6 Ways to Login to Tiktok [Step by Step Guide in 2021]

Tiktok was previously known as musical.ly. It is a famous video-sharing social networking service owned by Chinese organization ByteDance. The main feature of Tiktok is to create short music and various videos. With a highly addictive model, which grabbed billions of downloads in a short duration and became the topmost app globally. If you are novice to Tiktok or wish to explore different ways to login to Tiktok, then read this post and try them yourself. There are six ways to login to Tiktok, as mentioned below.


Login to Tiktok With Phone Number

Let us begin with the Tiktok login using the phone number. This method can be regarded as one of the simplest methods. It is so because there is no need to remember any password. Go through the steps below:
Firstly, open Tiktok App. This Tiktok app will redirect you to the home screen of the Tiktok App. After that, switch to the “Me” part, written in the lower right corner.

Login to Tiktok

  • Choose the signup

Ways to Login to Tiktok

  • A new screen will open. For Tiktok login, choose “Log In” written near “Already have an account.”

Ways to Login to Tiktok

  • Choose the option ‘Use Phone/email/username’ in order to login to Tiktok with Phone number
Login to Tiktok with Username

If you have your username handy, follow these steps to login to Tiktok using username,

  • Open the Tiktok app
  • Click “login to Tiktok account”
  • Click on the “Me” icon in the lower right section
  • Select the ‘Sign Up”
  • Choose “Login”
  • Select “Use Phone/ Email/Username” option
  • After that, Enter the username and password while the signup process.
  • If you have “Forgot Password,” then click on “Forgot Password.”

Ways to Login to Tiktok

  • Type your Email account and press the “Reset” button

Ways to Login to Tiktok

  • After that, you will get a link for resetting your password on your email from the Tiktok server.
  • From your device, open the Gmail app on your mobile or login to your Gmail account.
  • Open your email and the link received from the Tiktok team. Using the links, reset them, and set your password.
  • After that, open the Tiktok app, Click on “Me “and choose the “Sign Up” and choose “Use Phone/ Email/ Username,” post selecting “Login.”

Ways to Login to Tiktok

  • Enter your login details like email id or username and password.

After that, you have login successfully to the Tiktok account.

Login to Tiktok with Facebook

If you happen to be an active Facebook user, then there is also a Login to Tiktok via Facebook. This method is an advantage because there is no fuss to remember many credentials. Here is its stepwise guide:

  • Open Tiktok on your Mobile app.
  • Then select the “Me” section in the bottom right app.
  • Choose the “sign up,” option and then select “Log In” at the “Already have an account” at right side. ”
  • After that, select the option “Continue with Facebook.“

  • Redirect to open the Facebook page
  • Enter your Facebook username and password and select “Login.”
  • After that, Tiktok will ask for permission will ask you to access your Facebook account personal information like username, etc.

  • Grant that permission
Login to Tiktok with Instagram

Instagram is the best social media platform, especially to share images with your connections. You can also create videos with Instagram, just like Tiktok. Instagram reels and boomerang are features that have gained immense popularity. Login to Tiktok via Instagram is one more way to login to Tiktok.

In TikTok, you will get video suggestions based on content popularity. In contrast, on Instagram, to view a video, you need to have access to the profile on which the video is shared.

After having an active Instagram account, follow the steps below to login to Tiktok using Instagram.

  • Open Tiktok app
  • Select “Me” and then complete the signup process
  • Open a new window and select “Log in” in red color.
  • After that, choose the “Continue with Instagram” option.

  • Log in to your Instagram using the Instagram credentials.
  • The Tiktok app will ask you for permission to access your personal data.
  • Allow the permissions asked by the app.

  • You can also link your login to Instagram to the Login via FB option.
  • And there you go. Enjoy your Tiktok login.
Login to Tiktok with a Google account

Finally, we have reached the easiest method of Tiktok login. Google accounts are also called Gmail accounts. Gmail accounts are ubiquitous. Google accounts are universal. Here are the steps for the Tiktok login via google Account:

The pre-requisite for Tiktok Google Login is, you must have an active Google account. In case, you are not a Google account holder, then first create one Gmail account using your Registration details.

  • Open the Tiktok app
  • Choose the “Me” section option
  • Select the “Sign Up”
  • Post that chooses the “Login” option at the bottom of the screen

  • Select the “Continue with Google” option.
  • A new window will come, and it will show you the list of email Id’s that you have used for login into your mobile or PC
  • Choose the email Id in which you have to log in.
  • Now, you can use Tiktok for your entertainment purpose.
Login to Tiktok with Twitter

Twitter, as you all know, is a famous micro-blog that is mainly used to share Tweets having a limit of 280 characters. It is one more method, added to the Login of Tiktok. One obvious thing implied is, to use Twitter login for Tiktok, you must have a Twitter ID in the first place. Following are the steps for the same:

  • Open the Tiktok app on your mobile
  • Choose the Login Select the “Continue with Twitter” Option
  • Post this step, you will be asked for the in-app and data access permissions to access your Twitter account.

Allow the permission, and then you are ready to go and use Tiktok with the Twitter account.


How can you keep your content and videos secure and private in Tiktok?
There is an access difference between the videos of Tiktok. Tiktok videos are mainly classified as Public and Private Videos. As the name suggests, public videos can be viewed openly by other public, whereas Private videos can be viewed by you only. To make a video Private, choose Who Can View This Video > Private.

How can you create an account in Tiktok?
Get the Tiktok app from the respective app store. Tap to open it and redirect it to the ‘Profile’ section. Go through the sign-up process and complete the registration using your email and password.

How can you delete the Tiktok account?
The deletion of accounts in Tiktok follows a similar process of all social media. Once you choose to delete the account, it will be deactivated for 30 days. If you wish to delete it forever, do not open the account till 30 days. However, if you change your mind somehow, all you need to do is log in again to the Tiktok app. Below are some of the steps for the removal of account:

Go to Profile tab> Settings> Click ‘…’ triple dots in the right corner at the top> Tap ‘Manage My Account’> ‘Delete Account’>

Follow the steps mentioned in the app to delete your account.

One more disclaimer by Tiktok is, once you delete the account,
-You will not be allowed to access the account to log in to Tiktok
-You will lose access to your content if you have not taken the backup of it

However, shared information may still be visible to others. Also, if you wish to delete your suspended Twitter account, then click here to know more.


We have analyzed all the methods for the Tiktok login and presented the systematic sequence for you. Our team hopes that this post is valuable and knowledgeable for you. We await your queries, comments, feedback, and suggestions.

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