[20+ simple steps] How To Install Neptune Rising on Kodi

Neptune Rising has turned into a name to figure within the Kodi people group. Neptune Rising has ousted Covenant to turn into the most generally utilized and extraordinary compared to other Kodi Addons.

In this guide, I’ll introduce Neptune Rising on your Kodi Krypton 18.3 gadget in some simple advances. Regardless of which gadget you are having, the method is all the same for the Kodi boxes.

Neptune Rising was before observed as the best replacement choice to Covenant and Exodus, yet in the course of recent months, it has outperformed Covenant. Now, it is likely the most utilized Kodi add-on the present moment.

Kodi Neptune Rising has a broad accumulation of Media which scarcely frustrates anybody. You name a motion picture or TV Show, regardless of whether new or old, and you will discover it here.

Aside from shows and films, you can likewise watch documentaries, music recordings and substantially more on Neptune Kodi for totally free.

Let’s now begin the install neptune rising on FireStick guide, which will work the same on all other Kodi compatible devices also.

How To Install Neptune Rising on Kodi

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising Kodi addon from Mr. Blamo is an incredibly famous across the board Kodi Addon. While it tumbled from the outsider Kodi add-ons list for a period because of Mr. Blamo closing his repo down, it has returned as of late in the Mr. FreeWorld repo. So, that is no longer Neptune Rising repo. This Addon was number one on numerous rundowns for a long time and is similarly as extraordinary at this point.

This addon has an incredibly huge number of links, and consequently, you will discover various hotspots for a specific films or TV Show, that too in various goals. The media library is refreshed constantly, and thus practically the majority of the connections work splendidly well. Let us begin the installation process now.

Note: I am considering Kodi 18 for the installation of Neptune rising. If you are using the same, then you’ll come across the same screenshots which I have provided here. If you’re rolling no with the older Kodi version, then you might have to do some minor changes, while most of the part of the guide will remain the same.

Like usually I do in my addon installing guides, this time also I have broken the whole process into some small pieces, making it easier for you to catch the things and also follow them simultaneously.

Stage1: Launching Kodi

1. Launch Kodi and tap on the settings icon.

Install Neptune Rising

Tap on settings

2. Tap on System.

Tap on System

3. Reach over add-ons for turning on Unknown Sources.

Install Neptune Rising

Enable Unknown Sources

4. A warning will pop-up. Tap Yes.

Install Neptune Rising

Tap Yes

5. Tap back on the remote fro accessing File Manager.

Install Neptune Rising

File Manager

6. Now you have to tap Add source.

Install Neptune Rising

Add source

7. Click <None>

Install Neptune Rising


8. Now enter the URL – http://legionworldtv.com/zips/ and after that, tap OK.

Install Neptune Rising

Enter the URL

9. You’ll see a box under the source, which you need to highlight which you recently typed and entered the name from this media source. Now, for further identification of the source, you have to give it a name. Then tap OK.

10. Tap your back button on your remote or keyboard until you have returned to the Kodi home screen.

11. Tap Add-ons menu item.


12. Tap the small “open box” icon which you see at the page’s top-left side under the heading ‘Add-ons.’

Open box

13. Tap Install from zip file.

Install from zip file

14. Tap the exact name that you assigned the media source a short while back.

15. Tap repository.mrfreeworld.zip

Tap on repository

16. Shortly, a message will pop-up reading Mr. FreeWorld Repo Add-On installed.

17. Tap Install from Repository.

Install from Repository

18. Now tap Mr. Freeworld.

19. Tap Video add-Ons.

20. Tap Neptune Rising and Install.

21. Now shortly, Neptune Rising add-on installed message will pop-up.

22. Viola, the process of Neptune Rising installation is complete. Do follow the Neptune Rising installation steps exactly as demostrated here.

Best Neptune Rising Kodi Alternatives alternatives

Neptune Rising from the indomitable Mr. Blamo found in the Mr. Freeworld Repo positioned as the most well known and best working Kodi TV addon accessible while housed in the Mr. FreeWorld repo. While this incarnation appears to work similarly too, users are somewhat feeling concerning and hesitate in using this beautiful Kodi addon’s present viability.

Coincidentally, if you appreciate the Neptune Rising Kodi addon, you may likewise wish to look at an as of late updated offspring of the first Genesis. Named Exodus, I think you’ll additionally truly appreciate it.

If you simply love looking at extraordinary Kodi addons that discover all the free on-request movies, TV shows, and live streaming games online, make certain to look at our Best Kodi Addons article. You will discover a lot of extraordinary alternatives to Neptune Rising or some other Kodi addon that all of a sudden quits working for you.

Neptune Rising Kodi Features

If you’ve at any point use the Exodus, Covenant, or Genesis Kodi TV addons, at that point, you’ll see the perfection and welcome likenesses immediately with Neptune Rising. Its classifications include TV Shows, Top Movies,  IMDB User Lists, Playlists, Critters Corner, My Movies, My TV Shows, What The Fork?, Tools, and Search.

The classifications containing Movies & TV Shows in Neptune Rising have loads of 1080p as well as HD quality streams accessible. This monster library of free online streaming movies and TV shows is arranged by year, artist, genre, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, which settles on finding your entertainment decision exceptionally simple.

In the Critter’s Corner zone, you’ll discover a rundown of the 100 Best Movie Titles for every sort. Kick back and peruse realizing you will discover something notwithstanding when you have no clue what you need to watch. Besides that, you can also include your Trakt TV record to oversee and enjoy your media records effectively. This keeps content on all your Kodi streaming media gadgets synchronized.

You can significantly personalize your experience inside the Tools classification. This settings area exposes you to numerous options, including captions, library, playback, downloads, and others to change. So, get Kodi, install Neptune Rising, and enjoy highly!

Featured Channels

My personal experience of enjoying the featured channels of Neptune Rising was high. The list of featured channels includes I Love The 80s, Top Documentaries, IMDB Top 100, Top Gangster Movies, Top Action Movies, Top Animated, Top Horror Movies, Greatest Horror Films of All Time, Greatest Westerns of All Time, Greatest Sci-Fi Films of All Time, Top Cop Movies, and Greatest War Movies.

Neptune Rising not working issue: The solution

Once you download Neptune Rising, that doesn’t mean everything will be 100% perfect. Our research demonstrates that Kodi clients more often than not run over this mistake when the repo which holds the Neptune Rising Kodi add-on isn’t accessible or not found. As mentioned previously, some time back a different repo facilitated Neptune Rising. That repo is not live now.

So it is conceivable that some Kodi users may see installation mistakes while attempting to install Neptune Rising Kodi addon. So what is the solution for such an issue?

All things considered, our research demonstrates that the ideal approach to take care of this issue is to discover another Kodi vault that is as yet working with the Neptune Rising Kodi repo. The first occasion when we researched for this guide, Blamo Repository was considered the ideal repo for individuals who needed to install Neptune Rising Kodi add-on.

So, rather than spending time in finding other methods for installing this addon from Blamo, it’s better to follow the Neptune Rising download and installation process that we’ve suggested in this guide. That way, we can fully guarantee that no obstacle will come your way.


The check-log error is another common issue. Further, our research demonstrates that individuals more often than not go over this Kodi issue when one or a different number of files in a particular Kodi repo aren’t found or are simply missing.

In less complex words, this blunder, as a rule, happens because the in-question Kodi vault fails. If you have not updated your store, at that point, you are bound to see this mistake.

So what is the solution to this issue?

Our experience discloses to us that the ideal approach to dispose of this issue is only to install Kodi addons that naturally told you which records are missing or download the missing documents consequently.

The heartbreaking part here is that there are not very many Kodi add-ons that empower users to realize which log documents have gone missing.

All things considered, simply go to the web and search for the missing records and afterward complete another troublesome procedure for installing those missing documents.

Our recommendation is that you ought to not waste time in searching for missing records and rather concentrate around installing the Neptune Rising Kodi add-on through the repo which we have mentioned up there.

The conclusion

I know it will be really too early to discuss regarding Neptune Rising is comparable with exodus or Covenant. We should give this addon some time. Installing process is nothing fancy. Once you open Neptune Rising, you’ll find certain optionsMovies and TV shows are the only a couple of video contents that we available. On Neptune Rising, one wouldn’t find Live IPTV channels.

Once you click on TV Shows, you’ll see year and genre options. This helps you handpick various TV Shows/Movies which you prefer. Once you reach there, simply choose a movie, choose a streaming link then, and you are at the spot for enjoying free streaming.

We can expect that Live IPTV channels are also added to this addon, which will help in beating its competitors in a smarter way. If you have loaded Kodi with Neptune, you’ll definitely be a happy one.

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