How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon in 2020 – Simple steps

This instructional guide will make you familiar with how to install Exodus Kodi addon. Nowadays, the most preferred Kodi addon is Exodus Redux. It is among third-party Kodi addons which implies that it isn’t upheld in any capacity by the designers of Kodi.

Beneath, you will discover two versions of Exodus. One is called Exodus Redux, while the other one is Exodus V8.

Indeed, you can install both of these addons in Kodi if you might want.

Which is better? As of now, Exodus Redux is progressively prominent, yet the two are working amazingly well. As of this composition, Exodus is as yet the most famous Kodi addon because of its tremendous selection of kids shows, films, television shows, and documentaries that are accessible.

So, how to install Exodus on Kodi?

This instructional guide is for you only, and it will work for both Kodi 18 Leia as well as Kodi 17.6 Krypton. Developers of Exodus simply abandoned it a year ago however the new release crept up, and it’s far better than anyone might have ever expected!

Feeling excited, aren’t you?

So, keep following for loading your Kodi with exodus.

How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

The Exodus Kodi Addon gives some pleasant options which enable you to pick motion pictures and television shows based on the accompanying Genres; Anime, Biography, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, History, Horror, Documentary, Drama, Family, Thriller, War, Music, Science Fiction, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Sport, and Western. So, there’s more than much!

Some other decent categories in Exodus are, Most Popular, Most Voted, Box Office, Oscar Winners, In Theaters, and New Movies.

To download Exodus Kodi addon your gadget, just follow my steps rightly. Don’t ask how to install Exodus on FireStick, as the steps are the same for that also.

Exodus Redux screenshot tutorial

Keenly follow the steps to install Exodus for Kodi. It’s a bit long, yet easy process.

1.Tap Settings Icon.

Click Settings

2. Tap System Settings.

Click System settings

3. Turn ONUnknown Sources.” Now, tap the back button on your remote and return to the previous screen.

Turn on Unknown sources

4. Tap “File Manager.”

Click File manager

5. Tap “Add Source.”

Click Add source

6. Tap “None.”

Tap None

7. Click OK button after typing URL

Enter the URL

8. Take the cursor to the media source box and tap OK for opening the keyboard.

click OK

9. Name the source “Redux” and further, click OK.

Name the source

10. Tap the “OKbutton.

Tap the “OK

11. Redux will then added to the Kodi File Manager.

redux has been added

12. tap the “back” button and then return to your previous screen of Kodi, and then tap “Add-ons.”

Click Add-ons

13. tap install from the Zip file.

tap install

14. Now, tap Redux.

tap Redux

15. Tap the repositoryexodusredux zip file.

Tap the repositoryexodusredux zip file

16. Wait for the message that read “Exodus Redux Repo Add-on installed.”


17. Tap “install from Repository.”

Click Install

18. Tap Exodus Repository.

Tap Exodus Repository

19. Tap Video add-ons.

Tap Video add-ons

20. Tap “Exodus Redux.”

Tap Exodus Redux

21. Tap “Install.”

Tap Install

22. Tap OK for installing other addons with Exodus Redux.

Tap OK

23. Wait until the Exodus Redux success message appears.


24. Return to the Kodi Home Screen and after that, launch Exodus Redux.

Back to home page

Kodi Exodus Addon is all your’s now. Sometimes it happens that Kodi Exodus Redux addon doesn’t work smoothly, and if it happens with you, then you can do power your device Off and On. This isn’t the only issue. “No Stream Available” is the most common issue. keep reading to sort it out.

How to Fix No Stream Available Error on Exodus Redux

If you are attempting to watch a movie or TV Show inside Exodus Redux and experience the feared “No Stream Available” mistake, this can without much of a stretch be fixed.

To do as such, we should essentially debilitate and re-empower the suppliers to revive the streams.

The guide beneath will tell you the best way to do as such inside Exodus Redux. In any case, this will likewise deal with Exodus V8 and some other add-ons that brief this mistake.

1. Tap “Scrapersetting from Exodus redux’s main menu.

Tap Scraper setting

2. Tap Disable All Providers.

Click Disable All Providers

3. Tap Enable All Providers.

Tap Enable All Providers

4. Tap OK.

Tap OK

Now, you can switch OFF and then turn ON your device is it’s not working right. If still, the error doesn’t vanish, we need to go deeper. Keep reading!

The reason and solution for “No stream available” issue

One of the most compelling motivations why Kodi clients get this blunder is on the grounds that they are utilizing an addon that never again works or hasn’t been updated.

If a Kodi addon has been dropped by its designer, this implies it will never again be updated except if someone takes it over. If it isn’t updated, the sources that normally load when searching for a motion picture or TV show won’t work appropriately.

The equivalent applies to the Covenant no stream accessible problem also. Covenent was a famous Kodi Addon that never again gets the standard updates that it once did. I propose utilizing our Best Kodi Addons page and attempt a different addon than the one that is giving you this blunder.

In many cases, just installing and using another addon can fix tons of Kodi issues. The reason you may discover a portion of the more seasoned addons on the Kodi Addons page is that a large number of them work extraordinary for the people who are using the Real-Debrid administration.

It is likewise a smart thought to install more than one Kodi addon that has practical experience in the sort of media you are hoping to consume. If one addon doesn’t work, attempt another. Sometimes, the size of the addon is the biggest reason behind the errors. If you are installing heavier addons on devices with lesser RAM, then it’s not going to work.

To decide if a Kodi addon is working, I would propose testing a different motion picture, or TV appear than the one that you are bound to play. Most Kodi addons contain a “Featured,” “Popular,” or “Trending,” or “Oscar Winners” class.

Dive into one of those classifications and discover a title that has been accessible on DVD or Blu-beam for a few months and has a go at playing that. If it works and there are a lot of sources to browse, more than likely the addon is fine and it simply doesn’t have what you are searching for.

Exodus V8 installing Guide

1. After launching Kodi, allow “Unknown sources.” For that, go to the ” System Settings,” and then to “Addons,” and then click the toggle in front of “Unknown Sources.”

2. Tap the settings icon (On the screen’s top left).

Images start from here.

3. Tap “File Manager.”

4. Tap “Add Source.”

5. Tap <None>.

6. enter URL and then tap OK.

7. Under the source that you recently typed, you’ll find a box, which you need to highlight and enter a desired name for the media source.

8. For returning to Kodi System screen, keep tapping the “backbutton.

9. Tap the Addons menu item.

10. Then tap Install from zip file.

11. Tap transform, or any other name you assigned the media source in our previous step.

12. Tap “Repos.”

13. Tap That’s the ExodusRedux repo.

14. Keep waiting till a “Kodi Bae Repository add-on installed” message appears.

15. Tap “Install from repository.”

16. Tap “Kodi Bae Repository.”

17. Tap “Video add-ons.”

18. Tap “Exodus.”

19. Tap “Install.”

20. “The following additional addons will be installed” message will appear, after which you have to tap OK.

21. “Exodus Add-on installed” message will appear. Wait till then.

If you want to try any other addons, which provide high streaming experience, then do visit our 60+ Best KODI Addons guide.

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