How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft in 2020! [Works 100%]

Minecraft would be your favorite game because of the high-end gamer customization features it provides. You are all set to enjoy your playing session, and you are in the process of designing your customized blocks. However, you not be able to do so because of the mobs. You are surrounded by immense irritation and frustration. But worry not, as we have got for you the ways to ‘Kill All Mobs in Minecraft.’

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What exactly are Mobs in the Minecraft game?

Mobs in Minecraft game stand for Mobile creatures appearing in the game. Mobs include good mobs and hostile mobs. Good mobs are inclusive of living creatures, monsters, and animals. The examples for the same are camels, slime, horse, llama, pig, etc.

On the other hand, hostile mobs are like the antagonists of the plot. They are in the game with one single focused aim. Their aim is to kill the players as they near or approach them. Creepers, spiders, zombies, and skeletons are examples of the antagonists. Some of the hostile mobs attack during the day, while others are nocturnal and attack at night.

Why should you kill all Mobs in Minecraft?

On the first appearance, you may find the Mobs as adorable creatures. But these mobs act as an obstruction in the customization of the blocks and the overall game.

So, for you to freely design the Minecraft game as per your will, you would have to kill the Mobs in the Minecraft.

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft?

Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

Now that we have discovered the havoc created by the Mobs, we would have to kill them. Killing the Mob at one go is indeed a tough take. One sure shot possible solution is the use of the Diamond sword to kill all mobs.

Also, not only mobs but you will have to take care of the leftovers or the drops and kill them too. So, now the only recourse left is to use the command kill and kill all the mobs.

Seems fascinating right?

Let us discuss different ways to kill all mobs in the Minecraft.

-Kill all mobs using UUID

Every creature and entity in Minecraft has a Universally Unique Identification (UUID). The UUID can be seen when the minecraft commands are being executed.

Perform the steps below:

  1. First things first, have a look at that mob.
  2. Type \ kill command in the command bar
  3. You would notice that a unique ID pops up
  4. Select that particular UUID
  5. You may execute the command kill by pressing the enter key

It may appear that you are not able to see the UUID because of some internal issue or a bug. In that scenario, you have to switch off and restart the Minecraft game. Post this step, you can get rid of the bug and retrieve the UUID of the entity.

-Kill a particular Mob

There also exists a good possibility that you can kill the selected entity. Follow the steps below:

  1. Have a direct look at the mob
  2. As per the command, type \ kill command.
  3. Use the @e \ kill e type to target the specific entity
  4. Then preceding the word ‘type’, write [type=slime] kill e type=slime. This command will kill all the slimes at once.
  5. Execute the particular command by pressing enter.

– Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

If you wish to finish off all the Mobs except the players at one single attempt, then nothing comes handy than this specific command.

  1. Enter \ kill command in the command bar
  2. Use @e ,\  kill e type to target all the entities
  3. Then Type [type! = player]. This command will kill all the mobs except the players playing the game.
  4. Press enter for the command execution

After going through and discussing the important \ kill command minecraft commands, the next section describes the other important minecraft commands used for the killing of the mobs. However, beware of the command block in the game which are server controlled and can make you loose your game.

Important ‘Kill’ Commands

All the minecraft commands mentioned below are the postfix to the ‘\kill’ command. they are also referred to as kill commands in Minecraft.

@p– it kills the player nearest to you e.g. kill bob

@r– destroys the random player near you e.g. kill joe

@s– kills you (be careful using it) e.g. kill harry

@e– kills all the entities of your Minecraft world e.g. kill e will kill e type player

@a– kills all the players e.g. kill @a

Kill All Mobs in Minecraft: FAQs

Why is the Minecraft game so famous?

The Minecraft game is famous because it gives users the power to customize the game and create their own world of blocks and castles.

What are various types of Mobs in Minecraft?

The different types of mobs in Minecraft are Passive mobs, Neutral mobs, Hostile mobs, Boss mobs, Unused mobs, removed mobs, Unimplemented mobs and Education Edition Exclusive mobs.

Are all mobs good?

No, all mobs are not good. Some mobs are hostile, which may harm the players.

How can the leftovers or drops be killed?

Drops and leftovers are actually the items dropped by the mobs. They also can be harmful to the players. Therefore they need to be killed. You can kill the drops by using the command kill twice.

Can the player fly in Minecraft?

Yes, it is possible. Use the /gamemode1 to go creative mode and use the space key twice to fly.

Do all the platforms support the ‘\kill’ command?

No. There are some platforms that are not supported by Minecraft. Those platforms are Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U platforms. However, the kill command is supported by various other platforms like Java, windows 10, Nintendo, and Edu.

Kill All Mobs in Minecraft: Conclusion

We have concluded this interesting and exciting post. It is concluded that mobs are harmful to your Minecraft customization. Therefore it is essential to kill the mobs before they obstruct your customization r harm the players.

We have mentioned all the consolidated commands in Minecraft. If you come to know of any other cheats in Minecraft, do let us know in the comment box. Also, share your experience with us.

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