[Solved] Set Windows 10 desktop clock? 4 Ways How to FIX

How to set the Windows 10 desktop clock? In this article, different fixes to keep the clock widget on the desktop are given. The clock desktop widget kept helps to see the time and information like time, date, time-zone, etc. It’s a very useful widget whenever you are operating. Please press the Win + D key (It is a shortcut to navigate to desktop) and have a glance at the clock widget.

There are many more windows desktop gadgets available in Windows 10 like calendar, floating clock app, sticky notes, etc. Some of the widgets are inbuilt, and some windows desktop gadgets are to be downloaded from the internet. In this article, you will get fixes to set up an in-built clock on the desktop and set up the downloaded clock on Windows 10. So, let us continue further and read the article carefully to solve the issue.

Solution 1: Setting up the clock in-built on desktop in Windows

This solution is the easiest way to set up a clock on the desktop of Windows 10. Normally, we can see time in the bottom-right corner of the device. If you want to see different time zones and choose the time zone in different countries, you can use this widget.

If you are working as per your foreign client, this is the most useful desktop gadgets in windows you will get in Windows 10. Follow the ways mentioned below to get an accurate fix to set the Windows 10 desktop clock app. Please read it carefully. You can have a look at two dissimilar clocks simultaneously.

Press the Windows key from the keyboard, and it will open the start menu. Now, search for the Settings option and press Enter key. It will open the Windows Settings screen. After that, you have to search for the option of Time and Language. Press it and open it. After that, you will see three different options: Date, time, regional formatting, and Add clocks from distinct time zones.

set Windows 7 and 10 desktop clock

set Windows 7 and 10 desktop clock

Click on the Add clocks from different time zones, and a separate dialog box named Date and Time will pop up. Go to the Additional Clocks tab and check the Show this clock check box. After that:

  • Choose the time zone of the place which clock you want to show.
  • Give that clock’s name.
  • Press the OK button.

These steps will help you to view different clocks on your desktop. If the second hand is not shown then click on the “Show the second hand” option and enable it.

Solution 2: Adding a digital clock on the desktop of Windows 10

Above mentioned is the solution to add a system list to the desktop. Many users prefer to use digital clocks that are available online. You have to download it and put it up on the desktop. There are mainly two advantages of a digital clock: the user-friendly interface, which is concise and small and occupies a little space. The second advantage is that it can also be used as an alarm clock app on the desktop.

Digital clocks add a calendar and timer to the desktop as well. Microsoft’s digital clock can be downloaded from this link of Microsoft store. You can also find other clocks from Microsoft store. There are many other digital clocks available online. You can search like digital clocks download for the desktop of Windows 10. You will find numerous of options to download different clocks online.

Solution 3: Using a floating clock on the desktop

If you are not comfortable with the system clock and the digital clock, you can also use the floating clock on the desktop of Windows 10. The floating clock is also known as a customized digital clock. It is also available online, and you can download and install it from the internet. You can also find this from the Microsoft store.

Below given are two websites from which you can download the floating clocks.

There are many different clocks available. You can check it online and download the one which you like. It will appear on the desktop as per the customized time. So, it will not disturb your work. It is also helpful in showing time and other information that you require.

Solution 4: Show more time zone clocks on Windows 10 desktop

If you also want to keep more time zones on the desktop, this solution will help you put it on the desktop. Follow the ways mentioned below to get an accurate solution for the issue.

  • Open the Alarms and Clocks by searching for it from the settings option or search from the start menu.
  • Then search for the World clock option and click on it.
  • There will be + option available on the bottom of the screen. Click on it.
  • On the top-left corner, you will see a search box. You have to search for the location you want to see the time. Click on the matching result to add that location on the map.
  • Click on OK, and now you will be able to see different locations as per your requirement on the map. It will be visible in the start menu in Windows 10.

Wrapping up the content:

Here I would like to end my piece of information about setting up the Windows 10 desktop timer clock issue that you will find the possible solution for your trouble through my page. We also provide many troubleshooting solutions for many technical errors. You can also look at the article related to ‘Dragon Age Inquisition not launching error‘ for getting solutions to it.

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