[Solved] ROBLOX Error Code 267 (How to fix in 2020!)

ROBLOX is one of the most loved and most preferred platforms for gamers to play their games. So, let us describe a scenario. You are playing your favorite games and boom! All of a sudden, you are kicked from this game with a pop-up. That pop up reads, Disconnected You were kicked from this Game [code 267 roblox error]. Don’t worry. We have figured out what exactly is the ROBLOX Error Code 267 and its fix. Read on till the end for the permanent solution to fix roblox error code in roblox game.

What caused this Roblox error code?

This section covers the possible reasons for the error code 267 roblox.

Problems in Firewall

Firewalls are basically there in a PC to protect the network and network devices from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. In case you have an internet connection with lower bandwidth or unequal wireless connection, then the user will encounter this game error code 267 in the mid of the game.

Unstable internet connection

ROBLOX site is considered full-fledged and much heavy. So a highly stable internet connection is needed to load and function this ROBLOX website fully. Also, most of the games on the ROBLOX platform are huge and hefty, and even if there is a slightly lousy internet platform, then the chances of this error called Roblox error 267 to occur may increase by manifolds.

High Ping

Ping is a famous networking command that is used to check the connectivity of any particular device. There are usually two kinds of pings. The first one is ‘Low-Ping,’ and the second one is ‘High-Ping.’ These pings are decided based on the range of the ping packets. If the value of ping is between 0-100 ms, then it is categorized as low ping, whereas if the value of ping falls greater than 100ms, then it is considered as ‘High Ping.’

In the world of gaming, the word ‘Ping’ refers to as the network latency (how many ms milliseconds will it take to communicate between one player to another). The higher the value of ping, the game begins to lag and slowdown.

Now, let us explore the reasons for High Ping.

  • Quality of the Internet Service Provider
  • Internet speed
  • Insufficient bandwidth
  • Firewall configuration
  • Geographical Location

Exploited server

Are you shocked to hear the term ‘exploited server’? Let us simplify it for you. An exploited server means the server which is not in control of the player. It can happen that someone might utilize it for their own hidden agendas or purposes. Once the server is not in your control, you would be kicked out of the game abruptly. Then, the server goes into the defensive mode by not allowing you to access of the game at all. Ultimately it results into the error like 267 ROBLOX error code.

Missing in-game features

It can be possible that the game is structured in a really bad fashion. Also, it may be incomplete or miss some of the components or features. It may also be an error due to the manufacturer’s part. All in all, it can be a significant reason to encounter this problem and Roblox error 267.

Incompletely programmed game

This reason can be a problem from the server-side as the game may be missing or the whole game is not developed yet. And that exactly is the reason why you are unable to access the whole game. The game is devoid of any files and stuff, which is the reason for error code 267.

Using old Windows

In case you are the user of an outdated Windows version, then you can get this problem. Before hopping to your ROBLOX platform, make sure to get the latest windows copy. Solve this common problem first in the case to avoid unwanted errors.

Thus, above are the reasons that kicked you out from ROBLOX games.

Solutions to the ROBLOX Error Code 267

If you do not wish that you are kicked from this game, try these solutions to fix the roblox error code below:

1. Make Chrome browser the default browser.

Many users perform the blunder of logging the game using old and outdated browsers. This trait leads to the game error code 267 and they get kicked from this game. So, the best possible solution is to prefer the latest and updated browsers. All you have to do the best is to install the latest browsers like ‘Google Chrome.’ using your latest account.

2. Reset all the Internet Options

ROBLOX Error Code 267

A simple reset in the settings of the Internet Options is the best solution for this to fix roblox error code.

Apply the steps below to fix roblox error code 267; login to your user account:

  1. Open your default browser (We suggest you Chrome browser here)
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ or the ‘Gear Options’ and open the ‘Internet Options’
  3. Then click on the option that says ‘Advanced Options’
  4. Press the ‘Reset’ button and close the browser
  5. Try launching the game again in ROBLOX.

Follow this step and save yourself from being kicked from the game due to error code 267 Roblox.

3. Check your internet connection

This solution is a no brainer. When you encounter the infamous error, you should check your internet connection. Your PC may have slow internet connection or delayed internet connection. To avoid slow internet connection, you should check the connection stability via using the wired Desktop. If there such scenario is displayed, you should check the internet connection.

If you still get code 267 in Roblox, follow the other steps.

4. Verify the Browser s security settings

You can also verify and cross-check the browser s security settings on your browser from your user account. This will allow the ROBLOX to launch it. At times the quick, easy, and handy solution like this does the entire trick. If this step is not working properly, you will encounter unexpected errors. You can refer the internet browser settings for the same. Going through the internet browser settings will surely help you verify the same and your account too.

5. Disable Ad-Blockers

Do Ad-Blockers irritate you? Then make sure to follow this step. So, you have to disable the ad-blockers before launching any game in ROBLOX. You should install the chrome extensions to remove the ads. This is indeed the simplest solution to your problem. Windows Firewall usually stops the ads. But if Windows Firewall bypasses that, then you should apply this solution.

6. Error Code 267 bypass

You can bypass or skip the ROBLOX Error Code 267 using this error code 267 bypass option. You have to uninstall the ROBLOX app and relaunch it all over again. This step will save you from being kicked.

7. Use a compatible browser

Browser incompatibility is a common issue, which can lead to the game code 267 Roblox error. So, make sure you use a compatible browser with the ROBLOX gaming platform like Google chrome and other supported browsers.

8. Reinstall ROBLOX to fix roblox error code

Reinstall the ROBLOX platform to solve the unwanted and unexpected errors that you encounter. A new perspective and a fresh reset should work after you are frustrated after trying numerous solutions. Also refer the privacy policy before installation. The company has rights reserved for the policy.

9. Use the supported browsers

If you are using unsupported browsers, you can come across anguishing errors like no access to the game. You should prefer the supported browsers rather than those that are unsupportive or not compatible with the ROBLOX platform. Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are some of the supporting browsers that will be best for you.

10. Cross check the opening of ports in settings

It can happen that several router or firewall ports are closed or clogged. Once you solve this issue, you are free to go ahead and play your favorite game. Perform the steps below to open the closed ports:-

  1. Figure out your routers IP address
  2. Go to the routers page settings
  3. Enter the username and password
  4. Find out the port forwarding
  5. Choose your preferred port from the list
  6. In the upcoming address/URL bar, enter the IP address of your computer
  7. Finally, save all your settings.

11. Cross check the Network drivers updates

Network drivers are like a bridge between the actual passage and receipt of the matter over the network. It helps the Data link layer of the network to regulate the specific brand of network adapter established on the Desktop. Because of the outdated driver, the network transaction would remain incomplete. Do the following steps:-

  • Go to adapter settings and right-click on the Start button
  • Select the Device Manager from the list shown
  • Click on the pointer symbol in front of the network adapter; this will expand the section.
  • Right-click on the network adapter
  • Click the ‘Properties’ here
  • Now click on the driver’s column, and the driver version will appear

Many users tried this solution and they were successful in preventing the ‘ROBLOX Error Code 267’.

12. Get your Windows update

As mentioned in the causes of the ROBLOX error code 267, just update your windows version and get rid of the ROBLOX error code 267. this solution can also save you to get kicked from the game.

13. Check that your account is at least 30 days old

If you are new with your ROBLOX game account, the chances of getting the ROBLOX error code 267 may increase to manifolds. Wait for a time frame of 30 days to ensure smooth access to the ROBLOX virtual gaming platform and your account after that. If the platform is not launched and the account , you may contact the help center. Follow this step to prevent yourself from getting disconnected you were kicked due to ROBLOX Error Code 267.

14. Try VPN

You can also try to prefer a better VPN with the connection, in order to avoid the notorious ‘ROBLOX Error Code 267’. Implement these solutions, and you will not be kicked from the game.


What is ROBLOX?

ROBLOX is a famous virtual game platform, well known among the players in the gaming arena.

Differentiate between ‘High Pings’ and ‘Low Pings.’

High pings have more ms, i.e., more time to respond between two connected devices, whereas low ping means less ms and quick response time between two connected devices.

What exactly is the Roblox Error code 267?

It is an error code that is encountered when due to network issues or you are into some unfair means into playing games.

How much time frame is required to recover from the ban of the ROBLOX account?

If it is just a matter of a single game, it will take around four weeks to recover from the ROBLOX account.

How many warnings can you get from ROBLOX before the actual ban?

You may get as many as 15 warnings for small mistakes before ROBLOX bans us.

Is the error code 524 same as error code 267 roblox?

No, both of them are different. Error code 524 occurs when you cannot join any servers.


We have reached the endpoint of this article. ROBLOX Error Code 267 is a common phenomenon occurring among gamers. We have done the in-depth research and presented the best of the solutions for the ROBLOX Error Code 267. So, all the best in fixing your issues.

Take the given steps and get yourself out of this error!

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