Fix: Origin wont open or launch in 2020! 11 Ways How to

Origin is a very famous digital distribution platform among Gamers. It is mainly used for playing and purchasing video games. Suppose that you are all set to start your much-awaited gaming session with the help of the Origin platform. But unexpected, the Origin software would not open. So, go through this post on fixing the ‘Origin Won’t Open’ issue and get quick solutions to it.

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What happens when the ‘Origin won’t open’ error occurs

Mainly three possibilities are observed on the occurrence of the ‘Origin Won’t Open’ issue. The client does not respond to these possibilities, the Origin does not launch at all, or the origin program runs in the background can be seen in the task manager while the program minimizes in the system tray. After observing what exactly happens when this error comes, we will discuss the causes and the solutions to this problem.

Causes of ‘Origin won’t open.’

As soon as you are set for your gaming session, you observe the origin login not working. This outcome leaves you wondering, why is Origin not opening?’ Below are the various causes of the ‘Origin Won’t Open’ problem.

-Problems with origin updater

When the origin updater updates the Origin, it may happen that the client may stop responding. You may not know clearly as the update is being performed in the background.

-Corrupted Cache Files

If the client is not responding directly, then there may be problems related to the cache files. The cache would have been affected somehow.

-Corrupted Temporary Files

With the flow of time, the Origin client keeps on creating various temporary files for the Origin client’s smooth functioning. But these temporary files may get corrupted, and they may disrupt the client’s normal functioning and the system.

-Issues with the core origin files

The problem can be with the original client files itself. So the probable solution to it is reinstalling the whole client again.

How to solve ‘Origin won’t open’ issue

After going through various causes of the ‘Origin Won’t open issue,’ let us look at the solutions.

Solution 1- Updating the origin client

After going through the causes section, you would be wondering as to how to update the origin client. We have brought it here for you. One thing we have already mentioned is, the Origin client will update itself in the background. So, perform these steps below in order to update the origin client.

Right-click the task bar> Open the ‘Task Manager’ > Find out the ‘Origin application‘> If there is a change in Network bandwidth and the bandwidth is increasing, then the origin client is being updated.

Solution 2- Deleting the Origin Cache files

We all are familiar with the working of the cache. The pages that are frequently visited are stored in the origin cache by the origin software. On each startup, it checks its cache, whether those files are needed or not. If those files are needed, they are taken straight away from cache instead of downloading them repeatedly. In case these files are not previously stored in cache, then they are created. If that is not the case, then with time, the files get overloaded and pile up and ultimately corrupted.

Follow the steps below to eliminate these issues.

  • -Go to the taskbar
  • -Open the Task Manager by right-clicking it
  • -Open the run window by ‘Windows +R’ key combination
  • -Type %ProgramData%, into the Dialogue Box and press enter
  • -In the ProgramData, open the Origin folder
  • -For both the local and roaming folders, delete the ‘Origin’ folder except the ‘Local Content’ folder.

Now, rerun the origin client to see if the error persists or not.

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Solution 3 – Deleting the Origin’s Temporary Files

You can find the temporary files of Origin in the ‘AppData’ folder. These files may be the reason that the Origin is not able to respond. Once we delete these files, it would cause the origin client to create fresh files that might solve it. These files are hidden by default, so the first wise step in this direction is to unhide all the concerned files.

Perform the steps below for this solution.

  • -In the ‘Search bar,’ type ‘Show hidden files and folders‘ and click that option
  • – Select the ‘Advanced Settings’ option.
  • -Choose ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives,’ then select ‘OK.’

  • -Open the ‘run’ window using ‘windows + R’ command and enter ‘%AppData%’ and press enter

  • -Find out the ‘Origin’ from the ‘Local’ as well as ‘Roaming’ and delete all the files.

  • -Now restart ‘Origin’, to see if the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 4 – Reinstalling the origin client

This solution is the old school method, which is most common and is acquired in case of errors. Yes, you guessed it right. You have to uninstall the old copy and reinstall it with the new one. Go to Control Panel> Select ‘Programs‘ > Find the ‘Origin‘ program installed > Right Click and uninstall it. Next, get the latest version of Origin from here.

Solution 5- Cleaning computer’s DNS cache

  • -Open the ‘Run’ window using the ‘Windows + R’ key
  • -Scribe the following command in the Run window, ‘ipconfig/flushdns,’ and then press enter.
  • -A command box will appear, and within a flash of a second, it will disappear.
  • -This is a sure shot sign that the DNS cache is clear on your computer.
  • -Now, run the Origin app to check if it launches or not.

Solution 6- Reset Host Files for Windows 10

A host file’s main functionality in every windows installation is to help the websites redirect to their corresponding IP address. Many times, it happens that the host file gets corrupted or is filled with incorrect information.

Go through the following process for the same:-

  • -Go to the File Explorer and go to this path C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • -Locate the ‘host’ file
  • -Rename it ‘host.bak.’
  • -Create a new text/notepad file named ‘Hosts’ and copy-paste the following content

‘ Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.

This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to hostnames. Each
entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
And, the IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
blank space. Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.

For example: # source server # x client host
localhost name resolution is handle within DNS itself. localhost

Save it and close it on the same mentioned path.

-Also, create a backup of this host file for future references.

How to solve ‘Origin won’t open’ issue continued..

Solution 7- Launch Origin in compatibility mode

Origin won't open

Compatibility seems to be the most effective and the easiest solution to the Origin, not working problem. The steps below will redirect you to the ‘origin windows compatibility mode.’

  • -Find the origin shortcut on your PC (Desktop or Taskbar)
  • -Go to the Compatibility tab> Run ‘Compatibility Troubleshooter.’
  • -Select and click the ‘Try Recommended settings’
  • -If the issue still persists, then run the ‘Compatibility Troubleshooter’ once again. You may also choose the other option based on the problems that you encounter in your system.
  • -You can also change the settings manually. And once you are done, click ‘OK.’

We have listed a few manual settings for you:-

  • Compatibility Mode – you may switch to the windows compatibility mode, and the test runs the Origin if it is not running.
  • Come out of the Full-Screen Mode – It is observed that many gamers face issues with the full-screen mode on. However, once the full-screen mode is disabled, the game functions smoothly. You may also try this method.
  • Running this program as administrator– Giving administrative privileges to the Origin is ought to solve the errors and problems it comes with.

Solution 8- Disable Origin In-Game Overlay

Origin won't open

It is a known fact in the Origin gamer’s arena that Origin In-Game is a very useful feature to accept the party invites, broadcast gameplay, and chat with your friends amidst the game. But this feature gives much load to the CPU and may lead to the Origin installer not working. Hence, disabling the Origin In-Game Overlays is a wise choice.

Follow the steps below to disable the Origin In-Game Overlay

  • -Open Origin
  • -Find out ‘Application Settings
  • -You will see list of ‘Origin In-Game Overlays.’ Disable all of them.

Crosscheck the origin app’s proper working to check its working smoothly.

Solution 9- Do the Clean Boot on your Computer

Origin won't open

The Reinstall of the Origin would have done the trick if it was Origin’s fault. However, if that scenario is not the case, then the problem surely lies in the system, which is ultimately proving to be a hindrance to the normal functioning of the Origin platform.

  • -Open the ‘run; prompt using ‘Windows + R’ key combination
  • -Once the run window launches, type the ‘msconfig’ for the system configuration window
  • -Redirect to the ‘Services’ tab in the msconfig
  • -Check all the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services,’ so you don’t accidentally turn off the Microsoft Services
  • -‘Disable’ all the Microsoft Services on the PC
  • -Once all the services are inactive, go to the startup section
  • -Open the ‘Task Manager‘ and disable all services in the startup
  • -Close the Task Manager and press OK

Restart the PC to see if all the changes have been made.

Solution 10- Check the latest Windows version.

If you have done trial and errors with all the solutions here and are yet to get a sure shot solution to the issue, then the OS or its version may be at fault. Also, if the Operating system does not have regular updates, the system and software may behave unpredictably. If you are not good with keeping up with manual updates, you may opt for the automatic updates or windows’ scheduled updates.

  • -Go to the bottom right corner of your system
  • -Open the notifications section
  • -Check for ‘All Settings
  • -Open the ‘Update and Security tab.
  • -Check for updates and keep your OS updated regularly.

Solution 11- Mention Origin as an Exception in Third-Party Antivirus

The third Party Antivirus of the system flags Origin as ‘malicious’ . It happens so because it is heavy on the system load, giving false intentions to the Antivirus Applications. Perform the steps below to include Origin in the list of Exceptions in Third-Party Antivirus.

  • -Open your antivirus
  • -Go to the ‘Settings’ part
  • -Look for ‘Exceptions’ or ‘Add to Exceptions’ part
  • -On opening the options, it will ask you to furnish the path to the binary
  • -For that, you can provide the path of Origin Client or its name
  • -Next time, when the Origin will run, it will not be suspected malicious by the antivirus.

Thus not face the ‘Origin won’t launch’ further.


After much apprehension and discussion, we have reached the end of this troubleshooting post. We have tried to curate all possible solutions to this problem. Nextrewire hopes that these solutions work for you and help you operate the Origin platform hassle-free. We like to answer your queries and suggestions. You may leave them in the comment box. You may also add other solutions apart from these solutions, which worked for you.

Best of luck for implementing the solutions.

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