What is Minecraft nether? Important information to know

What is Minecraft nether? This question is considered to be one of the most asked questions of gamers in Minecraft. In Minecraft, Nether is a place that resembles to hell. It is a place where you will find all important ingredients with a lot of troubles. There will be a lot of mobs, fire, lava, rocks, netherwart farms, soul sand, etc. You have to find with the mobs and gather the things that you will need to make potions. 

A Nether is a place which will have a boss named Wither. The Wither is the mightiest mob of Nether, and it is not easy to defeat him and kill him. You can fight with him with your friends, inside the nether world or even outside the nether world. To enter into the nether world, you will require the following ingredients: At least 10 obsidian blocks will be required to create a nether world’s entry.

How to Make a Nether world’s entry point?

To get inside a Nether is a simple and easy task. You have to place the obsidian blocks, as shown in the image given below. If you have placed the blocks correctly, then you will see a fire burn in the empty space in the center of the blocks. After that, the empty space will be converted into a purple color. This sign indicates that now you can enter into the Nether world by jumping inside that purple light.

Things you will find in Nether

There are many things that are absolutely unique and are only found in Minecraft nether. In this article, you will see details about most of the things that are found in nether and uses of those things. You will see the list of the things in the following article. Please read it carefully to get proper and accurate information about nether and its ingredients. 

Blocks found in nether:

Here is the list of some blocks that are only found in nether. Some are naturally formed, while others are crafted. You have to read this information carefully to know the worth of each nether element that you will find inside the nether world.

Nether rack: The most common block of Nether. It is almost found everywhere inside the nether world. It is a red-colored stone block.

Nether Quartz Ore: When the Nether rack is throttled, it will produce Nether Quartz ore. This ore is white building blocks in Minecraft.

Magma: Magma is a fire block similar to that of lava. You cannot stand on it, or else you will catch fire and burn yourself. 

Glowstone: It is a glowing stone that is used to emit light from itself. It is used to craft glowstone dust when mined. From glowstone dust, glowstone can also be made again. It is also used to make the potion.

Minecraft nether

Soul sand: Soul sand is a brown-dirt like a block in Minecraft nether. You cannot walk faster while walking on soul sand. It appears that you slightly sink and walk slower while walking on the soul sand. It is an important ingredient for farming the netherwart and killing the Dither.

Nether brick: Bricks that are dark red in color and forms the nether forts are called nether bricks. 

Nether brick fence is the fence that is made out of nether bricks and is found inside the fortresses.

Minecraft nether

Mobs found in nether:

Blaze: Blaze is one of the mobs that are found in nether. Blaze mob can give you a blaze rod, and a Blaze rod is used at the time of making a brewing stand. You can find the recipe for crafting a brewing stand at this link. By killing a blaze mob, you will get a blaze rod.

Ghast: Ghast is one of the deadly mobs of nether. They can fly and also shoot fireballs. White-colored mobs which drop tears of ghast when murdered.

Zombie pigman: This mob looks like its name. It is a mixture of pig and a zombie and is deadly in look. You can find the gold nuggets, gold swords, gold ingots, and rotten flesh when you kill them. When you kill one zombie pigman, all surrounding zombie pigman’s become active and hostile.

Minecraft nether

Wither skeleton: This mob is used to create Dither outside the nether world. These mobs drop bones, coals, stone swords, and wither skeleton skulls when killed.

Steps to kill Dither:

Dither is considered as the boss of Nether. It is the most powerful mob of nether. You can kill Dither inside the Nether as well as outside the Nether. It is advisable not to fight with this mob until and unless it is necessary. You will have to use a lot of blocks in order to kill the Dither.

You will require the following materials to make Dither outside nether or anywhere. This list is given in this article to make Dither:

– Three Dither skeleton skulls

– Four blocks of sand soul

Arrange these materials as per shown in the figure. The time you will arrange the third dither skeleton skull on the top of t-shaped sand soul blocks, the Dither will generate. 

Minecraft nether

Dither will look like the mob given in the following image. Wish you all the best to fight with the Dither. You have to use all your strength to fight against Dither. Your group has to use a lot of resources to defeat it and win Nether. 

Minecraft nether

Some survival tips for you to survive in nether:

– Whenever you enter into Nether through the obsidian portal, you have to build a house surrounding it. This step will not allow mobs to enter in the Overworld. The house also helps you to protect yourself when injured or you want to take a rest while fighting with the mobs.

– It is advisable to build your house with cobblestones.

– Do remember to bring magma blocks because it drops magma cream that is useful to make the potion.

– Make sure to bring netherwarts to make an awkward potion in the other world.

– If you are lacking food, then use mushrooms in Nether to make mushroom stew. 

Link for getting updates of nether

Here is the link for getting information about the Minecraft nether. From this link, you will get the article as well as a video giving you the information about the updates in Nether Minecraft.

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