[13 Simple steps] – How to Install FUSION on KODI: The Easiest Guide

If you don’t know how to Install Fusion on Kodi, then just hang on with me for some minutes!

Fusion Installer is like a bridge between the manufacturing plant version of Kodi and the universe of informal Kodi addons. It is essential to install any of the addons and tools.

The Fusion Kodi addon Installer server houses most of Kodi addon repos, not restricted to our own. Once you’ve configured the Fusion Installer, you’ll be most of the way towards getting a charge out of the ideal streaming experience.

For one reason or another, experienced Kodi users still like to physically install Kodi addons from Fusion Installer, instead of utilization automated tools such as the Git Browser or Indigo Tool.

The Fusion Installer contains a wide assortment of unofficial Kodi addon repos. Since, fusion.tvaddons.ag you need the latest news about it, right?

No worries, everything you need to know is down there.

Now, let’s install Fusion addon on Kodi together!


How to Install FUSION on KODI

1. Launch your Kodi application and then open Settings, which is situated on the upper left corner of the screen.

Install Fusion on kodi

Open Settings

2. Tap File Manager in the settings window.

Install Fusion on kodi

Tap File Manager

3. Then tap on the Add Source option.

Install Fusion on kodi

Add Source option

4. Tap on the <None> option and click OK button.

Install Fusion on kodi

Tap None

5. Now type in the Fusion Repo URL, which is: http://fusion.tvaddons.co and click on OK button.

Install Fusion on kodi

Fusion Repo URL

6. Enter the Name for the repo Fusion.

Enter the Repo Name

7. Now tap OK.

Tap OK

8. Presently return to Kodi’s main menu and Click the Addons option.

Click the Addons option

9. At that point open the Addon Package Installer, that you can discover on the upper left corner of your Kodi application.

Open the Addon Package Installer

10. On the following window tap “Install from Zip File“.

Install from Zip File

11. Presently a pop-up window will appear. Choose the Fusion repo name from the rundown.

Click Fusion

12. Now you will see three further categories:


13. The process is complete now. It runs very smooth, and you’ll hardly come across Kodi fusion not working issue.

TV addons and Fusion

TVAddons was, for some time, the engineer of the most sizzling repo available for Kodi. As the maker of Fusion, TVAddons was constantly inconsistent with the engineers of Kodi, venturing to out and out boycott any discussion of Fusion and TVAddons on the authority Kodi gatherings and denying TVAddons for giving Kodi a name as the piracy-ridden app.

What’s more, it could be said, and they were totally right. While Kodi is utilized by millions of individuals around the globe as free, open-source home theater software, it’s utilized by millions more as an approach to stream pilfered and unlawful content, something that Kodi has been endeavoring to take action against increasingly more of late.

In June of 2017, it appeared the unavoidable had at last occurred: both TVAddons and Fusion went disconnected out of the blue, because of a copyright related claim by Dish Network for robbery concerns all through the United States.

In addition, their Facebook page went disconnected, along with a large portion of their applications, including the famous piracy network Exodus, an application that started to give users numerous links while attempting to connect to streaming movies and television appears.

At the time, it looked as if TVAddons was gone for good, done in by their own stipend of applications like Exodus. Be that as it may, after almost two months of radio-quiet, TVAddons and Fusion both returned toward the finish of July 2017—however, tragically for clients who cherished what the application had offered already, not without some real changes.


While TVAddons and Kodi unquestionably don’t get along, it appears that the older organization has made a few endeavors in attempting to change their old ways. Fusion has expelled a ton of the content that got them in a difficult situation regardless, including Exodus, which has been formally closed down until further notice, and the site itself has gone out of their approach to start promoting monthly articles that feature the best free lawful streaming content you can access in Fusion TVAddons.

This doesn’t make Fusion an awful application store essentially; actually, for users who are searching for a strong legitimate streaming application that consolidates all the best free online sources into one item, you can’t do much more regrettable than Fusion.

In any case, it’s surely not what people generally expected from both TVAddons and Fusion, and it’s nothing unexpected that the change has made a huge gathering of Fusion users move away from the once-well known Kodi repo.

So while it is conceivable to install Fusion once again—this time, from another URL, since the older one was disabled back in the June month after the shutdown—clearly Fusion will never be a similar vault that individuals wound up used to depending on the application to watch free movies & television shows, and greater excitement.

If you haven’t go Fusion for Kodi, then let me describe some features which will attract you. Read about it down there!

Kodi Fusion Features

Fusion accompanies many cool features for upgrading your general viewing experience. Here’s a gander at certain features that make Fusion a famous add-on supervisor for Kodi.

  • The greatest advantage of Fusion is the entrance it provides for a ton of add-ons.
  • Fusion enables outsider designers to expand their application’s capacity on Fusion.
  • It accompanies sound altering feature for preparing and producing sound.
  • You can even use Kodi Fusion to scramble and decode your messages.
  • You can without much of trouble add new features or even modify your Kodi experience when you use Fusion.
  • Since it underpins numerous file formats and pictures, you’ll have greater adaptability using Kodi.
  • Using the Fusion installer lessens the general size of the application, as you won’t have to connect with the archive for each add-on.
  • It offers access to different vaults to make it simple for you to install any new addon later on.

Because of every one of these advantages and cool highlights, Fusion is without a doubt the most prominent Kodi add-on supervisor.

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How to Install FUSION on KODI: The Conclusion

The Fusion Kodi offers you an assortment of addons and repos. This gives you a chance to access contents under one source. This spares your time in searching for the addons. It has some prominent addons like Indigo.

We trust this guide helped you in installing Fusion on Kodi, utilize this strategy, and install different addons and reports accessible on Fusion. Fusion is undoubtedly very beneficial, and I want you to make most of it.

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