Netflix Student Discount in 2020! [All you need to know]

Netflix is ruling the OTT reigns, and people are lining up to get themselves subscribed to this mammoth platform for unlimited access to the famous shows and movies. If you are a one of the college students, you would be tight on your budget, with expenses rising. So, you would be figuring out a way to get a student discount or unlimited free access to Netflix. This post is all about the Netflix Student Discount tips and tricks. Read this ‘Netflix Student discount 2020’ post to get the most of it.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American technology and media services provider and production company. It was found in 1977 in California. The main business of the company is its ‘ Subscription-based streaming service.’ As of mid-2020, Netflix is the most subscribed OTT platform, with over 193 million paid subscriptions worldwide. Initially, it started as a DVD rental platform and finally led its way to become the topmost subscribed OTT platform by 2020. Netflix knows that availing Netflix Student Discounts is a great way to establish their brand as large number of college students wish to have its subscription.

Does Netflix have Student Discount?

Netflix Student Discount

Directly, the Netflix student discount for students is not there. However, there are many indirect ways in which you can avail of the student discount. Many of you would be wondering ‘how to get Netflix student discount?’, so read our section below for the same.

How to get Netflix Student Discount?

1. Free one month trial

Netflix Student Discount

Netflix offers a free one month Netflix student trial option, which the students can avail.  Follow the steps to free Netflix student trial:

a. Start the browser and open the official Netflix website .

b. Click the ‘Try it Now ‘option.

c. Clicking this option, create your Netflix account and fill in your login details, and to the subscriptions page.

d. Select one of the plans from ‘Basic, Standard, and Premium ‘as per your viewing habits.

However, much cybersecurity-related news have you heard recently is regarding the hack of the accounts. So, the most you have to take action is be safe with your email address.

e. To get free access or the student discount, you have to enter valid payment details like Paypal and Credit Cards.

Post this step, you are all set to access the ultimate high-quality Netflix Content for one month.

So, grab your popcorn and enjoy numerous shows and movies!

2. Cancel current subscription

Now, once your 30 days are over, you will have to login to your Netflix Account and cancel the current free Netflix student trial. At this juncture, the company will resend you its offers and free trial links in order to be in business. You will get an email and another link for a free trial. Repeat the same process again and again for multiple free trials

3. Select the least subscription rates

Netflix likes to retain the customers and offer unlimited movies and TV shows, so in order to be in business, Netflix will offer the subscription rates to the registered student. So, Netflix will drop its subscription rates multiple times.

So, when you are offered the least Netflix discount price , just go to your Netflix account and get that lowest rate subscription to enjoy the unlimited access of top-notch stream quality at a much lower subscription rate.

4. Get unlimited free trials

There are numerous tips and tricks to which we will familiarize you with in order to get unlimited free Netflix student trials.

a. Make New Sign up accounts

You may get free access using multiple different email address and different payment details.

b. Use Virtual Credit Cards

You may go to ‘’ and get your free virtual credit card using your actual credit card. It is 100% working on all major platforms. You may use them for your different login sessions.

c. VPN

VPN helps you stream anonymous, i.e.; the OTT platform will not be able to know or track your location. VPN is a boon for those people who browse too much on the Netflix site. You may use a good VPN like NordVPN and Express VPN.

Applying any of these methods will surely help you gain the free Netflix access to unlimited shows and movies. We have got positive testimonies from many students and users trying the same and getting successful gradually.

Cost curtailment of Netflix subscription

This section also describes that, if you are unable to access free content on Netflix due to unforeseen reasons, the best we can help you is, cut down your costs.

1. Change the Netflix Subscription plan

Netflix Student Discount

This step is the first basic step towards saving your hard-earned money. You may switch from your high-end premium or standard plan to the basic plan. The basic plan also has decent HD, like the premium and the standard plans. Lowering the plan will not affect the video quality. So, it’s better that you switch to the basic plan rather than the high-end Netflix plans like Standard or Premium.

Netflix Student Discount

2. Get the Netflix Trial Version

As written in the previous section, you can opt for the Netflix student trial version of the famous OTT platform, which is one of the most optimum student plan available for 30 days.

3. Get Netflix via Social Media

A direct Subscription or free trial is not the only option. You can also choose other options like lower rate subscriptions using other Social Media Groups. There you may contact other Netflix Dealers, who can offer you the platform subscription at much lower rates than usual.

4. Pay via Gift Card

A gift card is another option, where you may reduce your prices comparatively. From the settings and payment options, all you have to do is change your payment method from the older option to this ‘Gift Card’ option.

5. Split your Netflix bill

You can split your subscription bill with all those who share your credentials. the subscription will be heavy on your pocket if you pay for everyone’s Subscription. So, splitting your Netflix subscription bill is a great idea.

6. Pause your unused plan

It happens many times that many subscribed services go unnoticed and unused. So rather than keeping the plan going, what you can do is, you can pause the services mid-way and then resume them later when you want to consume it.

7. Try other Alternatives to Netflix

You may log in to other sites like Crackle, Tubi, and Vudu in order to get access to the free content and enjoy your unlimited streaming access. These sites allow the viewers to stream the content free of cost without any payment of fees.

These sites are mainly based on the advertisement models, which makes it possible for them to offer the content without any subscription.

After applying the above techniques, we are sure that you will surely cut on your subscription costs.

Other Alternatives to Netflix

1.Amazon Prime Video

Netflix Student Discount

When talking of the Student discounts, Amazon Prime Video is another key player in the OTT game. Amazon Prime Video is another famous OTT platform that offers best streaming services. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video also streams numerous movies and TV shows. It also HD and 4k high-end resolutions.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime does offer student discounts. The students can receive a free trial for an extended period of 6 months, which can be changed at any time. Apart from the extended Subscription, you can also avail of many products too. Also, the students can also get unlimited photo storage capacities.

What percent can discount be availed in Amazon Prime Student by students?

The students can avail as good as 50% discount.

Now, that is an exclusive deal for sure! Get the most of this student discount!

For what time duration can the students avail of the discount using Amazon Prime Student?

The students can enjoy the discount for 4 years.

The price of regular membership is $99/ year and $49/year for students. Moreover, if the students refer the Amazon Prime video to others, you will also enjoy the referral benefits.

The icing on the cake is, Amazon Prime also offers free scholarship money. The selected students are benefitted with many dollars of tuition fees.

2. HBO

HBO is another famous OTT platform and one of the best Netflix alternatives. It offers the streaming services of many such movies and TV shows and TV series. The normal HBO now Subscription ranges with 15$/ month. However, for students, they offer a lower subscription rate of 8$/month.

To avail the student discount, you will have to avail of subsequent student ID documents. Also, HBO offers a 30-day free trial, which you can also cancel before 30 days if you wish to. With HBO Now, you can also avail many exclusive deals suiting your requirements.

3. Hulu with Spotify

Netflix Student Discount

Spotify is an individual streaming service, which is ranked numero uno for music. It also gives many features like curated playlists and different artists.

Hulu, on the other hand, is an OTT for TV shows, series, and movies.

So, Hulu and Spotify have joined their named together to create a special student bundle. If you get a Spotify premium, you may also access the Hulu content.

The subscription amount is 5$/month. Thus, the marriage of Hulu with Spotify is a great combination as it saves you from individual monthly subscriptions.

4. Youtube

Youtube is a household name. Almost everyone has heard of Youtube as a famous music, TV shows in digital format and video platform. You can also go premium with Youtube and enjoy the special access.

You could also enjoy the benefit of a month free trial.

5. CBC

CBC all access to another OTT platform for content streaming like movies, TV shows and TV series. The difference between CBC all and other OTT’s is the access limit of content and on-demand service.

With CBC all, you can save as good as 25% of the normal subscription charge, especially if you are a student.

So, now you got many free trials to go for.

Almost concluding, we would like to add that all the companies and the OTT platforms have their rights reserved for any of the policy changes in their plans and other details.


What is the OTT platform?

An OTT (Over the top) media service is a streaming media service offered directly to viewers via the internet. Using OTT, you can bypass cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the most famous and most subscribed OTT platform. In recent times, it has gained more than 193 million subscribers, which is phenomenal.

If you downgrade from premium plan to basic, will that affect the HD value?

No, it will not matter at all.

Does Netflix provide a Netflix student discount in actual?

No, Netflix does not provide a student discount in actual.

Can you use a student ID for a discount?

No, you cannot use the student ID. Also, Netflix does not provide any of the student discounts.


We have reached the endpoint of this interesting post, which will gain much traction among all the students.

There is no direct Netflix Student discount for the students at Netflix, but we have catered multiple tips and tricks for the students to gain and enjoy the multiple free access.

We hope that the numerous tips and tricks presented to you in this article would help you gain free and unlimited access to Netflix.

Good luck to you for the same.

If you know other tips, tricks or hacks, share with us in the comment box. We would also love to know, what worked for you.

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