Facing ‘This site can’t be reached’ issue? 10 Fixes

‘This site can’t be reached’ is a common problem that everyone working on the internet has faced once. It occurs many times due to many reasons.

Sometimes, the reason might be clear from the warning message that is popped up, and sometimes we cannot know the exact reason.

If we use Google Chrome as our default chrome browser, we will come across this common trouble: This Site Can’t be Reached, error in google chrome, etc. The warning message seems simple, but it can be due to numerous errors.

We must have seen this type of screen with the main warning message on the chrome browser many times.

Sometimes this error occurs because there is some defect from the server of the website. Sometimes, there is a may error in our computer or laptop through which we are browsing. 

This article will see some solutions through which you will solve the ‘the site can’t be reached’ error. It will be helpful in Google Chrome and other well-known browsers.

We will see the steps for Windows 10.

Reasons for ‘This site can’t be reached’ error

When we get an error like ‘This site can’t be reached err_connection_timed_out,’ then the DNS server lookup might have failed. This error is the one that is responsible for translating website names into IP Addresses. 

‘This site can’t be reached error dns_probe_finished_nxdomain,’ this error is caused when the PC’s firewall is preventing Google and other browsers from accessing the network.

‘This site can’t be reached, the connection was reset,’ this error occurs when DNS cannot translate the Domain name to IP Address. 

It is also possible to get a DNS failure due to certain malware and viruses that have affected our system. 9 solutions to solve the ‘How do I fix this site cannot be reached’ error

1: Restart DNS client services in our system for solving ‘This site can’t be reached’

Press Win + R keys simultaneously and type services.msc in the run box that appears.

After that click OK button, Services windows 10 will appear. Find DNS client services from that window.

'This site can't be reached'

Now Right-click on DNS client and select Restart.

2: Reset TCP/IP for solving ‘This site can’t be reached’ issue

Press the Win + X key and select Command Prompt as Administrator. You can also open it by type cmd in search bar.

Now type or simply copy and paste the below-given commands in your command prompt. Write the following command in cmd :

  1. First ->ipconfig/release
  2. Second ->ipconfig/all
  3. Third ->ipconfig/flushdns
  4. Forth ->ipconfig/renew
  5. Fifth ->netsh int ip set dns
  6. Sixth ->netsh winsock reset

After completing this process, we have to make sure to restart our system to save the changes that we made through the command prompt. 

3: Update the Networks Adapter Driver.

Press the Win + X and then select the Device Manager. Or press the  Win + R keys and write msc in the Run box, and it will open the Device Manager.

Then click on Networks adapters and expand it. Then right-click on the Wireless Adapter and click on Update Driver Software option.

We have to automatically click on Search for updated driver software to search and install the latest network adapter.

4: Change the IPv4 DNS Address of our system.

Click on the start present on the taskbar and search for Open Network and Sharing option. 

After this, click on our active network connection and then click on Properties.

Or click on the wi fi button on the bottom-right side in our taskbar and select Open Network and Sharing option. 

Select your current network and then click on the properties.

After selecting the properties option, we will see the (internet protocol version 4 tcp) IPv4 DNS server option. Double click on it and enter public dns server ‘’ or  public dns server’′ IP address.

'This site can't be reached'

This change will hopefully solve our problem.

5: Check our home/office routers.

Sometimes, just switching the routers on and off brings the proper network connection. We need to perform the basic step because search engines cannot work without internet connection and alert messages like ‘This site cannot be reached.’

6: Making Proxy settings off in Google Chrome.

Go to the settings option in Google chrome. This step will open the browser settings window in your chrome browser and help solving the error message in google chrome. Reset chrome settings can also be one way to solve this error. Reset chrome settings.

Click on Advanced settings and then the System option. There we will see an option named Open Proxy Settings.

'This site can't be reached'

Then uncheck the use LAN for proxy server option. Now check whether the warning ‘This site cannot be reached err_connection_timed_out’ got deleted or not. 

7: Reinstall Chrome Google browser

Press the Win button and search for the control panel. Open the control panel and search for the option Programs.

In Programs, there will be an option of Uninstalling a program. Click on that and search for Google Chrome.

'This site can't be reached'

Right-click on Google Chrome browser and uninstall it. Download the latest version of chrome browser from another browser and install it again. This solution will help solving the error in google chrome. All rights reserved by official website f google chrome.

8: Change the TLS version.

The TLS server is mostly used for security and safety. It encrypts our data, and if it finds that your data is not safe, it blocks your access to certain websites.

It may cause the ‘This site can’t be reached Chrome’ error.

First type chrome://flags in the address bar of chrome and press Enter. Then find Maximum TLS version-enabled. 

'This site can't be reached'

Choose the maximum number available there and relaunch the chrome browser. 

9: Disable the Experimental QUIC Protocol.

QUIC protocol is a protocol developed by Google in 2012. This protocol is used to open the webpages in speed.

However, it is an experimental protocol. If we are facing trouble in loading the web pages, then we can disable this protocol by the following steps:

First type chrome://flags in the search box or the address bar of chrome and press Enter. Then search for the Experimental QUIC protocol.

'This site can't be reached'

After this, select the Disable option from the dropdown menu. This step may help you in solving the error of ‘This site can’t be reached.’

Wrapping up the content: ‘Fix This site can’t be reached’

Here I would like to end my piece of information about the error ‘This site cannot be reached.’ I hope that you will find the possible solution for your trouble through my page. 

If I get more solutions to solving this error, I will surely post it on my page. Please stay tuned with our website to find the technical hacks about different topics. We promise to deliver the most accurate information to you. Happy reading!

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