[Fix] “System thread exception not handled” – 6 Ways How to solve

What is a System thread exception not handled error and how to fix system thread exception? It is considered as an error that appears on a BSOD, i.e., Blue Screen of Death. When the process that is running in the Windows computer causes a faulty system file at that time, this error appears. This error is mostly seen in Windows 8, 8.1, and 10

System thread exception not handled

Sometimes users get a notification period of 10 seconds that their system will stop, and sometimes the system directly shows up the blue screen error with different boot options. This error sometimes gets in a loop and makes it impossible for the user to use his system.

Many reasons cause system_thread_exception_not_handled or this error occurs like incompatible driver malfunctioning, outdated or corrupted system files, faulty hard drives, overlocking softwares, graphics card driver (display drivers) misfunction, etc. If you feel that any recently installed program or software is causing this issue, remove it as soon as possible. 

In this article, you will be provided with six unique solutions or six ways to fix or to solve the error of how to fix windows 10 system error thread exception not handled bsod. Follow the solutions carefully, and it will surely help you to terminate your errors.

Solution 1: Fixing the drivers for System thread exception not handled error

This method is used when you are getting the error of  fix System thread exception that handler did not catch and also handled bsod error. The faulty device driver mainly cause this error. And this solution includes methods to repair those faulty device  driver. You can also try reinstalling graphics card driver (display drivers) . Sometimes outdated graphics card driver also cause this error. 

There will be a total of three steps to follow:

Update the drivers

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Press the Windows key + X keys and select Device Manager.
  • Expand the list in the it and select Drivers
  • Please select the driver, which needs an update and click on it. 
  • Select the Update Driver option and then select Search automatically for updated driver software option. This will give you last updated device driver.

Rolling back the Drivers

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Please select the driver, which needs a rollback and right-click on it. 
  • Click on the Properties option. 
  • Go to the Driver option and click on Roll Back Driver
  • After that, a tab asking for a reason to roll back a driver will appear.
  • Choose the proper reason from that and click on Yes.

System thread exception not handled

Reinstalling the Drivers

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Please select the driver, which needs a reinstallation and right-click on it. 
  • Uninstall that driver and install it from the device manufacturer’s website by following the steps on that website. Rights reserved by the official website of nextrewire.

Solution 2: Fixing the System files for solving windows stop code error

Fixing the faulty system file is an easy task. It is handled by two commands, i.e., SFC and DISM. This solution has helped many users to get rid of the fix  System thread exception not handled error. Read the steps mentioned below to get an idea about the solution.

Open the command prompt as an administrator. If your computer cannot boot, go to Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Command Prompt. Now write the ‘sfc/scannow‘ command int it and press Enter key. There will be many different options available in advanced options but you have to select the above mentioned way.

System thread exception not handled

This process might take some time. After the process is terminated, you will see a list of problems and steps that the scan command took to terminate them. Make sure that you have to restart your computer before continuing your work so that it allows changes to take effect. 

DISM command is mainly used to restore the system files. Use the following steps to perform the DISM command. 

Open the command prompt and run it as administrator. You can also open command prompt by pressing (Windows logo key) Windows key + R key and type cmd and hit Enter. Type the commands one after the other 

1. exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Scanhealth

2. exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth

Solution 3: Examination of memory for solving system thread not handled error

Memory examination, or we can also say memory diagnosis, will help you in inspecting and repairing any spotted logical memory problems. Follow the below-given steps to perform this solution.

Start the operating system and click Win + R keys together to open the Run dialog box. Type the command, mdsched.exe in it, and press Enter key. A new dialog box with two different options will appear. Select Restart Now and wait for the process to run.

System thread exception not handled

System thread exception not handled

Now there will be a screen displaying the Event Viewer option. See there if you could free some memory problems and restart your computer after applying the changes.

System thread exception not handled

Solution 4: Fixing the Sound card Driver for solving windows stop code error

If the above solution did not help solve the ‘System thread exception not handled’ error, try this solution. It might work as a troubleshooter for your error. Follow the below-given steps carefully for the perfect solution.

Press Win + R and open the Run box. Type devmgmt.msc command, and it will open the Device management window. You can also open it by searching for it in the Start Menu. Search for the Sound drivers and right-click on the driver that needs uninstallation.

System thread exception not handled

Uninstall it and restart your system. Windows 10 will automatically replace it and download the latest version of that driver. If the driver’s automatic replacement is not done, open the Device management window and go to the Action option at the top and select Scan for hardware change.

System thread exception not handled

Solution 5: Disabling the Hardware acceleration from the browsers for fixing bcmwl63a.sys error

If the steps mentioned above didn’t work, follow the below-given solution to solve the error of System thread exception not handled. This solution has also helped many users to get rid of this trouble.

If you are using the Google Chrome search engine, follow the steps mentioned below to complete the solution.

  • Open Google Chrome in your system.
  • Then type this command chrome://flages in the address bar and press the enter key or click on the search button.
  • Find the option of GPU compositing on all pages in that page.
  • Then select Disable from the drop-down list.
  • Press on the Relaunch option that will pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

System thread exception not handled

If you are using the Firefox search engine, follow the steps mentioned below to complete the solution.

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Then type about:preferences#advanced in the search bar and press enter.
  • Uncheck the checkbox present near the ‘use hardware acceleration when available.’
  • Then restart your Firefox browser.

Solution 6: Updating Windows OS for solving System thread exception not handled error

If any solution from the solutions mentioned above does not work, then try this solution. It will fix up all the corrupted system files. Updating to the latest version of Windows operating system will fix all bugs and faults of the old version. 

We should regularly update our Windows operating system not to face the BSOD error (blue screen of death) or any other errors related to the faulty system drivers or files like screen of death bsod. These files cause malfunctions in our system, and we have to face these errors. Read the steps as given below to update the Windows 10.

Press the start button or open the start menu. Then search for Update or Check for Update option. Select it, and another window will open up. Look for available updates. If any update is available, then click on Download and wait for the process to complete.

System thread exception not handled

Additional tip:

Turning on the safe mode with networking in your computer to solve this error

Search for startup settings and reboot the system. The solutions mentioned above can be performed in safe mode as well as in Windows 10. Safe mode allows running processes that you allow to run. Follow the points mentioned below to boot your windows computer in safe mode. You can also see for hardware changes if required.

Shut down your windows computer and restart it again. Hold the power button for 10 seconds to shut down your system. Pressing the power button will help in Windows 8, 10, etc. Press the F8 key while the system is still booting and wait till the booting options are visible. Select the safe mode option and press Enter.

These steps will make your system boot into safe mode. After the booting process is over, you have to log in to your system. Checking the system log will also be helpful in solving this error.

When the system’s BSOD error (blue screen of death error) is displayed in that error message, a malfunctioning file name will be displayed. Remember that file name and find that file and delete it or rename it. You have to find that file online and reinstall it if you are deleting that driver file. You can rename the file and try to safe mode reboot once again.

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