How to Minecraft LAN server and multiplayers in Minecraft. 4 simple solutions

Minecraft LAN server is one of the ways to connect local players together and enjoy a multiplayer game in Minecraft. Many users ask that how to play a multiplayer game in Minecraft java edition server. In this piece of information, you will get all the solutions for your queries related to the LAN server, online server, Realms, and multiplayer game in Minecraft.

Ways to Play a Multiplayer game in Minecraft:

There are, in total, three ways to connect multiple players in Minecraft java edition server and enjoy the game together. The first way to connect multiple players in a Minecraft game is to create a Minecraft LAN server. The full form of LAN is a local area network LAN. 

Solution 1: Multiplayer through Minecraft LAN server

LAN stands for local area network. The name itself suggests that you can form a local network of multiple players; that is, the players that are connected to your Wi-Fi network can join your server. Follow the given steps to get an accurate solution for using the LAN server in Minecraft:

– Make sure that if you are planning to make a LAN server and make a multiplayer game, then your computer should be powerful enough that it can run the multiplayer Minecraft game by itself.

– If you are the host, then you have first to enter the game as a single player and open the single player world, and then you have to select the world in which you want your friends to join the game. Now press the escape button and open the game menu.

– There, you will see one option of Open to LAN. Click on it and open the Open to LAN option.

– Then, there will be an option of Multiplayer. Select and click on it. 

– After a few minutes, your friends who are connected to your Wi-Fi network will detect the game and would be allowed to join it.

Minecraft LAN server

Solution 2: Online Minecraft server for a multiplayer game

Online server means the server that Minecraft provides for all the gamers from around the world. This server is the main server, and inside it, there are many small servers. You have to search for the server you want to enter and its server IP address first. For example, if the server name is Mineplex, then the ip address is IP Address is different in all the servers.

– Open your Minecraft game and select the option of Multiplayer from the game menu and then click on the Direct connect button present in the end of the screen. 

– Now, the screen that will come will ask you to enter the Server IP address. Enter the IP and it will let you connect to the server.

– As soon as you enter the address, the button of Join server will enable.

– Click on that button, and then you will be allowed to join the online server.

– Many players from across the globe might be playing the same game with you. So, this solution is the second way to join the Minecraft multiplayer game. These steps will allow users to enter the LAN world.

Minecraft LAN server

Solution 3: Use the Realm server

Realm servers are similar to LAN and the online server of Minecraft. It is a server that allows you to have your private server and allow your friends from anywhere to join in your private server. For using and creating a Realm server, you first have to purchase a Realm server. You can go through different rates of Realm on this official Minecraft Realm website.

After you have successfully selected your plan and paid for it, you can go to the Minecraft game menu and select the option of Minecraft Realm option. Once you are in the Realm menu, you will see the list of Realm in which your Realm will be included if you have made any. There will be names of other Realms to which you are invited in. The green light beside the name of the Realm means that it is active to play, while the red light indicates that it is not active at the current time.

If you see no light beside any Realm name, then it means that Realm is expired and no one can join that Realm. You can start your private Realm whenever you want to play a game with your distant friends and allow only known people in that private server.

Other solution other than servers:

Solution 4: Playing through split screen console

This solution is also an important aspect through which players can play the Minecraft game with their friends without any server connection. It is also a well-known way to play Minecraft with your friends and enjoy the game. Players who play Minecraft games in Minecraft in Split screen console can share the game on four different screens at the same time. So, four different players are able to play this game without any server connection.

Many users also use the term called port forwarding. Unless you setup the settings of port forwarding to your router, you will not be allowed to share your IP server. It is compulsory to do it. Please visit it’s official website to learn more about it and how to use port forwarding.

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