[Simple Steps] – How Can You Jailbreak Amazon FireStick in 2020

Well, do you know how to how to jailbreak Amazon FireStick in 2020? If you don’t know, then you are truly missing out much to enjoy!

You are missing various TV shows, Live TV, Sports, and Free movie apps. The jailbreak method is truly very beneficial. The best device for streaming is Amazon FireStick, according to a lot of people. You can convert your regular HDMI TV into a multi-functional smart TV.

But you know what? You have to pay for all those streaming. These subscriptions are sometimes very costly. Here, the FireStick Jailbreak becomes the savior.

Jailbreaking is a superb Amazon FireStick hack!

It provides you access to third-party apps which further provide you free movies, sports shows, live TV channels, etc.

Now let us move further and explore the world of high-level video streaming together. Sorry, I forgot to tell “it’s free of cost.”

How Can You Jailbreak Amazon FireStick

The process of Jailbreaking Amazon FireStick is nothing that baffling, but at the same time, it’s not easy to understand for everyone. Much depends upon the teaching method also. Through the process which I will explain, I am sure that you will catch the whole thing.

I tough the same steps to a few friends, and all were successful in completing the process. Before moving ahead, I would warn you a bit.

No matter from which particular corner of the world you are trying to use Fire TV Stick for accessing copyrighted content, eyes of ISPs and Governments are always watching you! Your IP address is not hidden to them.

If you wish that your viewing greed doesn’t take you behind bars, then use a reliable FireStick VPN.

Step #1: Set up your Fire Stick for Jail-breaking

To begin the process, you have to twist the settings of your FireStick a bit. It’s a simple process, and you don’t need to worry about legal trouble or so. You know what, there is no need of a computer either. If you have a FireStick (that is well connected to the internet) with the remote, then you don’t require anything else.

If someone is indicating you methods in which a computer or any other devices involved, then better don’t waste time there.

Shall we concentrate on the actual process now?

1.) Get yourself on the FireStick home-screen, and use the remote to tap settings. If you are new with a FireStick, then let me tell you, “settings” is written on the top of the screen, as I’ve shown in the pic.

Select Settings

2.) If you have older software, then tap “Device.” If you have new software, then you will see “My Fire TV” option instead. Tap that.

My Fire TV

3.) Now open developer options.

Developer Options

4.) After that, you have to turn on the option of “Apps From Unknown Sources.”

Apps From Unknown Sources

5.) Then click the “Turn on.” After you turn On, the process of preparing your FireStick for Jailbreak is complete. After that, concentrate on the second step.

Turn on

Step #2: Install ES File Explorer on FireStick

Nothing can be as supportive as the ES File Manager App for not just clearing space in your device or managing files, but it’s a superb sideload tool for Amazon FireStick as well as various Android devices. This app is easily available on the Amazon App store, and the downloading process has no curves.

If you want to jailbreak FireStick and enjoy a variety of streaming apps on it, then you need something like ES File Explorer only. You don’t have to spend one penny on installing it. Now starts the further process.

1.) With the help of remote, select “Search,” which you’ll find on your home screen’s top-right corner.

home screen

2.) With the help of on-screen keypad, find ES File Explorer. Once you find it in the result of your search, click on it.

find ES File Explorer

3.) Next, you’ll see the ES File Explorer icon, which you need to click and then click on “Download.”

click on Download

4.) Now, for launching the ES File Explorer app, tap open. Once it is open, you have completed step #2 successfully.

launch the ES File Explorer app

Step #3: The main Jailbreak FireStick

Now we’ll jailbreak FireStick with Kodi. Kodi is an app developed for providing you a wide range of free streaming, and hence, Kodi is very popular. It has content for people of every age out there, and most importantly, you can stream as per desire, free of cost, and the overall experience is much better than many paid apps.

Now, you’re up with ES File Explorer downloading, and now we will use that app for jailbreaking. Keep following the steps:

1.) Launch the ES File Explorer. ON the right portion of your home screen, you’ll see the “Dowloadericon, which you need to tap. You can also tap the “Tools” option on the left side and then on “Download manager.”

Launch the ES File Explorer

2.) Tap +New that’s present down there in the screen (shown in the pic).

Tap +New

3.) A window will be displayed in which you need to enter https://www.firesticktricks.com/kapk for “Path.” In the “Name” section, fill “Kodi 18” and then move forward by clicking “Download Now.”

Download Now

4.) Now, let the ES File Explorer complete its job of downloading the Kodi 18.3 APK.

Kodi 18.3 APK

5.) Tap “Open file.”

Open file

6.) Tap “Install

Tap Install

7.) Tap “Install” once again.

Tap Install once again

8.) Now it won’t take over a couple of minutes to complete the installation of Kodi App.

Wait for Kodi app to install

9.) Then you will receive the “App Installed” notification, as a confirmation that now your FireStick is loaded with Kodi. Guess what, your FireStick is now Jailbroken.

App Installed

Now you need to run Kodi, so tap it to open. If you are willing to do it later, then you can tap “Done.”

10.) Let me make you familiar with the Kodi home-screen. Down there it is! Now you’ve got Kodi, but if you don’t know how to fetch out benefits out of Kodi after you’ve completed such a long process, then keep following me!

Kodi home-screen

How can you use Jailbroken FireStick

Now let’s know in what all ways can you be beneficial with a Jailbroken FireStick. I warned you at the beginning of my guide also, and I repeat the same here as well. Don’t stream copyrighted stuff on Kodi. Govt. might take actions against you. If you want to be safe, then there isn’t any option except having a good VPN for Fire Stick (I have taken ExpressVPN).

We aren’t here to support you in violating any streaming law, but we suggest VPN to protect you if you even unintentionally stream illegal stuff. Now if you have subscribed to VPN, then you can follow the further steps.

1.) Once your Fire TV/Stick is On, you’ll see the search option located on the top left corner. Type Expressvpn (If you are also following Express VPN like me, and if you haven’t taken a VPN yet, then I recommend you to choose the same) there and find it in the search results.


2.) Install the ExpressVPN for your Fire TV / Stick by tapping “Download.”


3.) After opening ExpressVPN, you will be asked for login credentials (these are the same credentials that you created when you bought the ExpressVPN subscription. After that, don’t hesitate to tap the “Sign in” button.

Sign in

4.) Now, connect to the VPN server after tapping the power icon. You’re safe once the VPN connection is done. Now feel free to start Kodi on Fire TV/Stick. If you have Kodi, then you will have to source all the content from outside, as Kodi doesn’t have anything of its own.

connect to the VPN server

You can save media on your storage, and enjoy it whenever you like. Let me tell you if you are doing that, then you are missing the huge benefits of Kodi. Why be satisfied with a small pond when you have a whole ocean to explore!

Once you have Kodi, you have the right to access a huge range of streaming, and I am here for supporting you in exploring.

Best video Kodi Addons

A decent video addon for Kodi is the basic thing you need for enjoying high-level streaming. Kodi itself won’t provide any viewing experience, as it’s a plain slate. Hence, you do need a suitable addon. There is a vast variety of addons for Movies, Sports, Shows, Live TV/IPTV, etc. and public views are also different regarding which addons are the best.

After having advice from the experts, and studying public opinions, I have provided a list below, in which I have mentioned which addon proves to be the bets for what category.

  • Movies & TV Shows: Exodus Redux
  • Kids: HootLoop V2
  • Sports: Rising Tides
  • Live TV/IPTV: Cloud Addon.

What are Kodi Builds? How necessary are they?

Kodi builds are different from Kodi addons. Addons are necessary, while Kodi builds aren’t. You can stream without these as well. Then why are we talking about Kodi builds here? A Kodi build is something that will make your overall viewing experience better. These builds come with several addons which are already installed in them.

So, these save you from the hassle of installing those addons separately. You’ll get some really decent builds which come with a very healthy package of efficient addons. If you’ve adopted builds, then Kodi will seem more user-friendly to you. You’ll enjoy the interaction with Kodi.

Now I would recommend you some of the best Builds for Kodi.

  • No Limit magic
  • Titanium Build
  • Misfit Mods Lite Build
  • Lobo Kodi Build
  • Kodi Collusion
  • Fure X Kodi Build
  • Red Wizard Kodi Build
  • EPIC build
  • Diamond Dust Build
  • Nova Build

Best Jailbreak Apps for FireStick

Till now we focussed on Kodi as the way to jailbreak FireStick. Well, there are several other ways, as well. So, if you are not in favor of using Kodi for enjoying streaming, then I will explain other ways also.

I am recommending these apps here, but strictly not for illegal streaming. You are free to watch whatever is available in the public domain, and never something that is loaded with copyrights.

Now here come some superb apps for jailbreak. All of the apps which I will recommend, get installed only after you’ve properly set-up your FireStick. the steps are the same which I explained up there in this guide only.

Cinema APK

Now, this is such a popular app, and undoubtedly the best one in terms of TV shows and Movies. It’s basically an Android app which will efficiently roll on with your FireStick. The database of Cinema APK always keeps on updating.

The best thing about Cinema APK is that it’s the fastest one in providing you the freshly released content. You enjoy numerous playback options. If you’re looking for the best efficient streams, then Cinema APK should be your destination. Within this app, you also can sign in to your Trakt account in order to sync your history, watchlist, etc.

1080HD is the viewing limit that this app offers you. If you integrate Real-Debrid, you’ll be able to enjoy even higher quality streaming. It isn’t a huge app that will eat a lot of space, and in addition to that, the installation is simple.

If you like to Install this app, then you can do it by following the given instructions.

1.) Tap the “Downloader” icon present on the right once you’ve opened ES File Explorer.

Tap the Downloader

2.) Then enter the link https://www.firesticktricks.com/cinema ahead of where it’s written “path” and enter “cine” ahead of “name” and then tap on “Download now.”

Download now

3.) Click “Open File,” and then “install.”  Again click install on the window shown below.

Open File, and then install

4.) Now, for the instant running of this app, tap “Open,” and if you want to do it later, then tap “Done.”

Click Done

Swift Streamz for Sports Channels

If you are a sports lover, then Swift Streamz is something you must have in your FireStick. There is a high competition among the apps for sports channels, but after deeply analyzing, Swift Streamz is what we selected. Most importantly, this app has got the biggest bundle of Sports channels. Who doesn’t like more options?

You get channels from accross the world, and if you are an American, then you’re truly going to love it, as a big percentage of those is of American sports channels. As a total, you have 180 channels providing you the high experience of baseball, basketball, F1, Cricket, WWE, and what not!

Installing this superb app is a straightforward task. Here you see:

1.) On ES File Explorer, on the right side, you’ll see “Downloader” icon.

click the Downloader icon

2.) Enter the URL https://www.firesticktricks.com/swift, and in the Name, you can enter whatever per desire. In my steps, I have entered “Swift.” After that, hit “Download Now.”

3.) Let the downloading complete and then tap “Open File,” and then “Install.” When it asks you for the device access, click “install.”

4.) Now Swift Streamz will install and after that, tap “open.” Now the process is complete, and you can view a wide range of sports channels (Anything form 180+ channels).

Mobdro for Live TV Channels

If you want to enjoy watching TV on FireStick, then nothing can be better than Mobdro. It comes with a vast variety of TV channels under categories such as Sports, Music, Gaming, News, Shows, Movies, Animals, Tech, and Spiritual. 300+ TV channels are available for you. Mobdro won’t eat much of your device’s space.

It works pretty smoothly, and the interface is also awesome. This is an app, which not only me but almost all experts out there will recommend. A very big reason is that it’s subscription free, and provides you viewing pleasure without asking for money.

Now I am very sure that you also want to install Mobdro.

1.) Once again open ES File Explorer, where you have to hit the “Downloader” icon.

2.) Enter the URL https://www.firesticktricks.com/mob and enter any desired name. Tap on “Download now.”

3.) Click Open file and then tap install on both the next prompts that will pop up on File Explorer.

4.) Now let the installation complete. After that, you can either tap “Open” for running it or “Done” to run it later.

Common questions related to Jailbreaking FireStick

Jailbreak is something with which everyone is not familiar. Even if you’ve adopted this Jailbreak method, then also certain unclear things are there I know. So, I’ve brought some FAQ, and I will clear all the doubts.

How safe is it to Jailbreak

If you’re talking about the real Jailbreak, then you need to twist an OS to gain the access of the root files. What we did isn’t the actual mainstream Jailbreak. We did it in sucha way, that doesn’t invite any legal trouble.

We installed Kodi, which is an ultra-safe 3rd party app, and this entire process doesn’t invite risks or troubles. You can be in trouble only if you’re streaming or downloading copyrighted content.

Can I buy a pre-jailbroken FireStick?

Well, talking straightforwardly, better stay safe! If an Amazon Firestick is pre-jailbroken, then, first of all, you don’t what person did that person adapt to jailbreak the Firestick. Besides that, you also don’t know what all activities are done with that jailbroken FireStick.

Possibilities are there that he/she tempered the hardware or software of that FireStick, and who knows that the person is into legal trouble, that’s why he is selling it to you.

You can easily get charged or jailed for what you actually haven’t done (accessing copyrighted content)! At last, I would say, even if you know the seller very well, then also why to take the unwanted risk, when the process of Amazon FireStick Jailbreak is so easy.

So I recommend you not to buy it if Amazon Fire Stick is jailbroken already.

Can I Jailbreak a FireStick 4K?

If you compare the interface of the new Fire TV Stick 4K and 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick, then you’ll find it the same. The steps mentioned above are all the same for Jailbreaking a FireStick 4K.

Does Jailbreaking an Amazon FireStick lose warranty?

I repeat we aren’t doing anything fancy! We’re just installing a 3rd party app, and installing of the app never make you lose the warranty of void it. It can happen only if you are changing anything in the FireStick’s hardware or software.

What all is possible with a Jailbroken FireStick?

There are certain benefits, and I’ve mentioned all of them up there in a paragraph. Once you’ve installed Kodi after Jailbreaking your FireStick, then you expose yourself to a beautiful world of free streaming of movies, shows, live TV, etc., most importantly, without paying any money.

You have to pay the fee to subscribe for using the premium addons or services. If you want to install addons normally, it doesn’t cost anything. Truly, Kodi isn’t enjoyable without suitable addons.

Will Jailbreaking my Firestick have an impact  on the speed of my FireStick?

As I said, Kodi is a plain slate sort of thing. It doesn’t provide any streaming of its own, so it’s very light on your storage. So, there is not going to be any noticeable effect on the performance or speed of your FireStick.

If you have found that your FireStick’s speed has gone slow after installing Kodi, then surely it was already loaded with a lot of built before adding Kodi, and FireStick already has limited space.

So, before installing Kodi, take a gander at the remaining space in your device. If there is less space, then do remove the unnecessary files and APK files, so that there is enough space to install Kodi plus some extra space is still remaining.

How to jailbreak a FireStick: The Verdict

I know many curious ones are happy now, as they know the whole process very well. I also provided you alternatives of the main process of jailbreaking an Amazon FireStick. Follow those procedures, and I insist that you will face no risks or troubles at all. Once you’ve installed Kodi (first recommendation always), you’ll boost up your overall experience.

You won’t ever feel bored, as you have much to watch. The processes that I suggested are followed by myself and some of my friends also, and we never came across any hassle. So, that was our FireStick jailbreak guide.  I’m pretty sure that you also will enjoy the way we are!

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