{15 simple steps} How To Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi 18.3 in 2020

In this particular guide, we’ll deeply discuss the best way to install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi. The instructions which I have used in this instructional guide chip away at all the stages supporting Kodi.

This includes Fire TV Cube, FireStick, Android TV and Boxes, Amazon FireStick 4k, Mobiles, Computers and that’s just the beginning.

With a strong lineup of value Kodi addons and a fresh, mess-free interface, No Limits Magic Kodi build is among the best and highly appreciated builds one could get. This Kodi builds the favorite of Kodi users and specialists alike for some time.

It is additionally the piece of most of the experts’ list of Best Kodi Builds.

No Limits Kodi is a medium-sized Kodi build. Notwithstanding, it is known to work issue free, even on low-spec gadgets. Truth be told, it is one of my most loved Kodi builds for FireStick.

Also, if you need to go for something lighter, there is the No Limits Magic Lite version as well, planned particularly for FireStick. We should figure out how to get this build on Kodi.

How To Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi 18.3

The installation procedure of Kodi No Limits Magic Build is basic. However, not really clear. Consequently, I am separating the instructions into 3 essential parts, so the procedure winds up simpler for you to pursue. Provide the Source URL firstly. Enable the Unknown Sources then. Installing No Limits Build finally from No Limits Wizard.

Stage 1:

The thought here is to coordinate Kodi to the No Limits Magic server from where it will download the build. In this way, this is the manner by which we add the URL to Kodi:

1: You ought to be on the home-screen of Kodi for this. From that point, open Settings by clicking the apparatus image on the upper left.

Open Settings

2: Now you need to open the File Manager on the screen that pursues.

File Manager

3: Go ahead and tap the Add-source option next.

Add-source option

4: You need to see the accompanying window. Find the option <None> and tap it.

Tap None

5: Kodi will presently request that you give the source URL. The URL which goes here is: http://nolimitsbuilds.com/kodi/

It is imperative to type the URL effectively, and else the installation procedure won’t work. Now Tap OK.


6: The source should now be named. Feel free to type the desired name. I will roll on with no limits to keep it important and identifiable. You are going to require in Part 3. Tap OK.

Source name

Stage 2: Enable Unknown Sources

Kodi will give you a chance to install the No Limits Magic Build only when you have permitted the Unknown Sources. This is the way you do it:

1: Open the Kodi Settings window once more (like before you tapped the icon on the home screen).

Kodi Settings window

2: Select the option System settings on this particular window.

Option System settings

3: You need to see a lot of things on the vertical menu on the left side. Tap Add-ons. Bounce to the correct piece of a similar window. You will discover the option Unknown Sources. If it is OFF, move its change to one side and turn it ON.

Tap Add-ons

4: The accompanying cautioning message says that allowing Unknown Sources could be somewhat dangerous. In any case, that is only for the vindictive addons from untrusted sources. No Restrictions Magic is a generally confided in source. I have utilized No Limits Magic Kodi build personally. You can tap Yes now.

Tap Yes

Stage 3: Installing No Limits Magic Kodi Build from No Limits Wizard

This part can be additionally partitioned into two subparts:

Installation of No Limits Wizard and then Installation of No Limits Magic Kodi Build.

The accompanying advances spread both the parts:

1: Again, return to Kodi Settings.

Return to Kodi Settings

2: Open Add-ons from the accompanying arrangement of options.

Open Add-ons

3: Go ahead and tap Install from zip file.

Install from zip file.

4: I hope you remember the source that we added the name in Part 1? That is the name you have to tap straightaway. I picked the name nolimits, and that is the thing that I am tapping.


5: Open the document plugin.video.nolimitswizard18.zip.

Open the document

6: No Limits Wizard will currently install. It might take just a few moments for installing this wizard. The advancement of installation isn’t shown on the screen. In any case, it is as yet occurring out of sight. Be patient and hang tight for the Add-on installed notification to pup-up on the upper right.

This is the proper method through which you install the No Limits Wizard. Give us now a chance to install the Kodi No Limits Magic Build from the wizard.

Install Limits Wizard.jpg

7: Tap Continue when the accompanying popup with a rundown of settings shows up.

Tap Continue

8: Tap Build Menu on this particular popup.

Tap Build Menu

Skip to Step 11

Skip to Step 11. If you tapped Ignore or need to get to the build menu of No Limits Wizard from the home-screen of Kodi, pursue the subsequent step.

9: Go to the Kodi home-screen. Pursue the way Add-ons > Program add-ons. Further, tap No Limits Wizard.

Tap No Limits Wizard

10: Tap Install/Update No Limits Builds.

Update No Limits Builds on Kodi

11: Tap No Limits Magic – No XXX Section. You may tap some other build of your decision. The build is accessible through two servers as I compose this guide. You may pick any server you like. If the picked server doesn’t work, pick another.

Tap No Limits Magic XXX

12: Choose Fresh Install.

Fresh Install

13: Tap Continue to support reestablishing Kodi to the default configuration and further installing this awesome Kodi build.

Tap Continue

14: Let the build is downloaded & installed. The downloading time relies on your net connection ad speed.

Download and Install

15: Tap Force Stop for finishing the installation.

Tap Force Stop

Kodi No Limits download is succssfully completed. You have effectively installed the No Limits Magic Build on Kodi. You will most likely access the build subsequent to reviving the Kodi application on your gadget.

What all does No Limits Magic Build offer?

The build offers numerous streaming categories, which include Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Music Sports, Magic Dragon, Collections, Networks, Live TV, UK Turk, and Her Place. Besides that, it brings you a healthy range of addons, out of which there are many highly popular ones also. Those addons are Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, Maverick TV, Monster Munch, SportsDevil, and Rising Tide. That means overall entertainment.

It grants you to either search for a content that you wish to watch, or it enables you to search for addons and afterward watch your preferred content concerning the addons recorded. In any case, you will get the best video quality. You can install No Limits Magic Build Kodi from 4 different types of servers.

It is additionally accessible for FireStick, which is a bonus. There are tons of Kodi Builds out there that have all the working add-ons for any media content; however, none that contrasts and No Limits Magic Build inconsistency.

The portion of the Builds you have to pay special mind to are Atomic Kodi Build, Nymeria Build, World Cup Build Kodi, BK Links Build, Jurassic Park Build Kodi, Kodi Titanium Build, Durex Build Kodi, Jazz Build Kodi, Fire TV Guru Build, Dominus Build, and The Beast Kodi.

More about No Limits Build

Kodi Magic Build has changed a ton since it was acquainted in with the Kodi world. In 2017 when its ubiquity had surmounted than some other build, its servers couldn’t bolster the load. To think of the solution, its engineers made it conceivable to disperse the build through Echo Wizard. Be that as it may, presently, it back again in its own media source, for example, No Restrictions Wizard.

No Restrictions Magic Build has closed down ordinarily, yet every one of these occasions it has thought of elective links or URLs. With broken links, you are not ready to install the build. Henceforth, to ensure that Kodi clients don’t confront these mishaps, Kodi No Limits Build pledges to keep the links updated.

No Limits Kodi Build presents to you a total diversion bundle. It offers Free Movies, Live TV, TV Series, Live Sports, Kids Movies, Cartoons, thus considerably more. When you install No Limits Build, you get the opportunity to see all the most recent video content with no subscription.

Kodi No Limits not working: Issue solved

Kodi No Limits Magic build brings us a great experience, but sometimes, it brings problems, such as Kodi No Limits not working issue. At that time, you are not able to stream videos properly.

If you didn’t have the latest version of Kodi, then it brings buggy issues like Kodi No Limits not working properly. So you should confirm that your Kodi version is the latest. There are numerous ways to update your version of Kodi. New updates of your Kodi can fix buggy issues. So you must check for build’s updates, and download the available updates.

Your network issues can also lead to Kodi No Limits, not working. It happens especially if your network is not supporting the videos that you’re streaming because there are geo-restrictions. So I advise to use a VPN when you’re with Kodi.

Internet is a spot, where you can search a VPN with a great reputation and reasonable costing. Reinstalling your Kodi No Limits Magic build is also a great solution to the “not workingproblem in Kodi.

The conclusion

This build is unquestionably one of the easiest to understand builds I have seen. Regardless of whether you are into using any Kodi builds previously, you will have no difficulty becoming acclimated to it.

If you are running the build, ensure you enable enough time for it to run every one of the updates. The build will function easily when every one of the updates is installed. It might take a couple of minutes, yet it is significant. Go to System > Video add-ons from the primary screen to get to all the video addons.

No Limits Magic is among the best Kodi builds I have enjoyed up until now. With a straightforward, uncluttered interface, the build makes for the mind-blowing user experience. Furthermore, the user interface of this build kicks you off in a split second.

The build accompanies a few preinstalled video addons that let you stream, shows, movies, live TV, sports and the sky is probably the only limit from there. All things considered, it is an extraordinary build to have.

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