How To Use KODI The Best Way in 2020 : EXPERT GUIDE

You’ll know how to use Kodi app in the perfect manner in this guide. Kodi is an exceedingly flexible and open-source media streaming solution accessible over a wide scope of devices. The successor to Xbox Media Center, Kodi is a viable instrument for sorting out and playing your preferred video content.

Like a great deal of open-source software, Kodi accompanies a ton of documentation and expansive network support, yet it can, in any case, be somewhat overpowering to get it set up and make sense of how to really utilize it.

Our guide strolls you through the essentials, including installation, libraries, updates, add-ons, and customizations. We will show how does it work.

Besides the discussion regarding the best ways for using Kodi, I will discuss various important side topics also, which will be very beneficial for you.

I know you’re feeling excited now!

How To Use KODI in 2020

Well, how to use Kodi on amazon fire stick? Using Kodi is not that tough. However, in the beginning, thoughts might come in your mind regarding how to use Kodi. It’s so because firstly, it’s all plain. It depends upon outer sources to bring you entertainment. To start with, just let me clarify some common misconceptions about the software.

To begin with, Kodi’s authentic software is fully lawful. In any case, since the software is open-source, you can conveniently use it. For instance, a few people install modified versions of Kodi on 3rd party applications, combine it smartly with illegal content by means of informal outsider add-ons, and sell them as “completely loaded” Kodi boxes. Avoid those kinds of boxes, as they can prompt lawful inconveniences.

Genuine Kodi does not accompany any content; you add documents you lawfully possess or connect to an add-on that hosts lawful content. Kodi takes a hardline position on theft, expressing that the watching or tuning in of illegal or pirated content which would somehow or another should be paid for isn’t embraced or approved by the official Team of this app. If you ask me how to use Kodi on Amazon Fire TV, my words will remain the same—in a safe and legal manner.

Accordingly, your Kodi implementation relies upon the content you feed it. For instance, you can utilize this app as the software backbone of a speaker system for the music library or in the Home Theater PC setup for the Blu-ray collection and DVD.

Is Kodi legal: Let me clear the doubts

What is Kodi for FireStick providing you? Actually much! But, one question that usually floats in everyone’s brain, exceptionally attempting up a new application on their gadgets is, is it legitimate or not. The issue is very clear as nobody needs to get reveled into the Kodi is an incredible source to stream pirated content too.

This app isn’t an illegal hotspot for streaming, yet one needs consistently to utilize a VPN with Kodi to anticipate serious outcomes. Updating of principles might probably take you towards glitches, so keep a cover consistently on your gadget’s character to guard it in each condition.

Will it be useful to choose a completely loaded android box for installing Kodi? The nearness of a wide scope of completely loaded android boxes holds the limit of convincing any of the beginners towards it. Is it reliable or convenient to pick these? Not without a doubt. I said the same thing earlier also.

We don’t suggest you do buy an entirely loaded android box for installing Kodi 18 on it. The vast majority of the occasions, the Kodi boxes think of different copyright encroaching addons from repos that may take your security in threat.

They may carry some sort of malware and a reason your gadget to crash, or simply quit working for you. That would be absolute wastage of money and also an invitation to legal troubles.

You may even get recognized to some add-ons consequently that may influence your presentation too. That is the reason if you will pick an android box for Kodi 18 or 18.3 Leia, choose the one which you can without much of trouble customize in the upcoming time.

How to Install Kodi

You know how to work Kodi, but before that, its installation is important. Contingent upon your gadget, installing Kodi can be a basic thing or a challenging one. In any case, you begin at Kodi’s downloads page; here, Kodi records every one of the stages it underpins, which at the season of distributing are: Windows,  Android, Raspberry Pi (RPi), Linux, macOS, and iOS.

Kodi is additionally accessible on the Xbox One, however that version of the application is apparently still very buggy. There are three version options accessible for every stage: Recommended and Development Builds.

Much the same as one does with the installation of Kodi on Fire TV, FireStick, Kodi 18/18.3 on Android box is direct to process where all you have to do is:

1. Launch your Android box first of all. Go to Apps and then tap on google play.

2. Presently make a free Google Account there. If you as of now have one, you can go for use that too.

How to use Kodi

Creating free Google Account

3. Once done, presently make a protected login to your Google Play Store account.

4. Add the Kodi’s name right in the search bar and then search for it.

How to use Kodi

Search Kodi


5. Click on Install for getting the application on your android box.

How to use Kodi

Install kodi

6. You need to hang tight for some seconds there.

Launch Kodi with the help of its related application from the home screen and then open it to test whether it is effectively running on the android box or not. Now Kodi stick is in your hand and you’re free to enjoy Kodi TV.

Install Kodi Add-Ons for higher convenience

Kodi add-ons shift generally in their usefulness. Some progressively specialized ones add support for different PVR back ends or sound codecs. Others influence progressively visual components, for example, playback visualizations or screensavers.

The most ideal approach to find helpful addons is to invest some energy perusing the lists. No one can tell what may grab your eye. I would prescribe beginning in the Video addons section, since this section includes some unmistakable applications, for example, Twitch, Plex, and Vimeo.

Despite what you pick, installing addons is a straightforward procedure. Essentially select the addons section from the main menu and then enable the addon browser extension. Classifications of add-ons include Weather, Look and Feel, and Context Menus, in addition to those made to supplement all the principle content classifications.

Once you discover the addon that interests you, feel free to hit the install button. All the addons I downloaded took were completely usable seconds after I did as such. Some may require some additional configuration, however, these settings are effectively open through the My add-ons section of the interface.

Here, you can dispatch, impair, configure, update, or uninstall any addons. For instance, for the Google Drive addon I downloaded, which gives me a chance to stream media from my distributed storage, I needed to sign in to Google Drive account of mine.

Kodi makes addons conveniently open from significant sections of the interface, in addition to this focal vault. For instance, if you explore to the Pictures content menu section, Kodi demonstrates to all of you the related addons you installed. For my situation, Kodi recorded Flickr, Google Drive,  and XKCD addons.

How to Update Kodi

How to use Kodi on FireStick is the first question, but after that, how to update Kodi is the second question in everyone’s mind. Now the installation is complete. We will update Kodi now.  All things considered, eventually, you are going to need to update the software.

Generally, updating Kodi app is the same than installing it. With the exception of the Microsoft Store and Google Play Store Versions, Kodi does not auto-update any of the applications of its own. That means the user has to download and reinstall the newest version on his own.

What comes with the Kodi 18.3 Leia

This new system dispenses with the need to experience full investigate logs and different procedures that may take more time to finish. Also, you’ll approach customary updates to keep your system functioning easily. That way, you’ll appreciate a more full and increasingly responsive experience.

These are the most remarkable changes and bug fixes that Kodi actualized to make this their best application update yet:

The Kodi 18.2 Leia version has settled the reliance regressions found in the GLES way. This is one of the numerous Kodi 18.2 Leia bug fixes that will improve the software’s presentation.

If you’ll review, the Kodi 18 version had a big stutter. This happened at whatever point the system needed to reconfigure the decoder of its own. The Intel VAAPI fixes wiped out this.

If you’re an audiophile like me, you’ll be happy to realize that music playback on this version of Kodi is a ton superior to past versions. This is fundamental because of quicker database access speed and improved import functionality. Because of Kodi 18.2 Leia bug fixes, the PVR functionality is considerably superior to anything it was previously.

The Kodi 18.2 Leia likewise accompanies a great deal of littler bug fixes on the Android version. This incorporates another Coded Factory that empowers you to organize the HW-Decoder pleasantly.

Android power users presently approach another feature, and a great part of the Kodi 18.2 Leia bug fixes originate from the mechanized tests done on the Google Play Store. This is uplifting news for the users having unique codes. That is practically all you have to think about the most recent release of Kodi 18.2 Leia.

What else?

The surprisingly better news is that the Kodi group is working seriously on one more better update. This update is a piece of the Kodi 18.2 Leia bug fixes. Actually, when we last checked GitHub, 288 enlisted issues required a fix.

Presently, before you grimace at the idea of hanging tight for one more two years for the following major Kodi version, stress not. Kodi 19 M is right now being created in spite of the fact that it doesn’t have any authority codename yet.

If you’re tingling to download Kodi 18.2 onto your gadget, the primary thing you should do is go to the Kodi site. There you’ll discover the instructions expected to install the most recent Kodi 18.2 Leia Release.

If from the start, the application doesn’t show up on your App Store, simply be patient and remember that it may take some time for it to show up. This issue is especially common with application stores like the Google Play Store and the  Microsoft Store.

While you may need to hold up some time to run Kodi 18.2 on your Fire TV Stick, you’ll see that it’s a lot quicker and simpler to install once it winds up accessible.

Features of library settings

Presently, we are going to see various features of library settings. The features of the library that separate into Three divisions they are:

1. Video Library.

2. Music LIbrary.

3. Oversee Sources.

1. Video Library

In this class of a library, you can see options to Update your Library when start-up Kodi and furthermore options to Export, Clear, and Import Library. It is only for a Video.

2. Music Library

This part is only for Music. It is like Settings of Video Library like empowering options to Update your Music Library while beginning up your Kodi. This class likewise has options to clear, Import and Export your Music Library.

3. Oversee sources

In Oversee sources, there is an option for the add-ons of Music, Videos, and Pics. With the use of this particular classification, you can discover the documents which you added to your library and furthermore rundown out the add-ons of Music and videos independently.

How set-up Your Kodi Library

Numerous Kodi addons have added library integration directly into the addon. Yet a ton of users experiences difficulty setting their Library Kodi Setup supervisor the manner in which they need. Pursue our guide beneath for complete strides on the easiest method for adding library set-up into Kodi.

This guide works for any multi-source movies + TV addon that depends on the first source code of either Genesis, Exodus, or Covenant.

Kodi has a ton of incredible worked in features for making exploring and investigating your library of media. Traditionally this is for media put away on an appended hard drive. However, multi-source Kodi addons enable you to utilize these highlights for any TV Show or Movie it can scratch.

At the point when your library is configured, the “Movies” and “Network programs” sections of the default Kodi skin become considerably more attractive. As should be obvious beneath, the TV Shows section demonstrates all my unwatched shows, just as content arranged by sort, year, on-screen characters, labels, TV network, recently added, and there is much more.

At the point when new scenes of a TV show air, your Library Kodi integration will auto-update and show you new scenes. Rather than physically searching inside Kodi addons like Covenant, library integration brings everything ideal to your fundamental menu, sparing you button clicks and time.

If library set-up in Kodi sounds fascinating to you, pursue our guide underneath on the most proficient method to configure it today.

Easy Library set-up steps

1. Launch your Kodi application from your device.

How to use Kodi

Launch your Kodi application

2. Select Add-Ons from the landing page.

How to use Kodi

Select Add-Ons

3. Presently, pick Video Add-Ons from the rundown of add-ons.

How to use Kodi

choose Video Add-Ons

4. At that point Select Exodus from the rundown of Video Add-Ons.

How to use Kodi

Select Exodus

5. Inside of that Select Movies class or pick the categody according to your desire.

How to use Kodi

Select Movies

6. At that point select any of the tabs of recordings which you need to watch.

How to use Kodi

select any one tab

7. Presently, select Tv shows or Movies to add on your Kodi Library.

How to use Kodi

select Tv shows or Movies

8. At that point, right click and select “Add to Library.” Now you can add as much you need with no limit.

How to use Kodi

select Add to Library

9. Presently, you can see Exodus adding your recordings to the Library.

Exodus adding your recordings

10. At that point, return and then select movies from your home page.

select movies from your home page

11. Presently, look down and pick Add Videos.

choose Add Videos

12. From that point onward, you can see a little popup-box and select Browse.

select Browse

13. Now tap Home Folder.

tap Home Folder

14. Presently, look down and tap Userdata.

tap Userdata

15. Inside of that tap addon-data.

tap addon-data

16. At that point, tap folder.

tap folder

17. Further, tap Movies organizer.

tap Movies

18. Inside of the Movie folder, added recordings appear. Now tap OK.

tap OK

19. In the underneath box give the name according to your desire. Tap OK once again.

give the name

20. Presently, a little content box will show up on your screen and afterward click on your first option.

click on your first option

21. Select Movies, Music Videos or Tv shows as indicated by your need.

Select Movies, Music Videos or Tv shows

22. No, tap YES to invigorate your everything information.

tap YES

23. Presently, return to your landing page and click Movies to watch your added library Videos.

click Movies

I know that was a lengthy process of set-up Your Kodi Library. But if you follow exactly the way I demonstrated, then no hassle will come your way.

How to access Kodi video addons and use them

First you reach your kodi home-screen for moving further. Then follow the steps below.

1. Tap ‘Add-ons’ on the left side.

Tap ‘Add-ons’

2. Next, tap ‘Video add-ons‘ on the left once more. Regardless of whether you don’t click video addons and simply drift over, everything your video streaming addons will show up on the right side.

Tap ‘Video add-ons’

3. Now you will see the installed addons‘ list something just like this:

Installed addons’ list

Now tap on any of the video addon icons which you want to open. We will consider Exodus Redux as the example here.

Exodus Redux

Now, in Exodus Redux you’ll see various categories. Titles are well-arranged in the categories.


When you tap a category, you will either directly see the list of the titles or subcategories. It varies across addons. When I tap the ‘Movies’ class within my Exodus revived addon, I see the subcategories like Genres, Languages, Year, People, Certificates, etc.

There could also be additional subcategories inside a subcategory. As an example, within Genres subcategory, you’ll expect to seek out additional subcategories like Action, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, etc.

The idea is to click through the classes and subcategories, and once you finally see the list of the titles, all you bought to try to do is click the title you wish to play. The addon can begin scraping numerous servers and fetch you the streaming links. Tap the link, and you’re prepared to start out observance movies or shows on Kodi.

Click the link

How to Customize Your Kodi Installation

The simplest method to alter Kodi’s look and feel is by changing its theme. Just explore to Settings > Interface > Skins. Kodi comes already preinstalled with a couple of default skins, Estuary, and Estouchy. Tap the Get More button to one side for adding additional skins, yet remember that not all skins bolster all features and interfaces. For instance, some are only appropriate for touchscreen gadgets, and others don’t work with the recently portrayed PVR functionality.

Once you settle on a general subject, head over to the Skin settings menu thing to redo its look and feel. You can choose which things show up in the fundamental content menu and switch on or off different animations and elements.

It likewise gives you a chance to update different workmanship all through the application, for example, the thumbnails for music types or changing the app’s background.

Clients can likewise modify the way Kodi works by, for instance, picking the start page. If you use it specifically to control an HTPC setup, it bodes well to set the Movies or TV Shows content sections as the default. You can likewise set up a screensaver for when you aren’t using the setup.

The default options are somewhat exhausting. Yet more outwardly enamoring ones are additionally accessible, for example, the one that shows Bing’s photographs of the week or scroll various Instagram feeds.

This app shows valuable information, as well. You can configure climate conjecture information in the fundamental content menu with various different services, for example, Weather Underground and Yahoo Weather, and add it for all time to the top menu.

In spite of the fact that it’s not adjustable, the System Information tab is an extraordinary spot to go if you have to gather equipment or system data on your gadget or rapidly perceive how much stockpiling you have left.

The conclusion

So, I guided you the usage of this wonderful in the most straightforward manner. We went through the steps for using Kodi addons as well, and marked the importance. The Kodi library setup was a bit lengthy process, but we can’t step back from saying that it was easy to understand, right?

So, I wish you don’t feel overwhelmed regarding how to use Kodi once you’ve installed it. It’s a thing to enjoy highly, and that is the reason why Kodi is so high in fashion! In last, I want to tell you, please don’t get confused or scared regarding the usage of Kodi. It’s entirely legal, until you aren’t streaming illegal stuff, or buying jailbroken devices.

Even if you jailbreak firestick, then also it’s safe, I repeat, until you don’t stream anything illegal. I recommend you to visit for additional info regarding what all not to do with Kodi to keep yourself safe.

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