[Solved] Facing video tdr failure error? 7 solutions.

What is a video tdr failure error? It is a common error that every Windows user who is using a graphic card in their system faces. This error is not a matter of worry. The tdr failure is one of the Blue Screen of Death Error that is caused due to different reasons. The full form of TDR is timeout detection and recovery.

video tdr failure

One of the main reasons for video tdr failure blue screen error is outdated or faulty graphic drivers. Some time if the graphic driver gets corrupted, then this error occurs. Sometimes it gives 15 seconds and then restarts your system, and sometimes suddenly, this error appears on the screen. You will get seven different windows 10 solutions here to fix video tdr failure.

Why the video card tdr failure blue screen error windows 10 occurs?

If you are the NVIDIA Graphics card user, then the video tdr failure blue screen of death error is caused by the nvlddmkm.sys file. If you use an AMD Graphics card, then the error will be caused by the atikmpag.sys.

This error also occurs if you have recently updated your windows on your own or manually downloaded the Graphics card driver. Sometimes it is noted that automatic Windows update installed the incompatible drivers and so this error occurs. Let us know the solution of how to fix the video tdr failure atikmpag.sys error. 

Solution 1:Download and install the latest model of the Windows 10 OS for solving the video tdr failure error.

It is always advisable to download and install the latest Windows version. This solution is the most basic solution that you can perform to resolve your BSOD error message. Many users have stated that updating windows resolved their error of tdr failure. 

Press the Win key from the keyboard and then search for Settings and press Enter. Now go to Update and Security after you have opened the Settings application. Click on the Check for updates toggle if available. Sometimes direct Download button is present if the update is available. 

Press on that button and wait for the process to get completed. Sometimes the version of Windows you are using may be incompatible for graphic drivers. So, it is advisable always to download the latest version of the OS. This solution keeps the windows in safe mode.

Solution 2: Updating the graphics card drivers for solving the windows video tdr failure blue screen

Try updating the graphics drivers solution to solve the error of video tdr failure BSOD 0x00000116 error message. Your system works on different drivers, and one incompatible driver makes the system faulty. 

Press the Win + X keys and open the Device Manager and hit enter. Click on the Display Drivers (display adapters) option and expand it. If you are using an ADM Graphics card diver, then ADM graphic driver will be available. If you are using the NVIDIA, then the NVIDIA Graphics card driver will be available.

Right-click on that and click on the Update Driver option. A screen will then be available with two options, Search automatically for an updated driver or Browse my computer for driver.

Select the first option and wait for the process to get completed. Now restart your system.

Solution 3: Removing the Overclock settings in windows 10 for solving video tdr failure atikmpag.sys

Try this solution for the removal of video tdr failed error. Overclocking any software increases its capacity to work. But, if overclocking settings are not done properly, it will cause BSOD video tdr failure error. 

To fix this error, you need to remove all the overclocking software settings. Many users have reported that changing their RAM frequency from 2400MHz to 1600MHz solved the error. This solution is not recommended because it may cause damage to your system.

Solution 4: Reinstalling your system’s display drivers (Graphics driver) in Windows 10.

This solution includes uninstalling and reinstalling the graphic drivers (display driver) from their official website. It is considered as an effective way to solve the error. 

Press the Win + X keys and open the Device Manager. Click on the Display Drivers option and expand it. If you are using an ADM Graphics card diver, then the ADM Graphics card driver will be available. If you are using the NVIDIA, then the NVIDIA graphic driver will be available.

Right-click on that and click on the Uninstall device option. After finishing the Uninstallation process, restart your system. Open the device manager again and go to the Action menu and select Scan for hardware changes. This step is needed if the windows didn’t automatically download your driver’s new version. Always install the latest version of the driver. Check whether your error is solved by you or not.

Solution 5: Cleaning your System and checking for the power supply. 

This solution is mainly for the users of a PC or a laptop with space for clogging dust inside. Clean away all the dust because sometimes it causes the system’s overheating, and it may damage your system. 

Also, check whether the power supply of your system. In a laptop check, whether there is any dust inside the charging port, then clean it and restart your computer again and check whether the error is solved or not. 

Solution 6: Disabling the Intel HD Graphics driver for solving the blue screen 0x116 error

Try this solution to solve the error of the blue screen of death. Many users have reported that disabling the Intel drivers solved their error. 

Press the WIN + R keys and open the Run Box. Now type devmgmt.msc in the box and press Enter. You can also begin the Device Manager by pressing the Win + X keys simultaneously. Go to the Display Drivers right-click on the Intel HD Graphics.

Please select the option of Disable Driver and click on it. Wait for a while, and then restart your computer. Check whether your error is solved by you or not. 

Solution 7: Renaming the atikmpag.sys file to atikmdag.sys file (if you are an ADM user)

This solution works for the users of ADM graphic drivers. It is a simple solution. Open the My Pc or This PC icon and write C:\Windows\System32\drivers path in the location bar present at the top of the window. Or manually scroll to this path. There you will see one file named atikmpag.sys. Right-click on the file and select the rename option. Rename the file as atikmdag.sys.old. 

Go to the ATI directory in C: drive and search for the atikmdag.sy_ file. If it is not present in the folder, it will be somewhere inside the C: drive. Copy that file on your desktop. Now open the command prompt and run it as an administrator.

Now write the following command in the command prompt.

chdir C:\Users\[Your name]\desktop 

expand.exe atikmdag.sy_ atikmday.sys 

If the second command doesn’t work, then type this command: expand -r atikmdag.sy_ atikmday.sys

Now there will be an atikmdag.sys file on your desktop. You have converted the atikmdag.sy_ file into atikmdag.sys and will be present on the desktop. Copy and paste that file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder. Now you have successfully renamed the atikmdag.sy_ file as atikmdag.sys. Make sure you restart your computer and check whether you have solved the error or not.

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