[Solved] ROBLOX Error Code 277 fix in 2020 [Works for sure!]

ROBLOX, as a gaming platform, has gained huge momentum in the present times. Like any other gaming platform, this platform is also susceptible to many issues. The notorious ROBLOX Error Code 277 error is caused due to the poor connections or the server connectivity issues in the network. Sounds ‘Cliché, right? If you are looking for the ROBLOX Error Code 277 fix, then read on till the end and make it work for you!

This post is all about what exactly is error code 277, why do you get this error code , solutions, repair tool, FAQs and Conclusion.

Stay with us till the end for the solutions and get the latest effective troubleshoots of  various tech-savvy world’s issues!

What exactly is ROBLOX Error Code 277?

What happens when you enter a game midway? Yes, you guessed that right. You will encounter this ROBLOX Error Code 277. A typical poor connection error will pop out of the ROBLOX platform, attempting to enter the game midway. And we do not advise you to do so.

You will get the message as below:

ROBLOX Error Code 277

The best thing the gamers can do at this juncture is, quit the game midway or reconnect. But, the possibilities of restoring the connection and starting again are quite negligible.

So, keep reading this post, and you will unveil the actual cause and the solution to this problem.

Why do I get the ROBLOX Error Code 277 repeatedly?

There can be a plethora of reasons for the unexpected Error Code 277 on ROBLOX. However, the primary reasons are mentioned below.

Poor internet connection

This reason is a no brainer. The primary cause of this error is the poor internet connection. However, much also depends upon the type of internet connection. The connections with Wi-Fi connectivity are more susceptible to this error code.

Router port

This reason is the second major reason for error code 277. If anyone of your router ports is problematic, it will surely pop out this error. So, watch out for the router’s ports, which you are connecting and using for the game.

Server failure

This cause is another obvious reason for the ROBLOX error code 277. Any discrepancy related to the network will surely generate this error code. Server failure is one of them. We all are aware that the server is responsible for responding to the client requests. If the server fails, this error code is bound to occur as the network will stop functioning.

Corrupted system files

Corrupted system files may disrupt the working of a normal network and may thus, in turn, affect the computer.

Malware infection

Malware may cause the system to behave unpredictably and may surely lead to this error code 277.

Incomplete installation files

Incomplete installations leave temporary files behind, which are problematic for the PC’s overall performance and network.

To make things difficult and worse for the troubleshooting team, different individuals have recorded different reasons. There is no single universal reason which causes this error and applies to all.

How can I solve the ROBLOX Error Code 277?

‘Nextrewire.com’ has assimilated the information for you and brought you the best solutions for the ROBLOX error code 277.

We have enlisted them for you with explanations below:-

1. Get rid of the ROBLOX log files

As we all know, log files contain extra and temporary data like game history, settings, and other unwanted files, which can take extra storage space in your system. In addition to that, these ROBOX log files may cause various issues and conflicts in the system. Therefore, you should regularly keep the log files out of your system.

Take the action steps below to get rid of the ROBLOX log files:

a. First of all, launch the ‘Run ‘dialog box.

b. Second, Write the following name in the dialog box and then press ‘Enter’: %localappdata%\Roblox\logs

c. Third, Press ‘Ctrl +A’ to select all the files in the folder, then press Shift + Delete to completely delete them

d. Fourth, open the run dialog once again and go to this folder: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RbxLogs\

e. Fifth, Repeat through steps c.

After following all the steps, restart the ROBLOX app. Also, check if the ROBLOX error code 277 has stopped occurring. One more important thing to note is, along with the log files, the important game settings, and previously installed stuff may also be removed, and hence you may have to reset that again.

2. Run Roblox in Compatibility Mode

ROBLOX works fine with the latest Windows 10 Operating system. However, sometime compatibility issues may occur and disrupt you from the mid of a full-fledged running game. It happens so because the majority of the apps and platforms like ROBLOX are created in a mechanism that they are compatible with the previous windows versions of the Windows Operating System.

So, how would you get into the compatible mode of the ROBLOX? Just do the steps as mentioned below:

There are two methods to get the ROBLOX compatibility mode.

a. Changing the compatibility mode settings or b. Using the built-in Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

ROBLOX Compatibility mode steps are given below:-

a. Firstly, Right-click on the Roblox app shortcut and choose Properties.

b. Secondly, Click on the Compatibility tab, and then tick off Run this program in compatibility mode.

c. Next, In the dropdown menu, choose the Windows version you want to use for your app’s settings.

d. Finally, Click the Apply button.

The above steps are to get to the ROBLOX compatibility mode. However, if these steps above do not work, you will have to use the inbuilt compatibility troubleshooter.

a. Firstly,  Click Start and search for run programs.

b. Secondly, Click on Run programs made for previous versions of Windows from the search results.

c. Thirdly, Click on the Next button in order to run the troubleshooter and perform the scan of the possible compatibility issues of ROBLOX with your apps. Once your diagnosis is complete, you’ll see a list of apps you’re having trouble with.

d. Fourth, Look for Roblox from the list, click on it, and then hit the Next button.

e. Fifth, you may select the troubleshoot option that you want to use. You may either use the recommended compatibility settings or choose the compatibility settings for yourself based on your specific concerns.

After all these steps, take this last step to crosscheck the proper working of ROBLOX.

f. Click the ‘Test the Program’ button to see if the problem has been solved.

3. Update your browser


If your web browser is running on an older version, then the possibility of this error code to occur will increase. So, the ultimate way to avoid this is to update the browser version and disable any of the ad blockers and the browser extensions, which may have been installed in the browser before.

ROBLOX Error Code 277

As shown in the images above, click on the triple dot of the chrome browser and follow this path. Help>About Google Chrome> find and click the update chrome option and you will be redirected to the progress bar for the Chrome update.

After updating the current browser version, you can be assured that the ROBLOX error code 277 is not happening soon.

4. When using mobile, switch the Airplane mode between ON and OFF

If you are operating ROBLOX from a mobile phone, then you can take this action and fix the ROBLOX error code 277.

Do as mentioned below:-

a. Close all the running apps

b. Turn ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ the airplane mode

c. Let a few seconds pass by

d. Restart the Roblox platform to check if the issue is solved

5. Switch to a different network

Many times, the current network router ports may be problematic. Sometimes doing a simple step like a change of a network or Wi-Fi from one place to another solves this whole issue, and the ‘ROBLOX error code 277’will does not occur again.

6. Re-install ROBLOX

Post the trial of all the possible solutions, and if you still encounter those errors, you can try one old school trick. Uninstall and re-install the ROBLOX. We suggest this solution as there are possibilities that the installation may not have been proper or would have been incomplete.

The steps for the same are:-

a. Log out of ROBLOX

b. Follow windows> Control Panel >Programs and Features

c. Locate the ROBLOX

d. Uninstall ROBLOX

e. Visit the ROBLOX website

Download the ROBLOX, install the application, and check if the problem is solved.

7. Change the ports of your laptop

The problem may be due to the default port range of the UDP port. The port range change pre-2018 and post-2018.

8. Reset internet options

Lastly, what you can do is entirely reset the internet connection. This solution may be done, especially if you are using the ‘Internet Explorer.’ The major reason you will wish to do it is the changes in the UDP port before and after the year 2018.

Before the year 2018, the default UDP port range for Roblox was 1025-5000. After the 2018 port change, the default port range became 49152 – 65535. For changing the opened ports on your router, follow the steps below:

You may find your router’s IP address by following this Start> Settings > Network & Internet > View your network properties. Also, your router’s IP address is the one next to Default Gateway.

Next, you may open your browser and type in the IP address to access your router’s settings page.

Further, enter your credentials.

Next, you may Click on the Port Forwarding section. Each router has different page settings. In case you are unable to view the port section, you may perform any of the mechanisms below:-

  • Gaming
  • Applications
  • Firewall
  • Virtual Servers
  • Advanced Settings
  • Protected Setup

Once you have opened the Port Forwarding section, you may click the port range of your choice via filling out the needed details.

Name/Description– Enter Roblox.

Type/Service Type– Enter UDP.

Inbound/Start– enter the Start no for UDP port.

Private/end– enter end no for UDP port.

Further, type the private IP address of your computer.

Next, you may click the Save or Apply button to save your desired settings, and then you may restart the router for the changes to show a significant effect. Finally, you may Disconnect your computer from the router, and then reconnect to see if the Roblox error code is gone or does it still exist.

ROBLOX Error Code 277 Most Effective Repair Tool

ROBLOX Error Code 277

Right now, many questions would be crossing your mind. What exactly are the effective repair tools for ROBLOX? Just like any other repair tool, ROBLOX Error 277 repair tool is a type of software. The main aim of this repair tool or software is to scan, diagnose, and repair any problems on your computer.

The main functionalities of this tool include fixing the corrupted Windows registry files, clearing cache, fixing various bugs, and much more.  The star features of this wonderful repair tool are troubleshooting of the database, DLL files, customizing the Startup, database file extension, live updates, and many more other features.

So, whenever you look for the best repair tool to solve the ROBLOX error code problems, do not forget to look up for this tool.

Click HERE to get the link to the ROBLOX repair tool.


Can the ROBLOX error code occur in android, iOS, and other platforms?

Yes, this error code can occur irrespective of any platform.

Why do I see ROBLOX Error code 277 on my iPad?

The ROBLOX Error Code 277 may appear on any device. The error code occurs irrespective of the device you are using. In case you are using an iPad and getting this Roblox error 277, you will have to check your Internet connection first, then get the latest Roblox download windows 10 or install it from the Appstore(for smartphones). If nothing works, then restoring your iPad will solve this issue.

What is error code 524 on ROBLOX?

Error Code 524 on ROBLOX is an Authorization error when the gamer tries to join a VIP server, and he is unable to do so.

What is ROBLOX error code 267? How to fix ROBLOX error code 267?

ROBLOX error code 267 means you have been kicked out of the server in the mid of your process or task. This trait is due to some problem with your wireless connection.

Follow the steps below to solve ROBLOX error code 267:

  1. Use Chrome as Default Browser
  2. Reset all Internet Browser Settings
  3. Check the Wireless Connection
  4. Crosscheck the Browser’s Security Settings
  5. Deactivate all the Ad-Blockers
  6. Re-install ROBLOX

Some more FAQs

What does ROBLOX error code 279 mean?

ROBLOX error code 279 is similar to error code 277, where the client is unable to join the game server. And the obvious reason is the network connectivity issue.

How do I fix my connection error on ROBLOX?

Connection Errors are a common problem on ROBLOX.

Here are the steps to fix the connection problems on ROBLOX:

  1. Use a Supported Browser like Google Chrome.
  2. Reset the Internet Options Windows Only and use different connection methods on Mobile devices.
  3. Check the Browser’s Security Settings and remove any AD blocker or add-ons.
  4. Check Wireless Connection.
  5. Disable the Windows Firewall.
  6. Freshly install ROBLOX.

We also have a detailed section above, mentioning detailed solutions.

ROBLOX Error Code 277: Conclusion

Undoubtedly, ROBLOX is one of the best gaming platforms, and it performs suitably with the operating system like Windows 10 and compatible devices. However, sometimes, due to bugs and technical faults, ROBLOX error code 277 and other related errors are displayed.

All the steps to fix error code 277 on ROBLOX are valid and found effective by our eminent and expert team.

Sometimes the problem might belong to the ROBLOX platform itself; in that case, you should wait a few days to see whether the issue vanishes or not.

But we wish you good luck with your troubleshooting and smooth ROBLOX functioning!

The nextrewire.com team is delighted to receive your comments, suggestions, and feedback. You may freely ask your queries in the comments section, and we will revert to you.

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