), then firstly you need to go to the Kodi’s homepage where you have to tap “Add-ons” (Present at the left sidebar menu options).

Now reach the “Video Add-ons and find Exodus  (which is listed on the right side). For opening Exodus, tap on Exodus, and soon you’ll find a variety of sections of this addon. 9 sections are there, out which you can choose any (for example – TV shows, Movies, New movies, My TV shows, etc.)

Exodus Sections

How to fix Exodus not working issue?

Exodus is a decent addon, and there are pretty less chances that this addon troubles you regarding functionality. The most common problem with Exodus is no stream available for movies / TV shows.

This generally happens due to unknown reasons. The most straightforward solution is to reinstall this addon as per I guided you up there. TVA addons faced a shutdown. So, if you’re using that older one, then it won’t stream anything for you. Most importantly, use the Kodi Bae Repo for installing the newest version, as the chances of errors are least with the latest version always.

After you’ve reinstalled Exodus, I don’t think any other issue will pop up.

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Is VPN necessary for Exodus?

Exodus works perfectly without VPN also. VPN isn’t enforcement. It is a suggestion for keeping you safe and away from hassles. VPN will hide your online activities. It will also increase internet speed.

How my Exodus addon disappeared?

Sometimes the repositories, from where you can install addon change due to some reason. In the case of Exodus app, it was first available using the method of TVAddons. If your Exodus has disappeared, then you might have downloaded it in that old manner.

You are now supposed to complete Exodus  download from Kodi Bae Repo, and it will not disappear. It will not bring any frills.

What is the best way to use Exodus?

Exodus itself works pretty smoothly and provides several advantages. There is no need to do anything fancy. If you want to new HD streams, then you can use Real Debrid with Kodi. It will boost your overall experience.

Why am I not able to Install Exodus on Kodi?

I repeat, the old TVAddon method is not going to work for you. If you are following the steps of “How can you install Exodus on Kodi,” then I guarantee you, you’ll be able to successfully install this addon, and also run it smoothly.

Why is Exodus running slow?

There are hardly any chances of buffering or slowness on new Exodus. ISPs are throttling Kodi users’ speed, a few reports say so. If you are facing issues regarding Exodus slowness, then surely the reason is your internet speed. A reliable Kodi VPN can solve this issue for you, and also provide you protection regarding Kodi exodus addon usage.

What should I do to install Exodus on lower versions of Kodi?

Well, the methods aren’t separate at all. You can implement the steps that I mentioned up there for installing Exodus on any of the version of Kodi you want. There won’t be any trouble if you follow the steps exactly.

What are the best alternatives to Exodus?

Exodus is a decent addon with easy to use features. If still you aren’t entirely satisfied with Exodus and want an alternative, then there are many. The best alternatives, according to the experts, are Exodus Redux, Seren, The Magic Dragon, Odin, GAIA, Venom, Tempest, and I am Ego.

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